Quote of the Day – Love is in the air

Quote of the Day – Love is in the air

Hi everyone, Paul here.

Today’s quote: “Love is in the air”.

It sure is when it comes to Barb and you, the Clarity family…………… all of your kind words of love and support over the past few weeks really have been appreciated. I know that Barb, Dave and Grace and all the family have read every single one of your comments.

I think this set of stamps, designed by the lovely Ani, really sums up today’s quote

Available HERE

As a thank you from Barb, we have decided to share the love and send it to you, our Clarity family.

All orders placed between now and midnight on Monday 13th February will be entered into a prize draw. A winner will be chosen at random and the recipient will receive a Clarity voucher for the value of the winning order. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 14th February (Valentines Day) during Paul’s Groovi Tuesday session, live on Facebook and YouTube at 10am.

Make sure you sign up to receive our emails HERE and keep up to date on all things Clarity!

Please continue to share your love by leaving a comment below and sharing all your amazing artwork on Clarity Worldwide and Groovi Worldwide with the hashtag #Sharingthelove

I will be back tomorrow for Groovi Tuesday and another Quote of the Day, together with details of the new Design of the Week.

Happy crafting

Paul xxx

57 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Love is in the air

  1. Thanks for keeping the blog going Paul.
    Hoping that Barbara is slowly recovering now. I have spent a fab few hours this afternoon working on one of the dual plates. Wouldn’t have managed it without your Groovi Tuesday sessions! Made a total mess of my first effort last week
    Strange that I overheard a conversation on a bus the other day that you were spending too long on one topic.!! I couldn’t let that rest and pointed out that some of us need to work very slowly to make sure we got things right

  2. Continued love and prayers for Barb and the entire family, including you, Paul. This has to be tough for all of you

  3. I agree, such a lovely gesture, hope you are getting better 😊 Bsrbara take it steady 😀 sending love ❤

  4. So thoughtful, you are constantly in our thoughts and hearts Barbara. Each day is a step nearer to getting better and going home.
    Much love

  5. On a lovely sunny day that is a lovely blog! We all want Barbara to get well and not be worried about Clarity, but I know that she will! The stress on the rest of the family plus the clarity family is immense! Let’s hope that they can all ride the storm well. Love is certainly in the air!!! Hugs to you all.

  6. I agree with all that has ben said by others. You are all in my thoughts, often, during the day, especially you Barbara. Sending love.

  7. What a lovely thing to do but that’s what Clarity has always done. Thank you Paul for continuing the blog and definitely there’s a lot of love in the air heading Barbra’s way. Love and hugs to all the team at Clarity and to Save and all the family.xx

    1. Hope you are feeling a bit better Barbara. I often think about you and send you good wishes though the air, hope you receive them ! You kept a lot of people going through the pandemic so hopefully we can keep you going now. Thanks to Grace, Dave, Paul, the rest of the team and the NHS for their support and care. You are in good hands so try and relax if you can. Sending love and best wishes to you and yours , love fromMaggie.x

  8. Clarity is the best! Isn’t it wonderful how absolutely everyone has rallied round to support our dear Barb and her family. Thank you to Grace, Dave and now Paul for keeping the daily blog going and giving Barb a rest when needed. You all make sure we know how things are, and in turn we all offer our love and support to the bus driver for a speedy recovery. Thinking of you all at Clarity Towers with love. Pam xx

  9. What a wonderful gesture!
    Will have to catch up tomorrow as I have an appointment. Looking forward to finishing all the picot cutting.

    Hope you are feeling a little better Barbara. Baby steps no doubt. Sending you much love. Xx

  10. Thank you Paul for keeping the blog going and hopefully updating us on Barbara’s progress. Love certainly is in the air and is being sent to the whole clarity team as this must be an unsettling time for all of you as well. Thinking of you and sending love xxxx

  11. Barbara, you are in my thoughts and I am sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Also sending best wishes to your family and the whole Clarity family. xx

  12. we have had glorious sunshine here in Northamptonshire so I hope it has been with you all down there to give cheer to everyone. get well soon Barb. x

  13. Sending good thoughts and love from Canada
    Thank you Paul for keeping us updated and a speedy recovery for Barbara.

  14. What a lovely gesture. I hope that everything is going in the right direction. The sun has shone here today and it has been great to get into the garden and I hope that you are soon out of hospital and able to feel the sun on your face yourself.

  15. Lovely tv shows yesterday Paul and for keeping us posted and hope Barb is making progress steadily. Love and hugs to you all x

  16. Hi Paul, its been great seeing all the fantastic artwork being shared on the FB pages over the last week along with best wishes for a speedy recovery for Barbara. A lovely thought from Barbara & the Clarity team to offer a prize draw.
    Need to check my wish list & place an order.
    Meanwhile Barbara & you all are in my thoughts as the days pass by & hopefully going home for Barbara is getting nearer.

  17. Hi Paul. Thank you for todays quote and keeping us updated.
    Hi Barbara. I hope you are continuing to improve and get better. Slow and steady. No rushing.
    Lots of love and hugs xxxxx

  18. Well done Paul – see you tomorrow.
    Just wanted to say, I too have read most of the lovely comments left for Barb and, really, what could you add. But I’m here, I may not comment much, but I’m sure I’m not alone in checking every day how things are on this ‘ere blog and sending lots of love Barb’s way.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  19. Thinking of you Barbara and hoping your slowly feeling a bit better baby steps.
    I would like to do a card for you, but am away at the moment with no craft supplies.
    Love to Barbara,Dave, Grace, Paul and all Clarity Staff. xx

  20. Ja, immer wieder geht die Sonne auf, denn Dunkelheit für immer gibt es nicht.. so sang Udo Jürgens einst. Ich seh die Sonne 🌞 lugt schon um die Ecke. Viele liebe Grüsse an das ganze Team und eine baldige Genesung für Barb.

  21. Hoping you are slowly getting better Barbara, sending you love and thanks for all the support you have given the clarity family. Hoping to see you back in the SHAC SHAC when you are fully recovered. Thank you Paul and Gracie for keeping us updated.
    Love to Barbara, all your family and the clarity staff x

  22. A shock to read of Barbara’s illness. I’m sure the last few months have take their toll. I hope when you leave hospital, Barbara you let everyone help and you step back and rest. You will need time to let your body and mind recover.
    sending kind and healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery X

  23. As always this company just gives and gives again. Hope the love and support is helping Barbara heal. You are in our thoughts and you are sat on our shoulders while we are crafting xx

  24. So pleased someone in the know,is keeping us all informed, we all feel Barbara is our friend and it is so hard not knowing how ailing friends are doing in these days of limited contacts. The offer of a prize is not needed and very kind but we just want to send good vibes to you all at Clarity Towers.
    Trust E & R are getting loads of loves, and are keeping Dave company.

  25. Thank you Paul for taking on the blog today, despite the fact that you were on TV yesterday and are on the media platforms tomorrow demonstrating Groovi. No doubt you also worked a full day at HQ today. A generous offer, despite all that is going on in the background. Sending thanks and best wishes to all.

  26. Thank you for a lovely quote and the clarity gesture, Paul thank you for holding the fort. And Barbara love and best wishes to you for your recovery. Xx

  27. Hello Barbara and Paul
    You are in my thoughts often, Barbara….I hope that you know how loved you are, you mean so much to so many of us!
    I hope that you are beginning to feel a little better. 💐💕
    See you in the morning Paul, for a lovely Groovi Tuesday 👍
    Sending love and healing wishes XOXO

  28. Thank you Paul for taking on the blog, keeping us updated, finding more quotes and standing in for Barbara in her usual Sunday slot. I enjoyed those 2 hours very much.
    So like you, Barbara, to be generous and giving. The Valentine prize draw is sure to be a success.
    Hope you are feeling a little better each day.
    Hugs, 🍒

  29. Enjoyed the TV shows yesterday, Paul. Looking forward to Tina’s shows on Thursday.
    I hope Barbara is progressing day by day and feeling a bit better!

  30. Positive thoughts for a speedy recovery and
    well done to all of you at Clarity for keeping the ship steady whilst your Captain is fighting a storm of her own.

  31. Thank you Paul, for taking over the blog. You must be very busy, with tv shows yesterday and Groovi tomorrow. We all appreciate this very much. My love to Barbara and family, wishing her a speedy recovery and soon back home with Dave, Eric and Ragna.

  32. That’s such a lovely thing to do, Paul! The shows were great at the weekend – I’ve got several of those stamps but might have to go for a cheeky little browse now!! Hope Barbara, Dave & Grace are feeling the love that’s been so evident across this blog and on Clarity Worldwide xx

  33. Thanks Paul for keeping Barb’s blog going
    Barb hope you are on the mend (all be it probably slowly) slow and steady wins the race!
    Love to you and all the family ❤️x

  34. Some say that love is in the air,
    For family and friends to share,
    To give us strength and hope enough,
    To make it through when times are tough,
    We show our thoughts, best wishes all within the art,
    We craft with caring hands and from the heart,
    So, care and feelings with you we share,
    To say that love is in the air.

    Barb, rest, recover, take care.
    Travel gently on the road you’re currently on. No rush, no worries, take your time.

  35. Hoping all the love and positive thoughts being sent your way are helping to speed your recovery x This is one of my favourite stamps too! x

  36. Thanks Paul for taking the blog .Please send Barbara warmest regards .I have posted two cards on Clarity worldwide with Barbara in mind .Dont know how to
    #Sharingthe love ? Limited social media skills .x

    ps.Thought you were just brilliant on create and craft .

  37. Hope Barbara is improving, love and get well wishes to you, and lots of love to your family and Clarity team. xxx

  38. Thank you Paul for all that you are doing. please take care as we don’t want you burning yourself out. Loved your shows yesterday on C&C and will be with you tomorrow for Groovi Tuesday. Lots of love and healing thoughts for Barbara. Get well soon. Xx

  39. Hi Paul, thanks for holding the fort at Clarity Towers and this ‘ere blog. Also for stepping into Barbara’s Shoes, Hats and Handbags on Create & Craft; it was indeed Tré Chic. I enjoyed your excellent demos and I am looking forward to the continuation of grid work on Groovi Tuesday. Fingers crossed that you don’t stab your finger while picot cutting! 😅

    Here’s a quote:
    #Clarity, the kindest craft company in the world.

    Barbara, I hope you are feeling a bit more better with every day and continuing to recover at a steady pace. I am sure that everyone’s collective positivity and good wishes for your continued recovery is bringing a smile to your face and comfort during this difficult time. It is amazing that so many have sent such positive, lovely messages on this blog.

    I send my sincerest best wishes to you, your family and all at Clarity Towers. I hope that you will soon be home and continue to rest up and take things easy for a bit.
    Virtual hugs

  40. Hello Paul and thank you for keeping up this blog. I really enjoyed your shows on Sunday and will join you tomorrow too. There are so many of us that Barbara has helped to keep going when we have been at our lowest or very poorly. In return she holds a special place in so many of our hearts, and is loved by one and all 🥰💖 Knowing she has such a loving and supportive family, in the Grays and the whole of Clarity is hopefully helping her to keep going. I continue to keep Barbara, Mum, Dave, Grace and all of the Gray family in my thoughts and prayers, especially at this very difficult time. Please pass on my love to them all and to Erik and Ragnor too 🐈🐈, Nahid xXx 🦋💕
    ps. so generous of Barbara to do this Valentine giveaway even while she’s so poorly.💝

  41. Thank you Paul for taking on Barbara’s blog and loved the shows at the weekend. Glad that Barbara is feeling a little better but take it gently xxx

  42. Greg and I send you all our love, remember what you say to us “ One day at a time”. Thank you to Paul and Grace and all the team for what they are doing. X

  43. what a lovely way to show love when feeling so bereft and low. testament to the wonderful kind hearted people who make Clarity such an amazing company.
    love is everything ❤️

  44. How wonderful, and as kind as always. I send my love to you all. I posted every thing i made in the shack. Unfortunately I am too poorly to properly craft myself now, but send my love anyway xxx

  45. My Dear Barbara,
    I read your blog and cried today, cried tears with you for your empathy toward others even though you are at your lowest.You have a genuine thought for others and that is why we all love you so much.Your warmth and compassion comes across on the tv screen.Six years ago I was told that I most likely had lung cancer after an X-ray showed a mass on my right lung and three marbles in the left.Many scans ,biopsies including a surgical biopsy to collapse my lung and five months of waiting ,I was finally told that the mass had been pneumonia and the marbles were tumours from an extremely rare lung condition.I spent three mentally draining years fearing that my condition would turn nasty.But six years on I am still monitored and today told my scans will go to 3 yearly now.I too can empathise with you and I have been to some very dark places in my mind, you re- evaluate your life for sure and appreciate the people in your life so much more.You will come out the other side I promise but don’t rush it .Your fans and friends are sending so much love to wish you well.
    Much love
    Jane Thompson

  46. Hi Paul, thanks for keeping the blog going. I love this stamp set, it can be used for so many occasions. I hope Barb is improving day by day. Sending hugs to everyone. Bx

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