Design of the Week – Trees and their Mantles

Design of the Week – Trees and their Mantles

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Now those fine walking boots fit me – those what I sloshed around in to stretch em – we are trying to get out on the forest every day for a little walk. Little is the operative word mind! Between my dodgy lung capacity and Dave’s worn out ankles, we certainly won’t be signing up for any uphill hikes! But the Ashdown Forest really is quite something. The gorse, when the sun finds it, is spectacular…

Now that the clocks have sprung forward, the afternoons are a little longer too, so you can catch some superb sunsets up there. Courtesy of David (Bailey) Roe…

The trees are coming alive again too, getting set to put on their leafy cloaks. Which is why this week’s Design of the week is so appropriate: Naked trees and their mantles.

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Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

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Quote for today?

The cold bare earth, soon to revive; the warmth of the sun – she comes alive.

David J. Roe

Love always,

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Trees and their Mantles

  1. Those sunsets are fantastic! The ground looks very dry too, unlike here where even the park is muddy!
    Glad the boots now fit!
    The samples of cards are beautiful!

  2. Sunsets look fabulous. I have Open Day tickets just hoping husband stays well. A little way off yet. x

  3. Love the sunsets xx so nice to get out even for a short walk in nature and so good for the soul xx always admired trees they are so resilient in the sun and rain, wind and snow and so amazing in spring but equally beautiful in autumn xx

  4. I have the trees and their mantles – must get them out again. Thank you Design Team for the inspiration ♥️

  5. I have been known to hug a tree especially with my granddaughters. I Love standing underneath a tree and looking up into its canopy. Well now you all think I’m bonkers – not really just love nature- wish I could go for walks to enjoy it 😢.

    Those photos are beautiful – what’s the sparkly bit in the greenery – looks like a spaceship landed under the tree – now I have gone bonkers 😂😂😂

    One of my favourite stamp sets ! I like using the canopies for texture or shrubs.

  6. Gorgeous sunsets, thanks for sharing.
    I have used these tree stamps a lot, they are great, simple but effective. Love the DT samples here. Lots of ideas to think on.
    This time of year is when I really wake up. The trees shake out their lime green petticoats, the blossoms are out, the gardens are colouring up and it is a pleasure to be out although I can’t walk far. Still, I did manage to drive hubby home from hospital yesterday with no ill effects on my knees so maybe we will get out more this summer.
    Take care. 🍒

  7. Fantastic sunsets!!! I do miss these sunrise and sunset so much after moving house.
    Walking in the woods is so relaxing and beautiful the yellow colors now.
    Happy walking both!

  8. Lovely photos of the sunset & the gorse along with the quote from Dave. The lighter nights are definitely a huge bonus to loosing an hours sleep at the weekend.
    Glad the water sloshing worked with the boots & you can now enjoy your woodland walks x

  9. Magic photos and magic words, Dave! The stamp set is special, too, Barb, as are the Design Team’s samples! Those trees must come out for a play again!
    Trees are so special, and I have so many good memories from them. Many years ago I sheltered from the African sun under a Baobab tree, probably the strangest looking tree I’ve seen. It’s also known as the “upside-down tree”, and looks like a giant has pulled it out of the ground, turned it over and re-planted it with the “roots” at the top instead of “branches”!
    Nature is amazing and sometimes quite unbelievable!

  10. What beautiful photographs and quote from Dave. He is such a multi talented man, with a gentle soul. As you always say, ‘what a difference a Dave makes’.
    Enjoy your walks in such a stunning place. X

  11. Dusk is such a beaut time of the day to go for a walk. Nature at his best. In Australia you can come face to face with kangaroos on your walk as we did last week. Some with joey,s in their pouch. So cute. Some towering over you. That,s when you decide to take the short route home.😁Maybe walking at dawn next time😉Enjoy your daily walks Barbara and Dave.

    1. Hello Jenny
      I am on holiday in Australia at the moment have been to Perth,Sydney now in Melbourne for two weeks before returning home.
      I saw a koala on Monday high up in a tree.
      Only seen Kangaroos in the fields haven’t see any up close up I did last time I was here three years ago.

      1. Hi Christine, We stayed in Inverloch RACV Resort for a few days and there are plenty around there. Hope you have a wonderful stay in Melbourne.

  12. Hi Barb, what beautiful photos from Dave and such a brilliant quote. These tree stamps are fantastic and the artwork is as always amazing. Hope you enjoyed the walk. Take care everyone. Bx

  13. Congratulations to Dave’s photos and quote. Beautiful part of the world. So pleased you are taking it slowly and managing to get out together. I have the tree stamps.

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