And now for something very special…

And now for something very special…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Woke up this morning feeling full of beans, and smiling. Dave’s gone off to work for the morning, to get ahead of the Clarity Craft Club member’s Half-price Sale, which begins tomorrow. Just stocking up on what he knows we will need, or should I say, what folks will order! It’s late this year, but you understand I‘m sure. Life got in the way. Just to be clear, so you know what’s what… This will be a half-price blanket sale on all things Clarity – except for new things which have been on TV recently. This is one of the big perks of being in one, two or all 3 of our Craft Clubs. And you can join today if you aren’t a member, and take full advantage of the Sale tomorrow. For as little as £6 a month, why wouldn’t you? CLICK HERE

But I want to share something with you that I’ve been sitting on for a week, but haven’t been sure whether to share or not share, whether I would jinx here goes.

Last Friday, when I was still in hospital – remember the day my lovely friend Carron came in and washed my hair for me, and made me feel human again? Well. Dave came in after Carron had left, and handed me a letter. It looked a little bit official, like something from a Crown Court. And immediately I said, “Don’t tell me I’ve been done for speeding or something” (at the same time thinking, couldn’t this have waited until I got out of hospital?!) He had already opened it, so he just smiled and said, “read it”.

Well, it seems one of you good people put my name forward as somebody worthy – and I have been invited to attend one of the Royal Garden Parties this summer at Buckingham Palace!! I was speechless! What an honour! Excited doesn’t cut it. Blow me over with a feather.

The very first thing I did when I got home was go online and accept the invitation, and of course, add my guest – No. 1 violin in my orchestra – Dave to the invitation. Can you believe it?! I still keep thinking it can’t be right. Crossed wires. But I cannot tell you what an impact it had on me on that Friday evening in the hospital. I was already feeling there was hope, there was a light, my hair was nice and clean etc. I could see myself getting out of there.

But – typical woman – after tears of surprise and shock actually, I was straight onto what to wear, what shoes, not high heels I bet – that would wreck the lawn. Do you wear a hat? What’s the dress code? What about Dave? What if it rains? Do you take a brolly? What about parking? Best to stay in a hotel nearby. It was absolutely the BEST medicine, the loveliest prospect and the thing that turned the game around. I believe that. It lifted my spirits like nothing you could imagine. From worried sick about life and and pretty low, to elated on cloud nine in one letter. The sun came out in my head.

It was something very lovely and tangible in the future, something to really look forward to – literally. To focus on frivolity all weekend – on shoes and hats and the like – when you’re waiting for the consultant to tell you on the Monday, whether the drain treatment has worked sufficently to avoid invasive surgery. Honestly, it was a gift from God. And even if it is recinded, and they got the wrong Barbara Gray – it did the trick.

But in the meantime, I’m going to assume we ARE going to the party, and I’ve got just the dress!

I don’t know who nominated me for this honour, but whoever you are, you have no idea what a tonic that invitation has been. What a rainbow. Thank you so so much for considering me, and going to the effort of nominating me.

There. And now I’ve shared our amazing news. The Coronation is on the 6th May – My Dad’s birthday, ironically. When he and I talked about it, he said “I won’t be around for that Barb”. And he was right. But I wonder whether he knows his kid is going to the party.

So there are two dates for the Royal Garden Parties this year, which straddle the Coronation: 3rd May and 9th May. I was allowed to pick which date I would prefer us to attend. I wonder which YOU would have picked…have a think…

Fingers crossed it’s for real eh!

Love always,

Barb x x x

Quote for the Day?

Try to be a Rainbow in somebody else’s cloud

Maya Angelou

119 thoughts on “And now for something very special…

  1. That’s brilliant news. Congratulations. We look forward to hearing all about it. Just make sure you continue to rest when needed so you can be on top form for that very special day.

  2. So excited for you. My husband was invited before I met him as a member of the Armed Forces and he declined and he still thinks it was the worse decision of his life. I was nominated years later but another member of my team had been invited the year before so I wasn’t invited . So to quote something that your well known for JFDI and have a wonderful time. I think it is Serendipity!!!

  3. Fantastic news and well deserved. I agree, maybe not heels but yes to a hat. We look forward to hearing all about. Nice have something to look forward to too.

  4. Dear Barbara, Congratulations! How exciting and well deserved. Enjoy the planning. Will you choose your Dad’s birthday date? Take care xx

    1. 9th May would be good. After the coronation! I think the King and Queen Consort will be delighted that all the ceremony is over and in relaxed and friendly mode!

      So so pleased for you Barb xx

  5. Absolutely fabulous – good job block heels are in fashion ! How exciting – I didn’t know you had to be nominated for a garden party (hint – it wasn’t me ! ) hadn’t given it a thought before I suppose! How lovely that you were all spruced up when Dave handed you the letter too. Your Dad will know already I reckon ! Have you chosen the 9th so the King will be King by then ? Have a lovely afternoon when Dave gets back – good old Dave getting everything ready for us. Going to pick Mum up for lunch shortly. X

  6. Can’t think of anyone more deserving of an invite. What a wonderful thing to cheer you up and set you on the road to recovery.
    I would choose the date after coronation, a memorable day indeed. Please continue to look after yourself and get fit for the day. A time to aim for and encouraging when you feel down and tired and yes I expect your Dad does know and is cheering you on. Much love.xx

  7. Congratulations! What a fabulous, exciting surprise and very well deserved indeed.

    Have a very good day today….and rest!!
    Love, Linda x

  8. Hello Barbara
    Congratulations, just what the doctor ordered. Something, other than work, to focus on and look forward to.

  9. You so totally deserve this fantastic invitation, we can feel your excitement and can’t wait to see a photo of you and Dave in your glad rags ready to go! What a lot you will have to tell us in the Shac!!!!! What an occasion to look forward to and a new King into the bargain. Life does come up trumps especially after a very very difficult time you have had. Enjoy you very special lady x

  10. My word! How wonderful – and so much deserved! Enjoy the planning – probably not high heels…. they can sink in soft ground ….
    My beautiful sister was invited to one about five years ago, and with her husband, met the then Prince Charles, who chatted for a few minutes. I am so proud of her, as your lovely family and friends are of you. It will be a wonderful experience for you both! Love Rosemary T xx

  11. Just amazing – and well deserved!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS – slightly less exciting we are off to see/hear the Black Dyke Mills brass band (charity event) this afternoon. So good times all round.
    PPS how’s Erik’s leg?

  12. WOW, we’ll done you, you thoroughly deserve it and thank you to the person who nominated you. Remember they will have checked you out so they must have liked what they found. Let us know what date you are chosen for and we’ll all be thinking of you on that day. Better take a BIG handbag as we’ll all be there with you in that. Don’t go crazy now just take things as your body allows.

  13. Wow that’s wonderful news and so well deserved. Such a special event to be looking forward to, as you say its just the thing to lift your spirits.
    I would guess at the 9th as that’s the one I would go for.

    Happy Planning xx

  14. Congratulations you deserve the recognition for all you have done for so many of us. Would like to thank the person who sent in the nomination I would have done the same as would many in sure if we’d known how. Yes to the hat no to the heels will look forwards to hearing all about it. Think you chose the 9th. ❤

  15. Thrilled for you Barbara…..and YES OF COURSE your Dad knows you’ve been invited!! No heels for sure! I watched a documentary once where our dear late Queen was talking about the garden parties, and she said “of course people come in their best clothes and new shoes, and forget there is an awful lot of standing around, and that’s when they get into trouble”. So well worn and comfortable shoes!! xx

  16. That is great news Barbara. Congratulations. I know how exited I was when I received an Invitation for such an event at the crowning of Queen Beatrix in Holland. And to be in the same room with her. Never forget that day.
    Looking forward to the sales tomorrow. Take care and hugs from Melbourne

  17. Oh I want to cry. Words can’t express how pleased I am that you have finally got official recognition for all the wonderful work you have done for so many people in the Shac. Thank you too to whoever nominated you as well. Go girl xxx

  18. Congratulations ! Very well deserved. I think I would choose the 9th after the coronation. It will be quieter in London and more relaxed.
    Love and hugs

  19. Brilliant news and so well-deserved. I was amazed to find out that your lovely Dad’s birthday was on Coronation Day, the 6th May. When the date was announced, it meant a lot to me as it was my Dad’s birthday too. Obviously, a day for special people. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  20. That’s just the tonic that you needed your Dad knows and will be with on that day when I read your blog me and my husband just said WOW you so deserve it xxx

  21. That’s brilliant news Barb 👏 and I’m sure that you have picked 9th May, after the Coronation. It will be a truly joyous day and I am certain that your Dad will know. You will be carrying him in your heart ❤ with Dave by your side. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Love and get well hugs 🤗❤xx

  22. Congratulations something you truly deserve.
    Already looking forward to the pictures.
    Maybe a special stamp to commemorate the occasion.
    I’d pick the 9th my mum’s birthday.

  23. Many congratulations lovely lady, very well 👌 deserved. Now all you need to focus on (apart from what you wear) is resting and getting stronger for the big day. Glad you are feeling better. Remember One day at a time.
    Love ❤️

  24. Such a lovely treat ! Pick your shoes and start wearing them now so they will be nice and soft.So glad to hear the spring in your voice ,may it be in your steps also x

  25. CONGRATULATIONS very well deserved. I can just imagine the thoughts going through your mind that day.
    It will be more relaxed after the coronation so the 9th would be good. Low comfortable shoes are the order of the day as there is a lot of standing around. Hope you get to shake hands with the newly crowned King.
    A big thank you to the inspired person who put your name forward. Just shows how much you are appreciated and loved by all of us who wouldn’t have known how to do this.
    Look forward to seeing some photos of the event.
    Glad you woke up today with positive vibes but do not overdo things, it is still early days.

  26. A big “thank you” to you for everything you do Barbara. What a fitting tribute to be part of such a wonderful event!
    You are a rainbow in so many people’s lives, keeping so positive throughout very dubious times during Covid. And even now, with what you’ve been going through, sharing many things with your followers – you do write a great blog.
    (Maybe it’s nearing the time for you to start writing that book you’ve been wanting to pen? 😉)
    My choice of date would be after the coronation….and choice of outfit for me would be something purple, (but you look great in teal), with a small block heeled shoe, not 6 inch stilettos…..although they would help aerate their lawn 🥰
    Love to you this bright Sunday, Mrs Panky xxx

  27. Fantastic news and so well deserved. Congratulations Barbara. You must be so excited, I know I was, when I went to a garden party at Clarence House hosted by Prince Charles many moons ago.
    This couldn’t have come at a better time, just what the Doctor ordered!
    Rest up and get well soon.
    Much love

  28. Congratulations, a well deserved honour, enjoy every minute of it and hope you are feeling stronger with each passing day xx

  29. Well done that person that nominated you, and I hope the sun shines for you all on the day. Barbara you have been areal tonic and supported us for the last few years even though you were going through it with money troubles and your Dad. My daughter Ellen was lucky enough to meet the Queen at a Buckingham Garden Party, only she wasn’t invited but nominated as a GirlGuiding volunteer and she loved it. Hard work though and her feet ached so my tip is start with the comfiest shoes you can find and work up!

  30. Wedges all the way (but only the shoes, not ‘wedgies’ 😂). A bit of height to add glamour to your walk, but no damage to the lawns.
    Anyway, congratulations on a well deserved honour and the best medicine you could have. Enjoy the anticipation. X

  31. Oh how exciting! Congratulations! Well deserved recognition for keeping us all going through the recent troubles. I look forward to hearing all about it. I’d go for 9th May after coronation and a pair of low wedges. Lots of rest now in preparation. xxx

  32. Such a well deserved honour, so exciting to look forward to. What to wear? My good husband and I went in May some years ago, and it was SO COLD! Full thermals , a wrap or scarf handy, and comfy shoes I suggest before all else. Believe me, you can wear anything, so many cultures , costumes, styles there. Wear what makes you happy and look forward to a wonderful happy event. How very exciting. Xxx

  33. Congratulations hope you have a lovely day well deserved by you just the tonic you need at the moment. Thank you to whoever nonominate d you.xx

  34. Fantastic news and truly well deserved! You will love it, I went many moons ago with my husband when he was in the Police working on the Royal Protection team. Fantastic Day out and you are right, dont wear high heels, i kept sinking into the lawn, flatties would definitely have been a better idea. Something nice to look forward to you for a change xxxx

  35. Wow, what that says about you that someone nominated you to attend. Absolutely amazing. I hope you can take a camera and take lots of photos. What a celebration to look forward to. Enjoy all the lead up to it as well.

  36. Aw couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Such fun ahead choosing what to wear ! I’m sure your dear old dad would be saying “see Barb when one door closes another one opens” . Hope you both have a great time xx

  37. Hi Barbara, whst wonderful news, you so much deserve this. they have deffinately got the right person. your dad knows and would be so proud. i think you hsve chosen the 9th, i look forward to hearing all about the trip x

  38. Wow, what fantastic news and so thoroughly deserved. You are so very generous with your time to everyone and it’s nice to have some recognition. I look forward to hearing all about it. Look after yourself. xx

  39. Congratulations Barbara! 🎉 🎉🎉 That’s fantastic news and truly deserved!
    I am so pleased for you, something to look forward to. It will be an amazing day and an experience you will never forget.
    Sending hugs xxx

  40. What a lovely tribute for all your hard work. You deserve it. I bet it perked you up so much. Now you have something to aim for, improving a little each day. Just take it steady.

  41. Oh wow how exciting- well deserved Barbara! It’s so lovely that you have such an amazing event to look forward to. I love the way you are already planning your outfits. So pleased for you!

    Keep getting stronger each day – sending healing best wishes 🥰

  42. That’s great news, lucky you! I think a lovely little feathery fascinator would look lovely, rather than a full hat….it would really suit you…like what you wore for your wedding looked pretty. light and airy. exciting!

  43. Wow, one very lucky lady. That’s really something to look forward to and focus on. The randomness of life’s events !!!. A much deserved ‘treat’ X

  44. Congratulations, what a lovely honour and surprise for you and perfect timing to give you a much needed boost. Looking forward to hearing all about your chosen outfit (definitely no high heels 😊). Maybe we should guess the colour you will wear like used to happen when the late Queen attended Royal Ascot and Royal Weddings. Take care Barb, one day at a time. xxx

  45. Perfect. After all the encouragement you gave us during the pandemic, giving us something positive to focus on you deserve a treat. You are a strong business woman but it always appears that we your customers are friends and very important to you.
    God bless and continuing recovery.

  46. Congratulations Barbara, We’ll deserved and just the right time for you. Comfy shoes, and a hat of course. Had the privilege of being invited to Holyrood Palace 17 years ago and it was the most special day. Enjoy every minute.

  47. So very pleased for you, and what a pick me up! Got tears of joy here as you are so deserving for everything you did during Covid and beyond to keep everyone sane. Have fun planning the trip and the clothing, and when the time comes ENJOY! xxx

  48. Wow what fantastic news, definitely something nice to look forward to & thank you to the person who nominated you. Outfit & shoes to be chosen soon so you can be wearing the shoes around the house so they are nice and comfortable for the BIG day. That will be your allowed exercise each day !! No heels at least not traditional high heels. I bet Dave is a bit excited as well being very proud of you.
    One day at a time, travel gently and you will be able to enjoy the day which if I had a choice would be the 9th May xx

  49. Congratulations Barbara. So well deserved especially after all you did in lockdown and continue to do for everyone else. Lovely to have something so positive to look forward to help your recovery. Xx

  50. What a brilliant rainbow. Your nomination is so well deserved for everything you do and the time you give. Thank you to whoever nominated you. Something very special for you and Dave to look forward to. You will have a wonderful day together.

    It’s 21 years since I went with my husband. He says we drove and free parking was part of the invite and I’m sure I didn’t wear a hat. Although those minor details are a bit vague I well remember the time in the garden, the tea and seeing the Queen, who wore yellow. It was a very special day that I felt very privileged to have been able to attend.

    Lynn x

  51. Barb, I’m so chuffed for you and Dave. This is so deserved and much more! Probably best to go “comfy” with the shoes and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Oh, don’t forget to take gifts – maybe a personalised stamp set for the King and a Groovi Starter Kit (with King Charles grid plate, of course) for the Queen Consort!
    Barb, when we need it, you are definitely the Rainbow in all of our “cloudy skies”!
    Take care, rest well and make sure you are 100% for your special day.

  52. Congratulations. How exciting. Definitely no high heels, especially if you are not used to them. Go for comfort in everything, it will be a long day.
    I would choose the 9th our King might be more relaxed after the big event. Tempting though to choose before and stay on for the coronation but reckon you see far more on the TV. Just enjoy whichever date you choose. x

  53. Congratulations! I can’t think of anyone else who deserves it more. You deserve it because you do so much for all of us. Rest well and lots now xx

  54. wonderful news! I have been to a garden party! I was very lucky, i was working for a Naval association and there was a “spare ” invite. it was decided that I should go, with my other half. I kept hoping no one would ask who I was! a very special day, we were not allowed to take photos, don’t know if that’s changed. There should be something giving a dress code as when we went it was quite strict. I would however advise comfy shoes!

  55. Can’t think of anyone who deserves this more. You give so much without wanting a return. What a wonderful pick me up after all you and your family have been through. Take care xx

  56. Fantastic news for you Barbara and congratulations– well deserved!
    Looking forward to your stories about the cloths,shoes,hat etcetera for this Party.
    Your father will with you for sure!

  57. Oh Barbara, what fun!! And you so deserve it, with driving the SHAC bus for so long and keeping us all busy and all together! Hope its absolutely marvellous, enjoy the dress and hat shopping! Much love (and gratitude), Ruth x

  58. What fab news Barbara! So happy for you . You deserve it! So rest well so you will be fit to go to the party and don’t get stressed about what to wear etc. Stress is definitely not good. I’m sure you have something suitable for the occasion. If not, ask your bestie to go shopping with you.
    Anyway, so glad you’re feeling so much better today. One step at a time, eh? Sending hugs and lots of love. Alles Liebe ❤

  59. Would suggest taking a shooting stick with you so you’ll have something unobtrusive to sit on. Standing around will be extremely tiring and stressful. Other than that, Congratulations, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. You kept so many people going throughout the Covid virus, in fact you did more than any doctor could. You gave your time to keep hundreds of strangers motivated. There s only one Bus Driver because no-one else could have done the job of motivating all those people? I hope it’s a lovely day for you and Dave.

  60. How absolutely fantastic! You will have a brilliant day – it is so special walking through the Palace gates! Thoroughly deserved xx

  61. I’m so pleased for you, Barb. You certainly deserve the treat. Look forward to seeing the pics. Glad you are on the mend. Xx

  62. Wow. What a special letter for such a special Lady. Who ever did this, doesn’t realise what a wonderful thing you have done and it is a fantastic way of saying how much Barbara means to us all. Without you Barbara I and many more would not have got through all the stress and madness we have all had for many years. I was in tears as I read your Blog Barbara it is such good news. I hope you both have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment of it. The best I can do is to say THANK YOU Barbara. So glad you are well and truly on the mend and have something really good to look forward to.

  63. What a wonderful surprise for you, although your comment about a speeding ticket made me lol. I had no idea you could do such a thing. A former boss of mine was invited to meet with, the then Prince Charles, at Clarence House. I think I’d pick 9th May after the coronation has taken place and everyone is more relaxed. I quickly looked through the website earlier and have a list in process. Thank goodness it lasts a week.

  64. What wonderfulness news Barbara and so well deserved! Great that you have something good to focus on, though I’d be in a right panic as to what to wear!! X

  65. Such brilliant news. You so deserve this 😘
    So, definitely rest and recover more for this lovely event. How perfect to think on what to wear for you both, taking work pressure a little out of your head. Your doing so well but still slowly slowly .

  66. What absolutely splendid news, dear Barbara, well deserved 🥰; wonderful ‘medicine’ to help your complete recovery. I’m sure you both will enjoy the event – my late husband and I did many years ago. And definitely no high heals, very comfortable shoes is certainly best – talking from experiences. Just a little thought – You might consider having two outfits at the ready as it were, so you can make a decision last minute when weather conditions are known! It was very hot when we attended, and there is not necessarily shade available for everyone.
    Keep up your good work to get completely well. My most sincere wishes and love, Jutta

  67. Hi Barbara
    Brilliant news good reason to make sure you get enough rest before the big day. Having worked in London on many royal events I would go for the 9th the crowds would have gone after the Coronation and getting around London will be easier also it will be easier to book a hotel. You throughly deserve this reward well done to whoever nominated you. Maybe 2023 is on the up.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  68. What brilliant news! So glad you will get the recognition you deserve for all you have done for us crafters. I was lucky enough to go about six years ago and definitely not heels as you have to queue for entry and food and the land is quite soft. Hats were the order of the day when I went, but it was so windy we were hanging onto them for dear life! Whenever you go we shall be waiting eagerly for the photos. xx

  69. Barbara….WOW what an honour and so very very well deserved! I’d like to say the biggest thank you to who ever nominated you, what a brilliant idea…who knew? and I know the sentiment will be mirrored by each and every one of us fellow shac(ers). The excitement and anticipation will be the perfect tonic and incentive to give you something to concentrate on while you’re recovering. Take it steady in these early days, listen to your body and it will pay dividends later. I think you might have chosen 9th May, all the pomp and circumstance will be over and a more relaxed King Charles III will be in attendance…..oooo get you!!…Bloomin’ brilliant, good on ya x

  70. “All’s Right!” Dear Barbara – Right event – Right time -Right tonic – for the Right Person. Well deserved honour.

  71. So so very happy for you and Dave will be the perfect escort for you. You are both so deserving of this well done 🥳🥳🥳

  72. Such a beautiful photo of you and Ragnar yesterday… I was doing the same with my beautiful Rani. Our cats/fur babies know when to make us rest, while they purr to calm/relax us and help us recuperate. 🐈😽 So very happy for you Barbara, of course there hasn’t been a mix-up, as it’s thoroughly well deserved! I would choose the 9th as you’ll have been able to experience Dad’s first birthday without him being here with you physically. It will be very hard, but just do what feels right, think how he would want you to remember him and celebrate it for him. It would be nice to wear an outfit which he really liked, so it feels even more like he is attending with you, along with comfortable shoes, a shawl/pashmina or warm cardigan/light jacket as you will need to carry it around if it’s a hot day. Sending you a big but gentle hug and much love always, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  73. Ps. Love these plates of Linda’s, such beautiful samples from the very talented DT and always a pleasure watching our wonderful Tina in action. 🥰💖 Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  74. Hi Barbara what fantastic news! I think you are going to have a wonderful time. Will you be taking a selection of goodies with you, groovi starter kit, an ink pad and a couple of stamps just to get the family started and the youngsters crafting? Your Dad (and your mum) would be very proud of you.
    Love Diane xxx

  75. Congratulations Barbara, very good news and so well deserved. I am sure that whoever nominated you will be forever on your gratitude list!

    I sincerely hope that you will be almost 100% better by the time you attend the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace; what a marvellous event to look forward to. Enjoy the day, whatever date you decide to choose.

    Will you be taking a Marmalade Sandwich in your handbag for later . . .? It might give you an energy boost!

    I was lucky enough to have met Her Late Majesty and when you have met Royalty, it will forever be in your memory. Maybe the Clarity family could nominate you for a Damehood, because there is nothing like a Dame and you so deserve it. 👍🏻 If anyone else here agrees, nominations need to be sent to the Cabinet Office.

    Continue to take things easy Barb and travel gently. x

  76. That is a wonderful news.
    Definitely not heels, unless something blocky, or a wedge.
    Your choice of after the Coronation would also be mine. Hopefully you will get to meet the King.
    Take care, look after yourself xxx

  77. That’s a wonderful piece of news, Barb, arriving at exactly the right moment to lift you after such a traumatic few months. You’re tall, slim and elegant, so the right outfit shouldn’t be hard to find, and I definitely recommend comfy shoes. They’re no longer unattractive, thankfully, and you could be standing for a long time.
    Have a glorious day, it’s well-deserved. xx

  78. Hello Barb, well that is certainly fantastic news and you so deserve it! So to whoever your guardian angel is, well done you for making such a special effort for a special person. I am sure Barb that you and your Number 1 Dave will making a striking and imposing couple, and hopefully you will get to meet King Charles and Queen Camilla. One of my favourite Maya Angelou quotes. Take care everyone. Bx

  79. Congratulations, well deserved . You and Dave will have a great day whatever the weather,but definitely no high heels x

  80. Delighted to hear your news and that you are well down the road to recovery .
    I am a retired ward sister and was so pleased to hear that the NHS came up trumps and delivered your care with compassion and kindness .
    Patience , time and nature are the three greatest healers it is said but a friendly face, a reassuring word and an empathetic nurse or Dr certainly play their part.
    Your nomination is so well deserved , rest up and enjoy your special day.
    I think you are right about the heels!!
    All the best Alison

  81. A perfect choice, and so very well deserved! What a wonderful treat for such a wonderful person. I really hope you have a fantastic day, one to cherish and store in your memory bank. Xx

  82. Congratulations Barbara you certainly deserve it. What you did during Covid helped so many people from being depressed and lonely. Have you thought about your wedding outfit for another special day .you looked really beautiful. Please take notice and just rest until the special day arrives. Please take care lots of love Norita xxxx

  83. Congratulations Barbara! Nobody deserves it more than you.
    It is lovely to see you back home, and although frustrating you do just have to take it one step at a time in order to get properly well again.
    With love and best wishes x x

  84. What wonderful news, congratulations. A well deserved invitation you will have a fabulous day. Just the thing for you after your awful ordeal. Your Dad and Mum will be so proud.. take it easy and rest xxxxxx

  85. Fantastic news Barbara and well deserved. MBE next for all that you have done for crafting? You kept so many of us going during Covid.
    A new dress? The dress you were married in is perfect. I am sure you will have a fantastic day. xx

  86. Congratulations Barbara !! So well deserved. Was guest to son for his Duke of Edinburgh gold award held in the Palace’s garden. Definitely low heels and make sure you get there really early so you are at the front of the entrance queue and then you can really enjoy the gardens as you walk through, instead of having to race through!! :))

  87. No one deserves it more than you Barbara! I am so happy for you and Dave and delighted that you now have something very special to look forward to! – Your Dad will be by your side all the way with the proudest of smiles that I am sure. xxx

  88. Brilliant. So nice to have something special to look forward to. And every cloud has a silver lining – I bet you’ve lost a ton of weight in the past few weeks so that dress will fit you like a glove!!! Comfy shoes definitely! xx

  89. Hat is essential, not allowed in without one.
    Parking free in the mall for the garden party.
    Went a few years ago.

  90. What wonderful news. You absolutely deserved it. You are always an inspirational to us all and works so hard. I hope you and Dave will enjoy the day

  91. What brilliant news. The invitation could not have come at a better time for you. You have something to look forward to & work towards. It’s a richly deserved honour for all your time & kindness driving the SHAC SHAC bus. As to the question of shoes, I would go for flats or wedges but above all comfort! xx

  92. fantastic news, so excited for you and Dave. Well deserved as an educator and influencer and thoroughly delightful person. look forward to the photos after.

  93. You will love it.
    Remember your invite, or you won’t get in.
    Day dress and remember hat, shoes and tights are a must.
    You will be on grass so your heels will end up a mess.
    Wee tiny sandwiches and strawberry tarts and drinks all in the tent.
    We were there 2003, and Prince Philip came for a chat….
    So enjoy yourself, it’s will be a fabulous adventure….well done.

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