A message from Grace x

A message from Grace x

Hello hello! Grace here.

Thought I’d pop in and write a blog for Mum today. Just got home from the hospital. She’s doing ok, we’re living in the solution and doing our utmost to stay positive. Unfortunately she has a very bad case of pneumonia and pleurisy in her right lung, and although we’re seeing improvements, she’s in for a rough go of it and will take a while to recover. But I think we’re all in agreement, friends, that it takes as long as it takes!

Happy to report that she has finally been moved to a different ward, where she has her own room. They’re planning on moving her again soon, to the respiratory ward, so that’ll be good. And an even better level of care.

I have to say… please don’t listen too much to the news. This whole hospital experience (including A&E), from Tuesday until now, has been nothing but amazing doctors and nurses, brilliant services and exemplary people, just wanting to help. Mum is way better already than when we got here, more comfortable, and I am FOREVER grateful to the incredible staff here at the hospital. I will never forget Mum saying (through absolute agony and pain) ‘We can’t go to the hospital, there’s nobody there to help us!’.

Because of the endless news cycle about how overwhelmed the NHS is, the insanely long wait times, the strikes etc etc etc… so many people are terrified at the prospect of needing medical help. And are actually not going, or putting it off going until absolutely necessary, because of the fear mongering.

Don’t listen to it, please. If you’re sick, GO. If something doesn’t feel right, GO. There are loads of brilliant people there, wanting to help. You just have to be a little patient, and a little grateful.

My Mum will get through this, and it will be 100% thanks to the NHS and the incredible people that work for them. One of the night nurses (Peter) accompanied my Mum in the middle of the night, when she got moved this morning, and said to her ‘I can feel your fear and sadness, Barbara. Let me carry it for you’.
Just, wow. And that’s just one of many stories and people I could tell you about. They are BEYOND amazing, they go far beyond expectations, and we should take what the media are saying with a pinch of salt. As far as I can see, and I’ve been there watching for 4 days solid… The staff are overwhelmed and underpaid, yes, but they’re still there, they’re running like clockwork and they want to help people get well.

(A note from Barb… If you disagree, please don’t use this as a platform to get negative or bash the healthcare system.)

Quote for today…

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

We’re all about positive energy here. And this too shall pass. #GodBlessTheNHS

Travel gently, friends.

Grace x

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  1. Well said Grace. Glad to hear your mum is getting good care and attention. Your problem is going to start when she begins to feel better and wants to do too much too soon. Love and hugs to you all xx

  2. So pleased Grace, to read Mum is improving, bless her what a fight and we all wish her the very best. The NHS is amazing, from personal experiences, so much to be thankful for. You take care of yourself too and all the best to Dave. Take it one baby step at a time. Love and hugs

  3. Thank you Grace for you update. so lovely to hear that your mum is getting the best of care.

    I totally agree with your sentiments about the staff in the NHS, from the cleaners and porters to the top consultant. I have been admitted 32 times in the last 28 months, once waiting in an ambulance for 13 hours, where the drs and nurses came out to see me. I have nothing but praise as they save my life. mums saying of “This too shall Pass” helped so many times….it will for you too Barbara. xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the update Grace. Your poor Mum…..but I’m so pleased she is receiving the best care. I am a little bit in love with Peter the night nurse! What a great guy, and no doubt an even greater nurse. Just exactly as it should be! Take care of each other xx

  5. Positivity obviously runs in your family and it is so refreshing to read this post Grace, rather than the daily doom, gloom and constant whinging we are subjected to. There are so many good people out there, helping others uncomplainingly, despite their working conditions.
    Thank you so much for writing this and for letting us know that Barb is receiving good care and starting to heal. Love to you both and I hope that Dave is ok too. X

  6. Hi Grace, thanks for the update. Very, very glad to know that your mum is getting great care. You are right – NHS staff are working miracles in ways they, and we, never imagined possible. I have seen the ways hospitals have changed since 2020, adapting & then adapting some more, to keep their staff and patients as safe as possible.
    I hope you all know how much you are all in our thoughts. We’ll be glad of an update when there’s something to tell, but please, please do look after yourselves first. It’s hard doing the visiting & the worrying & the reorganizing & the coping.
    Travel gently, one day at a time. much love xxx

  7. Thank you Grace for finding the time to write to us and for giving your Mum a break. What a wonderful caring family you all are. We really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough for being ‘a chip off the old block’! You too , have had a lot to carry over recent weeks so please take some time to rest and recharge your batteries. We are all here for you and sending positive and healing vibes to your entire family. with love Pam xx

  8. I’m so pleased your mum is getting such help from the NHS and very slowly climbing back. I broke my foot nearly 2 weeks ago, and refused to go to get it checked because of my fear of waiting so long and no-one to help me even get out of the car!!. Finally a nurse at the surgery (where I did go to report the accident ) rang me and arranged for an NHS social helper to take me to hospital, get an immediate x-ray and then bring me home and she is helping in any way necessary. It was a service we never knew existed -all free and such lovely people. God bless all who work in the NHS. It has changed in many ways since I retired but the staff still have the same ethos and desire to go above and beyond.

  9. I agree with you Grace, it is at times like this that we see just how amazing the NHS is. It is good to hear that your Mum is getting great care and lots positivity.
    No doubt, you may have to tie her down as she gets better so that she rests up. But that really is no bad thing. … every cloud has a silver lining.
    Much love to you all.

  10. Thank you for the update Grace. I’m so pleased you were in the country when your Mum was taken ill, as I’m sure no matter how much pain she is in, she will take so much comfort just having you here (as well as the rest of the family, of course). I hope you will be able to stay for a while too.

    Your Mum always speaks with such pride about yourself and your brother Mark, and at times like this we need our loved ones support. Please tell Barbara that we are all wishing our ‘bus driver’ a speedy recovery but realise it will take time and care before she will be back to her usual cheery self.

    Your lovely Oma is also in our thoughts, as she must be going through such sadness and worry.

  11. Hi Barbara
    The NHS is marvellous, they were there at home every day when my mum was on end of life care. I fell over on the ice 2 weeks ago attended the minor injuries unit it took an hour from in and out including X-ray. Glad your mum is improving she is obviously very poorly, this is a long road to recovery hopefully she will take the time and rest properly.
    Hope the rest of the family are ok and looking after themselves.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  12. A great quote for today Grace. So glad Barbara is feeling a little better – it can be a long road with pneumonia & pleurisy, but it’s best taken one day at a time. Sending love to you all – you are in my prayers xx

  13. Thanks for the news Grace. and I so totally agree with how good our health service is.
    My experience, ok pre covid and all the mess (not health service to blame) was when I had a heart attack, over the time I was moving across the country to be with family. Absolutely amazing care. Ambulance crew even called into the ward at the end of their shift to see how I was getting on.
    My other experience was earlier this year when I tore my heel open and needed stitches. I got fed straight through to the treatment room and was quickly treated. As the doctor who did my stitches said I was leaving an awful bloody mess across the waiting area.!
    Sorry to hear your mum is struggling but it is early days yet for something like pneumonia. I wondered whether she had pleurisy too which is horrid apparently.
    Healing hugs to you all.

  14. Thank you for the update Grace.
    The NHS is fantastic, and yes we have to wait a while to get treated, but in the main the care is second to none. Peter needs a medal for taking such good care of Barbara in the middle of the night. Hope the move to respiratory happens soon. The peace and quiet should help recovery.
    I agree that the service is stretched at the moment especially as the staff have not had time to rest after COVID but things are moving along. It has only been less than a month since my hubby was told he needed to see a cardiologist and it is now booked for later this month and my eye operation (non urgent ) is scheduled for April so we have no complaints.
    Please make sure you look after yourself too and see that Dave is OK.
    Sending good wishes 🍒

  15. Thank-you Grace for the update. Glad your mum is improving but I know from experience how long pneumonia takes to get over. A long road ahead with plenty of rest. The staff in the hospitals are fantastic, we experienced that last year. Sending you all our best wishes. xx

  16. The NHS staff are brilliant.
    Very special people. If you need them, they are there for you, night and day.
    Get well soon Barbara.

  17. Thank you for the update, Grace. Lovely to hear that Barbara is getting good care. Look after yourself too. Love to you all. Xx

  18. Hi. Grace, this all seemed to come from no-where really, in such a short time.
    sending very best wishes that your mum gets well soon. love to Erik and Ragnar…I would also praise the Ambulance drivers and Paramedics for their good service. when I had some bad panic attacks…so scary, can’t get your breath, they were here in unbelievable time, literally minutes..

  19. Hi Grace, thank you for the update on your Mum, you all must be so worried, we are glad she is getting good care from the NHS they are all troopers. give her our love, tell to rest and take as much time as she needs to recover. we will all be here waiting when the time is right. take care all of you xxxx

  20. Thank you Grace for letting us know about your mum such a Lovely Lady hope she gets into the proper ward soon, love and prayers for her, You look after yourself also and hope your Gran is keeping ok I’m sure she is getting it hard also missing your grandad and worrying about your mum Love and prayers for you All ❤️

  21. Great to hear the update Grace and send your mum my best wishes, I totally agree about the health service, we have had nothing but excellent service and really timely. your mum will need to take it easy for quite a while. pleurisy is really painful and the pneumonia will make her short of breath for a while. keeping everything crossed for you all xx

  22. What an amazing blog, Grace. Your account of the dedication of the NHS staff brought tears to my eyes. Pleased to hear your Mum is starting to improve, although it’s a long road ahead. Take care xx

  23. Unfortunately, your mum was so focused on looking after your grandfather and coping with his passing that the adrenalin masked the start of the pneumonia. As soon as the funeral was done it looks like all the built up stress exploded like a balloon and that was a signal for the illness to move forward. She won’t be an easy patient as she will have to take a back seat and that is an anathema to her. As long as she knows she is surrounded by not only the love of her family, but the love of her customers and fans, she will make a good, if lengthy, recovery. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  24. thank you Grace for the update. just a quick note from me as a passenger. I’m glad the driver and bus are in for a service and a bit of looking over , but please pass on our our hugs and thoughts to the driver’s assistant and the rest of the Team Clarity Bus Company.x 🚌

  25. Well said Grace! Haven’t had a lot of illness in my 65 years, thankfully, but having had 4 children, double pneumonia with number 3, a husband who has recovered from Bowel cancer, and now a son training as a paramedic, I’m forever thankful to the NHS! Pay them what they deserve! Hope Barb continues her speedy recovery and gets back home soon. X

  26. well said. continue to improve Barbara, everyone is sending healing hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery

  27. Thank you Grace for the update on your lovely Mum.
    We are so lucky to have the NHS with the caring, hardworking staff and it’s wonderful to hear what a good job they are doing for Barbara.
    Take care xx

  28. Well said Grace . I’ve been in and out of our local hospital over the last couple of weeks and I have nothing but praise for the nurses and doctors I’ve seen. As you say if you feel something isn’t right then go to see someone. Glad Barbara is getting the best of care I hope that when she eventually is released from hospital that she will finally take some time to recover properly and not rush back into things. She will have to learn to slow down for a while.❤

  29. Grace – Thankyou for the update. So glad that mum has a diagnosis and receiving good care from our wonderful NHS.
    I’ll be at St GeorgesTooting tomorrow with my poor elderly mum, to undergo tests for her worrying health issues. I have nothing negative to say about our wonderful NHS who are there for us when we really need them. We even got an ambulance within 15 minutes last week. I do believe like you say, you have to be patient and communicate in the right way. I cannot fault her GP either, they have really looked after her over the last 2 years.
    Dear Barbara I hope your pain is under control and you continue recovering to full health very soon. Sending my love to you and your family ♥️

  30. Glad to hear that your Mum is starting to feel a bit better Grace, it will take a while to recover but if each day is better than the one before that is good news x

  31. Thank you Grace for the nice blog. you are a true help to your mum. Hope you van stay wit her till she is a lot better. wish her all te best and speedy recovery.

  32. Thank you Grace for updating us all on your Mum and it’s so appreciated. Sending Barbara wishes for a full recovery, and much love & best wishes to your lovely family in such difficult times for you all.

  33. Thank you for the update Grace, best wishes to Barbara it’s good to know that she is being so well cared for by our wonderful health service best wishes to you all xx

  34. Totally agree, we are incredibly lucky to have the NHS ♥️
    Sending healing wishes to Barbara ♥️ love and hugs to you all. XOXO

  35. Grace thanks for the update on your mum and so glad she is in the right place to get the care she needs. I am so glad she is slowly improving but when she is out of hospital please make her go slowly (if you can that is). She is sorely missed and has so many people praying for a speedy recovery and thinking of her every day. Xx

  36. Ooohhh can just imagine the super card Peter is going to get from Barbara 😊.
    Wishing her a speedy recovery all in good time. I know the pain she’s going through as I had pneumonia and pleurisy together and the recovery is slow and steady so make sure she behaves .
    You are all in our thoughts 💐

  37. Hello Grace, just tell your Mum that she doesn’t have to do illness by getting pneumonia and pleurisy, with the same gusto that she normally approaches life. So, here is hoping that the same will apply with getting better, only better to be the tortoise than the hare with these pesky pair.

  38. Thank you for the latest news Grace! It’s good to know that your mum is improving! Slow and steady but that’s good.
    I’m in total agreement with you about the NHS. Over the last 3 years we have had so much to thank them for.
    Get well soon Barbara. Xxxx

  39. travel gently, like a tortoise slow but determined, no rush,I’ve had double pneumonia and pleurisy it’s a long steady road every day a better day hopefully well done NHS, ive worked 50 years plus for them never thankfully come across a bad staff member whatever grade or position years take good care Barb and Grace and Mum and Dave and whole family get well steadily

  40. Hi Grace…
    Your Mum doesn’t know me from Adam, but she has had such a profound effect on me. Some would say I arrived late to the party in comparison to others, because I only discovered the Shac Shac at the beginning of lock down. I will not partake in social media of any kind, and to be honest the internet scares me. You hear of such horrible stories of people being picked on. And as I’ve had more than my fair share of being bullied in the past I was very apprehensive. A very dear friend told me about the way Barbara ‘the bus driver’ arrives in your living room for a chat, cuppa and gently guides you through doodling, colouring etc. It soon became the highlight of my day and I have since gone right back to the beginning of the Shac Shac and feel I’m having private lessons. I just wanted to say thank you which is no where near enough to express how much it has helped me. I can’t believe I’ve found such a safe, protected, happy and kind environment. You are all very special people. I am sending your Mum all my love and best wishes and willing a speedy recovery, she is one of life’s good eggs!! xXx

  41. Blessings Grace, thank you for your positive update and so glad your Mum is being taken good care of.
    Our wonderful NHS have always come up trumps when I have needed them many times in recent years.
    Sending healing thoughts and love.xx

  42. Well said, Grace. I couldn’t agree more. My husband was sent to A&E by our local Minor Injuries Unit last month. He arrived at 10.15am & was on a ward at 3.15pm. All the staff were brilliant during his stay. We have nothing but praise & admiration for them. So glad your Mum is being so well cared for. If love, prayers & good wishes could heal, she would be well on the road to recovery! As it is she will have to rely on the NHS but know that there are a lot of people thinking of her. xx

  43. thank you Grace, good to know Barbara is getting better. The hard part will come when she is well enough to come home to stop her doing too much! My hubby had a much needed op this year and although the staff were very busy everything was done to help patients heal and be comfortable. ❤

  44. How lovely of you to provide an update Grace. It will be a long road for Barb, but she has a fantastic support network and the determination to get there. Give her and the family our love.

  45. Hello Grace. Thanks for the update on your lovely Mum. My thoughts go out to you and all of your family and friends. It’s not easy seeing someone you love so much suffering. However, we all know Barbara is in the right place and, because of our wonderful NHS, will be receiving the best treatment possible.
    Love to you all. X

  46. Thanks, Grace, for writing your mum’s blog. I’m so sorry that she is so unwell at the moment. This is tough for you, too. You have all been through so much and you will get through this, too. Hope Dave is doing ok. Sending lots of love to all of you. Hxxx

  47. I’m a hospital chaplain and I have nothing but admiration for all those who work in the NHS. In the front line and behind the scenes. Well said Grace. 😊 Healing prayers for Barbra are ascending 💕🙏💕

  48. So glad to hear that your Mum is being so well cared for Grace .Such a tough time for her and for you and the family such a worry .Do take care of yourself also and thank you for updating your mums blog .x

  49. Agree with everything you have said Grace your mum is in the best hands, my husband was taken into hospital on Boxing Day with pleurisy he was also very ill, he was in for 10 days, the nursing staff and doctors were all hard working an dedicated. Wishing your mum well I will think of you all in my prayers 🙏 hope she will be home with you soon

  50. One of my favourite quotes, but also a great way to live a life. Having spent many weeks with both my parents in various hospitals over the last two year I agree the NHS is doing everything it possibly can for so many people. They have saved my dad numerous times over the last year.
    Hope you and your family are taking good care of themselves, sort of curious about the kind of patient Barbara is, but sending so much love. Xx

  51. Thank you for the update Grace, it’s good to hear your Mum is being well cared for. Though her recovery will take time it will ensure she takes adequate rest. Please look after Oma, Dave, and especially yourself.

  52. Thank you Grace for the lovely blog tonight updating us all on your mom. Sounds as though she is getting the best of treatment and with people like Peter to take her worries away that is half the battle. Fear of the unknown is what puts most of us doing anything when if we just took that step we would benefit so much.
    Meanwhile whilst Barbara is in good care of the NHS I hope Dave, Oma, yourself & the rest of the family are doing okay as well. Team Clarity will keep the wheels turning at Clarity Towers as they have learnt the ropes from a great boss.
    One day at a time xx

  53. Hi Grace
    What a time your family are having! Just remember to take care of yourself too. Please remember that there are lots of us out here thinking of Barb and the whole family and sending you love and good vibes.
    Travel gently.
    Zara xx

  54. Thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time. Thanks for letting us know how things are with your Mum. Best wishes.

  55. Thank you Grace for your message. so pleased to hear that Barbara is receiving such good care and is beginning her journey of recovery. She has spent so long looking after others that it is now turn for her to be looked aftered.
    Speedy recovery Barbara but take the time to smell the roses. x

  56. You’re so right the NHS staff from doctors to the cleaners are doing a fabulous job and deserve a lot more. Sending love and best wishes a speedy recovery Barbara ❤️‍🩹❤️

  57. Thank you Grace for your kind words about the NHS. As a Registered Nurse for 50 years and still working it is so nice to hear. Please send my love and prayers to your Mum for a very speedy recovery. I too have been in Hospital with pneumonia and it is very frightening, especially at night. The staff are always there for you day and night and will always care for you. Sending hugs xx

  58. So glad to hear Barbara is being treated well and I will continue to pray for her speedy and full recovery.

    The press/media has always been helpful with moral panics, negative news sells apparently. It’s either that or some political agenda to privatise greater parts of our NHS Heaven forbid!

  59. Thank you for the update Grace, I fear there are too many scare mongering stories out there. Glad your mum is experiencing the best care, we certainly can’t complain here either. Peter sounds like every hospital should have one, a bit like Paul & Dave ! Sending positive vibes and big hugs. X

  60. hi Grace, glad you’re mum is on the road to recovery ❤️
    I was a nurse for a long time and despite all the bad press etc, there are some wonderful people 😊 out there xxx

  61. Very well said Grace! Glad to hear from you today. Yes healthcare workers do get a bad rap sometimes but we can’t imagine doing the hours and the understaffing they deal with on any given day. Not only caring for the patients but keeping family informed and calm ♥️

  62. Thank you Grace for your blog, pleased to know Mum is getting good care. Sorry for your grandma, she must be finding it hard. Sending her hugs. It is so good you are still here. Thinking of you all. Take care all of you. Love to your Mum xxxxxx

  63. oh Grace you and the family are having a real tough time. your mum, dear Barbara is in the right place getting all the help and care she needs. yes the NHS is in a bad place but they never stop caring. our dear bus driver needs a much needed break, one day at a time and time to heal. love and hugs to you all . thank you for the update ❤

  64. Thank you Grace for the update.
    The NHS and staff go way way beyond the call of duty. I have nothing but admiration for them.
    I am so happy to hear that Barbara is moving in the right direction and as someone else has said, the trouble will be once she gets home and wants to run before she can walk. We are all here for her and you all and as she has been for all of us. One day at a time Barbara.

  65. Hi Grace, thank you for the update it is very kind of you.
    I agree NHS do an amazing job, they looked after my son last year when he had double pneumonia.
    Take care of yourself I know how hard it is watching someone you love in pain and can’t do anything! Drs and nurses will do it for you.
    Take care and love to you all x

  66. Thank you so much for finding the time to update us when you must be feeling so tired yourself right now. If the love, support and artwork shared could speed along your Mum’s recovery she’d be ready to come home, but until then she has our wonderful nurses and doctors to take care of her. It’s great that you’ve put the recent situation in perspective – scare mongering is rife and no one should be put off from seeking help if they need it. Love your quote for the day, one I was bought up with. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you are taking care of your Mum. Remembering you all in my prayers, much love xx

  67. So so glad you are there for your mum – hang on in there we are all sending positive thoughts and hugs

  68. so well said Grace, you are very much your Mother’s daughter. so glad Barbara is getting the care she needs.

  69. Thank you for the update Grace. The NHS are amazing in an emergency and the staff give everything they can. So glad Barbara is a little better. One day at a time. You and Dave need to take care of yourselves as well. xx

  70. I am so pleased your mum is a little more comfortable. Thank you for the update. We are so lucky to all the wonderful people who make up our terrific NHS. I hope that you Dave and the rest of your family can take the time to care for yourselves too. Being there for someone who is unwell takes so much out of you but as the adrenaline piles in we can forget to take care of ourselves too. Sending love and best wishes to you all and to the staff at Clarity too who are taking great care of us as customers and friends of Claritystamp xx

  71. Thank you for the update Grace. Good to hear Barbara is doing a little better and is on the way to the ward that can help her on her way to recovery and back home with her loving family. So glad to hear you’ve had such a positive experience… people are put in the right place at the right time, when and where they are most needed 😇 Please give your Mum a gentle hug from me and please remember to look after yourself too. Much love to all of you, and special love to your you, your Mum & Grandmother. xXx 🦋💕

  72. oh my goodness. I’ve not been online in a while and had no idea. I’m so sorry Barb is ill and needing Hospital care. much love to her and all the family. I hope she recovers soon.
    I also want to thank you for your kind words about the NHS. I work for the NHS and although it’s not in front line role, I am very proud to be part of the NHS Team. yes things are hard but as Grace says, if you need Hospital care, please go. by the same token though, if care can be sought by a different means other than ED, please try thst as well.
    love to you all and hoping for a speedy recovery for Barb xxx

  73. I totally agree that NHS is amazing. One of my grandchildren had six months in hospital and her care was OUTSTANDING.

  74. Thank you for the update on your mum Grace. I am so glad she is receiving great care and the care she needs. She has had a rough time of it recently but hopefully things will start to turn around and she will come out of this much stronger. She is a tough cookie and has done amazing things for all of us since Covid. I know all my fellow crafters will be rooting for her to make a full recovery.

    I rarely listen to the news these days as I know a lot of it is fabricated. Fortunately the NHS is full of dedicated people who save lives and do wonders every day and we need to remember that.

    Wishing dear Barbara a speedy recovery and then a gradual return to work. She needs to take time to properly heal. Best wishes to you, Dave and all the Clarity family, don’t forget to take care of yourselves too. xxx

  75. Well said lovely Grace – I totally agree. Poor Mum, such a rough time for her, but she is in the best hands – and with those who love her best around her she will get through it all.
    Love and prayers are ongoing for her and for your whole lovely family. Rosemary Txx

  76. Thank you Grace for the update.
    Love your comments. We too have had to go to a&e recently and spent a long night there amongst lorpts of people needing help and the nurses and doctors doing their utmost to help everybody under such difficult circumstances. I cannot praise them enough. They are angels on earth going above and beyond.
    My love and best healing wishes to Barbara and you. Xx

  77. Grace…..thank you! I just want to say that our NHS has some amazing people. I have had a bigger taste of hospital experiences recently and I have received the most amazing care from such kind and skilled people ❤ so pleased that you are by your Mum’s side. Sending much love and get well wishes to Barbara and yourself xx

  78. Thanks for the update Grace. So pleased to hear Barbara is improving even if it is slowly. Totally agree re NHS my experience has always been a positive one. Sending love and hugs to you all. ❤️xxx

  79. Thank you for the update Grace, it’s lovely to see you here. Good to hear mum is in the right place receiving the right treatment from fabulous people. Take care of yourself and the rest of the gang too.
    Love Diane xxx

  80. A bit late to the party with this but thank you so much Grace for keeping us up to date. You must have been worried sick yourself. Do please remember to take care too. xx

  81. Well said Grace. My family have had need of the NHS this year and tbey were amazing. Wishing you a speedy recovery Barbara, but it wi!l take as long as it takes. Give yourself time to heal. X

  82. Thank you Grace so much for updating us on your Mum’s Blog. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery, she is in the right place, look after yourself too Grace. Sending love and best wishes and healing hugs to all your family.

  83. Thank you Grace, for this update on your Mum. She certainly is in the best place with the amazing NHS staff looking after her.
    Sending lots of positive vibes and best wishes to you, Dave, your grandmother and all of the family. Take care, look after yourselves and travel gently.

  84. Hello Grace, thank you for the update and for the quote, which is very true. I hope nobody does have a go at the NHS, it is stretched, it is under pressure, and staff are underpaid and under valued, but believe me, compared to other countries, we are very lucky with the care we get in this country. So be kind to the people that give their working lives to care for others. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  85. Thank you Grace for taking the time to update us on your mum. So pleased she is being cared for in hospital with the love of her family .

    I totally agree with you ( as a retired nurse) , we are very blessed in this country to have the NHS .
    Sending hugs to your Mum and yourself , she definitely needs to take the time needed to fully recover xx

  86. I so agree with all of everyone’s comments and would like to add my best wishes to Barbara and family. Thinking of you all. xx

  87. Hello Grace, very well said. I was one of those people who believed the NHS was bad. Unfortunately, I had to go myself last summer and I was flabbergasted at how it was totally the opposite to what the Media had portrayed. I couldn’t stop thanking them for their efficiency and attentiveness. So much so, I wrote to the Hospital afterwards and thanked them. They are brilliant! – Also, well done you for being there all the time for your Mum, it’s not easy doing that and it’s exhausting too. So, you look after yourself too. xx

  88. It breaks my heart that our dear Barbara and her lovely family are going through such pain.
    This too shall pass and we will be crafting along with you again one day.
    However long it takes, now is a time to heal.
    Take time to bathe in peace and love and know that you are thoughts
    With love xx

  89. Thankyou so much Grace for the update on your mum and your positivity about the care she’s getting. So glad to hear that your mum is making small steps of improvement and wishing her well and hoping she gets better soon. She a fighter and a very determined wonderful woman. Lots of love to you all.xx

    1. Well done Grace, the NHS are fantastic, feel for all the Drs & nurses working under extreme pressure!
      Wishing your Mum, Barbara & speedy recovery, get well soon, take care all of you!
      Ann & David xxx

  90. Thanks Grace, you are a Great Daughter, it’s official.
    You are SO right about the NHS, I’ll say no more for fear of splinters in my feet from my soap-box!
    Barbara, we are all cheering you on to recovery, but not to race, take your time. Your body has had a battering. I’m watching previous SHAC videos so I still get my fix.
    Please take care , and Grace you look after yourself as well.
    Wendy, Swansea

  91. I’m so sorry to hear Barbara is in hospital, but glad to hear she is being well looked after.
    I have only just found out how to post comments here🙄, but I have been following along in the SHAC since the very first one (on YouTube). Thank you Barbara for getting us through so much. Sending you my very best wishes and hope you are soon feeling a lot better.

  92. Many thanks Grace for taking the time and trouble to let us know about your Mum, especially when everything is so difficult for you and your family. I agree with you about the NHS. It is there for us when we need it. I was admitted to A & E on 3 January, when things were worse than they are now and I clearly wasn’t as poorly as your Mum. I didn’t want to go but couldn’t see a Dr and was advised to call 999. I was treated with kindness and care by everyone but could see that they were very overstretched. They made me well enough to go home that evening, and I was delighted to get home. They’ll see your Mum right, but it will take time. Wishing you and all the family all the very best.xxx

  93. Oh Grace thank you for the update, you have made me cry this morning, reading your lovely words.
    Sending such love to Barbara and you all.

  94. Thanks Gracie for the update on Barb. So many of us are thinking of her and praying for her. Thanks also for what you said about the NHS. Assure your mum that all we want is for her to get herself better and we know it will take a long time. To quote her “This too shall pass”. A friend is recovering from Pneumonia following her 3rd bout of Covid and is so tired all the time. Tell Dave he might have to tie her down when she gets home to stop her overdoing it. God bless you all. xx

  95. Thank you for the update Grace. God bless the NHS staff who are there for us 24/7. Hope Barbara continues to improve and takes the time to mend fully. Sending much love and hugs to all. xx

  96. One day at a time… Hoping the news continues to be positive and progress is steady. By all accounts, it seems that you have a long road ahead, just take it slow. Big hugs to all xx

  97. One day at a time barbara, hope you continue to improve, yes I agree with everything you said I only have praise for nhs , who will always be there for those who need them xxx sending hugs x

  98. Best wishes to Barbara and the whole family. It’s good to hear she is getting all the care and support she needs. Hang in there x

  99. Thank you Grace for taking the time to update us. So pleased your Mum is being well cared for. Wouldn’t doubt it for one moment. Tiny steps each day, travel gently. Hoping every day will see the pain ease, and the worry for you all. Sending love and thoughts xx

  100. Thank you Grace for letting us know how your Mum is getting on. So pleased that you are able to be with her. Love to you all.

  101. Thank you Grace, so good of you to give us an update on how your Mum is. Our thoughts are with you all at this time it’s been such a difficult time for you all. Sending positive thoughts and love to you all and hope that your Mum will soon be well enough to come home. xxx

  102. Sending you well wishes and good vibes. Grace, that was a great message about the health care system. Barb, you have wonderful people around you who will take care of you, take care of your family and help you through this tough time. Focus on you.

  103. Hi Barbara and your lovely family
    Take each day as it comes you have had a lot to cope with .
    Just keep positive and I have had my share of hospital and what would we do with out them.
    Hope your dear mom is keeping her chin up
    Saying a pray for you love in hope you are soon home God Bless you and your family .
    Loads of love and hugs ❤🌹

  104. I can’t be negative at all, Pete is still undergoing loads of tests. I admit that at Christmas, we did start down the private route, but once our GP picked up on our problems, they have work so hard to find a diagnoses for him so that he can be treated.

    We have been holding you in our prayers very very often and although we understand it will all take time, keep comfy and know there are so many people routing for you xxx

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