Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 2

Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 2

Hi there

Thanks for popping in, and thanks for all your love and good energy. It means more than you can imagine to feel your strong support. Do you believe in the power of collective energy? I do. I’m getting better for sure. Quite happy to lounge around here listening to a good book . I’m listening to North & South again, by Elizabeth Gaskell, read by Juliet Stevenson. Really worthy of a second read. I know the storyline, but the socio-political writing is superb. Quite a classic .
I took on board what many of you said yesterday, that Tuesday may become Wednesday or even Thursday . It is what it is. My new mate Greg was rushed back in here again yesterday. Pancreatic problems. So I’d rather not have to come back 😳

I’m actually quite enjoying the lazy time. I was snoozing on top of the bed just now (I think the morphine will do that to you!), when another lovely nurse called Brenn came in to take my obs. A wave of guilt ran through me that I’m napping on a Sunday morning, and I laughed at myself. I told him that I’m actually a full on workaholic and he seemed surprised. He said they have patients in here with their laptops etc who just never stop, and I thought there’s hope for me yet! To be honest I felt so unwell I simply couldn’t have done work work. I couldn’t even text for the first week!!!! Like I say, grateful to be getting better .

Here is project 2 for this lovely stampset…if you’re not a stamper, but you fancy dipping yor toe in the water, this Kiss Range is ideal. Simple, classy greeting card every time x

This project uses the KISS Enjoy Today Flowers A6 Stamp Set

Available HERE


A second little cardmaking project, using a very pretty flowers and vases design, illustrated by Tina Cox. This time we are using the Perga Colour felt tips, and watering them down a little.

Helping Hand

When selecting a Doodle frame for your artwork, it is always better to keep it tighter and closer than go too large.


Enjoy Today Kiss Stampset
5” x 5” white scored card blanks x 2
Nested Square Doodle Frame-Its Frames
Black Archival ink pad
Perga Glue
Amazonia 8” x 8” Designer Paper
Amazonia 8” x 8” Companion Paper
Perga Colour felt tip pens
Mix Mat
Water brush
Glue Tape runner

1. Pick a Designer paper (Amazonia used here), and run the Fresh Cut Doodle frame die through your machine, to give you all these brilliant doodle frames for other projects too.

2. Pick the frame you like, cut one of the 5”x 5” card blanks into two pieces, and trim your topper back to 4.25” square. Lay the doodle frame over the white card, and stamp the vases, the sentiment and the butterflies into position, using a black Archival. 

3. Dot dot dot Perga glue lightly around the back of the doodle frame. Tiny dots directly from the nozzle are perfect.

4. Carefully place the coloured frame on top of the white topper and move into position. Lay a piece of paper on top and press into place to set.

5. The vibrant Perga Colours can be diluted and lightened. Scribble your colours of choice onto a Clarity Mix mat. Using a water brush, squeeze a tiny drop of water next to the colour and work the water into the ink.

6. Using the water brush, paint the images. This is very easy and fast. If you want to add depth and shade, wait for the first layer to dry before applying the next darker layer.

7. The colours can also be blended on the Mix Mat to create other tones. If you are using the same water brush for all colours, push water out to clean the fibres before starting with the new colour.

8. Add a layer of pink coordinating paper to the background. Attach using the Clarity Tape runner.

Quote for today:

Listen To Your Body

love always

Barb x x x

56 thoughts on “Sending KISSes from Barb – Project 2

  1. So lovely to hear you are feeling better, Barbara, and, yes, absolutely I do believe in the power of collective energy! Just take it slowly and exploit this respite opportunity for what it is – time for yourself and time to heal. Sending much love and even more positivity! You rock! xxx ❤️

  2. Definitely a great quote and one I’m taking note of once I’ve done birthday roast for two friends today! I’ve pulled something under right boob moving/putting together beds this week, on top of my right hip/leg which x ray proved normal but now have some physio booked ! I will then be resting a bit – in the meantime pass the paracetamol. Love your projects and, even more, that you’re on the mend. sorry to hear about Greg, send him best wishes and hope he’s back out soon. Enjoy your audio book (haven’t listened to that so will add it to my list) and doze as and when. Love and hugs xxx

  3. Rest is probably the best thing at the moment. Very true Listen to your body. You can see the signs of improvement and that is good. Work can wait. Our son-in-law is going through chemo again and it is hard making him rest. He is working from home so that does help. X

  4. There’s nothing wrong with a doze or snooze on a Sunday morning or anytime of the day morphine or not- it’s just your body trying to heal itself so go with it. I hope you new pal Greg will soon be feeling better. Sending love and hugs for your continued progress xxx

  5. Happy to hear your more positive’voice’. Don’t be in a rush to get home. It’s so different without nurses coming in and out, it can feel almost abandoned. I know you have wonderful family and friends though, so fingers crossed for enough improvement that you don’t need all the nursing attention. Much love. Xx

  6. Glad to hear you are slowly on the mend and do hope that you will soon be home. Bet Dave and the cats can’t wait either. I am not really a stamper but definitely going to make this year the year I try it. Love the kiss designs. Take it one day at a time Barbara. We miss you but we are all patient. Xx

  7. Good to hear you are resting and just being. Our bodies need time to heal and healing takes time. I’m down supporting my mum and dad after she took a fall and fractured her femur. Sadly at 91 the healing takes even longer and she is exhausted. But we have had some laughs to help her along and I hope my being here is helping x

  8. Another lovely card. Someone I once worked with told me her doctor told her the best way to recover well after a stay in hospital is to wait until you feel ready to go back to work ,then give it another week. Hard to do but probably wise! Glad you are feeling better, take care, much love Maggie x

  9. So glad you are on the mend but don’t rush back into work too quickly Barb. I recently finished watching all 7 seasons of The West Wing for about the eighth time. Still my favourite ensemble cast programme of all time so enjoying things more than once is always good. Gentle hugs and further healing wishes. xx

  10. Great news Barbara. So pleased to hear you sounding positive. We are all right behind you, for sure.
    Love the blog, I must do some shopping!
    As for a snooze on a Sunday morning, your body is telling you …slowly slowly back to good health. Never feel guilty, that’s the problem with us workaholics. Not a moment to waste! But the time comes! Healing hugsXx

  11. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing on a Sunday morning, even if you are not recovering from serious illness! It’s so lovely to hear in your posts that you are feeling better. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say you had us all worried, so I can only imagine how your family and friends felt. Keep up the good work on the relaxing front as it can only do good. Hope your mate Greg is soon on the road to recovery. Sending healing thoughts to you both. xx

  12. You know Barbara, you’re allowed to have a snooze whenever you feel the need. Sleep is the most important part of healing. And even when you’re home and functioning more normally it’s ok to sit and snooze if you feel you need it. No one will shout at you or be critical. It’s hard when you’ve been a complete workaholic to start to slow down a bit but it’s just your body telling you that you need a rest.
    I’m listening to the Harry Potter series again. I love them but I think it’s because Stephen Fry reads it so well.
    I’m loving these kiss stamps and they are definitely on my list when I next order some stash.
    Have a restful afternoon.
    Lots of love and hugs. Xxx

  13. Dear Barb. I endorse all the good advice the others have already said, other than I too am thinking of you all the time….and I love Tina’s stamps (note to self: get and order them!!!). Lots of love and gentle hugs
    Beryl xxx

  14. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Nothing wrong with a Sunday snooze. Listen to your body but also listen to the experts. Collective energy is a wonderful thing, I’m sure this group could solve a lot of problems given the chance. Take care xx

  15. Great to hear you are still on the up. Don’t feel guilty at snoozing as your body needs rest to heal and I’m sure when you are recovered you’ll be hitting work with all you have got. It’s wonderful that our positive messages are helping. Beautiful project.

  16. We all seem to be giving similar advice so we must be right. Sorry to hear about your new friend Gregg. Hope he gets better soon. So pleased you are feeling better. Take care x

  17. As has already been said, sleep is good for you and if you need a few zeds then follow your body and take them. Readmission is not to be recommended so no trying to do too much once you are home, whenever that happens, either. Remember you have loads of cuddles to catch up on from R & E.
    Happy napping.

  18. So pleased you are doing just that, sleeping a must to heal yourself. My husband Michael had a quadruple bypass just over a year ago after heart attack and he’s fast asleep at the moment as we had a walk along the front at Lyme to the Cobb and back. Got to go with the flow. Sending lots of love xx

  19. Fantastic that you are feeling so much better. Morphine or not Sunday morning is an ideal time to snooze. We overslept this morning, felt guilty as there was a lot to do, but actually felt refreshed and still got the jobs done. Keep taking it easy until the docs and your body tell you otherwise.
    Sad that Greg is back in the hospital, best wishes to him for a swift recovery.
    I love North and South but only have 2 copies of the video tapes which I have watched several times. They kept me pleasantly occupied when I was laid out flat on my back.
    I have placed an order for the new KISS stamps and look forward to using them. Your step by steps are great, easy to follow and quick.
    Stay positive, you are getting there.
    Good thoughts winging their way to you.

  20. Sleep is good for you!! So take a nap whenever you feel like one. Glad to hear another positive blog from you shows your on the way up. Xx

  21. Well done you. I’m so proud to be one of your followers. All will be well in time – I’m certain of it.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  22. Hi Barb, I too have recently read North and South again and I love it. I even have the DVD! I am so glad that you are relaxing and not trying to work before you are ready. It must be the most time out you have had in years. Keep recovering at a steady rate. Love to you and all the family as well as that marvellous crew keeping Clarity afloat for you! xx

  23. Fantastic news that you are feeling a lot better. ,Hope you continue to make good progress, feel stronger every day and are soon home with Dave and the cats

  24. You are sounding a lot more positive about resting and fully recuperating. Unfortunately the older we get the longer it take. But as you say, it takes as long as it takes.

  25. The ‘ Getting better’ vibes are certainly coming through ‘tinternet’👍😊keep up the good work and you’ll be home in good time. X

  26. Great quote today. Many of us burn the candle at both ends for too long and then our body lets us know. I am one who needs my sleep, otherwise I get a cold/sick. When I listen to my body, I focus on getting a good night’s sleep and feel so much better, physically and mentally.
    Love this card as a gift tag or a small note to send to a friend.

  27. Hi Barb,

    I am so glad to read that you are improving every day, long may it continue. I don’t post very much but I think of you often.

    I have been catching up with the Shac and have now moved on to Groovi Tuesdays, I am just about to start Summer School with your good friend Linda Williams, not sure how that will work out but I will give it a go 😀

    Thank you for the hours of tuition and fun you have given everyone on the Shac bus (who knew I loved drawing and colouring so much) and give yourself plenty time to heal. You are a very special lady and do lots of good for a lot of people.

    Take care, stay safe and travel gently,
    Love and healing hugs
    Caroline 🌹💐🌹xx

  28. That’s great that you are listening to your body. Rest, rest and more rest now and you will be back home soon stronger and refreshed.
    Love and best wishes
    Lynn x

  29. so now Barbara you need less stress and less working hours. this is a wake up call, you are not superwoman……….
    plus loosing your dear dad……but please start being kind to yourself………

    love fiona xx

  30. So pleased you are slowly improving Barbara .. what an awful experience for you and your family to go through.
    I always read your blog and was very concerned when you became seriously unwell.
    Be good to welcome you along to my Village Hall for a crafty day sometime in the future, if you can make it Barbara.
    l’m sure you will be able to lay your hands on some crafty supplies to play with !
    We all do our own thing!
    Jilly comes along quite often and Tina too when she can.
    We slap the glue around whilst
    putting the world to rights over Tea and Cake !
    Wishing you a swift recovery x

  31. Don’t regret your nap, because you need this to get well again.
    You did such a great job during the covid time in the Shac,but now it’s time to slow down a little with all that was going on in your live.
    So sorry to hear about Greg– hope he will recover soon too.
    Take care and lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  32. Good to hear you’re getting better, Barb. Definitely good advice in your quote – listen to your body!
    To quote Winnie The Pooh ( a bear of small brain but immense wisdom!)
    “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”
    So take the naps when you need them, rest as much as you like, and soak up the collective energy flowing your way. That way, you’ll be back home soon enough.
    Take care, travel gently.

  33. Hi Barbara
    So pleased you are looking after You and taking things slowly and doing what we all have been saying. Listened to that body of yours .
    So keep on doing what you are doing everyone here is with you in spirit if not in person
    Take care my friend ❤️

  34. It is great that you are on the road to recovery and absorbing all the collective energy and love surrounding you. I absolutely believe there are benefits in this powerful energy.
    Keep doing what your doing and listen to your body,
    rest and nap as much as you need too while your body repairs itself and you will be back home soon.
    Take care,
    Much love

  35. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Barbara. Hope you hear some good news this week and are able to go home. Enjoy your napping and don’t feel guilty about doing so 😊 x

  36. It’s such a relief to read that you are improving daily – you’re very precious to many and all those positive thoughts must be doing some good! Glad that you’re listening to your body, too – that’s a habit to keep up once you’re home! There’s no shame in snatching 40 winks when needed.
    Big hugs xx

  37. Loving these KISS stamps, Barbara (just snuck a cheeky little order in!)
    I often think that you don’t realise just how unwell you’ve been feeling until you start to feel better! So good that you’re well on the road to recovery, but just take it steady (and keep napping when you need to!) Sleep gives the body time to heal xx

  38. I can hear in your words that you are feeling so much better today & nothing wrong with a nap, whether its just 5 or 10 minutes or an hour. It’s the bodies way of reenergising when needed.
    Sorry to hear about Greg but at least he had a friend to text when he was readmitted. Lets hope you are both soon back home.
    I have just woken from a quick nap having been out to lunch to start the celebrations for our eldest granddaughter who will be 18 this week.

    Still one day at a time & definitely listen to your body x

  39. Hi Barbara
    sounds like good news but one step at a time lovely lady .
    Hope all the prayers have helped You so keep positive and God Bless you

  40. You’ll be back home before you know it if our collective energy has anything to do with it. In the meantime make the most of the enforced rest. How nice to revisit a book you enjoyed before – no guilt please!!!

    The tiredness that morphine brings is overwhelming – I know only too well , I was on it for a number of years. I used to call it involuntary sleep , it was like your body just switches off all of a sudden. You’ll be pleased for the pain to subside enough to stop the morphine. Be sure not to go full steam ahead when you are discharged, whenever that is.

    Lovely project again today! Thankyou 🥰

  41. Hi Barb,
    Sunday is a rest day as per certain religion. As I said a few days ago, slow but steady wins the race. I know its not about winning but more about getter better. And you are, you sound more an more enthousiastic by the day. Hopefully you are allowed home this week. Wishing you all the best and lots of hugs. Your Kisses cards are so lovely and so are you.

  42. How lovely it is to hear you’re feeling better Barb. Love your quote for today – so true and pleased you are listening to your body and having a snooze when it’s needed. I think you need to take things slowly for a while now and get properly better. As you said you don’t want to end up like Greg and get rushed back into hospital again. I wish Greg well too and hope he’s soon home again
    Take care. Love and hugs xxx

  43. I love the stamps beautiful clean looking. My kind of stamps umm think I’m going shopping.
    So pleased your taking some time to relax and rest.
    Rest repair repeat. Rest repair repeat and so on until you get your strength back.
    Sending love and lots of well wishes Barbara xxx

  44. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are feeling much better, never feel guilty about sleeping 💤 in the afternoon as everyone has said it’s your body’s way of telling you to rest. Just watched the throwdown I won’t give you a spoiler alert. But well worth the watch, lots of tears and that’s only Keith Brymer Jones. Me and Jackie are going to Yeovil in June to hear him giving a talk should be interesting. Hope you get to go home this week.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  45. Glad to hear of you actually relaxing Keep up the good work.Love the Kiss range ordering the celebrate set today Thanks for the projects,Love to you and your family xxx

  46. My husband can nap any time of day and still sleep at night – lucky thing. Sadly I am unable to do so, wish I could sometimes but I would not sleep at night. Don’t feel guilty about it – enjoy it while you can and especially while you are healing.
    Take care. Onwards and upwards

  47. Hello Barbara. Great news you are feeling better and well enough to go home. “The Universe is singing”. Take care and all the best for your continued recovery xx

  48. Dear Barb, thank you for the 2nd project. No need to feel bad about taking time to heal and recover, if that means 50 naps a day. You get well soon. Sending love and hugs. Take care everyone. Bx

  49. So good to hear you are continuing the steady recovery. I’m not good at pacing myself, it’s so hard when you have frustrating days unable to do what you want that I go nuts when I’m feeling better and end up on my behind again. Will I ever learn? Probably not, but so glad you found your off switch to aid your recovery.
    My quote of the day ‘Just keep Swimming’
    Take care Barbara xx

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