Travelling gently.

Travelling gently.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Last day of the week, and the old lungs are certainly telling me there’s been some action! I had a feeling that I would get a better reading of the damage once the 4-week course of antibiotics finished on Monday – and ca c’est trés vrais! (Sorry – I’m listening to an Audible book about the French Resistance in World War II, and French is on my mind!). Anyway, time to slow down and regroup.

After such a brilliant couple of days on TV, it’s back to Clarity.

If you are a Clarity Craft Club member, and are still waiting on a half price Sales order, I want to ask you to be patient. Please bear with us. The reason orders take so long is because when we run out of something on the shelf, we MAKE it, to honour the order.

We don’t only apply 50% discount to just a selection of products we have excess stock of; it is a blanket sale, applied to pretty much ALL things Clarity.

The reason I am writing about this is becasue Jeannine is getting bombarded with phone calls chasing, mostly friendly, but some customers are pretty aggressive, which is neither constructive nor acceptable. Please trust that your order will be picked and packed as soon as we have all the items you ordered ready to go.

It is the Groovi plates which take so long to make and clean, so if your order includes Groovi plates, that will most likely be the issue. Please be patient. Paul reckons it will take about another fortnight to completely clear all the sales orders. That’s provided nobody calls in sick, no children are unwell so parents can’t come to work, no cars break down etc etc etc. We are humans, not robots! It happens!

Bear in mind also, that regular non-sale orders are being picked and packed parallel, as are all the TV orders and Trade orders for stores worldwide. We aren’t Amazon. We are a small team and we are going as fast as we can. Well, not me. I’m rubbish at the moment. Usually I’d be in there, picking and packing and power eating doughnuts with the rest of them! The team is brilliant. They are coming in early, leaving late, doing extra days, taking work home, going like the clappers. I respect and admire my team immensely, and I would like to hope it is reciprocated. I’ve never been one for cracking the whip, and I’m not about to start now. And whatever you do, please don’t tell me I should employ more staff – if only running a business were that simple. We are so grateful for your custom, and we value every single customer. But it takes as long as it takes. And this half-price sale was particularly popular.

I ordered a pair of all singing all dancing Parker Knoll recliner armchairs for Dave and myself the first week of January. Just thought we’ve reached that age, and they might help with the lower back pain and all that jazz. The one’s we’ve currently got are rubbish. Substantial deposit paid at time of order. 20% I think. 3 month wait. 5 weeks in, whilst in hospital, I received an email. The fabric I had selected wasn’t available. Please come back to the store and pick another. Did I lose my rag? Of course not. Just responded, saying I’d get there as soon as I was able. Have I got my armchairs? Of course not! They’ve got to make them first! Have I chased? Nope. The 12 weeks aren’t even up yet! And I’ve had other things going on! I just look forward to them arriving when they do. My biggest worry is that they’ll fit through the living room door! Hahaha!

Quote for today

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting

Joyce meyer

Love always

Barb x x x

54 thoughts on “Travelling gently.

  1. Hello Barbara
    I am so with you on this! We seem to have become a nation of, mostly, ordered today, expect delivery yesterday!
    Were people in such a hurry for the goods they have ordered before the sale? I doubt it. Have patience everybody, your goods will arrive and, unless you are a complete newbie with next to no products, we all have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime.
    We are all eager and impatient. I get that, but that is no reason to get rude and belligerent with the Clarity staff. Those of us who have been part of the Clarity family for years know and understand the staff are doing their best under difficult circumstances and will despatch your orders as quickly as possible.

      1. Agree with you on that one Roz. I have been on the other side where customers are concerned and I know only too well how rude they can be at times. I always smiled back but inwardly seethed. X

      1. Roy – well said. What’s wrong with people? C’mon folks……it is what it is. The fantastic Team Clarity are doing their best and the products are the best after and worth waiting for. Go Clarity x

    1. Clarity are far more professional than I would be in the same situation. If it was me, anyone who is cross, belligerent, or unpleasant in any way, I would push their order right to the back and make them wait even longer. Whenever I have been involved in any group and working very hard without help, and folks have complained, I always gave them the job to do. They usually backtracked very fast. These days, with huge companies like A…….., people have started to think that everything should arrive within 24 hours. Small, reliable and inspirational companies cannot possible compete on time, but they give us the personal treatment with great equipment. Clarity are the only company I know that will make extra things to fill our orders. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I must say first it was lovely to see you back, after all you have been through. Of course losing your Dad, must have been unbearable.. but to be so ill on top of that is horrible. Take it steady , the scar tissue left behind can floor you..I know this!
    Thank you once again for all you do, and for a brilliant’s amazing., and I look forward to getting my goodies!! It doesn’t Matter how long it takes….they are worth waiting for , & I don’t think your wonderful team should be getting hassle.
    Take care, lots of love Anne x

  3. Totally agree with everything you have said. Who was it that said Good things come to those that wait? More than happy to wait and have a lovely present when they do come. Totally unacceptable for people to pester and be nasty to the lovely Jeanine and indeed anyone working for Clarity. Take care of you, your body is still telling you to slow down a bit xx

  4. It makes me mad that every time you have to make this plea. It’s clearly not people who know and love you and Clarity. Patience is a virtue! Xx

  5. I totally agree with you Barbara,
    I must say a huge THANKYOU. to everyone at clarity. I was greedy or should that be a canny buyer. oh well i placed 6 orders in the sale, i received 2 then on wednesday i had an email saying the other 4 were on their way, Happy dance on thursday DPD delivered,
    So its as they say everything comes to those that wait,

  6. It seems you have this problem every time you have a sale, yiu would have thought people would know by now how popular they are and therefore orders take a while to pick pack and make if stock run out.

    I’m like you with your armchairs, just waiting patiently with excitement for the postman to deliver but unlike you I think he will only struggle getting through the letter box not the door 🤣🤣🤣. Ooh wait a minute – I’m expecting 3 orders – oh no hope the postman can manage.

    The Tv shows will have taken it out of you so be sure to travel very gently !

    Big hug 🥰

  7. There is a Parker Knoll factory just down the road from us. we could done masks and stripy jumpers and hijack a couple of chairs haha.

  8. HI Barb , so good to see you on TV and can’t wait for Monday and shsc shac I have recvd all my sale orders 😊 and playing with them all . I think you and your team are amazing I will never understand these impatient people they obviously don’t understand anything about all small business 😉

  9. Lovely quote for the day Barb, and so true. Not sure why some people are chasing Sale orders,(especially aggressively!), as we all knew the “rules” when the Sale started. Have I got outstanding orders? Probably! Have I checked? No, because I know I will get a lovely email telling me they’re on their way when they’re ready. Absolutely no need to chase because I know the Awesome Team Clarity are doing an amazing job (feeding my obsession! 🤣🤣) I cannot thank you and the rest of the Team enough, you all work so hard to provide fantastic quality crafting goodies, brilliant inspiration and the best community and companionship ever!
    What does it matter to have to wait awhile to receive it?
    Let’s focus on celebrating 30 years of Barbara’s Clarity, instead of chasing a few orders. If we have to telephone the wonderful Jeannine, just wish her a lovely day, say how brilliant she and the rest of Team Clarity are, and play with our existing Clarity goodies, until the new ones turn up! Life’s too short to get upset about delayed orders, make a card and put the smile back on your face, it’s what I do! 😊
    Barb, when your new armchairs arrive, I hope you and Dave get to really enjoy them. My family keep telling me to buy a new expensive armchair to help with my back pain problems, but I tell them I can’t afford one – I’ve spent all my money on Clarity orders! 🤣🤣

    1. We could all make cards for Jeannine to show how much we appreciate her? xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  10. I’m used to waiting for any order, with my surname I’m used to being amongst the last customer to be dealt with, no one’s fault, but most people tackle things in alphabetical order and we are near the end. With the good ship Clarity I now know why I resisted Groovi for so long as now I’m playing catch up on plates they are usually part of not all of my order.
    But as you say Barbara, it isn’t always the destination that is important but the journey and if it is a little longer than you hoped, the delight in the expectation is also stretched. I can wait!

  11. Quite unbelievable that people are rude to the lovely Janine. She is a gem. Always caring, helpful and friendly, not to mention professional. Please pass on my comments to her. Some people are just challenged regarding politeness.

  12. Hi Barb
    I guessed the delay was due to making fresh stock – no problem, I don’t even mind if I have to wait for everything to come together (to save you postage) it is well worth any delay – I’ll be playing with them all year, what’s a few weeks? Give Jeannine my love, she is amazing – best customer service person I have EVER dealt with (she reminds me of me!)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  13. Extremely happy to wait for my sale order. Might have made room for it by the time it arrives.
    If your armchairs are like mine the backs come off to get through doors.
    I hope you have a pleasant relaxing and happy weekend. Cx

  14. Just a note about your chairs Barb. We had HSL similar chairs and they came in two halves and the chaps put them together. So with luck they’ll fit. Sounds as if you’re trying to run a bit too soon to me. Take a deep breath if you can and chill.

  15. I always say good things come to those that wait. So am happy to wait however long it takes.
    Sorry to hear that some people are getting aggravated but I see this everyday now in my job and wonder how this seems to be happening so much now . Where does all this anger and impatience come from .
    Rest up Barbara and take good care of yourself and hugs to all the hard working people at Clarity ❤️

  16. You and your team are amazing, Barbara. I’m sorry some people are being impolite to you all. Patience is a virtue. Apparently, some people don’t have it. Get well soon and sending lots of love to you and the Clarity team. 💙

  17. Hope you are not doing too much at the moment as you need to recoup erase after your very busy week! Hope you will be fine for shac shack on Monday!
    Waiting for orders is fine by me! At least I know that it will be there as soon as possible!
    We are having problems with sofas at the moment. Trying to find a comfortable one!
    Hope you have some rest time over the weekend.x

  18. What a shame you need to remind folks about this year after year. Jeanine is always so kind and helpful too, it’s sad to hear that she is being abused by customers. Patience is a virtue x

  19. Hi Barb
    I feel so lucky because my ODS order was delivered this morning! I was hoping for the end of next week as there were so many orders. Thank you Team Clarity!
    I am setting aside Sunday for a play date with the new stamps and stencils. I am hoping to have a go at Eileen Godwin’s beautiful layered art; wish me luck.
    I hope you can rest up a bit this weekend, you’ve had a busy week.
    Take care. Zara xx

  20. I’m sure the journey plus the stress, although nice stress in a way, of gearing up for tv again must have taken it out of you, what a great show though. I had to get the tissues out too! My second sale parcel arrived while I was out – are you stocking up on paper supplies hubby asked – that’s a heavy box – oh yes I said ! Little did he know it was full of groovi plates but not lying as there was some paper and matching parchment too !

    We ordered a recliner yesterday for hubby and if I I like it I’ll get one too. Decided to go cheaper this time as our two little terrors like new furniture as scratch posts so while they are still running the home ……

    I didn’t post yesterday – visitors – but sway that great apron – is it like trousers as well ?

    Look forward to seeing you Monday xx

  21. Hi Barbara, sadly it’s a sign of the times( Haha can you tell I’m a Harry Styles fan and 76years old…why not )!
    some folks expect everything be instantaneous!!
    In the grand scheme of things it is unimportant and they should be more considerate of your colleagues. I really believe we are lucky to have such a professional team producing quality Art goods.
    Long live Clarity 🙌👏✍

  22. It is awful when people are rude and aggressive. I am mindful to treat people kindly and hope they are kind in return. If orders take longer than so be it, it is not the end of the world.
    Be patient folks and dive into your mountains of stash in the meantime and great creative.
    Take care Barbara and travel gently.

  23. Dear Barbara. You looked as though you really enjoyed being back on TV. It was a lovely show. I expect it took a lot out of you. Please continue to rest. You need to be well for your special day in May.
    Look forward to being with you on Monday. I used to try to draw a lot but wasn’t very good, but it was fun. Xxxx

  24. It is a shame some people are so rude as politeness costs nothing. Every time you have a sale or a sellout we know your team will be overwhelmed with orders. I know that some things have to be manufactured which extends delivery time and I am happy to wait as long as it takes. I spoke to Jeannine on another matter this week, she is so kind and helpful, wish more were like her.

    Patience is a virtue
    Possess it if you can
    Seldom found in women
    Never in a man

    I put the brilliance of your team down to the brilliance of their boss. Remember the saying “you reap what you sow” ? Well you and your team are the best.
    Hope you still have Worka and Hollick locked in the cupboard. This is still a time to rest and recuperate further to get you fighting fit. I know it is hard for a live wire like you but I know from experience that the delay is irksome but in the end it pays.
    Take care lovely lady. 🍒

  25. Think your body is telling you to take care so time to rest. Hubby fighting another chest infection that does not want to clear up. Think we shall be back to docs on Monday.
    Recliners usually arrive in parts so should fit in ok. Enjoy when you get them. X

  26. Hi Barbara. Thank you and Paul very much for putting on a great show on tv the last couple of days. I would also like to say a very big thank you to all the Clarity team for their efforts in trying to get our orders out. I am happy to wait for mine and have received some of my orders. I am new to groovi and look forward to starting on the SHAC journey which I have just started to take an interest in. Look forward to the tv programmes next week.

  27. Joyce Mayer is a wise lady – and knows where it’s at. We are so grateful for everything that the Clarity team do to look after all their customers – and Jeannine is always so lovely. And kindness and patience costs little in return.
    It was lovely to see you on C and C with all the lovely SHAC designs. I cried when you got ‘ambushed’ with emotion – just wanted to hug you.
    Keep taking things gently – your health is the most important thing to look after right now.
    Love RosemaryT xx

  28. It makes my stress levels rise when I hear about people being rude to your wonderful staff. As Ken said we all know the rules regarding sale products so I would only suggest that if people want a particular product to arrive promptly that they purchase it at the time of launch and not wait for the sale if they can’t be patient. Your quote of the day certainly sums it up. Do take care over the weekend and have a good rest, as someone mentioned yesterday adrenalin masks over a lot of warning signals from your body. xxx

  29. I know sometimes I have to wait while plates are made if the ones I want have sold out. Jeanine is so lovely, with her smiley voice, that I don’t understand how anyone can be aggressive with her. So lovely seeing you back on TV Barbara, and quite emotional for all of us too I think. I am sure when your Parker knoll reclines eventually arrive they will be so appreciated. Xx

  30. Glad to see you back on tv but don’t do too much !
    I agree with all the things everyone is saying about Jeanine, she is a lovely person who I had the pleasure of sitting next to at one of the Parchment retreats . I am lucky, I got my order yesterday !
    Love and hugs

  31. As others have said why is it you have to keep repeating the delay in orders story every time you have a sale. I suppose its because the Clarity family is growing all the time as the word spreads about the fantastic products & the SHAC. I am sure you always say when the sale starts that delays are very likely to happen because of your promise to fulfil all orders but then I think some people only read what they want to read not everything.
    Please thank Jeannine & all the Clarity team for all their hard work throughout the year especially when its sale time with TV sales running alongside.
    Meanwhile have a restful weekend & recharge the batteries.

  32. Hi Barbara,
    I really don’t understand some people, I have only been a member for a few months and have been lucky enough to have had a chance to take part in 2 sales😉 I still have 2 orders outstanding but I am happy to wait.
    Where else can you find such wonderful things to play with at such good prices, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Please take care and don’t get over doing things and causing a setback.

  33. Great shows and great to see you back. We all had a shock when show no 4 wasn’t on, but as long as you were ok it was fine. That was our concern. Rest up!xx

  34. Good things are worth waiting for! People are not used to waiting for anything now – we’ve become a nation of instant wants. It’s so bad that they’re rude to Jeannine and the team – you’ve posted about this before and it seems to happen every time you have a delay. I don’t know any other company that makes additional products to meet sale orders – if you didn’t do that there’d probably be nothing left after day 1, but some folk seem unable to appreciate that!
    I ordered a new sofa & chairs in January & was given a delivery date of April (like your chairs they’re made to order) – one thing’s for sure, I’m going to appreciate them when they’re here.
    I’ve had an email to say my sale order is on it’s way and it will be a real treat opening the box!

  35. Oh so sorry to hear about the abuse of your staff especially Jeannine, that’s just not called for she is always helpful polite. I was worried about my delivery but you have answered my question so I will not need to bother Jeannine next week. Will be patient and wait for the email.
    Was great to see you again on TV.

  36. So sorry you have to reiterate that things may take a while if you run out. Most companies would just say it’s sold out and refund your money. Clarity is such a generous company both with its time and with its sales promotions we are lucky to have you all. Having said that I don’t do much Groovi so I am
    Lucky in that my second sale order arrived yesterday so thank you so much

  37. Hello Barb, the shows were great. I apologise for calling, and I stressed to the lovely Jeannine that I was not complaining, I was merely enquiring about the order (because there was an item that I wanted to use in an upcoming special card, and knew that I may need to tweak the design) , and I certainly was not aggressive. I hope your chairs get sorted. Kind Regards. Bx

  38. ordered Sunday night (live in Canada) had list ready, found I could use sku number to order. checked to see my fingers hadn’t slipped and ordered 6 items instead of one (did that once, luckily it was a cheap item I used a lot ) crossed fingers and off went order. nine dsys later it was waIting here to be opened with my friend. our new friend arrived later in the day and ooohed and aahhed . her order went in later in the week. Parker knoll chairs sound great. Hope they arrive soon. I did have one problem, before I could have a play I got covid. starting to get well now and looking forward to getting into the three inspiration books I ordered in the sale. and putting backs on some already made parchment work…….. When I wake up from my next nap perhaps. Oranges and Yorkshire tea have been helping . Oh ps. Love to Jeannine xxx

  39. You have the most wonderful staff who add to my orders, change my silly mistakes and whilst we look forward in anticipation to receiving a groovi plate cos I’ve seen a pattern on groovi worldwide that I really like and want to have a go or Paul shows a pattern on Groovi Tuesday that this novice can try, I take a picture and wait with the utmost patience for it to arrive, likewise with my sale orders. Cmon groovers grow some patience and respect for these hardworking, wonderful people. Get well soon Babs, would love to join your weekend and meet the gang but too far for me to drive😩 at my age. Love to all at Clarity

  40. There is no need to be rude to anyone but unfortunately it does happen, and usually it’s the first person they contact. Lets hope it stops now. Clarity do a wonderful job in these difficult times.

  41. So sad that people can be so rude when the sale is always such a great one Barbara. Hubby’s new car was due this month and he has had an e-mail saying it will now be July. As he will have to keep working until the three year lease is up it means a further delay in his retirement date but he isn’t phoning anyone to complain – it won’t make a difference to the availability of a key component. Try and take it easy before the next shows. Take heed of what your body is telling you. xx

  42. I hate that people are rude to the wonderful Jeannine. They must be new to Clarity because the majority of us know the score, that when you run out, you make the stock. I had a fantastic experience with Jeannine at the start of the sale when both of my newly purchased Pergacutters were faulty. Jeannine ensured that replacements were sent out to me, no quibble, no questions asked. You have a fabulous team Barbara. I wish I lived round the corner, I’d come and help pick orders!
    Look after yourself Barbara and don’t do too much too soon. I missed your TV shows because I was out of the country, but they sound like they were the usual success. xx

  43. Fully agree with all you said in your message. I’m lucky as I have received both my sale orders but am waiting patiently for an order placed after the sale finished. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will be despatched as soon as possible. Take care Barbara, never forget your health comes first and thank you to you and all the team for all the hard work you do for us all.

  44. I’m so sorry your staff get aggression from some customers, it’s really mean and unnecessary. Clarity always pops through the letterbox eventually and is always better for the waiting, well that’s how I see it. Jeannine is lovely, definitely the bee’s knee’s so please tell her how valuable most of us old time members think she is … she never let me down anyway . Keep chipper Barbara, you are doing great. Love the shac and ready to start again next week now I got some new tracing paper Thank you xx


  46. I am playing catch up and had to comment as while I don’t take shoddy service from big companies where I pay extra for the privilege of getting my item delivered in a set time and will chase them as they say 4 weeks,I plan for four weeks time ( often involving time off work or planning who will look after the olds ( loving name for parents and other friends who due to advancing years need a little daily support ) and they call on delivery day to say they are cancelling and not able to reschedule for 5 weeks ….. yes I call and I am firm but never rude !
    But I tend to where humanly and finances allowing use small businesses and if I am paying full price and still waiting for any communication after a few weeks I will enquire all is okay but there is never any excuse for rudeness as we do not know what else that poor call handler has going on and we may be the final straw in a long morning or week ….. kindness when given honesty and true from the heart never costs anything but may be a little time and patience ……. I have one of the sayings Barbara has already used a few weeks ago and is my mantra as what my Gran always said …… there for the grace of god go I .
    I am not religious but it still holds true ….. you never know when the roles may be reversed !!!
    And if while waiting for THINGS we forget the people element then we don’t deserve or really value THINGS . As nothing is more valuable than a fellow being .

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