Design of the Week – A Garden Heart

Design of the Week – A Garden Heart

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How ironic that we kicked off our return to the SHAC with a doodled heart, and this week’s Design of the Week is also a heart! Every Tuesday we launch a favourite Design of the Week with 30% off, plus club discount, to celebrate our 30th year in business.

I drew this one many years ago, but it’s still makes me smile. It’s got something kind about it. We call it our Garden Heart…

Available in stamps




Available HERE

We even included it as a tiny stamp in the Hearty Cut Card Kit…so cute!

Here is some super inspiration from our oh so clever Design Team….

Today’s quote? Ready for a little song worm?

What the World needs now is Love, sweet Love

I’ll be humming it all evening now!

Mmm. The Garden Heart. Take a little stroll down the garden path with me…

It’s World Poetry Day today. Did you know? We have another little stamp and Groovi plate…. A poem about the Garden, which I also love. Let me find it for you.



The author? Well, let’s see…such wonderful words, written by an unsung shero…

Dorothy Frances Blomfield was an English hymn-writer and poet. Known as Dora, she was the daughter of Frederick George Blomfield, Rector of St Andrew Undershaft in the City of London.

Born: 4 October 1858Finsbury Circus Gardens, London

Died: 15 June 1932Notting Hill, London

Notable work: “In God’s Garden”, “O Perfect Love”

“A shy, devout girl with an inner passion for nature who began writing short poems at an early age.”

Warm days are not far away now. The days will get longer, and we will be able to spend more time outside. I don’t feel the need to venture further than the garden. How about you?

Love always,

Barb. x x x

19 thoughts on “Design of the Week – A Garden Heart

  1. Hi Barbara, Your blog for today made me smile…love poetry and love my garden. Couldn’t agree with you more…apart from my craft room my garden is my happy , peaceful place.

  2. Me neither Barbara. I’ve spent the afternoon doing Groovi as the weather doesn’t inspire me to go outside. I long for warmer days. It was so nice to climb aboard the bus on Monday – great to be amongst crafty friends again. Yes, I’m singing now 🤣🤣

  3. Yes, that song is now in my head, written by the late, great Burt Bacharach. I am now up to No. 4 on the bus so I’ll have a long journey getting to No. 300, but I can wait. I’m trying to do one a day, lol. Now I must go and by a Groovi heart before they all go xx

  4. I bought the Garden Heart Aperture die today. Thank you for the discount. Ah what the world needs now…..the great Burt Bacharach. We were so fortunate to see him at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham a few years ago. Introducing his songs and telling stories from his colourful life. So many classic songs out there, that it’s easy to forget that they haven’t always existed….somebody actually wrote them….and he wrote some of the best!

  5. Hi Barb, the Garden Heart is such a lovely design, and the Design Team have done another amazing gallery to highlight it. I enjoy Nature’s company in the garden too, Dora Blomfield’s poem says it all!
    To celebrate World Poetry Day, earlier today I posted a little ditty about Paul on Clarity Worldwide, so it would be rude not to include your good self and Dave!
    (With apologies to real poets everywhere! 😄)

    Barb’s Blog is the best one to read,
    For all Crafting Wisdom you need,
    She writes witty with flair,
    Inspiration and care,
    Your imagination to feed.

    Alongside Barb is Dave, a true star,
    He makes sure our Clarity goes far,
    On presses he makes, Whatever it takes,
    Then plays his amazing guitar!
    Take care, Barb, travel gently but enjoy the garden.

  6. And Burt Bacarach’s song is magic! A definite earworm, that is echoing in my head as I hum it loudly!

  7. It has been a beutiful sunny day here, temperature 15 degrees. It was great to get outside today, hobble to the garden, say goodbye to the snowdrops and happy to see the daffs are still blooming.
    I received a large order today so when the drizzle started late afternoon I went to my happy space and filed it all away. Looking to have a couple of “play days” with my goodies before I go back to housework and hospital trips.
    The poetry stamps and Groovi plates have had a lot of use over the years and the borders on them are so useful.
    The bird hearts are lovely, will have ti dig them out and use them more.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  8. Well said Ken. I have this stamp and use it a lot. Enjoyed doing my heart from SHAC today (well it isn’t much of a heart) but it was lovely being back on the bus. Thank you Barbara.

  9. ❤We all need some extra once in a while. It takes only 2 little words. Love you. Why not use it a bit more and make the world a better place.
    Love you Barbara, you,re sharing it, one day at a time

  10. Such a lovely poem, Barabra, nice to know the background. I have the stamp for it. I love poetry too and I’m with you on just enjoying my garden. I’m singing the song along with you and everyone here… Great “poetry” from Ken again… he really is a wiz with words hehe 😅 Such wonderful samples from our amazing DT again. I love this design and I was reminded of the similarity with our heart doodle on Monday. I recently used the plate for an engagement and wedding card too 💝 I just need to find the courage to post my makes on FB … Much love, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  11. One of my favourite stamps ever! And it looks so different every time you stamp it and colour it. Counting down to retirement now – just 4 more working days then I’ll have plenty of time for crafting again x

  12. Hi Barbara
    I just brought the stamp of that in the half price sale haven’t used it yet but will soon hopefully. Off to a craft fair in Exeter next week looking forward to it need to stock up on essentials. It was warm down here today so managed to get out in the garden.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  13. Another stamp that I’ve had for ages and not made good enough use of! have spent the day packing ready to head for the airport tomorrow – I’m definitely venturing further than the garden this week! Not much time for crafting now…

    1. Safe travels Deborah, what a wonderful adventure awaits through that garden gate! Have a wonderful time making special memories!

  14. I absolutely love my heart stamp and it’s been very well used but still going strong! In fact I used it to make the invitations for Amy’s wedding back in 2019 and everyone remarked how lovely they were.
    I didn’t know it was world poetry day today but that’s a great reason to get those stamps out tomorrow.
    Lots of love.

  15. I have 3 out of 4 items of the Garden Heart & with the great samples from the Design Team to refresh our memories I think I need to dig them out. I have already found out the tree stamps & Gel plate to try Jane’s project from Sunday & the original stamps from the SHAC so all I need now is some spare time to have a play – the one thing Clarity don’t sell on their website !!
    Hope your mom is feeling better today x

  16. Hello Barb, what a lovely blog post. This is one of my favourite Clarity designs, and the combination of the glorious artwork from the DT, the poetry, the quote and the historical facts, has really inspired me to go create something. Don’t tell my boss! Take care and stay warm everyone, Spring has nearly sprung. Bx

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