A TV Treat …3-5pm

A TV Treat …3-5pm

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Paul is up in TV Land, getting ready to present an exquisite and brand new collection of Floral Wreath Stamps. Check out our new, fresh Claritystamp packaging too! New Year, new beginnings.

This Floral Delights All Occasions Stamp Collection has been designed by our very talented Jazz Morgan at Clarity Towers. Jazz is an amazing young woman, and comes up with fresh and beautiful designs every thime. You may already be familiar with these designs, Paul launched the Groovi version last month on Create & Craft as the One Day Special – available HERE

We also have a new addition to our Fab Cut Card Kit Range – this time it’s the TREE. I was looking at all the elements that come with the Cut Card Kits. The cardblank, the tags, the mask, the envelopes, the stamps themselves etc etc etc. And I though what a good idea it would be to store them in a box, a special box though. So all the projects parts stay in one cool place. Introducing our Slow Down Storage Books. They are top quality, and they look very cool on a shelf too. The Spine and front are label indexed here too, so you know what’s inside. We have added the Box Book to the Cut Card Kits as a gift.

Slow Down with Clarity Tree Cut Card Kit with a Free Deluxe Book Box Storage

Slow Down with Clarity Garden Bird Cut Card Kit with a Free Deluxe Book Box Storage

If you fancy more of this deluxe storage for other crafty projects, then the Slow Down with Clarity Book Box Storage comes spearately with a FREE pack of our Floral Designer Tissue Paper. Pretty pretty pretty!

Here is some delightful inspiration from the Design Team

I have a feeling these will be very popular, especially the wreaths and vase bouquets! They are so useful for so many occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, from Easter to Christmas, from Best wishes to Just a Note. Hope you can tune into Create & Craft at 3pm to keep Paul company. I shall certainly be watching and cheering gratefully. It won’t be long before I’ll be back in the saddle, but not quite yet.

Love always

Barb x x x

21 thoughts on “A TV Treat …3-5pm

  1. Oh my these new stamps look fabulous. I especially love the tree box! What a great idea! Yes will be watching Paul this afternoon. The samples are all very beautiful, all very versatile for many occasions.
    Have a peaceful Sunday xx

  2. Wow, what fantastic samples. The design team have done you proud. Also Jazz well done with those stamps. Will be tuned in this afternoon to watch Paul put those stamps through their paces. Barbara quote for today travel gentle, you can’t rush these things. Love Alison xxx

  3. Morning Barb, as I’ve posted elsewhere on Facebook – I’m looking forward to a Tree-mendous show from Paul later on Create & Craft! The new stamps from the amazing Jazz and the new Tree cut card kit look like absolute must haves! And the Book Box storage system is such a clever idea. I’m going to have to treat my self to some very early birthday presents (it’s a biggie this year, so why not! 🤣)!
    Take care, Barb, no rushing back, make sure all’s right first.

  4. Hi Barbara
    Looking forward to Paul today I am recording it, my sky box is very full with all things Groovi and Clarity. I bought the Groovi version of these lovely designs by Jazz, love all the inspiration above.
    Take things easy Barbara, one day at a time.
    Love Janet xx

  5. Wow, what terrific work from the design team. I love these designs by Jazz, did order the Groovi plates, and the stamps will definitely be jumping in my basket this afternoon together with the tree box. Will have to order spare boxes too as my folders are bursting.
    Have Paul on record just in case I am unable to watch all 2 hours, don’t want to miss anything.
    One day at a time Barb, don’t rush things. We are just happy to hear from you on a regular basis. 🍒

  6. Watching Paul right this minute – just love it all. What a fabulous company of Angels you have around you Barb. Well done Mr Dave on the cards xx

  7. Oh my word. I think I’m in trouble, having seen the lovely artwork & the stamps & sets today. I have only just finished sorting out my craft room, clearing out the rubbish & organising stuff so I can finally get to everything. There isn’t a spare inch of shelf space left! I have already started trying to work out where I could squeeze a book box or three. But the flowers are beautiful so … Oh boy I’m going to have to find space for more shelves (or find a bigger craft room!)
    The design team have given us so much inspiration, & Paul is doing a great job. I shall watch part 2 in my craft room & ponder elastic walls or ceiling storage.

  8. Have been watching Paul for the last 2 hours. Fantastic demos and wonderful art work from the DT. I’ve ordered the flowers and wreaths bundle. Might get the trees later on! It’s a great idea to put the DT’s samples on the blog, then we can look back and see them all when we’ve received our orders. I find it really helpful to look at them to get me started when I get a new bundle of goodies!

    I do hope you are resting properly, Barb. It sounds like you are from your blog but do make sure you don’t go back to work before you’re properly recovered. The Clarity Team is doing a splendid job of keeping everything going while you’re getting better.

    Much love xxx

  9. Love everything on todays tv shows with Paul and Charlie. Great idea once again very upmarket box files and love the stamps. Well done all at Clarity x

  10. As predicted the new stamps have flown off the shelves, even the extended stock. Great demos & samples by Paul & the design team.
    The new cards by Dave are something a bit different & also seem very popular so a great Clarity afternoon all round. No doubt the team are all ready to start packing tomorrow.
    Hope you continue to improve although today isn’t a day for walking – at least not here. Grey skies, breezy & damp. We did go & move some rubbish out of the summer house but didn’t stay out there long as the cold was getting right into my bones. Good excuse to come back in as I wanted to watch Paul. x

  11. Really enjoyed Paul’s shows today – and I’m not even a stamper!! Design Team excelled themselves !I loved the quote on one of the cards- we grow through what we go through!

  12. Watched Paul do a fantastic job on both shows today. I’m not at all surprised they sold out so quickly. As usual the design teams samples were amazing. Well done everyone xx

  13. These new stamps are just so gorgeous – right up my street! Missed the shows this afternoon – have just sat down for the evening so planning to get them on catch-up shortly x

  14. Lovely artwork from the DT as always. I’ll have to catch the shows on repeat as I went to a crafternoon tea yesterday with my friend as an early birthday present to her x

  15. Hi Barb, what a beautiful array of crafty offerings from the design team. I have not watched the shows yet, but knowing Paul, it will be full of inspiration with these lovely designs. The storage box idea is great, but I need to sort out my stash first. Take care, stay safe and warm everyone. Bx

  16. I managed to see one show yesterday, got to catch up with the second but I so loved the floral stamps. I usually only do groovi but think I might be tempted to start stamping again with this set. If I could afford both stamps and groovi I would buy them but think the stamps win this time.

  17. Glad you’re still taking things slow and easy – it’ll take as long as it takes.
    The stamps look lovely. I tried to watch the show on rewind but the picture froze after a couple of seconds, so I’m still no wiser about the book boxes! Will have to check out the website.
    Missed the daily quote in this blog post – I’m creating a journal with each of your daily quotes added to a page a day diary, using doodling techniques honed in the Shac-shack. So, in the absence of a quote from you for 5 March, I shall go with “All that Jazz” to tie in with the content of the post 🙂

  18. Watched both programmes with Paul yesterday and didn’t he do well. Ordered the tree set. I have just tested positive for Covid – managed all this time without catching it. Feel a bit groggy at the moment. Continue getting better Barbara,

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