Fashion Parade Sunday TV Show

Fashion Parade Sunday TV Show

Hi there! Grace here.

Whilst Mum is in the hospital, it’s important that we keep this Clarity ship afloat! Please tune in to watch our Paul this afternoon.

Quote for today: Keep Calm and Carry On………………….

He will be donning his glad rags today (on Create & Craft from 3pm-5pm) with a selection of some of my favourites fashion stamps…

Hats, Shoes & Handbags

A little bit of Tres Chic

Festive Footwear

…And how about some beautiful Poetry and frames?

Here is a fashion parade from the design team…

Wow! What a gallery. Definitely worth checking out.

Lotsa love, Grace & Paul xx

28 thoughts on “Fashion Parade Sunday TV Show

  1. Unfortunately I am not a stamper and daren’t start now, at my age, as I can’t afford to get addicted to another craft! However, I shall be watching Paul, as I really admire the wonderful stamps and his skill in producing beautiful art.
    Much love to you and your mum. Onwards and upwards! Safe travels later. X

  2. Take care and send my best wishes for a speedy recorvery to Barbara.
    I will watch Creat with Paul this afternoon.
    Have a peacefull Sunday everyone

  3. Hi,
    will be watching this afternoon. love the stamps. love and blessings to Barbara. we need our bus driver fit and well. take care all of you. xx

  4. I shall be watching Paul today. I have all the poetry stamps, but have not played with them yet 🙈 Beautiful samples from the wonderful DT, as always👌🏼🥰
    You definitely take after your lovely Mum💖 Please give her a gentle hug from me 🫂
    Keeping her and you all in my prayers. Much love, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  5. Hope Barbara is feeling a bit better this morning. I know how uncomfortable those cannulas can be but hopefully the treatment she gets through them does the trick.
    Losing a dear friend on top of everything else must have been very hard to take in. It never rains so hard as when you are down so the only way is UP!!!!!
    There are so many positive thoughts and love being sent your way that it must cheer you.
    I will be watching Paul this afternoon to see what he does with the stamps which I have but so far have only used the Groovi plates in these designs. As usual the design teams samples are terrific.
    Thanks to Dave, Paul and the Clarity team for keeping the bus running.
    Love to all 🍒🍒🍒

  6. I shall definitely “Keep Calm and Carry on – Crafting”! by watching Paul and seeing what brilliant demos he has lined up for us. The truly inspiring Gallery from the super talented Design Team is amazing as ever!
    (I left a poetic tribute for today’s shows on yesterday’s Blog!)
    Safe journey back to NY, Grace, and have a great recording session.
    Take care, Barbara, rest up and recover.
    Travel gently, all.

  7. Hi Grace Hi Barbara, firstly I am so sorry to hear you are poorly and to read of the loss of your dear dad. 🙏 you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am an A& E nurse and haven’t had a second this year to craft. so not been in the shak.
    Be kind to yourself Barbara and know it takes a long time to sink into your new skin after grief. let whatever you feel flow, like the sea and go with it. your creativity will get you through I know and the love of real friends 💛 I will light a candle for you all today and say a little prayer 🙏 God Bless
    Jeannie xx

  8. Luckily I have all of the above so look forward to seeing new ideas on how to use them.

    You will get down Barb, it’s only natural after all the unsettling of being moved around in the hospital you are now settled in your room and although it’s longer than 3 days it is called 3 day hospital blues. I know I’ve had it so many times, I wish so much that I could be with you and hold your hand to comfort you.

    Here is a quote from me in return of all the quotes you send to us.

    “If knowing that someone really cares, helps healing along its way then I hope you now feel better and keep improving, day by day.” – Jon Bratton

  9. Hello Grace and Paul, I am sure that Paul will as always do Clarity and Barb proud, he is so creative, and what beautiful samples from the team. Will record as have to be out this afternoon. Take care and stay safe and Warm. Sending hugs Barb. Bx

  10. Thank you Grace for keeping us updated. Thank you Paul for keeping the tv shows going . Thank you Dave and the rest of the family for looking after Barbara. Thank you Barbara for all you’ve done for us so far. You are not far from our thoughts; if good wishes were medicine you’d be up in no time, I hope they help a little but know it will take time to heal properly. Much love. Xx

  11. Wow what a great selection of artwork from the Design Team. Will record the shows for future reference but will also be watching. Having a chilled out day after an early pre op appointment at the eye clinic. Thankfully the drops have now worn off enough for me to see the screen.
    I love the quote that Megan found & totally agree that if all the good wishes heading for Barbara was medicine she would be up & about in no time. Realise it will take a lot more than words but I hope seeing all the artwork makes Barbara realise what a fantastic community has evolved on FB.
    Safe journey home Grace & everyone take one day at a time to get over the latest hurdle xx

  12. I hope your having a better day today Barbara. The sun is shining brightly here in London, and my supermarket daffodils on the kitchen table are in bloom. Early, I know, but delightful.
    I will enjoy watching the show and demos with the lovely Paul this afternoon. I would also like to thank you for your endless inspiration and kindness, you are one amazing Lady!
    Wishing you well soon.
    Much love

  13. Safe journey home Grace and thank you for updating us. So sorry that you have had more bad news Barbara and sorry for your loss. Will be watching Paul today I love the fashion stamps must use them more. Hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and each other and that the year soon becomes better for you all xx

  14. Dear Barbara. Hope things slightly better today, thinking about you and offering prayers for your recovery. Hope Grace as arrived home ok. You will miss her I know but thank goodness for FaceTime, I would be lost without it. Must find out which books she has done. Would love to hear them. Keep resting love xxxxxx

  15. I’m watching the shows now, Paul is doing a fantastic job and the demos are great. Love all the stamps, great prices. Hope alls going well every day. Safe trip Grace and hope your audio recording goes well and yes Mum is in good hands but know you will still worry. Take great care Barbara we are all sending you healing vibes, lots of love xx

  16. Grace and Barbara, thank you for taking the time to write a blog everyday. Thinking of you both and so appreciate the updates.
    Paul was brilliant during the shows today – as always. Two hours of Claritystamp is the best. So impressive how Paul can pivot, adapt and change depending on how the show goes, what the show Host asks and viewer requests via email.
    Demo’s, tips, tricks Paul shared are so appreciated -I always learn and am inspired to try new ideas, as well as use my loved Claritystamp supplies in new ways.
    I admire the Design Team – they are all very creative and talented – the samples are fabulous.

    Barbara, sending love, hugs and healing wishes to you.
    Grace, safe travels home – wishing you the very best with you audio recordings this week. Sending hugs and love.

  17. Sadly I was not able to watch this afternoon, our 4year old grandson was staying the weekend. I was building Lego. 🤣 Will try to get it on catch up as Fred got rid of our recorder.
    Hope your mum is doing ok and your job in the States goes well. x

  18. Sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes that your mom recovers fully and very soon. Lots of virtual (((((HUGS))))) xx

  19. Team work makes the dream work, as Barb rightly says.
    Barb – take it steady, sending much love and prayers to you and all those caring for you.
    Grace – safe journey home, hope the recording goes smoothly. I know you’ll miss your Mum so much, but trust she’s in good hands.
    Paul and Dave – thank you for keeping the good ship Clarity sailing, take care of yourselves, I know you’ve got a lot going on, as well as being concerned for Barbara.
    The Clarity community is with you all in spirit, even if we aren’t able to provide practical help and support.

  20. Lovely artwork. Watched Paul’s first show, recorded the second hour as dog walking time. Sending love and gentle hugs. xx

  21. Loved yesterday’s shows! Been inspired to get some of my older stamps out – another good excuse for more crafting! Hoping Barbara is continuing to make good progress and is soon back on her feet xx

  22. Thank you Grace for keeping us up to date with your Mum’s progress.
    Paul did a great job this afternoon and loved the tip he gave. Also loved the cards done by the design team.
    Spring will soon be here with longer days and hopefully some sunshine. Hoping your progress continues Barbara and you will soon be back on your feet, but taking it easy of course. xxx

  23. I watched Paul yesterday and learnt a lot! Thank you. I don’t do a lot of stamping though but have the Groovi versions and the ladies stencils. Do hope you are continuing to improve Barbara and resting your mind too. Lots of love xx

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