An invincible Summer

An invincible Summer

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. First day back in the office today. Went well. Enjoyed seeing everyone. Felt good to be back in the saddle. It’s the first day I have really felt well, not wiped out. Like we’ve turned a corner. So grateful!

Nearly forgot to blog though, because I was so busy doing nothing! Well, one eye on a jigsaw puzzle and the other watching Jack Whitehall – Travels with my Father. Blimming funny.

I have a superb quote, popularly associated with Albert Camus, which Dave shared with me, and which I would like to share with you…

It’s worth a double read, at the very least.

“My dear,
in the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.
In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.
In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.
I realized, through it all, that
in the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy.
For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me,
within me there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus +

Isn’t that powerful? And on that happy note, I shall go to bed, because tomorrow I’m on drawing duty! Leonie, Sam and I are hatching a team plan. All very exciting and very motivating; just what the Doctor ordered. I also spoke at length to another super talented friend of mine, Tina Cox. She and I are also planning ahead to the Spa Parchment Retreat. I feel very lucky to have these creative friends in my life, I really do. And they were just waiting patiently, until I was ready to rock again.

Actually, looking at these photos reminds me: I must tell you about the Open Days which are looming in June! Biggest event in the Clarity Calendar. Especially this year, since we’re celebrating 30 years of being in business!

Where? Ditton Community Centre, near Maidstone Kent

When? Friday 9th June and Saturday 10th June

Tickets? Go on sale this week. £8 per day.

It really IS a celebration of all things Clarity. And we’re already making birthday plans…

Love always,

Barb x x x

36 thoughts on “An invincible Summer

  1. so good to hear that you’re feeling well and able to start back at work. You’ve made a fantastic recovery! Love the quote from Albert Camus – hadn’t seen that before, but it’s very profound.
    Really looking forward to the Open Days – it will be fab to catch up with crafty friends again.

  2. Great to hear how well you are feeling, and was able to start back at work. Brilliant quote today. xx

  3. So happy to read this – I’ve been checking on and off through the day, and was beginning to worry that you might have taken a downturn, so it’s such a relief to see that nothing could be further from the truth!
    Small steps though – don’t want to rush things and undo all the good progress.

    1. I was anxious too! We all worry too much, just had to wait a while! Barbara was busy, that’s great news.

  4. Love the quote, by the way – just glad you didn’t give us that on a Sunday, as my diary where I’m doodling them all only gives less than half a page to Sundays!

  5. Very thought proving as I see here coughing and choking with a virus. Husband says he was a good goal keeper for Algeria – Albert Camus! Typically of an avid Liverpool supporter! 🤣

  6. Sorry meant to read thought provoking and sitting here struggling with virus but you get the gist. Miserable and bringing down such prophetic words. Good job I love him so much 😊

  7. Hi Barbara
    Glad to hear you’re feeling well enough to get back to work hopefully not too much work more fun.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. Wonderful to read that you’re finally feeling well again. Great quote 👍🏻 Don’t overdo things though! Xx

  9. hi Barbara. Was checking this morning for your blog
    ( australia time). Nothing. 😔 Then midmorning, hey presto ,there it was 😊And a happy one too. Back at work and feeling great. Full of enthousiasm, just don,t forget , slow and steady…
    Love the poem. ❤ Take care.

  10. Fantastic news, our Barbara is back- but promise to pace yourself we don’t want a relapse. All sounds very exciting , working with 3 such talented artists can’t wait to see what transpires.

    Great inspirational words! Can’t wait for Summer as sometimes in the depth of winter I find it hard to imagine the warmth and happiness of a summer’s day. I must have SAD. I’m working on it and crafting helps!

    Last year I went to my first Clarity open day- can’t wait for this one- well worth coming along. Definitely a lifting experience, came away buzzing. I’d met so many lovely people and especially I met dear Barbara for the first time, I was star struck. I also got to chat to Mutti in German – what a great time I had.

  11. Blooming brilliant, so glad your feeling well enough to get back to the helm, with all those wonderful Arty plans to brainstorm with the lovely talented team.
    can’t wait to see what transpires.

    It was also my first open day last year. Wonderful to meet all those lovely people I’d virtually chatted to in the shac. New friends coz of YOU.

    The open day was super and the weather hot and sunny, I just felt so at home with all those Arty friends. A fabulous experience if anyone hasn’t been, well worth the visit.
    There certainly is a lot of planning that goes into these events, and the Clarity Team put there heart and soul into it, from the make and takes, the displays of Art. the demo team and the girls from the office doing the refreshments and OUR Barb jumping up and down on chairs with huge raffle prizes.
    I went both days and travelled down from Scotland…and stayed over believe me it was worth the 450 mile car journey, some lovely hotels and air B&Bs in the area too. So much loveliness to enjoy & new friends to meet. So if your on the fence don’t be. Oh and bring your purses, when you see the products with all the art samples, who can resist, you can always tell hubby the purchases were a raffle prize hehe….

    Jack Whitehall travels, hilarious, love him and his father together. I will have to revisit them I think.

    On that note I’d better get up its -2 here. just waiting for the heating to click on.

    Welcome back Barb, you were missed and we are so pleased to hear you are feeling better. xx

  12. I did read the poem twice! Incredible strength. So pleased you’ve turned that corner but still not at 100mph! Well done you, looking forward to seeing what you draw, but slowly slowly does it x

  13. I was relieved to see your post this morning, as I was getting worried last night. Glad you are getting back into the saddle, but take it slowly!
    Wonderful quote, which I am sending to my granddaughter. It might help her, for many reasons. Thank you. XX

  14. Hi Barb, so pleased to hear that you are improving and getting better. I am sure everyone was happy to see you. Still take care though and don’t overdo it. Love the poem/quote, very profound. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  15. Glad to hear you felt good enough to return to the office. Please do take things slowly as we don’t want you to relapse!!! Can’t wait to find out what you, Sam and Leonie come up with. Would love to attend the open days in Sutton never been but would have to get hubby to drive from North Wales. Will depend on his health and probably be a last minute decision.xx

  16. So pleased to read this as I was getting worried you may have had a relapse. Looking forward seeing and hearing about what come up with next. Do please take it gently though it’s so easy to overdo it at first simply because you feel so much better but of course that’s why – you have been resting xxx

  17. Delighted to hear that you felt well enough to go into work – just don’t overdo it and if you feel tired, rest – listen to your body – it’s taken a hammering. Love the quote and looking forward to the Spa Parchment Retreat in October as it’ll be my first one. Take care xx

  18. Like others I was worried when no blog. So glad it was because you were feeling well. Take care and don’t do too much too soon xx

  19. Invincible woman !
    May you always do for others and let others do for you.
    Must go and buy a ticket or two…Happy Days XX

  20. So glad that you are recovering so well. Like some of the others I was worried that you had had a setback. Again, as others have said, please take things slowly & be kind to yourself. I can’t wait to see what you, Leonie & Sam come up with. I’m sure it will be brilliant as always. I love the quote today, so moving & very inspirational. xx

  21. What bright news! I hate to say it though, don’t push too hard too soon or a setback will knock you for sure.

  22. Great quotation, never read his words before.
    I was worried when there was no blog, I had been checking all day, so it was a relief to read this and know you are feeling so much better. I had wondered how long it would be before you went back to the office but please, please, please do not overdo it. If you get tired don’t push it, rest. You need to be fully fit for the Garden Party.

  23. I did see that you had blogged late last night & was pleased to see that it was because you had been into work & not because you were feeling under the weather again. Still slowly does it, one day at a time although I bet it felt good to be back with the Team. Looking forward to seeing what you, Leonie & Sam come up with & of course Tina as well.
    Open Day Tickets bought & accommodation booked – something exciting to look forward to – just 3 months to go !! Do we have name badges at the Open Days or is it just the Retreats – Perhaps we could all make one beforehand so we know who is who & can put a face to a name we have seen on here & FB. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone x

  24. Obviously you had us all worried Barbara…so good to hear you were back in the saddle. Plenty of advice here but do take it easy. Brilliant quote.x

  25. A very poignant quote….. our two sons turned their backs on us at Christmas 2021 so it hit home a bit. Still coming to terms with the turmoil but hubby and I are getting there. Glad your recovery is going well but don’t push yourself Barbara and take care x

  26. Brilliant news, Barb. So pleased to hear you managed to get back to the office yesterday, hopefully it did you a Power of good and made you feel much better. Slow and easy though, not too much jumping in the deep end! I can’t wait to see what “The Three Crafterellos” come up with! Something very mixed media, probably messy, but definitely a lot of fun! And you must have had a good time sorting the Parchment Retreat with Tina.
    So looking forward to the Open Days (tickets ordered of course! 😄) So much fun, inspiration and lovely chats with the best people – the Clarity Crafting Community! The Ditton days come a week after my birthday, so definitely treating myself, especially as it’s a “big one” this year! If you add Clarity’s “age” to mine, we can celebrate a centenary!’🤣
    Dave has come up trumps with the Albert Camus quote, so good, so true! Thanks Dave.

  27. Glad to feel you are better each day and back to some work. I always feel that if I learn something new each day, it is wonderful. I love the quote today (love them everyday but this one resonates in a different way than others).
    I didn’t know the show you mentioned so just had to look it up. It looks amazing so I think I’ll be watching it on Netflix now. Thanks.

  28. Hello everyone at Clarity Towers

    Sending hugs to Barbara and family was fantastic news to hear from Paul on Groovi Tuesday we all have our “Bus Driver” back in the seat. Take care everyone, have a fantastic day xxoo

  29. Hi Barbara
    Lovely to hear you are improving well ,just take it steady.
    And what a lovely verse
    Take Care And God Bless

  30. Great to hear your feeling a good bit better. But………don’t overdo things……take it easy and just do bits here and there till your
    Sending love
    Fiona h.

  31. Hi Barb. So glad to hear you’re feeling stronger and able to get back in the fold. I’ve never been to an open day, but am free this year on those dates, so really tempted, it sounds like a lot of fun. Take care and don’t over do it 😘 xx

  32. Glad you are feeling well enough to work but don’t go burning the midnight oil! Slow but steady winds the race x

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