Sending KISSes from Barb

Sending KISSes from Barb

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. One day at a time things are improving here, but I think it will take time. Quote for the day?

It takes as long as it takes.

I was thinking about that, and you and the SHAC. And I thought about how proficient we all got at drawing and colouring – primarily because we applied ourselves to those arty skill sets every single day. We couldn’t see the progress day by day, but because we stuck together and stuck at it, week after week, month after month, didn’t we get good?? I am really looking forward to getting back into that learning groove again ; just give me a little time to mend x x x you know I’m getting better when I asked Paul this morning to please put together a little box of drawing things to bring in when he visits tomorrow! Right, dear SHAC friends, what 7 things do you thing I asked for? Have a think and tell me below! Maybe I’ve forgotten something! Let’s see if we all remember our SHAC tools of the trade…

Here’s something else I want to shine a light on, because I think you’ll love these designs and the 3 kiss projects I did.

Last year we launched the KISS range – Keep It Simple S……… stamps, stencils, stash etc with designs illustrated by our formidable Tina Cox. She has a uniquely fresh and funky style, which just works every time.

The launch coincided with an exclusive promotion in the Create & Craft Club Magazine where I was asked to make and write up 3 projects. I picked my three favourites from the range, of course! Well, now the exclusivity period has lapsed I thought it would be a perfect time to share them with you and send you lots of KISSes. I can’t tell you how much your love and messages and support and good wishes are helping me get through this rough patch.

I asked Paul to put together a sweet bloggy bundle of the three, then I thought we could take a look at each of the sets over the weekend. I hope you like them as much as I do x

They are available at super price – RRP £27.47 – With Love from Barb Special Price £19.97 (plus club discount!)

Click HERE to investigate

Here are the 3 cards I created for the magazine, over the next 3 days I will blog the step-by-step projects.

If you want to check out the other designs in the KISS range, then click HERE

And my darling friend Carron is coming to visit me today – she’s going to wash my hair for me too. That’ll make a world of difference. The good thing about being so ill is the happy feeling when you get better.
There you go. Just met a beautiful Romanian woman, who made my bed and we chatted as she helped me. Is alone here. Came in 2017. I asked her if she was glad she had come. She said it was a better life here than at home, but she misses her parents. I tell you. This health system is held together by people like her.

love always,


97 thoughts on “Sending KISSes from Barb

  1. You can buy shampoo that you apply and then towel off . They come in a little container and is liquid.
    The nurses used them on me in hospital and my hair shone. It’s called Nilaqua Towel off shampoos. You can get it from Boots or Amazon. Pleased to hear things are improving.

  2. Glad you’re starting to fell teeny bit better. Don’t rush, take the time that is needed.
    I think you asked Paul for pencils, micron pens, rubbers, tracing paper, papering card, ruler, and gray polychromes?
    Love and healing wishes xx

  3. Glad you’re starting to feel a bit better. As you say it takes as long as it takes. I think top of my list would, be the eraser pencil!! Take care and be patient xx

  4. Good Morning Barbara, you sound much brighter today and must be feeling a little stronger if you asked for your SHAC survival kit! Enjoy creating but take it easy!
    Yes the simple things like a hair wash can make all the difference when we are feeling so poorly. It will do you good to have an old friend to talk to about all your new friends you are making!
    Have a good day and please rest and do as you are told!
    Love and gentle hugs

  5. Hello Barbara
    I can sympathise with the hair washing. After entering the NHS on the 18th December I wasn’t deemed well enough to have a shower and hair wash until 7th January! It was bliss, too exhausted to style it, but it was CLEAN!
    Continue to recover, you are right, it all takes time. Sending love and hugs.

  6. Barbara it’s so nice to hear you are in a better place and asking for your arty equipment. I think you asked for :

    Fine liner black pen
    Tracing paper
    Grey pencils for shading

    I’d have my polycromos and a white pen too.

    I look forward to seeing your creations! We all love your personal designs.

    I do love Tina’s work too, in fact I made a little card today using a KISS floral design. Trying to use up scrap bits of gel plate papers. Love to challenge myself on occasions to reduce the amount in scrap in the tin, I grab a bit and make sure I complete a card with it. Feels quite an achievement!

    How lovely you are meeting such lovely staff – I agree we are definitely relying heavily on dedicated foreign nurses and doctors – where would we be without them. I like you chat to them too- I met a lovely Polish nurse in A and E (with mum) we talked about food mostly and similarities in our cuisine. – she also missed her family bless her ♥️.

    It takes as long as it takes !!!! so make the most of the rest while you recover. Sending lots of love.

  7. Glad you are starting to feel that teensy bit more human. Take your time and make sure to recover fully. One day I shall make time to go through all the SHAC recordings, but for now I shall just be inspired.
    Pencils, charcoal, I’d need a ruler too just so I can frame the drawing properly oh and plenty of real good drawing paper.

  8. Glad to hear you are are turnng the corner and looking forward with what sounds like a little more energy so improving albeit slowly. Hair wash- such a wonderful gift to be offered. Little things mean so much.

  9. So glad you are feeling a little better each day. Take your time as pneumonia drains your energy. I think your seven items will include
    Eraser pencil
    HB pencils
    Polychromo white & greys
    Blending pen & nibs
    Tracing paper
    I hope doing some gentle doodles will further lift your spirits.

  10. Pleased you are feeling well enough to have your hair done. It certainly will buck you up. And it is great that you feel up to blogging but don’t overdo things. We need you to get well however long it takes.
    I think your SHAC bundle will contain an ordinary pencil, an eraser, sketch pad, tracing paper, card, micron pens and coloured pencils. Possibly add some Dorso oil and blending nibs?
    I liked some of the Kiss stamps but was disappointed that these particular ones were exclusive to C&C. Now they have been released I will put them in my next order.
    Looks like you have made another friend with the Romanian nurse and I am sure you will make more before you leave hospital.
    Sending healing thoughts. 🍒🍒🍒

  11. Only 7!
    Micron pen(s)
    Paper (wont get far without it!) but I expect you’d use the paper towels !
    Tracing paper
    Black mat
    – what’s your luxury item ?!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better – we’ll be in trouble now you’re starting to create again ! Fab blog. Love the kiss things but haven’t got any yet ….

    You’ll have a bunch of new friends by the time you leave I think. Not good to be in hospital but you are meeting some of the best xx

  12. Good to hear that you are getting better by the day Barb and I am sure that the hairwash will be a great boost.
    It was great to see our lovely friend Ros at the ENGG meeting yesterday and she is also on the slow and steady road to recovery after a terrible time in hospital.
    I am sure that by the time you leave hospital, you will have an extra coach ready to add to the bus, as those you meet will be intrigued by your art work. Take it easy and continue to improve. Hugs. X

  13. So pleased you are making progress and feeling a little better.
    I think you’ve asked for polychromos, micron pens, art pencils, eraser pencil, pencil sharpener,tracing paper and Paper
    Enjoy your SHAC kit

  14. hello Barbara, so lovely to hear that you are feeling brighter! remember, don’t run before you can walk! haha. as if you would ever listen! Great to get your hair washed and feel slightly human again, but it will exhaust you, so don’t plan too much for the rest of the day! I like the lists people have already suggested, but I think a ream of copy paper would be in order!! haha. so lovely to hear you are brighter.

  15. I think when we started it was pencil and copy paper, then rubber,(strange sense of achievement when you completely use a clarity rubber and need a new one.)
    Micron pens ruler card then postcards coloured pencils.
    Trying to catch up with the ones I missed, took one look at Camelot and ran back to birds on a wire.
    Hope you have a good day. If you’re not up to washing your hair as regularly as you would like have you tried the dry shampoo.

  16. So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better, must be if you are asking for craft things. But go easy. I am struggling to get a card finished for my sons birthday , needs to be ready for Sunday when my daughter in law goes home. Sending hugs, xxxxxx

  17. So thankful to hear you are improving. Hope you feel stronger and better every day. Love and best wishes to you and all your family.

  18. Barb, it lifted my heart to hear your voice in this blog. Me thinks you’re on the mend. Yes it’s going to take time and yes there may be a few set backs, but I can hear you and you are sounding better. Onwards and upwards. Well done you.

  19. Hi Barbara. Thankyou so much for blogging again today. As I was reading through it I thought just how much better you sounded today. And a hair wash as well-pure luxury. Amazing how we take such a thing for granted until we have it taken away from us. Thank goodness for friends who are able to help with such things.🥰
    Did you ask Paul to include a pencil sharpener in your art bundle? Nothing worse than a blunt pencil when you need a sharpened one!!!
    Virtual hugs to everyone but especially to you and Dave. X

  20. Good to hear you are recovering, and doing something arty I’m sure will help you a great deal. when my hubby had his operation in July he was desperate for a shower and that was only after 2 days in hospital!

  21. Lovely to hear you sounding a bit better. That hair wash will be bliss….but also probably exhausting . Onwards and upwards xxx

  22. Asking Paul to bring in your crafting survival kit tells me that you are gradually getting better. Think you defiantly asked for:-Hb pencils/eraser, micron pens, paper/stamping card , pergaliner so you have a choice of pencils, tracing paper black matt. You’d also need your grey pens. Having your hair washed will make you feel better too. ❤

  23. You are definitely travelling in the right direction…you can hear it in your words. How lucky we be are to have out little arty world to help us along. I think you need card/paper pad, pencil,eraser,tracing paper,ruler,coloured pencils and micron pens. As luxury items maybe a fine gold posca pen and postcard packs for when your need to think less…..AND correct glasses!😂 Keep travelling gently.

  24. Clean hair will definitely make you feel better( but tired).
    Glad to hear you feel the need to be creative- hopefully that means you are going in the right direction health wise!
    One foot in front of the other will get you where you need to be- eventually. Enjoy your visit with your friend- best tonic!!

  25. So glad to read you are feeling better. As you say, one day at a time…

    You will be back, fighting fit, if you have patience now.

    And you are so right about the heath system and who holds it together! xx

  26. Glad to read a brighter post. You will have asked for
    HB pencil
    Micron pen
    Pencil sharpener
    Clarity card

    Happy doodling
    Love and hugs Kath xx

  27. Glad to hear your are thinking about crafting – definitely a good sign!
    I think you will need Paul to bring you:
    – copy paper
    – tracing paper
    – parchment paper
    – pencil set
    – Micron pen set
    – box of coloured pencils
    – set of 12 FC pencils
    – eraser
    – blending nibs
    – Groovi guard
    – postcards

    That should keep you going for a while!

    Take care Barbara – you and your Mum are in my prayers every day…………!
    Love Katharine xxxxxx

  28. So pleased you’re on the mend Barbara., albeit slowly. Oh O, is that wheel spin I sense in the head brewing, ready for the off again?!! – Careful!!
    I think you have asked Paul for Paper, Pencil, Pencil Sharpener, Eraser pencil, Micron Pens, Ruler & Tracing paper + the Polychromos – that’s 8!
    love the Kiss Ramge, I have a few but need to get more as have been out of crafting circulation for ages due to various distractions! – However, I’ve finally sorted out my Craftroom after moving house (over a year ago) and made a big decision to declutter so much ‘stuff’ and become a Clarity Only crafter! – The Clarity way is the only way from now on! – You and your entire team at Clarity are simply THE BEST! – Keep getting better lovely Lady, big hugs xx

  29. So pleased to hear you are improving. All the love being sent from your shac friends will certainly give you a boost my lovely.
    Healing hugs and many blessings sent through the ether.
    As for your shac kit , many have covered the must haves, but I would suggest a clip board or something similar for a firm base. We all need a firm base 😂 in more ways than one.
    Keep smiling and shining your light Barbara xxx

  30. So pleased you are starting to feel a bit better Barbara. It is definitely a good sign that you want to do some doodling & want to have your hair washed. Just remember to take things slowly, the bus is in the depot waiting for you when you are ready. xxx

  31. Glad you are feeling better to get into some drawing and artwork.
    Your quote today really resonated with me. I fractured my tibial plateau and was in a cast for 5 weeks, now a hinged brace, all of the 8 weeks non weight bearing. I have had hip replacements in the past and this has been so much harder, using a wheelchair to get around and standing on one leg anytime I get up, pivot or do anything. I have been getting frustrated with the slow pace of recovery. I go back to the hospital next Friday to see if all is ok and I can start to put some weight on my left leg (I gather I start at 10% and slowly build up), hoping I don’t have any long term issues (pain, limp, etc). I will do what I need to do with physio since my goal is to get back to what I was before I fell on the ice. I am thankful for my wonderful friends and neighbours who have helped me through this. Ultimately, it takes as long as it takes.
    Thanks Barb, and have a wonderful day with your art.

  32. so glad your feeling a bitty better but don’t over do it. rest and sleep and keep taking the tablets.
    your missed and lived by many.
    love fiona h…from the frozen north lol

  33. It will take as long as it takes but, it is obvious from the tone of your blog, you are feeling much better today. I am so delighted.

    A hair wash and lots of chat and banter with your lovely friend today can only add to your positivity. Then tomorrow, with a pencil in your hand, will boost you even more.

    First on the list would be the double ended eraser, then a tin of FC pencils, pencil sharpener, something to draw round (in case a circle is the base of your artwork), paper (craft, black and white), stencil card, tracing paper (you may need masking tape to hold it in place). Oh dear! that’s already more than 7. Still need micron pens and various shades of grey polychromos and perhaps a ruler. Don’t forget to ask for an A4 envelope or polypocket to store your masterpiece. Sorry, no colouring or blending at this stage. Just realised the stuffed full, pergamano pink storage bag only counts as 1 item.

    Lots of love and best wishes

    Lynn x

  34. Hi Barbara, you must be making progress if you are ready to doodle. I think everyone has given the list I’d have made.
    But remember ‘One step at a time’.
    It sounds as if you have the some lovely people looking after you. Perhaps the Trinidadian lady could get together with your new Romanian friend to support each other.
    Take care, sending love & hugs xxx

  35. Hi Barb so glad you’ve started to improve your list I think would’ve been
    Graphite drawing pencils
    Black fine liners
    Tracing paper
    All polychromos

  36. Great to hear from you xx
    I think you asked for your FC pencils, tracing paper, eraser, sharpener, polychromos, Dorso oil and sketch book . You can use tissue paper instead of a blending tool.
    We were talking this morning about you and hoping that you felt well enough to do a little drawing.
    Gentle hugs xx

  37. You definitely sound brighter Barb which is wonderful but remember, and her is my quote for today a bit longer than yours but very sincere

    “Some days are better, some days are worse. Look for the blessing instead of the curse. Be positive, stay strong, and get enough rest. You can’t do it all, but you can do your best.” —Doe Zantamata

    Now, your seven things

    Theuva card A5
    Faber castelle goodies (that could cover more than one)
    Micron pens
    Groovi starter pack
    Laptop easel.

    Have a good weekend enjoy your doodling, but please don’t forget to rest. 😴

    Love Megan 💐

  38. I hope you’ve got your Dame Edna’s as well with you, as you won’t be able to use your 7 items. 😂 pleased to hear your feeling better.

  39. Lovely to hear you are feeling a bit better today, and having your hair washed too, what a treat. That is sure to lift your spirits.
    I think your little box of goodies would be,
    Copy paper
    HB pencil
    Colouring pencils
    Fine liners
    I am really into my postcards and colouring just now, A small project is ideal with a cuppa…..
    Enjoy your doodling Barbara, and travel gently.
    Hugs and best wishes

  40. Hello Barbara. Place your hand over your heart and feel the love from everyone who loves and cares about you. Very pleased you are starting to feel better xx

  41. How wonderful that you will receive a bit of a ‘pamper session’ and that you are well enough to consider this. I personally look as though I’ve been scared to death each morning as my hair sticks up everywhere. So I cannot imagine how I’d look after so many days. I

    I was wondering whether on our ‘SHAC’ journey (on your return) could we, and by this I mean you, consider drawing something in honour of each wonderful new friend you have made? Perhaps a drawing that would remind each of them of their country of origin in the form of a flower, bird or something else. They would then be recognised by all the Clarity family. Do you think it’s a goer?

  42. So good to hear that SMILE in your writing Barb but not too much too soon. You are definitely meeting some interesting people, all who’ve been sent to help you and in doing so YOU have helped them.

    Items for Paul to bring you have all been said but don’t forget the pencil sharpener Paul. Sounds as if Barbara will need it 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Hi Barb glad to hear how much more positive you feel. I have been looking through my Shac folders. One for drawing and one for colouring the postcards. I am so pleased with all the work I have done and can see how much I have improved and this is all down to you dear Barb. Keep your chin up, take care and God Bless.

  44. Glad to hear you seem a bit brighter today especially when considering crafting! I read your post out( from yesterday) to my husband. I was very touched at your kindness for others even when you’re not feeling 100% yourself . His reply was ‘ I wonder if the nurse knows Barbara is a celebrity 😃’ I did say not everyone crafts so may not of heard of you. It makes me laugh that he now knows you and has called me before, if he sees you on the telly!
    Enjoy your crafting and who knows ,some new stamps may be in the making.

  45. Very pleased to read your blog and hear that you are improving. You are so loving to others. Take it slowly.
    Best wishes to you and your family x

  46. Hi Barb, really good to hear you say you’re feeling a bit better. Take it slowly though, day by day, step by step. That hair wash and time with Carron will be such a tonic and hopefully put a big smile on your face. Great to hear you’ve got Paul to bring in your SHAC kit – crafting hands will hopefully take your mind off of other things! Now waiting to hear you say you’ve got Dave to bring in your pottery stash and switching on the kiln – you’ll definitely be on the mend then! 😄
    Looks like I’ll be adding to my KISS collection , not that I’m missing many from the sets! 🤣 Magic designs from your good self and Tina.
    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, but it takes as long as it takes and however long it takes, we’ll all be here waiting to welcome you back with open arms.
    Take care, travel gently.

  47. Lovely to hear you have turned the corner. Like everyone has said, don’t go overdoing it….travel gently. Everyone has named the contents of your SHAC kit, how could you forget the Warm Grey II pencil!
    There will be good days and not so good days but keep going you’re in the right direction now.

  48. Pleased to hear you are improving. Catching up with a friend and a hair wash as well, is some special medicine that will do you good, although you may feel a little weary afterwards! Take care, doodle gently. Love and continued get well wishes to you, and best wishes to your family, friends and all at Clarity. xxx

  49. Oh Barbara, how lovely, drawing items AND a hair wash !
    Yesterdays blog brought on many a tear .
    If people had a smidge of the compassion that you show to others the world would be so much improved. Bless you and your family
    I would add to your list- a drink of tea in a” YOU ROCK” mug. XX

  50. It makes my heart sing to hear you sounding so much better. Hope you enjoy your hair wash, it will certainly make you feel a bit more human. Can I ask how little Eric is doing? Hope his leg has mended now. Thanks too to all the people who are sending you their good wishes and comments to ease your loneliness and hopefully brighten your day. You see you are very important to a lot of us! Take care xx

      1. I forgot to say that Carnival is a HUGE thing in Trinidad. It lasts for days, planned for from one year to the next and is a wonderful, colourful , exuberant , musical and for some (alcohol fuelled) event. The energy required to dance for hours has to be seen to be believed. Your Trinidadian nurse will be missing it as it starts on Sunday I think.Perhaps something you could Google and include if you do some drawings to represent her country. Thanks for letting us know that Eric is recovering and doing well. xx

  51. Hello Barbara! Gosh you do sound much happier today and it’s so lovely to hear. It will do wonders for you to have your lovely special friend there today and what a bonus that she is going to do your hair for you. That is always a treat – even in times of good health – so today that will feel amazing! I think that feeling will still triumph over the tiredness from having it done.
    I managed to get out yesterday, and put on a touch of eye make-up – I never wear a lot! Went into my favourite shop in town, run by some favourite people of mine and had a lovely time. It’s the first day that I’ve had out of pain – for 7 months and apparently I looked really well. Two other newish friends came into the shop and were so happy to see me and the fact that I looked well. Gosh it felt good! It’s all too easy to take good health for granted – but every now and again, I think that we all experience what it’s like to feel very poorly. Not that I have been as poorly as you have. Today has been a rest day – but that’s ok – I just keep remembering how yesterday was SO very good.
    Keep taking things slowly Barbara – you are very precious to very many people – not just your lovely family. Sending love and gentle healing hugs, Gilly xxx

  52. One of my sons lived in Romania for a year with his girlfriend while she went to uni there. They then came back and shared a home during the pandemic too. They are no longer together but still good friends and she is a lovely young lady. We also had the chance to visit them in Romania – such a beautiful country. Castell Bran home of Vlad the Impaler was a particular highlight as was Bucharest. Glad you are slowly on the mend. Pencils, paper, fine liners, Faber-Castell eraser, white Posca pen, white Pergamano pencil, Faber-Castell pencils.

  53. So glad you are feeling a little better Barbara and you must be as you thinking about crafting. But 7 items are not enough.
    I am pleased that someone mentioned a pencil sharpener as that is essential. Continue getting better x

  54. a eraser. or two,pencil sharpener, set of pencils incl greys and blue you assembled for us, tracing paper, pencils hb or box, pad of paper, scissors, cuddly toy and a large container to put said things into xxxxxx so pleased to hear your making a slow return to normality, like a tortoise slow but sure, healing hugs I send, xx

  55. Sending up prayers for you and your family it’s such a worrying time for everyone. A few years ago our daughter was in the same position but love and care pulled her through. Be kind to yourself and you will get there doesn’t matter how long it takes, summer is coming.

  56. You have added so much to my day – the inspirations, tricks and tips – but more importantly the laughs! I am missing the SHAC! I have started watching all the YouTube Tuesdays again just to listen to you! So glad you are finally on the mend, take your time, but know we are all chomping at the bit for your return!!!

  57. So lovely to hear you’re feeling a little brighter today, Barbara. 🥰 I’m sure a hairwash and a good catchup with your bestie Carron will have been the best medicine 💖 I hope you’re resting as I’m sure you’ll be very tired after her visit, but in a good way… Everyone has already listed everything I was going to say, maybe just adding a photo of your lovely Christmas Cactus and a couple of fluffly ginger cat toys 🐈🐈 to cuddle until you’re able to get home to heal with Erik and his poorly leg, and Ragnor can have his little family whole again. You’ve also already thought of what popped into my mind ie to have SHAC sessions in honour of each of the new friends you’ve made from the team looking after you in hospital, each one is a star 🌟 Sending gentle hugs, much love and keeping you and your family, especially Mum, in my prayers 🤲🏼🙏🏼 Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  58. So glad to read you’re feeling a little better today. That’s good but don’t rush these things. You’re body needs to heal from the inside.

    I hope Paul brings you all the right gear tomorrow.
    On my list there would be
    Set of pencils
    Set of micron pens
    A4 paper
    Tracing paper
    Pencil eraser
    Set of 12 polychromos
    Groovi guard to rest hand on.
    Enjoy your visit from Carron and getting your hair washed. Best feeling in the world!!!
    Anyway keep on improving.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  59. I agree with all the lovely good wishes already expressed and so so good to hear you are improving gradually .On your list must be hot tea and special mug !
    Warmest wishes Carmel x

  60. Lovely to hear you’re improving by the day and I’m sure that having your hair done was very uplifting. I know when I used to wash my Mum’s hair for her, she always said she “felt like a new woman”, bless her 💕Great that you’re feeling like doing a little crafting too. What a great distraction it is! 🥰…….
    I think your pink organiser bag will have everything you need in it, (as long as you put everything back in its place of course 🤪). Just add some card & tracing paper and you’ll be well away! 😉
    Hopefully you’ll sleep better tonight, sounds like you’re in a better place now Barbara, which is lovely to hear 💕
    Sending love to you 💕🥰💕
    Mrs Panky xxx

  61. so good to hear that you’re starting to feel better, Barbara. I love the KISS range of stamps – might have to go for a cheeky little browse on the website!
    I love Romania – my son was married to a Romanian girl (sadly they’re no longer together), and I’ve been out there a few times. It’s a beautiful country but sadly riddled with corruption. There are lots of Romanians over in the UK – hope she has managed to find a local community to be part of.
    Looking forward to seeing the projects over the weekend xx

  62. Hi Barbara
    Wow wow wow are those nurses in for a treat. Once they see what you can produce they will be bowled over. You sound much brighter today. I’m off for my first walk since falling on the ice 3 weeks ago no breakages thank god. Sounds like everything has been covered for inclusion in your toolbox, just remember to rest as well.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  63. Hi Barb, oh it’s so lovely to hear you are feeling a little better now. It’s horrible knowing you are so poorly and there is nothing we can do to help
    It’s lovely that you have by now had your hair done and no doubt have been playing with the things Paul brought in for you. I think your list must have looked something like this :-
    Eraser (very important!😂)
    Micron pens
    Coloured pencils and don’t forget the warm grey 2!
    Maybe tracing paper 🤔
    Hope you enjoyed but don’t be doing too much! We’re all guilty of that when we start to feel better.
    Take care lovely lady. Sending love and a big hug xxx

  64. So lovely to see that you’re feeling a bit better and more yourself. It’s great that you want some arty materials and I’m sure that your creativity will reinforce your progress on the road to recovery. Progress is lovely but sometimes we need some pause and rest days inbetween too. The hairwash will be bliss too. I may just have to peruse the delightful KISS stamps. Wishing you a restful night and a gentle day ahead.x

  65. Woo hoo! Like me, when you begin to feel creative you are feeling your heart sing again. I just knew that would be the sign! Fantastic news Barbara, one step at a time. I was going to suggest pencil sharpener but I see someone has. Remember our pact, to get to Ditton! I can scarcely get to bed at the moment, but there is time! My heart sings for wonderful care from our amazing NHS. Together we will make it. Remember to rest too. Healing hugs.xx

  66. Hi Barbara,
    So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better and that you can start thinking about some doodling. Who knew that doodling would become such an important part of our lives In many ways working with just a few basics was the key to making things seem achievable and unlocking creativity. Well done you!

    Don’t over do it though, I think that it is quite likely you will have a burst of energy and then feel tired…. I think that is normal, so don’t worry, hopefully the next burst will last a bit longer and so on. Sending best wishes to you, the clarity family and your lovely new friends.
    I agreed with everyone s suggestions for Paul but I also though about something you once mentioned, I am not sure if it was a mug but I think it was a tee shirt that said ‘What a difference a Dave makes’. I am sure he does, obviously not just Dave, but it brought a smile to my face when I read about it.
    I hope Grace managed to get her work completed successfully, she’s doing so well.
    Take care of yourself and update when you feel you can x. Love Maggie O.

  67. Nearly Saturday already so by now you should have had your hair washed & caught up with all the gossip from your friend Carron. Nothing better than a hair wash after being in bed for so long.
    Glad to hear that Erik is improving & will no doubt soon adapt to having a wonky leg & be chasing round the house & garden with Ragnar but at least he still has all 4.
    I think everyone has thought of everything for your SHAC doodle pack & by the sound of it you could soon be be doing live SHAC sessions with the nurses in your room!! Joking aside you must still pace yourself & take one day at a time otherwise the doctors may confiscate your art goodies.
    Looking forward to the step by steps with the kiss stamps & your new doodles xx

  68. Dear Barb, I have just read all the comments. Nothing to add to the list. Only thing not on there is “Inspiration”,but I am sure you,ve got plenty of that allready. Hope they have taken the drain out, and you don,t need an operation.
    So great to see you asking for your craft stuff. Take a note from “The tortoise and the hare”.Slow and steady wins the race. Enjoy your time with your hairwashing friend. Feels so good afterwards and enjoy your creative time. Love and hugs, all the way from Melbourne, to you, your mum and Dave.

  69. I’m so pleased you are feeling a little better to-day. I’m sure having your hair washed will give you such a boost. I hope you manage to get some sleep. xx

  70. Barb, it’s lovely to read that you are feeling better and sounding much brighter. As others have said, it will of course still take some time yet to feel 100% better; so keep taking things easy. Glad too that you are wanting to doodle again, but build up to it slowly; that’s the good thing about drawing, you can always put it down and pick up another time where you left off.

    Others have covered most things you would need in your shack kit, though it might be useful to have a portable daylight lamp which would help you to doodle when you can’t sleep!

    Take care lovely lady and sending my very sincere best wishes for your continued recovery.
    Also sending virtual hugs x

  71. Hi Barb I am writing from Lyme Regis arrived yesterday staying in a lovely little cottage right in the centre just a short walk to beach. So this morning you made my start to the day reading you are feeling better such a relief. But don’t overdo it as you get that excited feeling and then overstep the mark. So pleased you are requesting your creative tools and bet you feel heaps better having had your hair washed. Bet you were knackered though afterwards! I reckon you’ve forgotten your pencil sharpener! Yes we are all looking forward to meeting up on the bus but only when our very precious driver is fully fit and roadworthy. Take very good care lots of love xx

  72. Morning Barb. So glad to hear you’re slowly getting there, just don’t rush. It’s a good sign that you’re feeling arty, so mentally you’re in a better place at least. Stash from Paul would have to include the eraser (you’ll be a bit Rusty) 😂 Big hugs to you. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re heading in the right direction xx (Thank you for the bloggy bundle, off to order mine now) 😘 x

  73. Oh the joys of the simple things in life …… a hair wash. Amazing how it can make you feel so much better even if it takes the rest of the day to get over it it’s worth it. Only just read this as spent yesterday at the Brick Lane Music Hall – never heard of it before but what an experience. So glad you are feeling brighter today but remember slowly does it xxxxx

  74. So pleased that you’re starting to feel better Barbara.
    Enjoy your doodling and sketching and having a hair wash; don’t be surprised if you feel tired. Your body will tell you if you do to much. Take care of yourself xx

  75. Dear Barbara, you sound much brighter which is wonderful. All the suggestions for your box are listed above so the only thing I can think of is your Dame Ednas! When you mentioned that a nurse recognised you I imagined a gathering of nurses in your room for an arty session! Sending lots of love for your continued recovery. Take care xx

  76. Hello Barb, so pleased you are feeling a bit better and improving day by day. You have that wonderful nature, that makes it easy to talk to you and become friends. I bet with what Paul brings in, you will soon gather some willing audiences or even participants, especially now that the nurse has spread the word. Take care and get better soon sweet lady. Love the idea of an accolade to your new found friends. Hugs to everyone. Bx

  77. 2nd comment but suddenly thought of an idea – why not have a piece of A4 paper or stencil card on a clip board & get everyone who comes to help you to do a little doodle on it that means something to them. You will then have a memory picture of everyone x

  78. Take it easy. Hair wash will be great but yes it will tire you out. Please take things slowly, travel gently. It will be good for you to doodle again. Think most things have already been suggested but GLASSES will be essential. Take care we need you but only when you’re ready, it takes time to recover! Sending much love and gentle hugs xx. Has Grace gone back to the States?

  79. So pleased you are on the mend and feeling much better we are all willing you to feel like your normal self sending feel good hugs xx

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