Favourite Design of the Week Offer

Favourite Design of the Week Offer

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy morning. Already been to a hospital appointment early doors. Dave took me. I may actually be able to drive there myself, and sort myself out, but to be honest, my confidence has been rattled. I guess that’s normal, and I look forward to getting back behind the wheel, but easy does it. I have to say it again, in my experience, Pembury Tunbridge Wells hospital is pretty excellent. From parking the car to getting back in the car, less than 10 minutes. Admittedly, it was to give blood samples is all, but still. And I didn’t feel a thing !

Over to Paul….

Another of Barb’s favourite designs (can you see the theme here “favourite”!!) of this week is the Leafy Swirl. The Design of the Week normally comes with 30% off, plus Club Discounts to celebrate 30 years of all things Clarity, but since this is the last day of the Club Members Half Price Sale, we have decided to offer these designs at 50% off (no further Club Discounts) until next week

Available as a Fresh Cut Die

A5sq Stamp Set

7×7 & 9×11 Stencil

and finally A5sq Groovi Plate

Click HERE to investigate

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

And back to me…

Actually, let me dig out an old youtube that I did years ago using the Gelpress and the Leafy Swirl stencil…

The old ones are the best!! There are others in the Claritystamp Youtube library too, using different Clarity Stencils and different tricks. Watching this one makes me want to get out my old GelPress and get painty. But not today. Today we travel gently .

Quote for the day?

Have Faith and Trust the Process

Whatever you are going through, trust that there are hands unseen delving into your life, helping you. Have faith, and trust the process.

Love always

Barb x x x

PS Last day of the half-price Craft CLub Member’s Sale today. Ends midnight x

22 thoughts on “Favourite Design of the Week Offer

  1. Well done that was a quick turn around in the hospital! Can’t moan at ours either – except the parking is often difficult but we have that sussed! We’re lucky in that we have teaching hospitals I think. Been for a haircut this morning so missed Paul.

    Love that design – must look out the Groovi plate. Head so full of ideas that I’ll never get on the paper/parchment but I live in hope.

    I can’t do another sale order – almost spent my month’s pension – I’m going to have to catch the postie when the two parcels come. Hubby’s just worried I haven’t got the space for it and I feel his concern too ! X

  2. Love that leafy swirl in all its forms. I put in several orders yesterday, so will look forward to some fun posts when they come.
    You were right not to push things to drive today. Softly, softly, catchee monkee. Patience now will produce good results later. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  3. Hello Barbara
    I am glad to hear you are still making good progress. The DVLA have given their permission for me to continue to drive, as long as I feel able to do an emergency stop!
    When I have been back to see my surgeon I will see how I feel and what he suggests. At the moment my broken and battered sternum is not quite up to it, in my opinion. I don’t want to have to do an emergency stop and find out that wasn’t a good idea, lol.

  4. Take things slowly. Don’t get tempted to rush things you will only hinder your progress. It’s easy to think I can do that, but you have been extremely poorly. Take care and look after yourself. I’m looking forward to receiving my parcel from Clarity. Then the fun will begin. Sending lots of love, healing prayers and gentle hugs 🤗

  5. Glad you had a good experience at the hospital. Don’t rush back to driving just yet, remember it can be very stressful and the medication you are still taking my well dull your reaction times. Love, love, love all the samples using the leafy design. Take care

  6. Take care and the time to be yourself again. You were very poorly and when I had pneunomia it took me a year to got back to normal. And I was then in my twenties!
    Love to see the video again with the gelliplate.
    The sun is shining here where I live in the Netherlands and hope with you too,Trijntje Huppel

  7. Love these swirly designs. Will order some later.
    Your confidence will return but it is early days as you have been so poorly. Just take it gently for now.
    When I had a two year break from driving I was cautious returning as it was a different car too. I drove round the block to get the feel of the car on day one. Day two to the local shops and back. Day three with my confidence improving a short spin out just for pleasure and have not looked back since.
    Blown away by all the samples. The best thing about Clarity items is their versatility as shown here.
    Take care. 🍒

  8. Hi Barb and Paul, love this swirly design, always makes for such a lovely background. Great samples from the team. Glad to hear the appointment went smoothly Barb. Love the quote too. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  9. It does seem strange getting behind the wheel if you have had a break but it soon comes back. You will know when you are ready. Lovely variety of samples. Take care.

  10. Love the leafy swirl stencil and must rewatch your demo and recreate. Hope the blood test results are good and you are doing all the right moves ie sitting in the passenger seat! As you say gently does it and it’s blimming cold out there today. Take the bestest care of yourself. Excited waiting for my sale order no rush the waiting is part of the fun x

  11. According to my paper catalogue I have the leafy swirl Groovi plate but it is AWOL at the moment so no doubt it is the black hole aka Granddaughters stash. This is where I found the nested tag plate last week but had already reordered one so we plan to both join Tina for her next FB live in March. Its nice to be able to share a craft together & pass on what I have learnt over the last few years.
    Hope the blood results are what the doctors are looking for, which will mean the antibiotics & the slower pace of life are doing their job. Carry on travelling gently xx

  12. My brother was in Pembury hospital in 1971 or 72. He went climbing with the scouts, fell 10 feet and broke both arms and one leg! I remember visiting him there. Fun seeing him try to get food in his mouth with a very long spoon as both arms were plastered bent. We had to cancel our family holiday; I know we weren’t best pleased with him. (He went skiing 6 months later and broke the other leg 3 hours before they flew home!)
    I expect the hospital has changed since then but glad you were in and out quickly. One step at a time. Xx

  13. Hope the blood tests went well – hoping to start driving again myself soon – it’s been 6 months since I had a stroke, which really decimated my confidence, but all is looking good. My husband says he could have a word with a friend of his who’s a driving instructor if I feel I’d like a couple of reminder lessons first before venturing out on my own. We’ll see. Keep on being a tortoise and taking it slow and steady xx

    1. All very positive Barbara, great, but beware the drivers out there , having to park etc, and don’t rush it I’d say. No more frights! Lovely samples and glad to hear you have pencil and paper poised! All in good time, you are doing well. Patience and be thankful!

  14. Barbara,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better each day. Please do all the sorting and shredding gradually-a bit a day. That way you can share all your previous masterpieces with us, giving us encouragement to try some old and new techniques.
    I’ve just ordered some of the beautiful swirly designs-what a great design-of-the-week offer to make on the last day of clarity members sale. Too tempting!!!
    Take care all and stay safe.

  15. I love the leafy swirl, and I remember doing the torn paper technique with it on a Gelli plate at a retreat years ago! In fact I was looking back through my retreat folders at the weekend and found the torn bit of paper! haven’t used this design in a while – will have to get it out again.
    Thanks for all the fab inspiration

  16. Slow and steady wins the race and you will be all the better for taking things slowly. The danger with feeling better is that you do more and can end up going backwards. I think you are brilliant for doing this ‘ere blog for us every day! X

  17. It’s hard losing any independence even for a short time. You will know when the time is right to get behind the wheel but for the moment let those who love you do what they can. There is no point over-doing it and undoing all the good work so far. Hope the test results are positive.

  18. Hi Barbara
    Make the most of being a passenger look out the window seeing the daffodils coming out and the lambs in the field, never have that opportunity when you’re driving. Glad you were quick at the hospital and the blood results are positive.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  19. Glad you are making good progress, and your Mum is well. My advice, from experience rejoining the world after several long stops, is easier to give than to act on, ask me how I know? Go gently and don’t push yourself, in the long run it pays off. You are fortunate enough to be able to have a co-driver, even if a few parcels are a day later as a result. This gives you the freedom to drive as far as is ok on the day know you will be driven home or enjoy having company. For me driving home is much more of a worry than getting there as energy levels are lower.

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