Tina is away with the fairies!

Tina is away with the fairies!

Hi everyone, Paul here.

The super talented Tina Cox will be on Create & Craft tomorrow for The Pergamano Shows at 11am & 3pm and she will be away with the fairies!

She will be shining a light on a couple of collections that work perfectly together. I have seen the artwork that Tina has created and I reckon you will love it. The 2 pieces will appeal to both new and old Groovers! And I don’t mean age wise!

How about some funky sentiments?

Here is some inspiration from the design team:

Easy to choose a quote for today. I have taken it straight from the Fairy Groovi Spacer Plate:

When it rains, look for rainbows;
When it’s dark, look for stars

So I hope you can join Tina tomorrow and keep her company.

Happy crafting

Paul xxx

25 thoughts on “Tina is away with the fairies!

  1. Very tempting but will just have to be added to my want list for the time being.
    We have all been sharing so much on Barbara’s blogs and with Clarity in general lately Paul and I so so so want to share a good thing with you all.
    I have after many struggles done some picot work that is looks reasonable. Mainly down to your demo yesterday on Groovi Tuesday. Thankyou Thankyou Thanyou.
    Plus of course lots of hugs to Barbara and hoping she continues to improve.

  2. Not sure fairies are my thing but I expect they will be by the time I’ve seen all the DT’s work ! will have to catch up as I’ll be at my volunteering tomorrow, peeling and mashing spuds. I should make the the 3 p.m. show though. Hugs to all xx

  3. Love fairies and all plates are beautiful en tempting.
    Hope Barbara is still doing well and she can come home soon.
    Trijntje Huppel

  4. Looking forward to Tina’s shows and her demos. Love to you all at Clarity and hope Barbara is a day stronger than yesterday x

  5. Lovely artwork, and todays quote. I have the Groovi spacer, and some of the fairy stamps. Looking forward to the shows, though will have to record them as work tomorrow. Love and best wishes to Barbara, hope today is better than yesterday. Take care everyone. xx

  6. Beautiful work by the design team! I don’t do Groovi but am always amazed at the gorgeous creations.
    Hoping Barbara has managed to find a few rainbows & stars amongst the last few weeks xx

  7. Hi Paul,
    I will certainly be watching Tina tomorrow but will also record as usual. I have the fairies, swirls and words but always like to see new ideas.
    The samples from the team are stunning but many so I will have to revisit later.
    Thank you for this very popular quotation – it is one I sometimes use in “get well” cards.
    Hope Barbara is feeling better today.

  8. Will pop the shows on to record as it is our day for our Bromsgrove Parchers meeting. Looking forward to seeing what new ideas Tina has lined up for us using the the fairy plates. Yet again the design team seem to have come up with quite a few great samples.
    Hope Barbara has had a better night last night which will mean she feels better placed to face today xx

  9. Hiya I’ve been “off air” (maybe away with these beautiful fairies!) recently so have just read backwards through all the blogs to discover that Barb has pneumonia. I’m so sorry especially after all the family have been through in past weeks. This is just to send belated but heartfelt get well wishes to Barb, such a special lady and an inspiration to everyone she meets, especially all us Shackers, past and present. Praying for a speedy and full recovery and that she is able to relax into her enforced rest and even try to enjoy it! Lots of love xxxx

  10. Always a pleasure to watch Tina’s shows- looking forward to them. Hope Barbara is feeling a little better. Just think of your recovery like Groovi,Barbara- it takes time!!

  11. Tina is amazing! She has such a great talent! Her shows are bound to be great!
    Sorry for being absent over the last few days, Barbara. Sending you lots of love and very gentle hugs to help you get better. “It will take as long as it takes” but “This too shall pass” Gilly xx

  12. Fabulous plates and artwork. Let’s hope we can all spread some fairy dust on Barbara to help her on the road to recovery. Thank you Paul and the team for keeping the bus on the road xx

  13. Thanks again Paul for keeping Barb,s blog going. To continue with your quotes,
    ” When you can,t run, walk”.
    You,ll get there, just a bit later and in a slower pace. And that,s ok. Good luck to Tina and
    Best wishes ❤ to Barbara.

  14. Great quote Paul and lovely artwork from the super talented team.
    Will definitely be recording Tina tomorrow as I will be at the hospital in the afternoon with husband receiving his 6th round of radiotherapy.
    Thank you Paul for keeping Barbara’s blog going. Hope all continues to go well with her treatment.

  15. Hi Barbara and Paul
    Great quote, sort of sums up a positive attitude.
    Hope you are feeling better today Barbara, and the pain is easing.
    It will be better when you can sleep in your own bed and the cats can keep you company whilst you carry on resting.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  16. Not sure what happened, but upon posting, my words disappeared.

    Hi Paul,
    I watched Groovi Tuesday late last night on You Tube and I am relieved you didn’t stab your finger whilst picot cutting 🤣 Although I don’t have the diagonal ribbon plates yet, I will apply your teaching regarding picot cutting to my Queens plates. I just need to clear a space in my craft room first!

    I am looking forward to watching Tina demo the Fairy and Flourishes plates. Tina’s demos are amazing, as are yours Paul. I love Tina’s Tina-isms, such as doddle doos etc; maybe Clarity should produce Tina’s sayings in sticker form to compliment Barbara’s and Leonie’s?

    I hope that Barbara is feeling much better than yesterday and continuing to recover well. Sending my best wishes to Barbara and all at Clarity.

    Virtual hugs x

  17. Stunning samples from our amazing DT and one of my favourite quotes Paul. Tina is such a beautiful, talented, lovely lady and I love watching her… but will have to catchup in the evening, as will be with my lovely East Northants Groovi Group tomorrow ( which originally started as Tina’s Groovi Girls). Always an uplifting day and the highlight of the month for me, when we get so much love and support from each other. I was blessed to join this lovely group after meeting a couple of ladies from it on my 1st Parchment Retreat in 2021. Sending rainbows, stars, much love and gentle hugs to Barbara 🌈✨️💖🤗
    xXx 🦋💕

  18. Well done everyone at Clarity for keeping the good ship Clarity not only afloat for the last troubled years but for keeping everyone afloat with it as you are currently doing with Barbara, her family and friends. What is so lovely is that everyone genuinely cares what happens to each other. There are clearly many more great Clarity voyages to come which will be enhanced when Barbara is back fit and well again.

  19. Looking forward to watching Tina’s shows tomorrow.
    I hope Barbara has a better day tomorrow. Sending love and get well wishes.
    L x

  20. Hello Paul, what a beautiful quote, and certainly one that resonates. And wow those samples from the Design team are gorgeous. I am sure the show is going to be ultra busy. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

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