Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy Love Day. Very VERY happy to report that my positive pants worked! Yep. Yesterday afternoon, all the angels came swooping in, removed the drain from my back, gave me one last good check over, decided I was good to go, organised a month’s worth of antibiotics – and by 6pm yesterday evening, I was indeed sitting by the Aga with Dave, cat in lap, drinking tea. Photographic evidence!

I came home to a mountain of cards and envelopes from you good people, and I am looking forward this afternoon, to sitting quietly on my own, and opening them all. What a special group this Clarity Family is. Your daily posts on Facebook were such a sight for sore, sad eyes, I cannot tell you. But then to walk into this huge display of love and affection – you make me cry. Thank you doesn’t cut it.

And yes. I have had two weeks to consider how to handle this turn of events. As yesterday’s quote said, “It is never the event, but how we respond to it that will ultimately affect you”.

Today I would add to that a quote that my dearest friend Ken Kilminster posted during the last days, from Winnie the Pooh, which absolutely resonated with me:

Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.

Winnie the Pooh

I fully intend to relax and do nothing. I actually think that it will speed up progress, that I will get to where I want to be sooner.

This week, I thought that since the Design of the Week falls on Valentines Day, I would shine a light on the Bird Heart Sprig – not just for Valentines, but for all occasions when you want to spread the love around. The price has been dropped by 30% (to coincide with celebrating 30 years of Clarity) and your club discount also applies

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Here is some love from the design team

What a superb gallery!

Love always,

Barb x x x

202 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. Barbara what wonderful news for everyone connected to the Clarity family and the Grey family. You have made my day to know that you are well enough to go home. Enjoy doing nothing for a while, life will soon intrude. Take care of yourself. Much love. xx

  2. Dear Barbara, so glad you now on the road to recovery, what a horrible time you have had. No doubt you will start to recover even more now that you are home with your loving family. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Great to hear that you are finally home in the hub of your family. I bet you were exhausted just coming home!! Make sure you really take care of YOU. Don’t be tempted to do anything apart from getting better.
    Lovely to see you by the aga with the cat and great that you can be with Dave on Valentine’s Day. Take care and lots of love Julie xx

  4. It’s fabulous news that you are back home now ,take care and be kind to yourself, your family and the Clarity Family will always have your back,They say time is a great healer. i love the winnie the pooh saying.the mist has cleared now in portsmouth and yes i am just sitting in the silence looking out at the sunshine and the clear blue sky.

  5. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see this photo of you back home. Now just relax, stroke the cats, cuddle Dave but gently does it.
    “I’m busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do” should be sung whenever you feel like doing something.
    Lots of love xx

  6. Good news Barbara ! I can imagine how good it is to be back home. Precious time to look after yourself
    Much Love 🥰

    1. A BIG Welcome Home! Now your proper recovery can begin. Take time to get fully better and enjoy a life of relaxation. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us. We’ll keep sending positive thoughts and lots of love. Pam xx

      1. so happy to hear the good news that you are home. Take care and get really well. We are here on the bus whenever the driver is fit .

  7. Oh, Happy Days! Lovely to read your blog today and see you back with one of your furry friends, resting in front of the Aga and wearing your sensible hat!
    Boy, have you been through the mill, not just the past couple of weeks but for many months and it is not surprising that you have been worn to a frazzle. You know that we read between the lines.
    As you say, plenty of rest and still on the Winnie the Pooh theme, hopefully you will soon be bouncing around just like Tigger!
    Sending love and healing thoughts.

  8. So thrilled that you are back home and recovering take time and rest no rushing things as I know we all tend to do xx aww bet the cats were happy to see you home they will be near you for a good few days xx
    Take time for you rest and recuperate fully before slowly getting back to normal xx love and best wishes to you and the family xx

  9. How lovely to see you sitting safe and snug back home! Now just take Pooh’s wise words to heart – it will all take as much time as it takes to recover well. And you are surrounded by the love and warm wishes and prayers of home and family – and your huge extended family of SHACers and Clarity lovers.
    Love and lots of blessing, Rosemary T xx

  10. Congratulations – you are home!!!!! This is a special day in more ways than one.
    Good that you have decided to take it easy for a while as it will help your recovery.
    An impressive display of the teams work with this heart bird sprig design. A lot to digest.
    Enjoy opening all your cards and absorbing all the good wishes but make sure you have a box of tissues handy as you may be moved to tears.
    You know you are loved.🍒🍒🍒

  11. So pleased to see you home. I imagine all the family are thrilled as well. Now you have to concentrate on you, which will be difficult, but it is the only way. Rushing back to work is not a good idea. So enjoy, relax and let others take care of you for a change.

  12. Such wonderful news, what a way to start our day…

    I totally agree with your thoughts, there is much value in doing nothing, just a little crafting just for yourself, when you feel like it, and much cuddling of cats.

    much love, Janette

  13. Hello Barbara
    I am so pleased to read you are home. Take care and listen to your body! Recovery takes time. I have been home four weeks and yesterday was the first day since December 19th that I managed to stay awake all day.

  14. So pleased you are home. I met my sister on her birthday yesterday and coincidentally she is a huge Winnie the Pooh fan. Her tee shirt was a Winnie the poo design (it usually is) which proclaimed “They say nothing is impossible but that can’t be true. I do nothing Every Day!!!”
    If it’s good enough for Pooh bear it’s good enough for Barb, even if only for a short time. Do take care xxxxx

  15. Fantastic news that you are home. You have been through the mill. No doubt you will heed all the good advice so go gently and stay safe💕 xx

  16. That’s brilliant. You will feel so much better for being home. I hope Dave has some strong glue to keep you in that chair! Just take little steps and as many as it takes x

  17. Just sat down with a cuppa after doing the weekly shop opened up my Facebook page and find you looking at me sitting by the aga with one of the cats. First thought thank God Barbara’s home. Second thought now you’ll have to be good and rest do nothing and get your strength back. It’s going to be tough for such a workaholic but it needs to be done. A huge welcome home from me.❤

  18. between one thing and another I just found out yesterday about your Dad’s passing my condolences…also that you’ve been ill…I’m glad to hear your home and just relaxing doing nothing is good for your soul. enjoy sitting by the aga with Dave and the cats. sending love and speedy recovery back to good health…thinking of you

  19. Ih Barb I am in tears here – happy ones for YOU. Just seeing your lovely face and you sitting there by the aga and knowing you are home with Dave by your side and the fur babies too makes my heart sing. Take care now and I wish you and Dave a very Happy Valentine’s Day 💞
    Lots of love xxx

  20. Barbera
    Glad to see you back at home – I told my mum you were not well – she was the one talking to you at the parchment retreat – she says have you bought that lovely coat you both liked? If not you should treat yourself.

  21. so glad your home.
    so very glad.
    now you must rest up, look after yourself and get better.
    with love
    fiona henderson at the frozen north. lol

  22. Brilliant news Barbara. So glad you are home and I bet Dave and the cats are over the moon, please just rest and get yourself really well. Just take each day one at a time. Xx

  23. Magic news, Barb, for you, Dave and all your family.
    Pooh is wise for a bear of such small brain, although you probably shouldn’t eat as much honey as he does! 🤣
    Take care, travel gently on your road to recovery – it’s as long as it needs to be!
    So pleased! 😊

    1. What a lovely pic of you, the smile says it all !!
      So pleased you are on the mend and are now back to your ‘home comforts’.
      Barbara I would love send a Get Well card your way but dont know where to address it to. I quite understand that you wouldn’t want to give out your home address but is there another address that will get to you ? No problem if this is out of order.
      Take care X

  24. Dear Barbara, you have made my day and I am so happy for you and your family. Back where you belong. Please take it easy. I know what it’s like – you feel OK so think you will do something little, then it turns out to be more than you thought, but you need to take it easy for a bit longer. I’m really chuffed.

  25. What wonderful news – so happy for you Barbara – it’s so good to be home isn’t it? Take care, rest and enjoy all the things you couldn’t do last week – stroke a cat, look at the flower shoots coming up in the garden, watch a sunrise/sunset, listen to the birds, hug Dave and your Mum!!!
    Sending lots of love
    Katharine xxxxx

  26. Just got back from pottery class and saw your blog … wonderful news. Keep looking after you, all the others can cope for themselves for a while and no doubt will be happy to look after you too. I know that doing nothing is an alien concept for you, but as we say “it is what it is” so I’m sure you can manage to take it easy. All the very best, enjoy all those cards 🥰🤗🥰

  27. Fab news! What a relief for you all. Now to get your strength back and enjoy some you, Dave and the cats time. What better for valentines ! X

  28. So pleased to see you at home. Glad to see you are on the way to recovery. I’m sure you will get better quicker being surrounded by all your own things. Just take things easy and when the time comes, ease yourself back in slowly and gently. Sending you lots of love

  29. Glad to see that you are home. Take it easy and relax and we will see you on the bus whenever you are ready, but don’t rush. All the best to you.

  30. So pleased to hear you are home, now you need rest, rest and a lot more rest. Be a good patient for Dr Dave. Sending love. Xx

  31. Phew what a relief to finally be back home with the family – glad the positive pants worked their magic. Do however take care and be prepared for bouts of tears for no apparent reason. Enjoy the family, cats and opening all your cards, I bet they are all wonderful as made with such love. xxxx

  32. Glad to see you back where you belong, what a Valentine’s treat for you and Dave. I am sure he will spoil you! Get your strength back and take as long as it takes. Workaholics can be the worst patients so take Ken K’s words to heart and take it gently. Love and hugs xx

  33. wicked glad your back not a holiday i would want but hey things do take a turn up, now sit back contemplate your navel ha ha meditate all those silly bits, but do sit back and contemplate what you now do look at whats important in your life from now on but most of all get better, rest let someone else do the running we aint getting any younger girl lots of love

  34. Wonderful news! Now take a very long rest and recuperate properly. Sending much love to you and to Dave. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    (40 years ago today, I said ‘yes’! I made him wait until Valentine’s Day for an answer. We’d only been going out for 3 weeks!) ❤️❤️ xx

  35. Oh Barbara, I’m absolutely thrilled you’re home and on the road to recovery. Please, please take your time, baby steps. Healing hugs and much love xx

  36. So pleased to hear that you’re home and on the road to recovery
    in your own words
    ‘ Give time time’ and all will be well
    Take care

  37. Brilliant news Barbara, so happy for you and your family. Listen to your body, take it easy and be kind to yourself.
    Home is where the heart is…..
    Much love

  38. Joy of joys! So happy to hear this – and what a relief it must be for your nearest and dearest (and those dearest who aren’t so near! It must have been so hard for Grace to leave you in hospital and travel back to the States).
    Steady as you go now, so as not to undo all the good progress.
    Big hugs xx

  39. So glad you have made it home Barbara
    I’m sure Dave will make you slow down and take care of you. I made and sent the Kiss card ‘Just for You ‘on your step by step guide for my poorly friend, and the Hugs one for another friend.
    Watched Paul this morning on Groovi Tuesday, Clarity is a great family, you much be so proud Barbara Take care. Janet xx

  40. Wow, so good to see you are home. Now for E & R to fight over your lap and Dave will no doubt join in, not for your knee but spoiling you. I know you will have throughly enjoyed a night in your own bed.
    Hope your new friend is back home too.

  41. Fantastic news!!!
    Be easy,soothe your lovely self, find the peace and breathe.
    Well done the NHS.
    Love and hugs to you and yours.XX

  42. Great news Barbara, take it easy, stay warm and safe, just a little doodling , no rushing into work mode!
    All the love and good wishes that filled Room 21 are now filling your home!
    One day at a time and take it gently! Jean xjean

  43. Really pleased that you are back home. Whatever else you do, Do Not Rush back – if you don’t have your health, well – need I say more. Take great care of yourself.


  44. How wonderful that you are home again and can recuperate with Dave to look after you.
    Take it easy.
    With love,
    Angela (Gela) X

  45. ‘There’s no place like home’.

    So pleased and relieved to hear you are able to continue your recovery at home. Familiar surroundings and loved ones (including pets) that’s all we need.

    Looking forward to seeing you get stronger each day.

    Sending lots of love .

  46. What a great Valentine’s Day for you and Dave.
    Now take it slowly and get yourself well, I knew you would either be home or on your way as Paul wouldn’t say anything this morning 😀
    Take care and enjoy them cuddles with your cats they are such relaxing creatures, I have another one now after not having any for 3 years xx

  47. Dear Barbara.
    I’m So pleased to know that you are now home and on the mend, I have really missed you so much as I looked forward to the shacshack every week, the drawing colouring and your lovely amusing chats, it is a chunk out of my life I love and hopefully when your fully recovered you will be back entertaining us all with your smile. So get better soon and Happy Valentine’s Day xxx
    Jean xxx.

  48. Brilliant news Barbara……now the hard bit starts in not being tempted to do too much, too soon…..time to listen to your body! We are with you every step of the way…just as you were for us SHACERS(?) when COVID first raised it’s ugly head.
    Sit back, heal well and press the restart button, slowly! 👍🏻🤞🏻👏🏻👩🏻‍🎨

  49. So happy to see you home, now’s the time to get really better now the medics have done their bit. Lots of TLC,rest, and recuperation needed for you now.
    Love the photo and glad you back in you happy place x

  50. Never underestimate the magic that lies within your lucky pants.
    I am so pleased to see that you are home. Take it easy. x

  51. So pleased to see that you are well enough to recover at home. Take care and give those cats plenty of soothing strokes. x

  52. So pleased you’re back home. If your positive-thinking pants got you there, now put your Sponge(bobsquare) pants on and soak up all the atmosphere of home and the joy of being there. Home is the healingest place there is. Take care and travel gently. Lotsalove. Xx

  53. So lovely to see you home and with your family. Take care Barbara and don’t rush to do too much too soon. Sending love and virtual hugs. xxx

  54. Hello Barbara
    I am so pleased to read your blog today, what fantastic news! 😊
    There is nothing quite like getting back into your own bed after a hospital stay and enjoying the peace and quiet. Take your time now, you’re on the right path and going in the right direction.
    Barbara and Dave
    Happy Valentine’s day! 🥰 Xx

  55. So pleased to see you return home & on the road to recovery. Always a positive person with a positive outlook. I wish you well xxx

  56. So pleased to hear (and see) that you’re back home!! Just make sure to follow doctors orders and don’t be in a rush to get back in the saddle. It’s time to concentrate on you now, everything else can wait. Much love xx

  57. What a lovely pic of you, the smile says it all !!
    So pleased you are on the mend and are now back to your ‘home comforts’.
    Barbara I would love send a Get Well card your way but dont know where to address it to. I quite understand that you wouldn’t want to give out your home address but is there another address that will get to you ? No problem if this is out of order.
    Take care X

  58. Brilliant news! So glad you’ve made it home. The photo shows the perfect pose for you for the next few weeks if not longer. Let yourself fully recover. Go slowly and gently along the path soaking in all that’s beautiful and healing around you. Love to you and all the family xxx

  59. Hi Barb,

    Such happy news, so glad that you are now home.

    You have got over the difficult bit and jumped Beechers Brook*, now you are on the home straight. However, unlike a horse race, don’t rush it; slowly slowly wins the race! I am sure from now on, you will get stronger and improve day by day. Travel gently and eat some cake without any of the guilt!

    * The horsey reference is due to the influence of my dear Dad, who passed coming up to 4 years ago in July. I miss him so much.

  60. So pleased to hear you are home, just take your time, there’s no rush, enjoy being spoilt, you deserve it. Xx

  61. Brilliant news Barbara. So pleased for you all. Please take it easy and one step at a time. I know that will be a challenge for you but you are so important to so many so please give yourself time to fully recover. Xx

  62. So glad to see that you’re home Barbara. I bet your bed felt like heaven last night….and that first brew…nectar! Keep up with the antibiotics, eat nutritious food and take things easy. Welcome home xx

  63. So happy to hear you are back home at last. ❣️This will certainly help with your recovery I’m sure….Take it easy lovely lady x

  64. I’m too made up to say ‘owt. To celebrate your return home, I have treated myself to the bird sprig die (brilliant design) welcome home.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  65. So glad you’re home and feeling better. You do need your rest. Take it easy. Will still be praying for your speedy, full recovery. 🙏

  66. oh Barb … you lovely lady…so pleased you are on the mend …. take it slowly…. bit each day …you are so loved by everyone 💖…lots of Hugs Sylvie xx Gibraltar xxx

  67. Sehr, sehr schön, dass du wieder zuhause bist und es dir besser geht. Buddha sagt: Gesundheit ist der größte Reichtum, Liebe ist der kostbarste Schatz und Lachen die beste Medizin. Weiterhin gute Besserung.

  68. Oh Barbara I’m so glad your home again with your Dave, Eric and Ragna. I know , you know , you really have to rest! We have all been sending you healing hugs, and patiently wait for the day you can talk to us all again in person, well …. via You Tube 😄
    Lots of love

  69. Wonderful news ! There is nothing like cuddling a ginger cat to make you feel better. I still miss my ginger cat Rufus so much. He always made me feel better.
    Love and hugs

  70. Fantastic news to see you are home & not still in room 21 – I opened the blog whilst sat waiting for mom at the hairdressers & then had to explain why I was so excited !! I guessed it was good news as Paul was itching to tell us but said it was your news to tell.
    Enjoy being back in the comfort of your own home with Dave , Erik & Ragnar, certainly something to celebrate along with Valentines Day.
    Still one day at a time, busy doing nothing xx

  71. That is such good news Barbara. I am so delighted for you. There’s nothing like being back home and able to sleep in your own bed tonight. And of course there’s nothing to beat the cuddles from Dave and the cats!! Definitely do as much nothing as you can in the coming weeks. Much lovexx

  72. Welcome home Barbara. So pleased to see you back where you belong. Dave must be elated. What a lovely Valentine’s Day celebration. Your Mum must be super pleased and relieved too. Continue the good work.
    Lynn x

  73. wonderful news 💞 💐
    stay warm, stay safe, and the best words, “one day at a time ” lots of love and hugs 💝x

  74. So lovely to see you home. Please take time to properly recover before even thinking about work. Best valentines gift for Dave to get you home 💕.

  75. Oh wow Barbara, so pleased for you! Take it easy & have some ‘me’ time to make sure you recover fully before returning back to work! Take extra care, all our love Ann & David xxx

  76. So pleased you are home (and for Valentine’s Day too)! This is where your true recovery will begin. Enjoy doing nothing for as long as it takes. Big hugs 🤗 xx

  77. Hi Barbara,
    Number 122 here, nothing much I can say that hasn’t been said, but I have to add my 2 cents, too! It’s easy to see in your picture that this has taken it’s toll on you. All the challenges of work and day to day living will be there when you’re ready so there really is no reason to rush. Nothing is better for recovery than rest. Hug the kitties and let your loved ones carry the load for awhile. After all, it makes them feel better, too! Much love, Patsy

  78. Oh Happy Happy Day. So pleased you are home. Now you can start recovering SLOWLY. Everyone else has said it all so I’m just going to send you loving vibes on St Valentine’s Day for peace and sweet content xx

  79. What truly wonderful news. I’m sure all the family are extremely happy to have you home, as are the ‘Clarity family’. Relax, stroke cats but above all do not, after a couple of days, start to think you should be doing more. Your body has been through quite a bit, it needs time to heal and staying at home with Dave and the cats should be your main focus.

  80. so glad you are back where you belong…hope Erik and Ragnar take it in turns to sit on your lap..
    then you will have to stay put and chill. They will love your company and plenty of cuddles. Even the cats are getting Valentine cards, mine got one from another cat…catnip inside card…my cat was SO happy….rolled around for ages…..lol. Good to have a laugh!!

  81. So glad to see you’re home! 🤗 Plenty of rest now to aid your recovery, no pushing yourself. Take it nice & easy xx

  82. Yessssss so pleased you are home, well done you what a relief for all of your family, Clarity family and us Shackers. Bestest news so now you can relax in your own home bliss. Time is a great healer so let it pass gently and just get stronger everyday. There’s no rush xxx

  83. That is good news,home at last. Just got to to take the time now to let your body recover. It takes a while after pneumonia.
    We have just got back in after I dragged hubby out for a walk. Drove out into the countryside for some good fresh air. Snowdrops in abundance , so pretty and delicate.

  84. hi Barbara, what wonderful news, so glad you are home, recovery is so much better around family, and at home. please take it easy, don’t rush your friends all understand and are with you 100%, gentle hugs x

  85. Dear Barbara
    yippee you are home. what a lovely photo I was so glad to see you. love and gentle hugs flying your way. x

  86. Yippee, Barbara. So pleased that you are home and farmer Dave is now in charge! Take things gently. Lots of love from us both. Xx

  87. What good news to hear you’re back home again. Just relax, take it easy and heed Winnie the Pooh’s advice. You might be well enough to come home but that doesn’t mean you should dive back into work just yet:) .take care xx

  88. Oh Barbara, great that your home. Do be kind to yourself and take the time to recover. The slow road if definitely the best one. Love and best wishes xx

  89. So happy to see you home sitting with a cat on your lap!!!
    Take a good rest and care of yourself!
    sending healing prayers and lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  90. What a lovely photo, and kitten. You are looking very fragile but the colour yellow really suits you. It is so nice to see you back at home. Everyone has missed you a lot. My parching friend and teacher, Avril, is in hospital at the moment. She had gallstones and caught an infection on top of that so is not doing too well, but hopefully she too will be able to go home. The Spring flowers have arrived to cheer us all up. Love & hugs, Lynda

  91. Well HELLO Barb. ❤️❤️
    So pleased to see you back where you belong
    So you get busy doing nothing Mrs
    Listen to that body of yours and to your in house nurse Dave Love and healing hugs 🤗❤️

  92. So pleased to hear you’re home again and having extra cuddles. I’m sure they all missed you. Take is easy and let your body dictate when it’s ready to get going again x

  93. Glad to hear you’ve managed home and are on the road to recovery. Take care of you, you are in our thoughts each and every day and as my old gran used to say “lang may yer lum reek!”

  94. That’s the absolute best news Barbara! Enjoy being back home with your Lovely Dave and just enjoy being back in your home together. Enjoy opening your mountain of post and enjoy putting your feet up and letting your body, mind and soul heal again. Sending love and get well hugs, Gilly xxx

  95. Wonderful news! So glad you are home, there’s no place like it for getting better. Glad to see at least one of your Vikings is enforcing rest regulations. Both will need to be able to keep you company, rested and entertained. Take time to savour being back with those you love and to regain your health and strength. Sleep well and whenver you fancy doing so.x

  96. Oh Barbara I’m so pleased to see you home at last. You must all be overjoyed. There’s nothing like your own bed and familiar things around you to help you recover. I’m pleased to hear you are taking it very easy, feet up, cups of tea and a cat or two, perfect. Now the fun begins Dave!
    Love Diane xxx

  97. Wow Barb how fantastic sending much love and hugs. You look just the same, but remember that you have ONE MONTHS SUPPLY OF ANTBIOTICS. That’s a month to try to slow down, re-evaluate, get you mind and body better then think about how to manage the future. You must put yourself first. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  98. Bloomin Brilliant news! what a fab Valentines gift to you & Dave, being home again with a nice cuppa Yorkshire Tea. I bet that tasted even better than it usually does!! – Love the quote for today, it speaks volumes when everything has been put into prospective. Enjoy it Barbara! – I am sure your all your family’s tea will taste so much better too, especially your poor Mum who has also been through it somewhat! XX

  99. Welcome home, Barbara – it’s lovely to see you again.
    Just take things slowly and give yourself time, physically and emotionally, to recover from recent events – travel gently.
    Sending positive vibes always xxx ❤️
    Debbie x

  100. Dear Barbara it is such good news that you were well enough to come home. Now your healing can begin. Don’t be tempted to do too much it is not worth it. Take all the time you need. There are so many people around you that have your back. Sending lots of love to you. Hugs xxx

  101. So pleased you’re home. Please take things slowly, you need to rest. Enjoy Dave and the cats. Eat little portions even if you find it hard. Take those antibiotics. They told me 6 weeks recovery time, so go gently! Much love ❤️

  102. So glad to see you back at home. Remember, you can’t do anything if you have a cat on your lap, so make sure you give those two Ginger terrors lots of hugs! Please take things slowly and carefully, don’t rush your recovery.

  103. So pleased that you are home Barbara. Time now to rest and recouperate.
    Which of the two Vikings is on your lap in the photo? They certainly have grown.
    L x

  104. Such good news that you are back home. Take each day gently and all the time it takes to fully recover. Thoughts, love and hugs xx

  105. Soooo pleased you are back home again Barb. Nothing like being home with loved ones and the feeling of a cat/s on your lap to make you feel better.

  106. Oh Barbara, so happy you are home, what a lovely photo of you with ome of your fur babies 🐈😽 Best Valentine’s Day for you and Dave 💝 I’m sure he, E & T and all your family are thrilled to have you home… just remember to rest when your body tells you to, for as long as needed. Such a lovely quote from Ken courtesy of Pooh 💖 Much love, a gentle hug and my prayers as always, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  107. Welcome home
    Now you are home you can really start to recover at your own pace and enjoy a few cuddles with the cats .
    They can be very therapeutic.
    Fabulous news
    Take care.x

  108. * E & R not E& T… my brain must have connected with ET call home hehe 🤭😅 Another little hug for you 🤗 Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  109. So very pleased your now home recuperating. Slow steps still as I’m sure your aware to do. From experience these life changing events take longer than possible expected on recovery from, but your get there. Hugs to you Barbara xxxx

  110. Oh Barbara, that is the most brilliant news EVER!
    All that positive energy surrounding you knew no bounds. I am just so happy for you and your lovely family to have you back where you belong.
    Remember take it steady, don’t over do it just one moment at a time….. a little song springs to mind “I’m busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do”…..Just take the time to enjoy being in your own beautiful, cosy and quiet surroundings.

  111. How wonderful to hear you are home at last and that you have resolved to rest. It’s often when you get out of the hospital and come down from the euphoria of that, you then realise you still have a way to travel to be feel completely well again….and you will!

    Take care and travel very, very gently for a while.

    Enjoy being home again with Dave and your two gorgeous little cats who will make up for lost time, I’m sure. Your Mum will be so happy to see you home too.

    Sending love and a hug, and to your Mum too.
    Linda x

  112. I’ve been thinking about you so much. So glad to hear that you are home, surrounded by love and all things familiar. Please just rest, heal and be kind to yourself. Biggest of hugs.
    Carole Rogers

  113. so good to see that you are now home – I’m sure it must feel wonderful! Winnie the Pooh is spot on – enjoy doing nothing and make sure you take all the time you need. Sending much love! xx

  114. Look at you! A picture is worth a thousand words. You,re HOME. Congratulations. You are one in a million Barbara. Keep smiling. Let Dave spoil you. Hugs from Australia🤗

  115. Barbara, I’m so pleased to hear that you are now home. Your family must be so relieved to see you back where you belong. I don’t leave comments very often but follow your blog religiously every day. I have been following your progress and have been so grateful that you continued your blog and kept us up to date during your stay in hospital. Your blogs have been truly inspirational and very brave considering how ill you were. My Dad, who will be 90 on Friday, always says that when the chips are down and you are seriously ill you can’t beat the NHS. Your blogs have shown the NHS in their best light. Please take your time to recover, you have a good team behind you who will look after the good ship Clarity in your absence. Enforced rest and recuperation may result in new inspiration for the future. Enjoy your time off with Dave, Erik and Ragnar, recover completely and return only when your body is ready. xx

  116. Hi Barbara
    Whoa whoa whoa great to be home in your own bed. It was probably too quiet after the hospital. I’m just going to be boring and reiterate what everyone else has said and rest rest rest. ❤️
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  117. Wonderful news for you to be back home, huge gentle hugs, now look after yourself and stay safe. Xxxx. Thanks for all you have done for us. Xxx

  118. Wonderful news that you are back home with Dave and your furry family members. Thank you for sharing the photo. The quote Ken shared is wonderful. I admire Ken’s writing – I have read his words on a few facebook posts and his words are so inspiring.
    Please rest and take care.

  119. The very best news possible for us clarity crafters ….. relax , recover and start taking the slow pace of life……we will all still be here when you feel stronger , we aren’t going anywhere xx

  120. So thrilled to see that you are home with your loved ones. I wish you the peace to relax, the strength to recover and the love to hold you on your journey.

  121. I had double pneumonia and pleurisy and needed a chest drain too. My advice is to walk a little bit each day (even just potter around indoors), eat good food, breathe deeply and to rest up. It’s time to listen to your body. I’m sure as the days lengthen, the sun warms, the bulbs show through the soil and Spring is just around the corner then you too will recover and flourish once again – just take time xxx

  122. Hello Barb so happy you are back home with your wonderful husband and cats and your beautiful home. sending lots of gentle hugs and wishes for your continued recovery. As Grace says travel gently. xx❤️

  123. Barbara this is the best news. please 🙏 listen to your body and heal. it’s amazing what you can hear in silence. Be still and know. lots of love hugs and prayers sent your way ❤️

  124. so glad your now home take it easy for a while.
    get hubby to run after you lol.
    you must be so happy being with your wee cats.
    sending lots of love and hugs 💗💗💗

  125. So, pleased you are home, but you must take it easy, listen to your body, if you get the urge to play, do it with paper and pencils, bet Mum is so relieved you are slowly on the mend. Take good care, xxxxx

  126. Fabulous to see you at home, I join everyone in wishing you a lasting recovery. You must listen to the good advice your well wishers have given you, we have all missed you but want you to be fully recovered before you taken up the reigns. Just nice to get your blogs. ❤️

  127. Welcome home, and thank you for keeping us all up to date. Hope you continue to feel better soon
    The Universe is definitely singing now. Xx

  128. Dear Barbara. So delighted you are now back home with your family,I am sure your Mum is happy your back. I wrote last night but it didn’t get printed, sorry hope this one will. Love and hugs for your recovery. Xxxxxxx

  129. Accidently left my phone at work last night so just dropped in today to see such wonderful news! What a happy happy day it must have been! Delighted to hear you’re home, take care and rest in comfort. Xxx

  130. Wow its good to see you Barb, I bet your cats have missed you as have we, hope you continue to recover, take your time, enjoy being at home with your family, and continue to get well.
    All the best you deserve it much love Lyndaxx

  131. Only just read your blog as not been on FB for a few days. What wonderful news you were able to go home on Tuesday and how lovely to see you home, relaxing with your cat on your lap! Take all the time you need to fully recover and enjoy doing nothing! You know, I did exactly that yesterday for a while when out with Ray. While he was ‘hunting’ marsh harriers, buzzards and co with his camera I sat on a bench on a hill overlooking part of a lovely nature reserve doing nothing! What bliss! Loved it! It’s amazing how doing nothing can recharge your batteries. So enjoy doing nothing and let Dave and your cats pamper and spoil you. Sending hugs and lots of love . Gute Besserung und Alles Liebe ❤

  132. Dear Barb, so pleased you are back home. Please rest up and take care. Love the Winnie the Pooh quote. The artwork from the team is just astounding. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  133. Dear Barbara, I am very glad you are better and
    out of the hospital, now, you really need to take care of yourself, it will take time, no matter, as you need to recover, be patient, we will wait for you no matter how long it will take. lots of love, Ghalia xx

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