It’s a Special SHAC Day on Telly!

It’s a Special SHAC Day on Telly!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Writing extra fast here, so keep up! It’s time to trundle up to the TV studios and get ready for this evening’s launch of a set of Stamps and groovi plates which will be familiar with many of you – we drew them together in the SHAC!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the SHAC, during lockdown we got together on Facebook LIVE every day Mon-Fri at 10am for two years. We doodled, we learned to draw, we laughed, we cried, we kept each other company, we gave each other a reason to get up every morning – in short we stayed Safe, Happy And Creative SHAC (also Stay Home And Craft!). FOR TWO YEARS – and beyond.

As I mentioned yesterday, next Monday, the SHAC Bus No. 300 will be leaving the depot again. 10 am on the dot! I think it’s time we got together again, don’t you? I have been listening to you though, and to my head. I think once a week on a Monday will be a good place to start. We can always go on special tours if there’s somewhere special we fancy!

The other thing is, we are launching our SHAC art range on TV. After 300 hours of doodling and drawing, there’s a beautiful library of artwork which is asking to be made into stamps and Groovi plates – and we have a story to tell!

A really, really cool one. From the heart. It’s quite something actually. What started out as a simply desperate way to keep sane and safe, has developed into quite a formidable community. And personally, I cannot begin to tell you how much you fellow shackers have helped me during the last few months. You have no idea. The messages, the letters, the cards, the gifts, the support – overwhelming and a life-saver.

Throughout Lockdown and beyond, our friends at Create & Craft have always supported what we do in the SHAC. They also saw it as a great safe place for crafters. Now they are giving us a platform to promote it. Once a month we have scheduled a couple of hours live TV where we will showcase SHAC designs, and talk about our community.

This evening, we launch a superb floral collection, and next week out SHAC shows begin!!

Here’s tonight’s menu…

Each design contains an A5sq Stamp & Mask Set, an A6 Stamp Set and a A4 Stencil – all available individually and in sets, but the One Day Special is all 4 sets with an amazing saving!





and a dinky little Dahlia Words A6 Stamp set

Also as 4 x A5sq Groovi Plates

So much artwork from the design team, I guess they liked them!

What a gallery!!

Anyway. Must dash, said the Mexican. Not really. Easy does it. And I won’t be banging out demos like a loony at 6pm either! I’ve got one nice one….

Today 6pm and Paul 9pm. Tomorrow 10am and Paul 2pm. Can you tell I’m excited? Just a little bit!

Love always,

Barb x x x

46 thoughts on “It’s a Special SHAC Day on Telly!

  1. Can’t wait to see these. Love the stamp sets they look great. Have just got addicted to groovi though so the plates look good too I just don’t know if the bank will allow me to get both. What a dilemma!! Xx

  2. Looking forward to the shows as they’re always full of inspiration. I’ll be on the bus on Monday 😀

  3. Morning Barbara- I think we are all excited- it will be so nice to see you on C and C ,returning after all you’ve been through.

    I really enjoyed doodling the snowflakes in the Shac shack. I was inspired by this range of products and making the samples for the show was great fun. The images are so dainty yet so versatile for any style, clean and simple or full on grungy.

    Have a great 2 days Barbara, looking forward to watching the shows!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you back on telly, the design team samples are superb. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself and take it easy and breathe. X

  5. Have not been able to join in the Shac for a very long time but the designs look great. What a lovely selection of artwork from the design team. Tempted by the Groovi plates. Hope shows go well. x

  6. So looking forward to seeing you back on TV. Don’t know what we would have done without you, and the Shac Shack, during lockdown. You definitely kept us all happy and sane. The samples look wonderful and the stamps and plates are so versatile xx

  7. Oh my what a gallery of wonderful artwork from the design team to drool over. The Shac has certainly been a life saver for so many of us during our hardest and most difficult times – I really don’t know how I would have survived without it. I have also learnt so much from you our amazingly teacher. I’m still extremely artistically challenged in the drawing department but have improved believe it or not. Take care today, pace yourself and enjoy xx

  8. Did you sleep last night? You must be so excited as we all are to see the return to our screens of you! Hope it all goes well. The samples are fantastic and Imsure lots of people will want them all!
    Enjoy the ride. See you on the tv later.x

  9. Can’t wait to see you back on the telly box and am beyond excited about the return of the bus. BUT please don’t do too much. Take it slowly. Lots of love xx

  10. Oh Barbara, it’s great to see you will be back in the drivers seat -easy does it though!
    I’m looking forward to the shows. I loved drawing these but my nemesis was the dahlia and I love dahlias!
    I’m also looking forward to the SHAC on Monday.
    Thank you for everything you do Barbara but please take care of yourself.

  11. The new SHAC range sounds exciting as does the 2 hour show on C & C. The new designs are so pretty & the DT have made some wonderful samples for todays stamps & Groovi plates.
    No dashing after a Mexican just travel gently & you will be fine.
    Shows on record so I can refer back to them if necessary but hopefully will be able to watch them all live.

  12. Cant wait to see you back on the telly box, lovely stamps too, just when I said no more for a while….oh well, promises were made to be broken, however this does NOT include you overdoing things again.

  13. Look forward to your demos as always and glad you are going to take it slow xx will be on the bus monday for a slow ride together xx I am sure as always the designs will be an absolute smash hit xx

  14. I think once a week is enough for the SHAC given what you’ve been through.Don’t forget your tissues; you know for a fact that when you’re nervous you need them and you sound giddy and nervous in one. The sets will fly. Beautiful inspiration. Cannot believe how the time is flying but you know this.

  15. Good morning and have a great show – of course you will, you’ll be getting back on one of your many buses! Drive gently. I’m not sure I’m allowed to spend any more after what I spent in the sale! I can’t believe how many plates I’ve got in the second parcel now on it’s way – I’m going to have to drug hubby so he stays in bed until postie comes – it’s not that he minds he just wonders whether there will be any room left in the house for him ! X

  16. Beautiful designs and wonderful that you will be back on TV Barbara 📺 travel gently and safely 😊 love and hugs 🤗❤xx

  17. What an amazing gallery from the awesome DT to showcase these fabulous new SHAC designs! Barb, I can’t wait to see you back on the box over the next two days and back in the bus on Monday!
    I feel another little ditty coming on, I’ll post it on Facebook!
    Nice and easy does it, though, Barb! No rush, no worries
    Take care 😊

  18. Really looking forward to seeing you later – and the fruit of all our labours form the SHAC! Pleased to know that you’re not hareing around trying to cram too much into spaces just because they’re there! It will be so lovely to get back on the bus on Monday – always such a lovely place for us all to be together – am so thankful!
    Love and blessing, Rosemary T xx


  19. Wonderful samples from the design team, looking forward to the shows, travel gently. Early appointment at the vets on Monday, hopefully will make it back in time for the shac bus. Take care. xx

  20. Looking forward to seeing you again on TV! Big hugs for what will be a successful programme I have no doubt! Think all your followers are as excited as you are! xx

  21. Can’t wait to see you again on the telly. So glad you’re back! (And with an amazing collection, yet again!). Safe travels and take care.

  22. The DT certainly did you proud with these SHAC items. I had promised myself I would not buy more goodies as I have almost run out of space but this artwork convinced me and I have had another tidy up and made just enough room to accommodate all these items. They are too good to miss.
    Looking forward to seeing you back on telly and pleased to see you are pacing yourself.

  23. Ding ding all aboard the Shac shack bus! It will it will be great to have you back in the driving seat. Just don’t overdo things! So glad you are on the up and up! xx

  24. Looking forward to the shows tonight and tomorrow. I have recorded them too. Such beautiful samples. I had such fun drawing them in SHAC. Slowly Does it though !!!!

  25. Glad to hear the Shac driver is getting back in the driving seat but, a gentle ride is all we want! Got my seat booked and can’t wait to watch the shows.

  26. Hi Barbara – wonderful to see you back on our screens. You look so well and relaxed! Fabulous designs too. Sending love. Xx

  27. Hi Barbara.
    Wow! What an exciting show and what lovely stamps. Beautiful basketful of goodies.
    You look so well too. Welcome Back.
    Sending love Liz 🦋

  28. Just watched the first show – what a fabulous hour! Great to see you looking so well and back doing what you enjoy. Amazing stamps & goodies as well, which is obvious from the fact they sold out so quickly! Hoping you’ll have good stocks of these available when we come to the Open Day…
    Fingers crossed that Paul has still got some products to work with for the 9pm show, but goodness knows what you’re going to demo tomorrow!

  29. Brilliant to see you back on the box Barbara. There is such a lot of love out there for you!
    Huge hug to you..AND looking forward to Monday and the 300th SHAC that will be some party!!!!XX

  30. What a wonderful array of samples!! I was going to resist but not sure I can!! Bea and I were there for the first episode of the SHAC (and almost every one since then) and will definitely be on board for the 300th. Best get a very large bus ! Showing some of our designs in stamps will be great. I’ve already bought most of the ones that have been on sale so to see them used again will be inspiring.

  31. Dear Barbara. So delighted to see you on the show, and looking well and happy. I have been with you most of the time from the start of the Shac Shac , did try some of the drawing but not very good. It was wonderful to have you visiting every day and talking to us. Love the new designs. Hope you feel ok . Xxxxx

  32. I only managed to watch for a short while, as I served dinner, but I will catch up tomorrow. The samples are amazing and you looked wonderful! So happy and glowing. Sleep well tonight. X

  33. Oh Barbara it was so lovely to see you looking so fresh, happy and healthy… but of course you had me crying along with you at the start and laughing along with you by the end.🥰 Love the new SHAC meaning and packaging too. Such beautiful samples from the wonderful DT. 😍 I’m watching Paul now and looking forward to the shows tomorrow… if you have any stock left to sell hehe 😅 Much love and hugs, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  34. Hi Barbara
    Just. Loved the show
    Emotional lovely kind
    Just speechless
    Better than mainstream TV
    You are a great and lovely person
    Lost for words x

  35. will watch Create and craft live this evening Australia time. Best of luck with the shows. Don,t overstrech the elastic. It might bounce back.

  36. Watched the shows on replay from across the pond. Barbara, it was absolutely wonderful to see you.
    My happy tears were flowing – watching amazing you, your beautiful smile, honest & real emotions, excitement and with your good friend Dawn – this memory will definitely stay with me. Your unbelievable energy, excitement, humour and creative talents are back for the creative world to appreciate and enjoy again- I am so grateful and thank you. Thank you for the trip down memory lane of the SHAC SHAC. I remember very clearly participating on day 1 and of course the rest of the days. I was and still am very grateful for the amazing community you started and built with so many kind, talented and supportive people. I was usually in the background rarely commented but WOW – it was always the best experience. Your teaching style, fun and expertise makes any of the SHAC SHAC projects achievable even for me (still need lots of practice, which is ok) as a newbie to doodling and drawing artwork. Excited for #300 – thrilled to have the bus driver back – but with one kind ask ……. travel gently – please. Love and hugs to you!
    Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Dawn for the amazing job she did on the first hour.
    Dawn was so thoughtful, caring , supportive, energized and knew exactly what to say all through the hour to support Barbara. I admire and appreciate the special friendship the two of you must have – it certainly came across on tv. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Dawn for the amazing job she did leading the ODS first hour.

  37. Hi Barb, have not watched the show yet, but wowser what beautiful creations from the DT. I hope you had a nice relaxing evening after the show. Please take care and don’t over do things. Am going to try catch Paul at 10am. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

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