Feels like a Fresh Start….

Feels like a Fresh Start….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Firstly thank you so very very much for all your positive and kind messages! What a tonic! I had the loveliest of mornings, just sitting by the Aga (the cats are never far away), opening the many Thinking of You cards, condolence cards on Dad’s passing, and then the Speedy recovery cards! So much beautiful artwork! I promise you, the very first thing we’re going to do, before we even fire up the SHAC Bus, is spend a happy hour enjoying the beautiful artwork from your good selves. Thank you. Cards everywhere in the house! Interestingly, the cats leave well alone. It’s like they know artwork is out of bounds!

Dave is coming home soon, and we are going to take a stroll up the lane in the sunshine, which will be lovely. More good news: my new mate Greg is being discharged from hospital today, after some complications. Let’s hope that’s him safe now. What a smashing bloke. I have a feeling we will become firm friends.

As for me, the reality is I have walked back into a house as if it were the day after Dad’s funeral. So I am pottering quietly, moving things around, putting things back where they belong, trying to reestablish a modicum of normality – and chatting to Dad. He’s okay. No more bad days. I just want to make a fresh start, and begin again somehow. Without him but with him. I’m sure you get me.

Quote for the day?

All you need is Love

John Lennon

Speaking of NEW and FRESH, we’ve got some really beautiful new Groovi Plates coming up this evening. Paul with be on Create & Craft tonight at 6pm & 9pm and again tomorrow at 10am & 2pm with a superb All Occasions Floral Delights Groovi Collection designed by our very talented Jazz Morgan at Clarity Towers. Jazz is an amazing young woman, and comes up with exquisite designs. I love her! And I love her fresh, young take on Groovi design; I think this collection is blimming gorgeous – and clever! It’s also crisp and clean. Works for beginners and seasoned parchers alike. It’s all about the design CONCEPT.

The collection comprises 4 x A6 Hanging Wreath Designs, a Spacer Plate, an A5sq Floral Universal Framer with mini alphabet and an A4sq Floral Bouquets with vases and the One Day Special comes with a pack of Toscana 8×8 Designer Parchment

Here is some inspiration from the design team

I did have a little look at pre-sales, and if they are anything to go by, we are in for a real treat at Clarity. This is the first NEW design product of 2023. New beginnings, fresh start. I hope you like these designs as much as we do, that you can join Paul, and keep him company.

Love always,

Barb x x x

46 thoughts on “Feels like a Fresh Start….

  1. Wrap up warm and feel the sunshine on your face – one of life’s best tonics! Dave needs to judge the distance out and back though and probably you will sleep well tonight!! Enjoy and take things easy. Best wishes.

  2. It must be quite strange as you were not well when you returned from the funeral and before you could establish a new routine without your Dad you were whisked away to hospital. It takes time, even though your parents don’t often live in the same household, you still miss their presence. You will find a balance in time. How wonderful that the cats are respecting the beautiful cards received.
    The forthcoming ODS looks absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to Jazz. I do hope she will be designing some of the Groovi club plates too. Have a lovely walk with Dave but don’t get cold.

  3. my order was in at 07.46 am and i have had an email saying evri has collected it ,wow
    so excited going to watch the shows with paul , have put to record as well. hope you enjoyed your walk and the sunshine. i did a little gardening this afternoon. and the frogs have been busy already, if you know what i mean. lots of love Barbara. keep enjoying the sunshine.

  4. Glad you are back in the fold, moving gently I hope. Nice to be surrounded by your own things and especially Dave and the fur babes.

    These plates look beautiful for spring and I’m toying with the WIGW stamps but already have loads I don’t use !

    I’ve been out cutting up a load of cardboard for collection in morning – where does it all come from ? Oh yes we had a bed delivered – that was a big box I can tell you – so with Mikey cat’s help – he loves a bit of cardboard – it’s now ready to go by the side of the recycling bin. Quite a satisfying job. Not sure why you needed to know that 😹

    Keep getting stronger xx

  5. These plates are beautiful what a talented lady Jaz is. They will certainly fly. Enjoy your walk with Dave but do wrap up warm and remember to pace yourself. Look forward to seeing the beautiful cards you’ve received and am sure many more to come. Xx

  6. Looking forward to Paul’s programmes over the next couple of days. Enjoy the sunshine Barbara and take small steps xx

  7. Great to see your positive comments Barbara. Hope you managed a walk in the sunshine. Take it easy though, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Hope your mum is ok, she will be glad you are back at base for sure.
    Keep safe. I shall be watching Paul for sure, nice designs! Love and hugs.xx

  8. Looking forward to the tv shows tonight lovely artwork from the design team. Hope you enjoyed your walk in the sunshine. We’ve just been on the walk around the Cobb and have booked a table for dinner tonight in Rock Point Inn. Just loving Lyme. Keep pacing yourself as you’ve said on many occasions “travel gently”. X

  9. I was so glad to see your post yesterday about coming home and how happy you must be but the photo evidence shows you still have a long way to go. But with hubby and cats together I’m sure you will recover a little everyday. Please don’t run before you can walk. Try to plan a nice break away from everything just you and Dave. Some were near but sunny. Somewhere like Italy perhaps near the sea.


  10. So pleased you are home and starting to ‘mend’ both physically and also mentally. You’ve had a really rough time with both losing your dear Dad and the bad infection. Travel gently my friend and be kind to yourself. Don’t try to over do things (I know you are a work-a-holic) and listen to your body. Take some ‘me time’ and take care x

  11. I hope you’ve had a good day today, just chilling at home and fitting back into your life – everything just gets suspended when you’re in hospital, doesn’t it? Just take it steady and don’t rush back into things – it will all be there waiting when you’re ready.
    Hope your mum is doing OK as well xx

  12. Good to hear that you are so positive. Enjoy a short sunny walk. Looking forward to seeing the new ODS. Take care! Xxx

  13. Glad you are taking it easy! Just remember to not stroll too far! You have to walk back too! Have a good evening!x

  14. Glad you are feeling so much better. Looking at the new plates I was only thinking the other day it would be great if we could have the embbeders in a hexagon think they would be very useful, I find the other shapes I use so often. Perhaps when you have time you could think about it. Keep taking it steady and we look forward to seeing you on the bus when you are ready.

  15. What a lovely day today has been here in Surrey. Hooe is was for you too and that you enjoyed your walk (gentle stroll I hope). Beautiful Groovi plates. I will record the shows. Take care x

  16. Glad you are feeling so much better. Looking at the new plates I was only thinking the other day it would be great if we could have the embbeders in a hexagon shape think they would be very useful, I find the other shapes I use so often. Perhaps when you have time you could think about it. Keep taking it steady and we look forward to seeing you on the bus when you are ready.

  17. Glad you’re feeling a little better and taking things easy. Enjoy your stroll with Dave. You’ll feel better getting some fresh air.
    I love the new plates. So fresh and pretty! I’d be surprised if there are any left after the shows today.
    Lots of love and hugs. Xxxxx

  18. Beautiful artwork from everyone! So pleased you are taking it slowly and that you have made new friends through such a negative shared experience.

  19. Hi Barbara
    So glad you had a nice walk with Dave just one day at a time ,we all know you love your craft but it will still be there
    Take Care And God Bless xx

  20. Glad to hear you are just pottering gently. Do take care if you go out though as although it may be lovely and sunny the air will be cold on your poorly lungs. The ODS looks lovely and I can see this flying out the doors. Glad to hear Geoff has been let home again xxx

  21. It’s lovely to hear you sounding positive again Barb. Just take things slowly. As you said you didn’t really get past your dads passing before you became so poorly. Take the time you need to grieve and heal and get back to being the Barb we all know and love – you will get there. And when you do we will all be waiting for you on that bus journey once again. Pleased you managed a stroll with Dave – bet the fresh air was lovely for you. Good news about Greg – long may he recover too.
    Take care, lots of love xxx

  22. So glad you are sitting relaxing and hope you enjoyed your stroll with Dave. Make sure you are wrapped up warm. The new designs are lovely, and I guess I have to be tempted. Oh well another spend xx

  23. Hope you managed your walk comfortably, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things.
    Watched Paul today. The designs are great and I have placed an order with Clarity. Looks like the stock will sell out on C&C before the first 2 hours are done. Jazz has done you proud with these.
    Good job the cats are behaving and leaving the cards alone. Any chance we can see a few pics of the collection?
    Glad you are still in touch with Greg and that he is home again.
    Keep taking it easy.
    Healing hugs. 🍒

  24. Lovely to hear that your travelling easy. I hope the walk was enjoyable and was gentle. Please look after yourself, a little each day. Glad Greg is home, I’m sure you will be good friends. I bet the Trinidadian nurse is missing you too. Stay strong and know you’re loved! Hugs, love and prayers. xx

  25. Glad your feeling a bit better, and more settled, now that you are home with Dave and the little vikings.
    Good to hear of your stroll in the sunshine today, hope you had your thermals on…. It’s still chilly outside.
    The ODS looks amazing, I will be watching on catchup.
    Take care.

  26. Baby steps are the order for the day, but I am sure you know that. Love the new designs, particularly the freshness of them, you are blessed to have such talented staff around you…. I am sure it’s the secret of your success as a brilliant “smallish” UK business of which you can be proud. Take care, we’re all behind you making a full and rapid recovery.👩🏻‍🎨

  27. Hope you have had a lovely walk with Dave & it still was in the sunshine. As it was such a nice day here we decided to go on an adventure with our passes, 5 buses, 3 trains, 1 Metro tram & 6900 steps later we made it there & back to Wightwick Manor, home in the late 1800’s to the Mander family (paint, ink & varnish). Lovely William Morris wallpaper on the walls & original electric lights & central heating from 1890’s.
    Now to catch up with the shows on C&C with Paul, looking at the DT samples I am not sure how many shows there will be before there is a total sell out.
    An hour or 2 looking at all your cards would be great to see everyone’s work all made with love & best wishes for you & your return to full health.
    Travel gently, one day at a time & all you need is love to keep you going xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Enjoy the sunshine and your gentle walk. Just pottering and putting things away and chatting to dad will be very therapeutic but don’t over do it. I hope you can meet up with your new friend soon, it’s good to hear he’s made it out of hospital too.
    Love Diane xxx

  29. I’m late replying to your blog tonight. Husband had to go to docs yesterday with sore arm. Got a strained tendon. Not much you may think but he now can’t play golf for 6 weeks which means he will be under my feet every morning driving us both mad instead of driving the ball. Starts physio next week so let’s hope the can get things better quicker. Only a small problem in the grand scheme of things but I can’t get on with my crafting with him around.
    Take care, small steps and lots of cat cuddles xx

  30. So nice to hear you’re taking it slow, just going with the flow, Barbara. A little fresh air is so good for you. I’m sure you have plenty more cards still to come to you… The new plates from Jazz are so beautiful and such amazing samples from our very talented DT. 🥰Your Mum must be so relieved you are home, as are Dave, E & R. Sending you gentle hugs. much love to yoi all, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  31. Hi Barbara, compliments to Jazz. great designs. Glad you,re feeling better in yourself. Take time to heal. We are all patiently waiting at the bustop and no one is in a hurry. Take care. Hugs from sunny Melbourne.

  32. So pleased that you’re back home Barbara. Take it one step at a time and be kind to yourself!
    Just watching my recordings of todays shows; I love the new plates . Take care xx

  33. Enjoyed Pauls shows, great designs from Jazz, and lovely artwork from the design team. Succumbed and ordered. Hope you enjoyed your walk with Dave, though gently does it. Take it easy. xxx

  34. Hi Barbara
    I know exactly what you mean about your Dad,. Eight months on from Mums passing it is still difficult. She lived with us so left a big hole which started out very big but is getting smaller as the time moves on, but I say morning to her every day when I open the shutters in her room and there are always fresh flowers as well.
    Hope you enjoyed your walk with Dave and didn’t tire yourself out too much. It is a slow process but it will get easier as the days move on take it easy.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  35. How lovely for you to be back home. I love that the cats don’t knock the cards over ☺️I’ve not been on FB etc much lately but have been praying for you in the background. Take things slowly and gently. Lots of love xxx

  36. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Just to be out in the sunshine will have boosted your spirits. I watched the first show yesterday and I’m not surprised they blew the doors off! The designs are gorgeous and they were showcased beautifully by the design team.xx

  37. Hi Barb, hope you enjoyed a slow lovely walk. These new designs are amazing. I have not managed to watch the show, but I am sure Paul showed them off perfectly. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  38. Dear dear Barbara,
    It is so good that you are back home, time to heal.
    The last weeks/months were just too much, even for you.
    My heart jumped when I read you are without your dad but with him. It was the exact description of how I feel. Without her but with her, she is in my heart as your dad is in yours.
    Take care xxx

  39. Good Morning. I am sorry I have not sent you a card, but sent my love on here every day. Which all I can do. Sending love, and I am so delighted that you are strong enough to stay at home on your own, and going for a walk this afternoon. Take your Dad with you, he will enjoy the walk…Sending love as always

  40. Glad you are home now. Enjoy the sunshine but take it slow. We have missed you on our tv but please don’t rush back. I am sure that it is strange without your dad but he will always be with you. Send love, prayers and hug to you

  41. Good to hear that you’re feeling a bit more positive. Paul’s shows were excellent and the new plates are gorgeous. I could only afford to get the big plate so far but, pension permitting, I will get the others soon. Jazz is certainly a rare find as a designer and the plates sold out in record time. It will give Linda Williams a bit of a break too. I hope the recovery goes according to plan and that you will soon be back driving the bus.
    Love & hugs, Lynda

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