It’s Tuesday and it’s Design of the Week !

It’s Tuesday and it’s Design of the Week !

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a great morning drawing and designing a new collection of stamps. This also involved pinging texts back and forth to Sam and Leonie, whilst we lay the foundations to our plans.

But it’s Tuesday, which means we are shining a light on yet another one of my favourite ranges – and bringing the price down for a week by 30% – to celebrate our 30th year in business.

Time for some deer and dancing…

Available in Fresh Cut Dies

Stamps. By the way, these trees are superb!

and Masks. Really cool masks. I’ve dug out a Youtube explaining how to use them…

All available HERE for 1 week with a 30% discount (plus club discount)

How about some inspiration from the Design Team

It’s trying to snow here! More like white rain. Sleet I think we call it! Certainly not weather for a walk! What about in your neck of the woods. Tell us where you are, and what the weather’s like! We want to know!

Quote for the day:

Believe you can – and you’re halfway there.

45 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday and it’s Design of the Week !

  1. Hi Barb
    The weather is cold, grey and grungy here on the south coast but at least no snow.
    Your plans with Sam and Leonie sound intriguing! My stamp order from Sunday has arrived today (thank you team Clarity) so I have plenty to play with.
    Enjoy your drawing.
    Zara xx

    1. Cold in Folkestone but hoping the white stuff stays away! Love these dies must find time to play with mine now I’ve seen some inspiration! Take care xx

  2. Hello Barbara
    In North Northamptonshire it is dry, sunny, blue skies, fluffy clouds and very, very cold.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up with Leonie and Sam, I’m sure it going to be very funky.

    It’s a mix of blue and grey skies here but thankfully so far we haven’t had any snow

    Take care

  4. Hi Barb – here in Yorkshire (which God created first apparently!) it is bright but cold enough to freeze your whatsits off. Got the hot water bottle ready for tonight – I’m sure it’s gonna snow.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. Just read your post and wasn’t going to reply but as I looked up the sun was shining but small round snow that falls like rain has just started to fall.
    So pleased you feel up to forward planning, a really good step.

  6. Beautiful blue sky here in Solihull (10 mins from NEC). It looks very inviting through the window but freeezing! I don’t think we’re expecting snow….but then again it depends which forecast I look at. I tend to believe the one I prefer! I was just scrolling the internet to see what hotels are near Ditton for the open days in June, but don’t know whether to risk the trains being on strike!! I’m not brave enough to drive! Hope you’re well on the way to recovery now x

  7. I am so pleased to hear you are feeling so much better Barbara and creative juices beginning to return.
    It is cold but the sun is doing it’s very best to shine here in Sutton Coldfield in West Midlands.
    Looking forward to seeing all your new temptations, must start putting away some pennies. 🥰💐❤️

  8. When Paul asked us this morning who had got snow there wasn’t one person who said yes. Considering it was a yellow weather warning for snow in the north & east it seems strange to hear you say you have snow/sleet down in Kent. British weather at its best – what would we talk about if we didn’t have so many variations !!
    Love the design of the week elements – made 3 sets of pictures with the dies when they first came out. One set is on our lounge wall the others I gave to my daughter & son for that Christmas. They make nice cards as well – twofers even. Lots of new inspiration from the DT samples above so need to get them out again & play.
    A morning drawing sounds like a lovely way to get your ideas from yesterday down on paper – look forward to seeing the outcome in due course.

  9. So happy you are feeling better, but still be careful. It has been a beautiful day here in Bury, Manchester. Dried my sheets, and had a new fence put up. Have been finishing a card for my daughter in law. Don’t think the post will get it there in time. Love the designs done by the team. Xxxx

  10. So glad you’re feeling so much better and getting back to doing what you love. Here in North Lincs it’s dry sunny and cold. We seem to be lucky (or unlucky) depending on your perspective with the weather and usually miss the worst of it. I think my grandchildren would love some snow though. Take care look forward to seeing your new designs in the future. 😊

  11. Here in Devon the sky is blue with a slight smattering of clouds most of the day the sun has been shining. Have been in the garden tidying up here and there.
    Things are beginning to sprout and all looks good with the world. Am hoping the snow keeps away as we have a big birthday to celebrate up in your neck of the woods, so we have our fingers crossed.
    Glad you are feeling much better Barbara but take it steady.

  12. I’ve played golf this morning on a beautiful sunny day in Warrington, Cheshire. By the 3rd hole I had to take a layer off and switch off my hand warmer! I think we’re due to get the sleet on Thursday 🙁. Glad to hear you’re back at work but take it easy xx

  13. In Oxford, we’ve had snowy stuff before I got up I think as the car windscreens had remnants of it, rain, sleet and now sun and blue sky. A typical English day of weather. Glad you’re feeling up to a little work now – don’t over do it ! X

  14. Really enjoy reading your blog everyday. It is sunny but very cold in Canada -24 celsius and lots and lots of snow. This is usual winter weather. Just learn to wear extra layers of clothing 😄. Excited to see what exciting things are ahead for Clarity. Happy for you Barbara that you are creating again. You are very inspiring.

  15. Lovely to hear you’re on the mend Barb and sounding much better each day. Your positivity and enthusiasm is coming across, it’s infectious (in a good way 😊). Looking forward to seeing your new creations. It’s lovely and sunny here in Wirral, a little bit cold but blue sky and fluffy white clouds. xxx

  16. Hello, I am in south-west Wales, near Llandeilo, and sunny, dry and cold, no snow yet. I have been looking through my small stash of Clarity stamps, and feel like
    having a play with these, especially the rabbit stamps.
    Spring is nearly here!

  17. Brightened up here in West Berks after a flurries first thing.
    Found the first deer die this morning which I checked I didn’t have before I bought it last month! (Good for my daughter but annoying for me.)
    Glad you are feeling so much better, don’t overdo it, though. Xx

  18. As not too far from you the weather is pretty much the same, damp, dismal and very cold. I love, love, love these scene scapes and have the lot, stamps, dies and masks they are just the Bess

  19. So pleased you are getting better and feeling creative again. Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up. I have these lovely dies and stamps I must root them out again.
    Pretty cold and grey here in London, but now clearing and some blue is peeping through, no snow thank goodness.
    Take care and keep warm……..

  20. Ooh exciting – can’t to see the new stamps.

    Must get the offer this week – think I’ll get it in stamp form .

    Off to slimming world 😢 don’t think I’ve done that well this week and it’s only week 2. I’m near Heathrow and it’s been cold and damp here all day – no snow or sleet.

    Been working DT cards today – had a great time!

    Enjoy the rest of your day Clarity fans. ♥️

    Pleased you are getting stronger every day Barbara! 🥰

  21. Hi Barbara it’s bitter cold but dry and bright here in Tullibody ( my wee corner of Scotland) . It’s nearly 5 pm and still light so spring must be coming soon. Love all that is clarity even though I’m not card making just now I love to see all the fabulous makes . Keep well xx

  22. Snow, snow snow – here on the Isle of Lewis. Throw in a bit of hail and some glorious sunshine in between but mainly snow
    Looks absolutely stunning when the sun comes out

  23. Hi Barbara, it’s been bright, dry and cold here in Bedfordshire and still quite light at almost six pm so spring must be on the way.
    Good to hear you are designing and getting back into the work groove, but please take it nice and slowly.
    I love these deer scape dies and masks and have got a lot of pleasure using them.
    Thanks for sharing the design team art.
    Feeling pleased with myself as I actually enjoyed driving to my daughters this afternoon-I really must keep up with the driving!
    Take care x

  24. Hi Barbara
    Cold but warm in sunshine here in Somerset. Lunch out with friends so good day. Glad you’re up for creating again enjoy.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  25. So glad you are feeling able to start planning future projects Barb, 0but please take it slowly. Here in the Isle of Man it has been very cold but sunny. Snow has been promised no sign of it yet thank goodness. Pam xx

  26. When I drove into Chester this morning, having scrapped the ice off my car, there were cars coming towards me from North Wales with a couple of inches of snow and other cars coming from the Manchester direction had snow on them. The day has been beautifully sunny but very cold. When I sat in my car having my lunch the warmth from the sun was a joy. I am excited to see what you have come up with for us to be tempted by.

  27. Been a beautiful cold crisp day, with Sun, enough to get a washing dry on the line. yes on the line. In Scotland too, would you Adam and Eve it!
    We had few flutters of bean bag snow, looked like a dog or two had been at the soft furnishing. I messaged the old man, it’s snowing down the road get the washing in please.
    joys of working and being able to see your back garden from the office back door. I’m expecting it to be worst over the next few days. The snow boots are in the house along with the shovel in case we have to dig our way out.
    Glad your back and designing Barb. How exciting chats with Sam and Leonie. love those ladies. Exciting times ahead. xx

  28. I had a long walk too, and back in the winter sunshine this morning from the dentists. After lunch I needed to sort out some plants that had been disturbed by the fencing contractor and I was in a thick jumper with the sun beaming down which was very surprising. It wasn’t until I came in that I realised it must have been colder than I thought outside. I’m sure Yorkshire will get a dose of snow at some point this week. Your mood and tone is so upbeat, hoping your recovery continues.

  29. North Nottinghamshire, no snow, lovely bright sunny day here and with a sheltered, south facing garden was able to spend a couple of hours outdoors, pottering about. Of course was joined by my 2 cats, who of course have to see what I’m doing even if is means being right under my nose. Glad you are starting to feel better and getting back into the swing of things. xxx

  30. Sunny and dry here, still have a hosepipe ban! All sorts of snow etc threatened for tonight, gritters out they tell me, but not in our little neck of the countryside woods, I bet. Opened a Groovi parcel this morning and been very busy! I have to think about Groovi all the time, paper on top, can read the word, which tool, tumble dryer sheet. Probably sounds ridiculous to seasoned Groovi addicts but alien to me! Pleased with the result though. Finish tomorrow, eyes had enough for today! Paul did a great job this morning. Take it easy Barb, rest a while.

  31. Here in mid Norfolk I was expecting frost this morning but the grass was still bright green. It was cold but not freezing, cloudy but bright – sort of!!! Snow forecast for later in the week.
    Have the scene and deer scape items, they are lovely to use for any occasion.
    You sound in your element now you are back to designing and drawing with the girls. Look forward to seeing the results.
    Take care of yourself. 🍒🍒🍒

  32. Here in South Yorkshire it’s been cold with blue skies and sun all day. Great day for a walk with the dog 😊
    Looking forward to the new stamps x

  33. Hi Barbara. It’s been a beautiful sunny day here in Falkirk, Central Scotland today. Looking forw
    ard to seeing what you’ve been designing. xx

  34. Reading previous comments I am now pretty much updated on the weather in England. Let me add Melbourne to it. Today is going to be lovely and fresh 16 degrees, blue skye, sun is out and storm has died down. a Day for crafting.
    Great to hear you have your enthousiasm back. I am sure you will come up with more brilliant ideas

  35. Hi Barbara,
    It’s been a lovely bright day here in East Yorkshire, with only a few spells of dark clouds overhead. They say it will plunge to -5 tonight! Tomorrow sounds ok here, but our snow will be on Thursday. I hope you don’t get too much white stuff!
    glad to hear you are busy making plans. can’t wait to hear them, but I guess I shall have to be patient.
    Hugs, Alison.

  36. Hello Barb, a great quote and beautiful samples from the DT. Yesterday was just wet here in Bucks, but it snowed overnight and was snowing lightly when Hubs left for work. We are getting a few flurries with big flakes, but nothing settling on the roads. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  37. Woke up to a light dusting of snow today, after driving home through sleet last night. Was due to have lunch with friends today but we’re going to catch up online instead.
    Love these designs – the deerscape has always been a favourite!

  38. I’m a day late as usual! It’s snowed a bit in Gloucester but not settled. Really enjoyed watching your teaching video and am inspired to try the mask out today.
    I’m so happy you’re feeling stronger and wonder what the new stamps will be like…? Xx

  39. Hallo Barbara
    It’s just starting to snow here in Clitheroe
    Ich bin so froh das es dir wieder besser geht

  40. Late to the party from Inverness and we only had a sprinkling! Baltic outside but blue skies and sunshine now so my crocuses look stunning x

  41. Near Chester we had about 3 inches of snow over night but it is thawing now that the sun is out, I working until 9pm tonight so I’m a bit worried about the drive home with a forecast of minus 6 for Chester so where we live it will be about minus 8. I love these stamps and stencils.

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