Keeping these quotes going…

Keeping these quotes going…

Hello hello. Grace here.

I spent the day with Mum again, taking shifts with Dave. Mark and Alex have returned to SF today, but it’s been lovely to all be together, especially under the circumstances.
Mum says she feels like a pin cushion. The cannula has been in and out of about every area of her arms and hands, and it’s now in her left hand (she’s a leftie!) so I’m writing the blog for her again today. We’ll keep it short and sweet!
It’s a quiet weekend at the hospital… well, where Mum is! Thankful that she has her own room, and gets to avoid A&E and a busy ward during the weekend. Mum has had a low day today, which I think is more than understandable. On top of everything else, she found out that she’s lost a dear old friend. And that just tipped the scales a little.

Mum has read every single one of your comments, posts and well wishes, and spent a happy hour doing so. Thank you!

Quote of the day…

So many people are hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Treat people with kindness; you could be that thread.
– Unknown

Frustratingly, I have to return to NYC tomorrow for a 3 day audiobook production, which I cannot reschedule or change. Or at least… my lovely mum will not allow me to miss it or risk losing the gig. It’ll be okay. I’ve pushed back a week so far, and Mum is in good hands. Over to you Dave! 🙂
Keep the positive energy coming!

Travel gently, friends.

Lotsa love, Grace x

57 thoughts on “Keeping these quotes going…

  1. Safe journey home, Grace, you know you’re leaving your mum n good hands. Totally understandable for her to have a low day after all she’s been through just lately, grief and emotion are very tiring, along with pain. Thinking of you, knowing it will be a wrench to go and wishing Barbara speedy progress so she can come home to convalese soon xxx

  2. Hi Grace
    What a thought-provoking quote. You just never know what effect a kind, or unkind, comment will have. People can be so judgemental.
    Take care on your journey back to the US and don’t worry we will look after Barb while you are away. I am sure that lots of the Shac team will be tuning in to watch Paul on C&C tomorrow.
    Sending love and positivity.
    Zara xx

  3. Thanks Grace for your splendid support and for your superb updates and comments.
    Barb, you are so, so blessed to have such a tremendous supportive family and friends.

  4. lots of hugs again for all of you. Understandable if Barbara is down, even without the news of the loss of a friend. Good that she is in a room by herself as she has more chance of resting that way.

  5. That is a great quote. Thank you Grace.
    Unfortunately, life has to go on, Grace and your Mum is right to make sure you return home for work. She’ll be in good hands and we’ll continue to pray for her speedy recovery and show our appreciation for her wonderful products and inspiration.
    Much love and gentle hugs to your Mum. x

  6. Thank you for the update Grace. Wishing you a safe journey back to NYC, not ideal timing but go do Mum proud!

    Barbara please accept my condolences on the sad loss of your friend, keeping you and your friends family in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

    I’m sure Dave will rise to the challenge of chief matron in your absence Grace!

  7. Thank you Grace ,wishing you a safe journey and Take care of yourself too .
    Please let your Mum know that as you have been her voice today ,being heard is important .
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss .My thoughts are with you x

  8. Oh, Barb. It seems to be never ending for you. If you’re hanging by that thread, Barb, remember thread is pretty strong. It holds everything we’re wearing together and seldom lets us down – Just as well! That could be a bit embarrassing! – so hang on in there. Tomorrow is another day but all you have to do is get through this one. Lots of love and safe journey to all those who are travelling. Hxx

  9. That wonderful quote should be published on the front page of every newspaper one day. It could make an amazing difference in just one day to so many people.
    Safe travels tomorrow Grace. You have been a wonderful support to your mum, but she will be well looked after and you can keep an eye on her via FaceTime. I know that all of us in the Clarity family will give her love and support as well.
    Sorry she has had a down day today, but understandable in the circumstances. Sending her a hug. Take care. X

  10. Safe journey home, Grace. I know, it won’t be easy leaving with your lovely Mum in hospital but you’ve got your job and you know, she’s in good hands. Oh no, and as if things haven’t been tough enough for her, more sad news for her regarding an old friend hers. I am so sorry! Do hope things will look up again soon! Dear Barbara, I hope you will feel better and be able to go home soon! Hugs and Lots of Love ❤xxx

  11. So sorry for you Barb with the pin cushion effect. The docs find it really difficult to access my veins too and with months of chemo in the past I know how those blasted cannulas hurt. It will be worth it in the end. The single room might feel lonely at first but it will be a blessing with less disturbance to your sleep, which will help your recovery .
    Take heart from all the positive vibes that are continuously being sent your way.
    Hope your Mum is doing ok , it must be very worrying for her at this time. Take care and rest when you can . Thank you Grace for all your updates and good luck with your project. Over to you Dave and Paul for the blog!
    We miss you Barb, it’s been a long time since Christmas but we all really want you better and for you not to worry about us. Sleep tight xxx

  12. Grace -wishing you a safe journey back to NYC tomorrow and many thanks for taking the the time to let us know how things are with your Mum. Hope all goes well with your audiobook production and in all you do. You’ll be able to let your Mum know how things go and I’m sure that will lift her spirits.
    I’m sorry it’s been a “down” day for you Barbara and the loss of a dear friend will hit home even more. Your nasty pneumonia has hit you hard and can lead to some “wobbly” moments while you recover. May you have better days ahead and that you can look forward to better news from Grace, your family and friends. xxx

  13. Safe travels Grace. Barbara we all have down days even when we feel well so you are more than entitled to have a down day when you are poorly and grieving. So sorry to hear about your friend. We lost 3 friends in the last 3 months so I can empathise.
    Try to rest and I hope you begin to feel better soon. You will have so many stories to share with us when you get back in the drivers seat. In the meantime Paul is an excellent replacement bus service and I hope he doesn’t overdo things.
    Lots of love and hugs xx

  14. Thank you for your posts Grace. It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a week for all of you. Do take care of yourself too. It is understandable that dear Barbara will have high and low moments. But your family and the Shackers will continue to keep her company on her recovery journey, we are all here for you Barb.
    Is it me or does Shackers sound rather cheeky!
    This is…..
    Mary had a little lamb
    She tied it to a pylon
    12,000 volts went up it’s bum and turned it’s wool to nylon.
    There is always one who has to lower the tone..
    Take care and continue to get well soon.
    Much love

  15. Thankyou Grace for the update on your Mum. So sorry that there has been more sad news for her today. However, there is another saying that just came to my mind and that is “It’s a long road that has no turning” . I’m sure that there is a bend coming up soon. Safe journey home Grace and make sure that you look after yourself-or have your lovely Mark spoil you. X

  16. Travel safely Grace and good luck with your recording. I hope it’s for another audible book. You are very easy to listen to!
    And Barbara I can sympathise and understand completely how you feel about being a pin cushion. But this will pass and the marks will fade! I’m sorry to read that you’ve lost a dear friend. It makes being in hospital that but harder. But you must concentrate your energy into getting better. You have so many people wishing you well.
    Lots of love to you and all your family. Xxxxx

  17. Safe journey Grace – at least you’re leaving knowing that your mum is getting the care and treatment she needs and will be much better next time you see her.
    Barbara – so sorry to hear about a further loss for you. Cherish your lovely family around you, who will support you and your mum through these difficult days. Brighter skies are ahead xx

  18. Thanks for keeping us up to date Grace. Have a safe journey back to the USA. Hope your Mum gets some peace and quiet now she has a single room .
    Love and hugs

  19. I really feel for your Mum, bless her. It’s tough enough being poorly, but now with that sad news, another blow 😢……
    Travel safe Grace and good luck with your latest venture.
    Love & hugs to you all 💕🥰💕🤗💕

  20. Thanks for the update Grace. I’m sure you watch the Shack but you must know how proud your mum is of you and your brother. Travel safely. I hope we are all going to practice being kind to each other. Something I read today, What kind of world would we live in if everyone was kind to everyone else.
    Barbara condolences on your loss.
    Trying to be impressed with 2023 but so far failing.
    Hope you get a good nights sleep.

  21. Safe journey Grace. You have been a God-send during the last few weeks and I know you will still be thinking of and caring for your Mum from a distance. It will understandably be a wrench for you to leave but at least you know Barb is being well looked after and you will see a vast difference in her when you return. Positive thoughts will be winging their way to Kent, NYC and SF. Look after yourself Grace and thank you so much for keeping us all ‘in the loop’. And Barb , just concentrate on getting better and know that you are loved. Pam xx

  22. Safe journey home Grace. Thank you for keeping us informed. I’m glad you have your own room Barbara. Hopefully it will be a bit quieter for you. So sorry you have had more sad news. It’s not surprising you have had a down day today. You are fighting a serious illness & grieving for your dad. That would knock anyone for 6. Be kind to yourself & if you need a smile just imagine Dave in a nurse’s uniform! Ooh matron!! xxx

  23. Thank you for the update Grace. Safe journey home.
    Sorry for your loss Barb. Much love to you all . Be kind to yourself xxx

  24. Thank you for the update. Best wishes for you and all your family.
    Hope your journey to America and your Mum’s journey to recovery go without any hitches tomorrow.

  25. Grace it’s not easy leaving your Mum at this time but she is right you cannot put your career on hold and she is getting the best care available. Have a safe journey. For once technology has a positive use as it will enable you to be by her side and I’m sure your beautiful smile will be just the tonic she needs as she recovers.

  26. Safe journey Grace, thank you for your update. Sincere condolences to Barbara on the loss of a special friend. Love to you and all of your family. xx

  27. Thank you Grace, safe travelling back to NYC and hope the audio session goes well. Hope Mark back home in SF and your Mark meeting you.
    Tell mum the wonderful team at Clarity Towers are excelling themselves, order in Thursday, delivered today!
    Thinking of Oma who is not having a good time either, wish her well too.
    Over to Dave on bedside duty and to Paul who will be keeping us busy on Tuesdays and on C&C with more goodies.
    Tell Mum we are all rooting for her and that room is full to overflowing with love and good wishes from all the shackers and customers, Mum has been there for us now it’s time for all of us to be there for her. On day at a time Barbara and take it easy when you get home too. Jean xx

  28. Thank you Grace. Wishing you a safe journey home and best wishes for your new gig.

    It’s good to hear Barbara you are being well cared for and that you have a quiet room to rest and recover.

    Sorry too that you have had another lot of bad news to contend with. It isn’t easy when you are so unwell.

    Today’s quote is so true.

    Thinking of you and the family. xx

  29. Hi Barbara and Grace
    Hope your journey across the pond go smoothly. It’s not surprising you have had a down day things are always seem worse when you’re unwell. You are in the best place and now you have a single room hopefully you can get some rest. I had to have a cannula in 2 weeks ago and I have terrible veins. I pointed out to the nurse that the left arm is better but she said it has to go in the right hasten to add after a failed attempt she put it in the left 🤷‍♀️ bless her. The bruise is just disappearing 🤣🤣 .
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  30. Thanks Grace for tonight’s update on your Mom. Safe journey home & I am sure your recording job will go well from what I have heard from your previous books. You can go knowing that your mom is in safe hands, even if she has had a bit of a wobble today which is quite understandable. Thankfully you have the advantage of technology in Facetime so you can still chat & see each other as usual each day.
    Meanwhile Barbara sorry you feel like a pincushion & you have also lost a close friend but hopefully over the next few days the medication will start to take effect & you will start to feel a bit better.
    The Shackers will keep you occupied with sharing their artwork on FB even coming up with little ditties !! but Dave & Paul must pace themselves as well.
    Hugs to you all including Hilma xx

  31. Great quote! So very true. The only way now is up, Barbara, so sorry so much discomfort,,especially in that precious left hand. I’m a leftie too, broke two fingers a while ago and thought my crafting life was over.
    Thank you so much for keeping us updated Grace and if that generates a few happy thoughts for you all, that’s great. Travel safely Grace and very best wishes for your latest venture. Love and hugs.xx

  32. Safe journey back to NYC. You must be so worried. If your mum could get better on just good thoughts and well wishers then she’d be dancing home by now. But all you can do is leave her in the hands of the experts. Love to you all. You are allin our thoughts and prayers. xXx.

  33. God Speed Grace, things happen for a reason and you were here when your mum needed you. Good luck with the new audio book, looking forward to it, and hearing your dulcet tones, already.

    Barbara, so sorry to hear about your friend, things are certainly sent to try us and you’ve had more than your fair share in one go. I could send you a pic of hubby – he had a blood test this week for his diabetes (he only went in for a hormone injection for his prostate) check up. He came out with three cotton wool plasters, one on each arm and one on back of his hand. He tells them every time to do it there first but they wont – don’t like doing it apparently. Anyway, nuff of him, you keep improving and resting. Paul on telly tomorrow, wonder if you’ll be able to watch? I wonder if Dave could sneak in E & R I’m sure that would do you a world of good. Travel gently (can’t do anything but I hear you say). Lots of love xx. P.s. had a nice FaceTime with Tina this afternoon. X

  34. Safe journey Grace,so sorry your Mum has had a low day today. You are leaving her in good hands the experts know what they are doing. Love and hugs to you all.❤

  35. Dear Barbara,
    I was so sorry about your recent loss, losing your lovely Dad, and now this!
    I can only reiterate the many comments and loving wishes already here, in all sincerity.
    Our NHS are truly amazing, and I continue to be grateful every day for their continuing care for me over the years, and going forwards.
    You’re in the best place, lovely lady, and I’m sending healing thoughts to you for a speedy recovery.
    Safe travels, Grace, and take care of you, too.

  36. Thank you for keeping us all informed and up to date Grace it really is appreciated. I’m not in the least bit surprised your darling Mum has had a down day after all you have been through and cannula pain as well (those things can get so damned sore). Have a safe journey back and hope the new job goes

  37. Thanks for the updates Grace, and I wish you a safe journey back to NYC. It must be difficult for you having to leave your Mum’s side for a work commitment whilst your Mum is unwell. However; she is in safe hands and that must be a bit of a weight off your mind. It will also feel good to know that you will be making your Mum proud.

    Barbara, so sorry to read that you have had more bad news and it is quite normal and understandable that you felt down, but remember, you are not out and you will get up again. I am sure you will continue to gradually feel better one day at a time. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Your recovery, as many have said, is a journey. There might be the odd bump in the road, but you will get through it! This too shall pass.

    Sending positive vibes and a kind virtual hug. I hope that your Mum, Dave and the rest of your family are doing ok?

  38. Clearly that thread that keeps us all together in this wonderful Clarity family is a nylon thread unbreakable and scissors are banned.

    Safe Journey Grace, go smash that Job and Thankyou for blogging for mum. We are all very keen to hear any news and continue to send our love and support.

    Barbara , im so pleased that you read all the lovely comments , You can see how much you are loved by so many. I hope the pain is bearable and that you continue to recover quickly. Take care rest up and we will be watching Paul today to support Clarity as always.

    Big hug

  39. Thank you Grace for taking over the reigns and keeping us up to date and safe journey back to NYC. We all feel your pain , both of you, and we are sending positive thoughts and great big fat hugs .
    Lots of love for a speedy recovery Barbara
    Helen Seaman

  40. Thanks Grace for your update again. I hope you have a smooth journey back to NYC. Good luck with the Audio Book! – Look after yourself and know that Barbara has so many good people looking out for her in your absence.
    Barbara, another quote for you especially, is, It doesn’t just rain , it pours!! – I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had more sad news, big hugs to you. Hoping, (I really do), that there will be lots of sunshine after the rain for you very soon! – Take care xxx😊

  41. Thank you Grace for all the updates. Know it’s a wrench to leave but, mum is in good hands. Safe journey . X

  42. Barbara, I hope you’re feeling better and resting all the time,
    In honour of Paul’s TV shows, I thought I’d write in rhyme,
    The earworm in my head, sung with joy,
    Is “Churchie, Churchie, the Poetry Boy”!
    Grace, you are an Angel, a godsend to your Mum,
    Now back you go to let your voice record, sing out and hum,
    Barb, let the docs and nurses do their amazing bit,
    And make you feel much better, really get you fit,
    Try to relax and rest up in bed,
    Don’t let the thoughts in your head,
    Make you rant and rave,
    Never fear, the answer’s here,
    And he answers to the name of Dave!
    I know, as a poet I should stick to making cards! Hope it put a smile on your face, though!
    Take care, travel gently.

  43. Hello Grace, I’m not at all surprised that Mum wouldn’t let you miss your gig. It’s what Mum’s do and she brought you up well so you know that you ignore her at your peril. What a time you’ve all had and now another knock. We always carry loved ones in our hearts so even when not there never forgotten. Hope Barbara picks up again soon. I’m sure she will put everything into perspective, re-arrange all in her head and move forward. However we have to remember that Barbara’s head isn’t necessarily the same as everyone else’s but she’ll get it all pulled into shape and slipped in the correct place in that rolladex brain of hers and hey presto she’s got it covered. Looking forward to listening to one of your audio book renditions I’ll bet your voice sounds lovely.

  44. Thanks for the update Grace, your Mum is in good hands. Have a safe trip back Stateside. I am sure Dave will be able to keep Barb in check 🙂 Sending love and Hugs Barb, for a speedy recovery. Bx

  45. Barbara, you could be sad that your offspring have had to return to the US on consecutive days, or you could look on the bright side that they are so connected to you and secure in your love that they can plough their own furrows so far away. That is because you did a good job in raising them, so for once sit back and bask in the knowledge of a task well done.
    I hope your room has a window, as the sun is shining today and the sky is glorious. Look forward to your recuperative walks in the woods.

  46. Thank you for the updates Grace and I hope you have a safe journey home. I’ve only just caught up with the last few days worth of quotes as having avoided it for the last three years I managed to catch covid so I wasn’t in the mood to even look at my iPad. I’m really sorry Barbara that you are so very poorly and now have suffered even more loss. This is going to take a long time to recover from and you will have to go with it and let it take as long as it takes. Take care xx

  47. Thanks for the update Grace. Have a good journey home. It will be hard for your mother that you are gone, but you have to do the things you must do. But for you it must be hard too. Far away and not knowing what happens in the UK with your beloved mother. Wish you all much strength for the coming weeks.

  48. Thank you Grace for the update, a day late I am afraid. Hope your safely back in USA . Sorry your Mum has had another shock, said some prayers for her today. Love xxx

  49. Bless you Grace, it’s tough having to leave your Mum when she still has a while to recover. Barbara is in good hands, and Dave is an absolute wonder! Is there anything that man cannot do?
    Travel safely. We may not be visible but there are hundreds if not thousands of your mums friends out here sending every ounce of positivity and well wishes to her.
    Thanks for keeping us all update.
    Hi Barbara, keep your chin up my lovely, you will get through this, you have helped me through some very dark times with your SHAC shac. Now our turn to keep you going. We will keep commenting on here so you know you are not alone. Being in a private room is great but can be lonely. We are here, more than you can count with a stick, all sending love and best wishes for your recovery. Just keep swimming Barb.
    A big Welsh Cwtch. X
    Wendy, Swansea

  50. Hi Grace and Barbara
    so glad you are getting better. Each day is a day closer to making a full recovery. My daughter was in hospital a few weeks ago and they were marvellous. You have got me through some difficult times by being you and making me smile on the Shac and we are here for you now.
    Sending best wishes and lovexx

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