There but for the Grace…

There but for the Grace…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s 5am. I cannot sleep because the drain in my back is extremely uncomfortable. But the lovely nurse Sangita (Beautiful eyes!) has just hooked me up to some pain meds, so that will calm down soon. I was lying here in the dark (single room ward) and I could hear a lady further up the corridor crying and groaning and wailing . Poor soul. It’s the waking hours, when the morphine/pain relief has stopped working. I could literally feel her pain, I could hear the exhaustion and fear. If I weren’t hooked up to my bed with all these tubes I’d go find her and hold her hand.

I remember being with Dad when he was in hospital a while ago now. He was in recovery and on the up, but a patient near him was in pain and crying out. Dad shook his head in sadness, and said, “there but for the grace of God go I”

That’s our quote today.

There but for the Grace of God go I

Don’t get annoyed at somebody who is slow or wanting to chat at the supermarket check out – they may be lonely, and one day it might be you
Never get impatient with the slow elderly driver, one day it might be you. Don’t get irritated when a young mum can’t stop her baby crying; she maybe doesn’t know what to do – and one day you may have a grandchild you can’t console.

It’s been one hell of a week in here. Never known pain like it. But I am optimistic this week. Last week I’d have told you I wasn’t ever coming out of here alive. Last week I was most certainly the woman in the bed crying and wailing and making a din.
As ever, I am eternally grateful to the wonderful NHS people who have been looking after us all with such patience and love.

And thank you also, for your good energy and love. I am not writing much, because the cannula is in my left hand.
When Paul posted Annie’s Love is in the Air stampset yesterday, I saw it and wept. Annie was 33 when she died. I have thought about her a lot in here. Life is pretty raw at times. So I guess it’s important to enjoy each day as it comes, eh.

Not a happy blog? Well I’m not that happy. I’m sure you know me well enough by now to know if I can fake it to make it, I will.

Regardless of my situation though, the Clarity Show Must go on ! I’ll let Paul take over …

Let’s look at our “Funky” Design of the Week – Funky Foliage and Funky Leaves – another classic from Mel.

Available in Fresh Cut dies

A5 Stamp Set

7×7 Stencils

and A6 Groovi plates

All available HERE with a 30% discount (plus club discount) for 1 week only!

Here is a funky gallery from the design team

Quote of the day:

There for the Grace of God go I

love as always

Barb x x x

101 thoughts on “There but for the Grace…

  1. Hope the pain killers kick in quickly. So pleased there is an improvement on last week. I think most of your Clarity family would like to be there holding your hand and willing you on. You are remarkable especially messaging with a cannula in. Take all the time you need to recover fully. Paul and the team are doing an amazing job. Sending love. Xx

  2. Barbara it is so lovely to see you posting, even if only occasionally. We are all thinking of you and if we could will it would make you well. Hugs to you.

  3. Dearest Barbara my heart goes out to you and please know we are all sending you love and positive thoughts. I think a lot of us can relate to your pain due either a close loved one or personal experience of the same situation so hang on in there and you will come out of the other end . Please keep strong
    Lots of love
    Helen xx

  4. Hi there Barbara, hope you managed to get some rest. It doesn’t sound great having candles in your back, but as you say, it’s a little improvement on last week! It’s amazing how quickly these infections take hold, but I bet you wish, they would disappear at the same pace! Shame about the lady down the corridor crying, but if you had been well enough, yes you would have been there comforting her, but also you would have been too well to be in that ward!
    The art work is fantastic. All those different styles from one set of designs. Shall look again at the lovely cards later, once I’ve had my breakfast! ( alsoonce the tablets have kicked in!) haha.
    Lovely to hear from you, even with the right hand! You will soon be ambidextrous! Rest and let the body heal! Hugs. X

  5. Oh Barb, I wish we were all there to hold your hand.
    Please rest, take care of yourself, and let the “others” take care of you.
    Do u have any idea how much we all love and admire you?
    You kept all of us going thru lock down with your shac bus and now it’s time for you to take a break. Your body is telling you.
    Just know we are all here for you and love you xx

  6. It is always difficult in hospital when all you want to do is be better and be at home. But I found it gives you time to be quiet and looked after and to step off the throttle and repair.
    I hope you are repairing well. Care and love being sent to help you on your way x

  7. Dear Barbara, you are amazing! Lying there in your sickbed, in pain, in the middle of the night and STILL thinking about work! Those long hospital nights are so awful, aren’t they? You’re lucky to be a bit more private in your single room.

    I love the Funky design of the week. The stencil is my favourite. I’ve done some lovely cards using it with the Gelli plate. If I can find a photo of one I’ll post it later.

    I hope you managed to get some sleep before the day shift arrived. Rest and relaxation is what you need to get better but sometimes that’s hard to achieve in hospital. Hope you’re not missing Grace too much.
    Lotsalove xx

  8. Wishing you well Barbara, can so feel your pain. Try not to worry about work. You have a wonderful team. Remember “this too shall pass”. Rest, recover, – you’ll be home soon xx

  9. Oh Barbara I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I have been on the respiratory wards so many times with my mum so I know just what you are going through. Pleased to hear things are a little better for you now but hope it’s not too long before things are a LOT better.
    Nice to see you blogging when you can and it’s been lovely that Grace and Paul have been keeping us updated about you and all things Clarity.
    Take care lovely lady – sending love and a big hug xxx

  10. Sending hugs to you here as well as on Facebook. Now don’t laugh, think of it as a good sign that you are getting frustrated sometimes.
    Love the Clarity/Groovi goodies you have shown but I have got to accept that I can’t do a third order in one month. My must have list has been added to though.
    Take care petal, you will get sorted and the level of care you are getting is amazing.

  11. Hi Barbara , you are amazing laying there in your hospital bed in so much pain, and still managing to blog to us all and wanting to get out of your bed to console others in pain . We all love you so much , please please rest do as the doctors say and get better soon , and maybe listen to your body more when it is trying to tell you to slow down . sending love ❤ xx

  12. The night hours are the worst when you can’t sleep you can hear everything and can do nothing to help we know if you were well enough you would be the first one there comforting them xx You are an amazing lady who keeps going despite setbacks but this is your body saying I need to rest for a while xx as many have said we miss you but your team as always are doing an outstanding job of keeping things going in your absence xx they to are waiting for your return but understand you need time and recovery xx it sounds like things have improved slightly which is good and I am glad to see you have written this yourself which is positive xx sending positive thoughts for your recovery xx

  13. Hello Barbara
    I am pleased to see you are blogging even if it is only now and again.
    Your recovery will take time as I am sure you know. I am nearly two months down the line from the start of my ‘adventure’ and I am still very tired with little energy but everything is heading in the right direction. I just have to be patient and go with the flow.
    We can walk together (metaphorically speaking) on our road to recovery. I am hoping that by the time the Parchment Retreat is here we will be back to our normal selves. I know that seems a long way off but I am setting realistic, achievable goals. If it happens sooner that will be a bonus. I almost didn’t make it out of hospital so everything for me is a plus.
    Take care look after yourself and continue to get better.
    Love and gentle hugs

  14. Hi Barbara,
    Sending love and healing kisses your way.
    Holding your hand and making you smile.
    If only our thoughts and love made your day
    You’ll be back home, with Dave, in a short while.

    Stay safe

  15. What a remarkable person you are. Still thinking of others. Hopefully you med will kick in soon. Paul is doing a great job in keeping us up to date. So lovely to see another blog from you. Love to you from Australia.

  16. All your family and crafty family are with you holding your hand and wishing you well, so you can get home to your loving family very soon. I feel for you having a cannula in your hand, I will all ways remember having one too my Dad leaned over to kiss me at the end of visiting and put his hand over it my poor Dad was so upset. This time last year my little Sister was in hospital with ulcers in her lungs she is now walking miles and everything is all cleared up, it took a while but like her I’m sure you will soon be up and walking through your inspiring woodland with the birds singing .

  17. Oh Barbara, you are amazing and still thinking of others when you yourself are in so much pain. It’s always worse in the dark night hours when you can’t sleep and worker and Hollick are trying to get back in your head.
    We miss you and look forward to your return but please take your time to recover fully and look forward to the good times ahead.
    Best wishes to you and all your family.
    I too will be looking at the fabulous artwork with a cup of tea in a while.
    Take care lovely lady xx

  18. Do you know what Barbara, you really should be taking it easy!!!! Pneumonia and pleurisy are really painful and totally sap all your strength, look after YOU for a change, we will still be here when you get home. This is time for your body to have a bit of TLC. I do know what you mean about the NHS and I would never knock it, there are things that could be improved, of course there are, but if we didnt have the excellent care from all of the caring staff in the NHS what a sorry state we would all be in! I can only talk of course from my and my families experiences but would back the NHS to the hilt. Take extra care of you and you will come back stronger than ever quicker, keep taking the pain meds and doing what you are told. Love to you and all the family, Julie xx

  19. Holding your hand in spirit… are we all….particularly in those awful, dark hospital nights where other people’s snoring irks and other people’s tears sadden. Hoping that you and all those around you are well enough to go home very soon….stay strong… xx

  20. Hi Barb, sorry to hear you are in pain, hope the meds have kicked in now. It is difficult to hear when others are suffering and you can’t do anything about it.

    Our beloved grand-dog is going to Rainbow Bridge this morning and I can’t do anything to make it better for his little family, let alone myself. He spent the first night at ours as a pup on Christmas Eve, I let him sleep with me on the bed, he was as good as gold, and a confident little fella. Our son picked him up on Christmas morning at 6 a.m. to take home for the kids to wake up to. Now it’s his turn to go 11 years later. He’s had a lovely life, full of love, fun and company, even going to work with my son for most of it and we are grateful to him for making us happy.

    Then we have to think we are lucky and the news from Turkey puts our troubles in perspective. Goodness, I’m not cheering anyone up today so I think I’ll say cheerio and go and have another look at the things Paul has blogged about. Keep taking the meds xxx

  21. Dearest Barbara I’m not at all surprised you are feeling the way you are during those awful 2-6am hours. If I was allowed to come and hold your hand I would. I’ve always found the night time in hospital the worst time. The design team however appear to have excelled themselves with these amazing stamps, dies and stencils, so many stunning ideas for inspiration. You really do have the best people around you. Let’s hope you have a better day today xxxx

  22. Sending every best wish for a speedy recovery and sending gentle hugs and love ❤️. My lovely niece spent many month in critical care last year and we were so grateful for the NHS and the wonderful staff for looking after her. Xx

  23. Lovely to hear from you Barbara and like all others I wish I could be there holding your hand to help you through the pain and discomfort.
    I’m hoping that today my post will be published as yesterday’s wasn’t (I must have done something wrong). You know you are surrounded by love and best wishes and that your strength of character and resolve (although being challenged at the moment) together with the skill and commitment of the medical team taking care of you, you will get you through this. I speak from experience.
    I hope Dave is OK speaking from one spouse of an unwell partner to another.

  24. God bless you 🙏 sending you healing thoughts and prayers. That you are thinking of others with their needs when you are so unwell shows how truly beautiful your heart is. ❤️
    There but for the grace of God indeed. we all need to live more in the moment and cherish the gift of life. all so precious. …Big hugs Barbara. rest and heal. xx

  25. Great to see you blog, Barb, but not at 5am!! Sleep is so important when your body is trying to heal. Imagine the number of visitors you’d have if we all lived local, haha. I’m sure you know we’re all there in spirit, willing you to get better.
    I fully understand the pain having had kidney troubles and 2 operations in the past, so I hope the pain killers have kicked in and you have slept.
    Last night I got a call from my friend at 10.00 pm to say her dog had been hit by a car at 5:30 and had run off. She’d been out all that time looking for her, just going home to warm up, then back out again, and she hadn’t told me!! Graham my husband went round with some night vision goggles, and they found her in a field at midnight.
    I suppose what I’m trying to say is, it’s important to ask for help, turn to your friends in your hour of need and never think it’s too much trouble.
    Look after yourself now, get well and let the clarity family take the reins. Loads of love. Sheila. X x X

  26. Dear Barbara, it’s so kind of you to blog and to know how you are. The art gallery today is absolutely wonderful, I’ve looked through them twice today already. I think of you often and hope for the day the pain goes. Hope is my word for the day. With much love. Take care xx

  27. As always Barbara you are thinking about someone else. So pleased that this week is better than last. Keep taking baby steps and take enough time to recover properly before you jump back aboard. I’m Sure Dave and Paul will do their best to keep you in check. xx

  28. Love all the samples you have included with this blog. Beautiful products and I already have most of them. We are all sorry that you are still in pain and wish we could help. Very frosty and foggy this morning in Surrey but hopefully the sun will shine soon. Continue to rest and take care x

  29. Brilliant to hear from you directly but don’t over stretch yourself.
    Typical of you to still be thinking of others when you are in so much pain. I wish I could help relieve the discomfort for you. I hated being in hospital, could not sleep or do things I wanted to, or read without constant interruptions, but I have to say the nursing care was second to none.
    The samples above are stunning and almost make me sorry I do not have the items in my stash. If they come up in the members sale I may consider a purchase now I see the possibilities.
    Look after yourself lovely lady, do as you are told, rest and stay positive. You will recover slowly but surely.
    Sending good wishes and warm thoughts.

  30. wishing you a speedy recovery hope you can get the drain out soon, Still the Barbara we all know and love
    having a bad time but still thinking of others. Hopefully your Mum is keeping well bound to be stressed about you and missing your Dad Sending love and Prayers to her also ❤️ 🙏

  31. Hope by now the pain meds have kicked in & the day is looking better. Nothing worse than lying in the dark not being able to do anything – the minutes always seem like hours !!
    On a plus note you felt like writing a few words to us which was great to read as it meant things were better than a few days ago but slowly does it said the tortoise to the hare – one day at a time.
    We are all holding your hand & willing you to get better in our thoughts each day. On wards & upwards xx

  32. It is lovely to hear from you today. I am sorry that you are still in so much pain but glad that the lovely nurses are able to help you.
    It is wonderful to hear of you thinking of others too.
    My love , thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery .
    Now I will get on with my shopping at Clarity Crafts x

  33. Sorry to hear you are still in a pain and discomfort. Just watching Paul. You’ve done extremely well to post such a long blog considering. Try and rest as much as possible. Put on an audio book to distract you if you are able. Sending hugs.

  34. I wish I could sit and hold your hand Barb and take your pain away. Keep on getting better and we want you home and stronger when you’re ready. Note I said home and not at work cos that can wait until you’re fully better and not before. Paul and the team are doing a grand job so you’ve no worries there.
    Lots of love and hugs. Xxxxx

  35. So glad to hear you talking positively again.
    So soo worried earlier.
    Take all the time you need to really get well.
    Your team will look after everything for you so no worries there.
    Sending Love, Hugs and kisses

  36. You poor love, hope the pain meds have kicked in and you are more comfortable. You are truly amazing in what you do, thinking of us all and blogging! It is a huge comfort to us all to hear of your progress and yes we all wish we could help to alleviate the worry. It will all come out in the wash, you are a fighter so keep fighting, it will get better. Being in hospital certainly makes you reassess your life, as they say “if you haven’t got your health, you’ve got nothing”. So our dearest friend take great care of yourself and it is as long as it takes. Lots of love to you and all the family. X

  37. Hi Barb, so lovely to hear from you this morning. Your empathy for others is one of the reasons we all love YOU so much. Through my life I’ve often had to tell people to walk a while in my shoes before making comments about me or my life.

    It’s so hard for the nursing staff to help all of us at the same time that’s why we need more of these angels and pay them what they are worth.

    You keep being optimistic Barb we are all behind you pushing you up that awful hill and ready to catch you if you fall in the way down.

  38. Not much I can add to all the lovely comments above. Barbara just know you are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I will just add speaking from experience, 7 years on, please listen to your body and those around you, do not rush back to how life was before! I completely failed at this task because I thought I knew best and live with the consequences daily.
    Travel gently dear lady.
    Love and gentle hugs.

  39. Hope everything feels a little better now the suns up.
    Are you able to listen to audible in your room, I would imagine it would be comforting to hear Graces voice that way, reading you to sleep.
    On another note thank you. I read my husband your blog this morning, he was invited for a pneumonia jab a couple of weeks ago and made quite a fuss about it.
    He’s going on Thursday.
    With love xx

  40. Hugs and love sent to you today wishing you better, you brought tears to my eyes as you relay the overnight happenings. So much suffering wherever you look, we just have to keep hoping for a happier future. I agree that, There but for the Grace of God go I. XX

  41. I am sitting here reading your blog with tears running down my face, you are such a brave and strong person and I know you will beat this. Sending you healing love xxx

  42. Hello Barbara. It was so lovely to read your blog this morning. Even though you are in so much discomfort and feeling down you still manage to do something positive. And you still want to comfort others despite your own situation. I had my husband read your blog too, and he said what a remarkable lady you are. That, of course, is echoed by me. It sounds like it is going to be a long road ahead for you but Spring is just around the corner-such a promising time of year. I noticed that there is a bowl of crocus blooming in my garden and the Bluetits, Great-tits etc. are emptying their seed holders like there’s no tomorrow. Gannets! A big hug to you and an even bigger one for your lovely Dave. He has also gone through so much with you. X

  43. Good to hear from you personally Barbara but do take care not to do too much. Sending hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery that allows you home to your own bed. There you can rest some more. Let your fantastic team look after the business for now xxx

  44. I feel for you Barbara – chest drains are so uncomfortable to have in (helping to insert one was the only time I fainted in my career!!) It’s a slow process, but you sound like you’re on the road to recovery. As you like to say, one day at a time…
    Love the design of the week – another one of my favourites!
    Keep on keeping on – each day you’re one step nearer getting out of hospital xx

  45. Hello Barbara – your blog brought tears to my eyes this morning. It is horrible being in pain and not able to do very much. You will get better, you are so strong and my thoughts are with you. Clarity Towers will take over the reins until you are back on your feet, so there is no need to worry. They are a fantastic team. Much love to you all. xxx

    1. You are an amazing woman Barbara Gray. you always think of others before yourself. My husband really struggled when he had pneumonia before Christmas. He was the only one in his bay of 6 beds that didn’t have severe dementia or alzheimers. He did try to be understanding but was not as understanding as you. Make sure you follow doctors orders when you are discharged and try ( I know you’ll find that hard to do!) to let work stay on the back burner. you have an amazing team at Clarity ,delegate!! Feel better and pain-free soon xx

  46. Typical of you Barbara thinking of others when your in so much pain yourself. Chest drains are so painful and uncomfortable but they are there for a reason and soon you will have it out. Baby steps,don’t try to run before you can walk my mum used to say. Please take time to heal Dave,Paul and everyone at Clarity towers will keep the wheels turning. Love the design of the week and the artwork shown is amazing. Love and hugs.❤

  47. Spring is well on its way Barbara, hope you are well on your way to better days too. How is your poor Mum coping, she has had so many worries recently.
    We are all supporting Paul who , as you will know, is doing a great job, and trying to do our bit for Clarity by posting the lovely work we did with you etc.
    Rest all you can and keep your chin up.
    Best wishes and lots of love.

  48. I do hope your pain and discomfort eases very soon. Good to hear of the continuing care you are receiving. I am looking after my poorly 14 month old Granddaughter for the next few days. its not so good for my knees being on the floor at her level but I am so grateful I can.
    Rest up and take care, sending lots of love and another hand for you to hold xx

  49. So lovely to hear from you Barbara, especially when you are in so much pain. I hope the meds are kicking in and you are more comfortable now.
    We all feel for you and send our continued love and hugs. Be strong, we know you can beat this!
    I am so thankful to be part of the Shac Shack you are such a kind, kindred spirit, who is always willing to reach out and comfort others.
    Great samples from the talented design team, I have always loved these stamps.
    Rest assured Barbara, the Clarity ship is in great hands with Dave, Paul and your dedicated team.
    Much love to you all.

  50. I’m so sorry you’re in pain and feeling so poorly Barbara. I’m sure we all wish we could come and find you and hold your hand until you feel stronger.
    Did you tell Sangita that she had beautiful eyes?! I was a nurse for 37 years …..many of those on night duty . Several years after I had moved from that job and onto days, a lady came up to me in Tesco and said “Hello….you used to be the night nurse on M1 didn’t you?” . I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognise her from Adam, but was pretty certain she wasn’t staff so guessed she had been a patient!
    “Yes” I said “but I’m really sorry….I don’t recognise you”. She told me she had recognised my perfume as I had walked passed her and told me that I had made her feel safe when she felt alone and frightened in the middle of the night and the smell of my perfume had taken her straight back to that feeling all those years before! It made me cry!!
    My own memories of years of night duty (apart from fun nights with amazing colleagues) are feelings of permanent fatigue, worry about getting home in time to get the children off to school, frustration at the neighbours mowing their lawns when I’m trying to sleep etc etc.
    So you see, we never quite know the impact we have on others, because so often they don’t tell us…
    YOU have had a similar impact on me Barbara (and no doubt lots of others!). You kept me company during lockdown and have taught me so very much. Sometimes I just have your Shac videos on in the background because I enjoy your company! Hoping you feel much better very very soon and you can go home and snuggle those kitties and watch Spring unfold in your garden

  51. Hi Barbara. I was thinking of you in the early hours this morning when my joints woke me. Night hours certainly do waken the pain receptors in a way that daylight hours don’t always. I am glad to hear that you’re making use of the meds. There are no medals for suffering in silence. A nurse in recovery once said that to me as I refused the offered pain meds & said I thought the pain was manageable so I didn’t need more right then. That wise woman said take them … do you know, I was really grateful to her for recognising my ability to fake it. These days I’m a bit more realistic (or I kid myself I am!)
    Hang in there Barbara. You will get through this, but remember that nurses words.
    much love, Alison xx

  52. Lovely to hear from you but don’t do to much !!
    Hearing from you makes all my problems seem very minor. I bet your cats are missing you and hope Dave is looking after them.
    Love and hugs

  53. You are one amazing lady, you’re in a lot of pain but still think of others, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, so you can get back home soon. I also get cross with drivers, when they keep tooting their horn at learner drivers, they forget, that they used to be a learner. Xx

  54. Lovely to hear from you Barbara, especially when you were so uncomfortable. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Everything always seems worse at night, be it pain, worry or a crying baby. I understand you wanting to be there for other people but your body is telling you that is time to think of yourself for a change and put your needs first. You know we love to hear how you are getting on but please don’t
    feel you have to blog each day. I’m sure I speak for all the Clarity community when I say we would rather you put all your energy into getting fit & well again. Sending lots of love & healing thoughts.

  55. Hi Barbara ,you are indeed having a very tough time and at that time the body is at a low ebb .Working as a nurse many years ago we used to say to patients who didn’t want to bother us asking for pain relief ” There are no medals for marytrs”.Being comfortable will help recovery .Your kind and sensitive nature really wants to reach out to others and thats beautiful .It’s lovely to read that so many want to reach out to you .I’d like to join my hand to all those who agree you are special xxx

  56. So amazed that you felt up to blogging this morning, or was it distraction therapy? Pleased you feel you are getting better, or at least not feeling any worse.
    Hugs to you and all the family, including the cats, they must be wondering where their ‘Mum’ has gone.

  57. Everything passes..this was what kept me positive when I was in critical care a few years ago. Look towards the Spring and happier days in the warmer weather with your lovely close family. Sending you heartfelt healing thoughts your way. X

  58. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear you’re in pain, early hours of the morning are always worse. Lovely quote I always say that, I agree wholeheartedly that I’m ok. Even though I’m getting older and there are more niggles than there used to be 🤣.
    Hope you begin to feel like your old self soon.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  59. Hi Barbara
    I am glad you are feeling abit better this week. I am sue it will be a slow recovery. I hope the painkiller are helping now. We miss you but please only come back when you are fully recovered. Will continue to pray for you and your family xx

  60. This too will pass dear Barbara,

    Be patient and do not force yourself.

    Health and healing first!

    ( how easy it is to tell someone else to be patient 😉 )

    xxx hang in there

  61. Dear Barbara, Sending you love and hoping you find peace and enough ease to get some healing sleep. Rest as much as you can….
    Health and Strength to you. XX

  62. Early morning just the worst time when the meds are wearing off. Hope they soon got you more comfortable, probably difficult with that drain but it is there for a purpose. Sending you our best wishes for your recovery. Just needs time. xx

  63. Hi Barbara, good to hear from you tonight, even in your situation you give out warmth to make us all feel so much better. Take Care x

  64. Bless you Barb, always thinking of others. Take heart while you are concentrating on getting well and feeling helpless because you can’t go and help the lady in tears and pain. We out here are all sending you good wishes and heartfelt hopes for a quick recovery and I personally believe that someone up there is keeping an eye on you.

  65. I also know how frightening it can be in hospital.-As a 15 year old I had polio and needed a respirator. This caused a permanent weakness and I’ve had pneumonia 3 times which led to broken foot and my saying currently is ‘Now is early retirement. Currently struggling with a not forever’. I share it with you, Barb, and know that time will pass and you’ll be back with us again, albeit weak as a kitten at first but come the summer, life should be good again. Thinking of you. Don’t rush back but take your time to get really well.

  66. Glad to hear that things are starting to improve a little. You are so gracious in your suffering, still thinking of others. Rest well and take care xxx

  67. I wish I could be there to hold your hand, as you held mine and many others through the dark days of the last few years. sending love and holding hands ❤

  68. We are all with you in spirit and love. You gave us your time and kept us all going through lockdown so now we are doing it for you! This too shall pass, as someone I know would say! Keep improving day by day. Your inspiration shows in all the wonderful post on Clarity Worldwide. What a long way we have all come. Hugs xx

  69. So glad you felt able to blog. That means you are reaching out and we are reaching out to you. So many of us wish we could either hold your hand or take your place and take the pain from you.
    If this week is better than last week then that is a step in the right direction one day at a time.
    Love and hugs xx

  70. Barbara, I am pleased to read that you are feeling better than last week and amazingly able to blog. Don’t be afraid to ask for pain relief when you need it. I hope the meds will kick in enough to make you feel comfortable soon.

    A kind soul always thinks of others, but now is the time to think of yourself for a bit, if only temporarily, however alien that feels to you. Just so that you can muster enough energy to concentrate on healing. You will no doubt think of others when you are 100% better.

    Wishing you a good recovery soon and you are still in my thoughts.

    Sending positive thoughts and a virtual hug. x

  71. So sorry to hear you are struggling but hope the meds have improved things for you and you are feeling a little more comfortable now.
    Every single day is another day nearer to your recovery ….slowly but surely does it.
    When you are unwell the nights always seem to drag as you wait for morning but know we are all thinking of you and sending love and positive thoughts your way, even during the night!
    Your room must be very crowded! We are ALL there in spirit, believe me!
    Take care.
    Love, Linda x

  72. You are one of life’s sweetest selfless ladies, for that I will always be eternally grateful. You were there when I was at my lowest ebb through lockdown. And, you never once let me down, you turned up day in and day out into my living room with a smile and ready for a chat. You are always such good company. Well, Barbara its time for you to pull over and park for a while, it’s now our turn – for all of the passengers on your bus to be there for you. And if we can lift your spirits a fraction of the amount as you lift ours, then I know we will be doing a good job. Sending you the biggest virtual hugs, we are all sitting in your pocket willing you with all our might to feel lots better soon. You are in good hands Dave, Grace. Mark, Paul and all the Clarity team are playing a blinder!! Just take it steady….My thoughts and prayers are with you always x

  73. For me when times are hard or difficult I always remember “The Footprints ” and it’s only ODAAT or even one hour.
    Sending hugs and prayers.

  74. Gosh Barbara I had to scroll down such a long way to post a comment. Just goes to show how much love is outpouring for you. I think of you everyday, saying a little prayer for your recovery. I have your You Tube videos on throughout the day so I can talk to you. Just having you there is so calming, I just hope you can feel the love from us all. Hope you have a better night tonight ❤️🙏❤️

  75. Hopefully your medication kicked in, and you had a better day today, and you have a restful night.
    Sending love, gentle hugs, and a virtual hand to hold if needed. xx

  76. Dear Barbara So sad to hear how much pain you have been in and still are. Suffering from so many illnesses myself, I totally empathise. Sangita and all the other heroes that are the NHS leave us with so many cherished memories, the kindness and love they show towards us is truly remarkable and having been in hospital many times and also having myself been that poor woman who was crying in pain, I totally agree with the truth in your dear Dad’s and your quote for today. Just taking a minute to think of someone else might be going through and just being kind and thoughtful means so much to those who need it, and us when roles are reversed. I hope you are able to sleep a little better tonight, if not then know that I and many others will be tossing and turning with you in the wee hours. Again I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Please keep taking in slow and steady and soon this will be a distant memory as you become full of good health and cheer again. A gentle hug and much love as always lovely lady, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  77. thank you for posting the blog for us. Sending you lots of
    best wishes and hope you see improvement day by day.

  78. Only just read your post thus morning, hope you managed to get some sleep. Think the night hours are the worst for going over things in your head and you certainly have more time than usual to mull over things.
    Hope today is a better one for you. We have the sun out here in Bristol and I very much hope it’s shinning your way too ( & you can see it).
    Sending a gentle hug your way x

  79. I do hope the pain meds kicked in and you were able to catch up on your sleep, it is after all the best medicine (or so they say). You need time now to recover and you have a wonderful team behind you at Clarity. Take that time and fully recover before you even think about getting back behind the wheel.
    Thinking of you, Sue xx

  80. Dear Barbara it’s upsetting to hear that you’re in pain and I hope against hope that every day will bring improvement for you. All the comments are so true. You gave your time during lockdown when you must have been so worried about your business. Your such an inspiration to so many and your wise words have brought comfort to everyone. Rest and sleep and I hope things improve very soon. Hugs. ❤️

  81. wishing tomorrow is a better day for you.
    wishing tomorrow you feel stronger
    wishing tomorrow is pain free
    wishing you well

  82. A different kind of pain for me – fractured my shoulder in 4 places 24 long weeks ago. Nothing can be done except wait for it to heal, and keep doing the physio exercises. But in the last 4 weeks I have managed to start driving again – just 2 miles at a time, and it terrifies the living daylights out of me! Quite a few impatient so-an-so’s out there, and a fair amount of horn blowing coming my way. But here’s the thing – recovery takes time, and we need to be patient with ourselves. So much easier said than done, but thank God for hospitals, nurses and painkillers! My love an prayers go with you, Especially in the “waking hours”…

  83. I am so sorry you are in such pain.
    Hospitals are terribly lonely during the long night hours, and sometimes during the weekends too.
    I hope you know that my and many other peoples thoughts and good wishes are there for you and that they sustain you at all those difficult times.
    Sending many hugs your way for a very speedy recovery. There are people all over the world who you have touched and who are thinking of you.

  84. God bless you Barb, hope you are feeling a bit better today, sending you lots of love and hugs, get well soon xxx

  85. Oh my goodness Barbara, how I feel for you. The early hours are the worst, and listening to others breaks your heart. As the night team leave you and the refreshed day team come on they will help bring light and new smiles and energy. Hoping by now that the pain meds are helping. If they can put the canula in your right in a few days time sketching anything will help divert you and occupy your mind..just a pencil and little pad, it so much helped me. sending healing and love as always….

  86. Dearest Barbara
    Sending loads & loads of love & prayers for your very speedy recovery – you are missed so very very much.
    Hugs & Kisses
    Seta Xx

  87. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are feeling a little better . I hope your recovery continues going that way.
    It will take time and lots of R and R when you do get home to get you fighting fit.
    so don’t fake it to make it and just get well hugs 🤗

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