Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 3

Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 3

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie from Ward 21 Rm 21. Have had blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds. Now we wait for the verdict. Does she get to go home tomorrow or does she get to hang out here a little longer? Or – and here we are really putting our positive pants on – does she get to go home today?? We shall have to wait and see…

Quote of the day?
it is never the event but how we react to it that will ultimately affect us x x x

Here is the final project.

This project uses the KISS Celebrate Your Day A7 Stamp Set

Available HERE


Build your own bouquet with these fabulous new KISS stamps by Clarity. Don’t hesitate to add flowers and butterflies from the other sets in the range! The new KISS collection has been illustrated by our formidable Tina Cox. She has a uniquely fresh and funky style, which translates perfectly and beautifully every time.

Helping Hand

When attaching the coloured card behind an aperture die like this, you can always attach the coloured layer to the inside right of the card too, leaving the cuts open, like windows.

Be sure to cut the colour insert a tad smaller than the card, to allow for the fold.


Celebrate Your Day KISS Stamp set
5” x 5” white scored card blank
3.5” x 3.5” white stencil card
Indian Summer 7” x 5” Designer Petite Card
Fresh Cut Dies Nested Square Heart Aperture Doodle Frame-Its
Pergamano Perga Liner Colouring Pencils
Ranger Black Archival ink pad
Black Sharpie pen
Black Micron Pen
Tape runner

1. Using a black Archival ink pad, stamp the central flower into the upper left area of the small 3.5” sq. Clarity stencil card, leaving enough room to add the words bottom right.

2. Add Celebrate your Day in the bottom righthand corner. The secret to composition is to keep your images close together, not spread out.

3. There‘s a super little corner stamp in this set. Use it to tie in the other two corners. You can use other colour inks of course, but black will make the blue flowers pop most.

4. Now the frame is in place, we can add some extra little flowers to the bouquet. The little sprig will do very nicely. Stamp it into the open areas, always attaching it to the centrepiece. Black or colour. You pick!

5. Speaking of colour, let’s decide what colour our lovely flowers are going to be. Reach for the Indian Summer Designer Petite card that you want to use in the background, and choose. Blue is always fresh and bright, isn’t it?

6. Using the B pencils in the Perga Liner box (b for blending), add colour to the project. Work in layers, starting with the light blue, and adding depth with the darker blue.

7. Use a fine black 01 Micron pen to add dots to the tips of the petals.

8. Die-cut a doodle frame into the square scored 5”x 5” white card blank. The centre piece will sit perfectly within the frame.

9. Edge the coloured art-topper with a black Sharpie pen by simply dragging down the edge of the card.

10. Cut the blue Designer Petite card down to just a tad less than 5” x 5”. Using a Clarity tape runner, attach to the inside left of the card, so that the blue peeps through the doodle die aperture. All done. Lovely!

Fingers crossed xxx

Love always

Barb x x x

55 thoughts on “Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 3

  1. Thanks for another lovely demo. And hope the news is good and you can go home. But if not tomorrow is another day and we want you really well. X

  2. Another lovely demo. Fingers crossed that your results come back looking good. But if not today then tomorrow is another day. I now have a very long list of things I need to get from Clarity will have to be very wise when deciding what goes into my basket. Hope you do get to go home today.xx

  3. That is a very pretty stamp and lovely fresh card. Fingers crossed for a good result for you. If not well you are in the right place. X

  4. Finding it hard to type as I have everything crossed for you. Have been loving these demos for the KISS stamps and must remember ‘positivity pants’ – what a brilliant saying xxx

  5. Think the KISS stamps are some of my favourites as they are so versatile. Keeping everything crossed for good results. Always seem to do better in your own bed.
    Sending love xxx

  6. Fingers crossed for good results. I’ve just opened a delivery from Clarity. The Christmas & Celebration Words Sticker stamp set I ordered last week. Fantastic service, as always. xx

  7. Good luck with the results Barbara. If you have to stay another night or two then so be it. I have a feeling some of the lovely nurses and doctors etc who have been looking after you will miss you when you do go home. Have been looking at the KISS stamps and doodle border dies🥰…… and the bank balance😔. I will have to be very restrained in the Club Card sale. X

  8. Thank you for the demo’s Barbara, these stamps are so lovely. I have just put in my order.
    Good luck with your test results, going home is getting nearer.
    Onwards and Upwards.
    Much love

  9. Hope you get the news you want but what will be will be. Often its the waiting for the medication to take home with you that takes longer than the actual discharge so I have fingers & toes crossed for you.
    We will wait with baited breath to see where the blog come from tomorrow. Will it be Chez Gray or Room 21 xx

  10. Hope it’s the news you want Barbara, but you will have to still take it very easy. Love the card but don’t do a lot of stamping. Might be tempted in the sale. Best wishes. love xxxxxxxx

  11. Hope all your results come back with good news for you Barb. I have my fingers crossed for you too 🤞
    Take care, love and hugs xxx

  12. feels good, sounds good, you sound perky enough, reckon you will go home, if not today…tomorrow for sure….good luck. here she come kitties!!

  13. Lovely card, I ordered the stamps last night, so looking forward to having a play. Fingers crossed, for good results, but please take it easy and keep resting. xx

  14. Fingers crossed you can go home. You must still rest though and don’t rush back to work. I’m sure Dave will look after you well and the Clarity crew will keep the ship afloat. Xx

  15. I know you want to go home but I want you to go home when you are fully well enough as I’m sure you do and you will be as strong as you have been if you have to stay a while longer and I’m sure Dave will be so glad to get you back too. It is so difficult for our loved ones as they feel so helpless, they don’t realise how much good they do just by seeing them, hugging them and holding their hands.

    I love Winnie the Pooh and Bees and here is one of my favourite WTP quotes
    ‘What day is it?’ asked Pooh.
    ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet.
    ‘My favourite day,’ said Pooh.”

    I’m back in the groove today and also got back to writing by blog all inspired by you. My blog isn’t as good as yours but I am doing my best which is the best anyone can do. I had a long break due to MH issues but the pills seem to be working at the moment. Take care Barb.

  16. Love the demos fingers crossed for good results but whatever will be will be. Now I can’t stop singing Doris Day xxxx

  17. Hoping for a positive result for you. If they do let you home, take it steady or you will end up at square one. Another beautiful project.

  18. Hope you get the results you want, if not tomorrow is another day. Keep those positivity pants on-they do seem to work.
    I think this is the best of the Kiss stamps, at least it is for me. The simplicity of what you have done with it is so attractive.
    When you do get home be prepared to be pampered for a few days then go forward GENTLY. Build up your stamina slowly and then it will not be a fleeting thing.
    Everything crossed for a favourable outcome.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  19. Thanks Barb. Can’t wait for mine to come, so I can try these demos out. Hoping today brings good news for you. If you don’t escape today, you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel….be patient 🤞🏻🙏 xx

  20. Fingers and toes crossed Barbara, and thanks for the blog. I haven’t been able to do much new work recently but your blog and all Clarity matters are my go to places for company and enjoyment, and they tell me the dates for Ditton are June 9 and 10th!!! A mountain to climb, but who knows?
    Hopefully today will be a very special day for you, good news etc,. ,but if not then maybe it will be tomorrow. Keep safe. Sending love and healing thoughts.xx

  21. So good you are feeling more up for things. I’m sure E & R are waiting for cuddles. I bet Dave will be pleased to have you home too. Fingers crossed.

  22. I’ve used that quote so many times since you told us in The Shac and it is very thought provoking Barbara xx so glad your escape is imminent. Even though you are bound to miss your new found friends there’s no place like home to get really strong. Travel gently xx

  23. I love those little stamps. They make great little cards for any occasion.

    I hope you get to come home soon because it means you’re getting better. But you still need to give yourself time at home to recuperate. So I hope you’ve plenty of books to listen to!!!
    Sending very positive vibes and lots of love.

  24. I hope by now you have had some really good news keeping everything crossed for you. Love the demos, lots to try out when we get home. The Seagulls are doing the Riverdance on our roof just found out what it is! Apparently there’s a Banksy artwork somewhere near the Mill so going to find it. Take good care and you are now in the right direction xx

  25. My granddaughter is on half term, so we went off to a garden centre today, for coffee, cake and a good natter. We don’t get to do it much these days, as she is studying hard for her GCSEs. It is a beautiful day out there and so lovely to enjoy the sunshine.I hope that tomorrow you will be able to enjoy the sunshine in your own garden. Thanks to all the wonderful NHS staff who have looked after you so well. They will be glad for you, that you are going home, but I bet that they will miss you and all your positivity. Patients like you must be a joy for them. Take care. XX

  26. Hope you get results you want and are able to go home….but hey if not then like you say what will be will be!
    I’ve been reading your blog every day and the last couple of day’s I think I can actually her you saying the words as you write and it sounds fantastic to hear the joy back in your voice 😄
    Hubby was sat there laughing while watching U tube, I had to ask what was funny? His answer was Barb and Grace with Linda Williams.
    🤞you manage to get home, take care and let someone else look after you!! xx

  27. Beautiful card – love the colours. Hope news is good. Wonder how many fingers are crossed for you. You can add mine. x

  28. Barb, so good to hear you’re managing to keep your spirits up, despite the uncertainty.
    I’m also so glad that you have our little (or not so little) Clarity Community/Family to keep you company whilst you’re sequestered on your own much of the time, and that it’s helping you reading all the comments. I’m sure it’s not like having people by your side keeping you company, but every little helps, as they say.
    Look after yourself, and accept all the offers of help that others give you. I know you give it back in spades, in whatever way you can, whenever you can.
    Chin up buttercup – as Tina’s doodle stamps say.
    Love, Claire x

  29. Hope you got some good news today!
    Thanks for your tutorial and it is a very pretty flower.
    Take care, Trijntje Huppel

  30. Good luck with results, do whatever the doctors suggest for optimum recovery. We all know you are getting better so whatever the results you know you are heading in the right direction and that’s what counts. Thanks for the demos they are great. Thinking of you, sending love and warmest wishes your way, Maggie O. x

  31. Hope the results show improvement and you can go home soon. Hope your mum, Dave and the family are coping with all that’s going on. So today could mean Stay hospitalized as commanded or it could mean She’s home and comfortable. More meaning for the SHAC SHAC. Whichever it is take care xx

  32. Oh I do hope it’s a good result and you can finally rest in your own home and own bed Barbara. Positive vibes from here, that’s for sure!! – Lovely demo and so pretty! – Thank you!
    Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed and anything else I can manage to cross for you! xx

  33. great card as always Barbara. Hope you can go home tomorrow. that would be the best Valentines gift ever. love and hugs from Oz.

  34. I have only just caught up with your blog after not reading for a few weeks. I am so very sorry firstly, for the loss of your beloved Dad, and now to hear you have been so very ill on top of all your troubles must have been punishing. I wish you better soon and I hope your Mum is able to cope with everything. Hugs to you xxx

  35. Hi Barbara
    I hope it’s good news will keep everything crossed 🤞. It’s not nice being in hospital especially when you are on the mend but even when you get home you still need to take it easy.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  36. Hi Barbara
    Fingers crossed…toes crossed … legs crossed… eyes crossed. Lol. Just have everything crossed for you But if they do let you out do not be doing to much just chill with those that love ya. 🤗

  37. Hi Barb,

    Great to read that you might be going home soon, depending upon your results. I hope all goes well for you and that you will be able to properly rest at home before getting back in the saddle with your positivity pants to cushion you. My fingers are crossed for you too.

    Virtual hugs x

  38. Hello Barbara, I do hope all your results came back all clear. Staying positive is the best way, especially when things are out of your hands. Please remember to keep resting and healing once you are home, very easy to rush things once you “escape: from the hospital, even though you had so many lovely people from Team NHS to take care of you, nothing beats being home in your own bed, with your loved ones, human and furry too. Much love and prayers, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  39. Thank you for sharing Barbara, I hope after your tests that the news is good and you receive the news you are progressing well and get to go home.
    Thank you for step by step 3- another beautiful project. Sending you hugs and love. Take care.

  40. Thank you for sharing Barbara, I hope after your tests that the news is good and you receive the news you are progressing well and get to go home.
    Thank you for another step by step 3- another beautiful project. Sending you hugs and love. Take care.

  41. Hello Barb, thank you for another lovely step by step project, really beautiful. Hope if you are not home already you very soon will be. Sending big hugs. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

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