Members Sale!

Members Sale!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. You know you’re getting better when you get your pencils and tracing paper out, and get lost in a world of sketches and doodles. Today was quite lovely. Sitting at the kitchen table, sun pouring in, and trying to transfer the pictures in my head to paper. It didn’t quite translate as I had hoped, but I went with it. There are loads more, and I’ll try unlocking them during the week, but all in all the vibe, the energy and the style certainly worked. Let’s call it a warm-up. It’s like the SHAC. You have to do a little every day, to build your confidence and develop your style, right?

Paul’s taking over here….

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Clarity Craft Club members’ Half-Price Sale! It launched at midnight last night – and all you night owls found it before the official email went out at 6am this morning!

Nearly all things Clarity and Pergamano are now half-price until the end of the month (certain items excluded) It’s just one of the many perks of being a Craft Club Member.

Be sure to sign into your account before you start shopping to ensure that the discount is applied

Click HERE to investigate

If you want to find out more about our various Craft Clubs, then click HERE

and if you sign up online or over the phone, then you can go straight into the sale!

Back to the kitchen table. Yes. As ever, I work in silence. No music, no audible book, no noise. I find it impossible to draw with chatter in the background. I was thinking about this today, and realised that there was such an intense conversation going on in my head regarding what I was drawing, there was absolutely no space for any additional racket! How about you? Same whilst I write my blog. I’m talking to you, so how could I listen to anything else at the same time?

Actually, I was thinking that the picture I drew today might just be perfect for us to doodle together when we get back together in the SHAC. I reckon you’d enjoy it. Lots of this n that…

Anyway, time to stop for the day and have a cuppa with Dave. I have to say, I’m quite enjoying this new slower pace of life.

Quote for the day:

Take time to smell the Roses.

Love always

Barb x x x

PS. I had to laugh yesterday. I think pretty much every single one of you said you would opt for the Garden Party on the 9th, after the Coronation on the 6th May. And I ticked the 3rd May, BEFORE!! In my mind, it would be fresh, full of anticipation, and not worn out with all the celebrations! So that’ll be Dave and me on the 3rd anyway…nice pristine lawn too…

25 thoughts on “Members Sale!

  1. My friend bought me a Macmillan rosebush for my wedding present and the smell is just beautiful. I always take the time to enjoy it when I’m in the garden! Glad you are back drawing and doodling x

  2. Hi Barb, so glad to read that you’re home, recuperating and getting back some of your mental and physical energy.
    Congratulations on your invite to the palace, what an exciting opportunity, especially in coronation year.
    My members’ sale order is in! I managed to prep a list in advance this year, and then whittled it down to what was reasonable and affordable!!
    Thank you for everything, and keep taking care of yourself. “Take time to smell the roses” is a perfect quote, I often say it myself when I spot blooming roses when out on a summer walk, then pause and sniff – bliss.
    Love, Cx

  3. So glad to hear you have managed to get out some pencils and paper. I, like you, prefer silence when I’m trying to concentrate on something as I tend to talk to myself whilst I’m doing it – drives my other half mad as he thinks I’m talking to him and he has no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t even answer him half the time as I haven’t heard him talking to me as I’m too busy talking to myself xxx

  4. I think the 3rd. May.. is good…
    both dates are. sometimes after several days, of pomp etc…it can get a bit much, and interest may drain, excitement will be around on the 3rd…by the 9th…might be a bit much.
    I don’t know….only guessing!! both O.K really.

  5. I totally agree, silence is the way to go! I’ve learnt to block out background noise, over the years working in an office.
    fabulous news about the Garden Party. I’m going to compare it to getting into that freshly washed bed linnen, all crisp new and fresh, who wants to get into it after all those people have had go, I too would have chosen the earlier date. It doesn’t matter that Charles won’t have been crowned at that point. Then you get to enjoy all the ceremony on TV when you get back to Crowborough.
    I can’t wait to hear all about it!
    lots of love always T.xx

  6. Hi Barb just been placing my order, thank you again for such a lovely sale. It’s so so good to read about your enjoying the slower pace of life, soak it up! Looking forward to those designs you have been drawing in the Shac.
    Keep getting stronger everyday and relax. X

  7. Great news to learn that you are well enough to sit and doodle. I plumped for 9th but to be honest I’d go on either date if invited. You now have a goal to work to with your health. Still going through the site – so much to choose from.

  8. So glad you’re feeling well enough to draw and doodle. London will be buzzing with excitement on 3rd May, and will look so lovely with all the bunting etc. So nice to have something to look forward to. All the Royals will be in town too. Hope you’ve got a new lippy to go with your posh frock (and sensible shoes!) x

  9. So pleased you are enjoying your silent doodling and it will be interesting to see what you design.
    When I craft, whatever it is, I seem to zone out and don’t hear much of what else is happening. The worst thing is when I get a good book and can’t put it down. Hours pass in complete oblivion and if hubby didn’t nudge me I probably wouldn’t eat either.
    Now you know what it is like to step back and relax perhaps you will not try to dive back into the fray too soon. No more Worka and Hollix for the time being.
    I got about a third of the way through the members sale and placed an order and will have another browse later.
    Stay well 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Pleased you are well enough to do some drawing and get some inspiration for the SHAC . Will be ready and waiting whenever you are fit again, no rushing back too soon though. Could only watch live on Thursdays but always watch any I’ve missed on catch up. Enjoy the slower pace of life.

  11. All positive stuff Barbara, doodling and thinking about the garden party. Even being able to think about it is a step forward. Brilliant.
    I hope out pact is still on, to get to Ditton, have put my possible drivers in the picture. At the moment it’s a struggle to get to the next room, let alone get to Ditton, but, here’s hoping!! Spring is in the air!
    Keep safe and rest a while. Xx

  12. So glad to hear you are home and you are starting to feel like drawing again too. Congratulations on the garden party invite. Keep up the good work and lots of love and best wishes.

  13. The sunshine has been beautiful today so for you to be sat drawing at the kitchen table sounds a wonderful relaxing time – just what the doctor ordered. A new SHAC doodle in the pipeline – we will keep an eye out for that in a few weeks – no rush we will be there when you feel ready to get back in the drivers seat. Off to have another look at the Sale x

  14. My sale order is sitting there for more to add, trouble is I put something on, take something off …. I know what will happen I’ll hit the button and think of something else. Good job there will be time for a second order !

    Enjoy your makings !


  15. How lovely to be invited to the garden party! My sale order is in – I got a Clarity voucher for Christmas so I’ve been making my list since then. Of course I had to add to the voucher! Nice to see you are getting your mojo back. Take care xx

  16. I’m the opposite to you ! I can’t work in silence and have to have some background noise like music or I would be constantly listening for other noises outside like cars or birds or the helicopter going over.
    Glad you’re getting back to being creative !
    Love and hugs

  17. Yes!!!! Our Barbara is really on the mend , pencil and paper in hand ! What great news!

    Love a Clarity sale! First order done , will there be another – quite possibly! ♥️

  18. so good that your crafty mojo is back! am planning to grab a bit of time over the next couple of days and browse the sale goodies (I’ve got a list…!)

  19. I would have plumped for the 3rd as well; the buzz will be fantastic!! Continue to get well and glad you are doing some FPS even if you are thinking about the Shac Shac; we are all here at the bus stops eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bus but in the meantime we are keeping ourselves busy in our own ways. :))

  20. Well that’s such good news to read you have picked up a pencil and been drawing. I shall look forward to seeing what you managed to do.

    Reading through posts on the Fb pages it looks like the guys will be busy at the office a picking and a packing! I did sneak a little order in. Well it would be rude not to.

    Love and hugs xxxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    I personally need music when I do anything so when I craft it’s no different. I’ve looked at the sale only managed a new ruler so far 🤣 sure I will add to it. I found out by accident that nail varnish will burn into the plastic on the ruler hence the new one. Hope you’ve managed to catch up on the throwdown some interesting creations. Jackie had a great result on a new glaze she tried and the kiln gods were kind it was like Christmas morning checking it out this morning. Glad you’re enjoying the slower pace of life keep it up.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  22. Nice to know you are doodling again, and isn’t it lovely to have a spot of sunshine to brighten up our days. Busy finishing off a Birthday card tonight, after a housework morning and a visit to a neighbour this afternoon. Not yet visited the members sale yet, but I will peruse my wish list, and no doubt go over the spend limit I have set myself!! Gentle hugs to you. xxx

  23. Hello Barb, the perfect quote, sometimes I can craft with the TV or music on, other times I cannot. Can’t wait to see what your new sketches and doodles are. Just take it slow and recover completely. Glad you went for the 3rd, even though I did not say it, that is the date I would have gone for. Enjoy. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  24. I have Tinnitus, so I like to have some background music on, otherwise I just hear all the high pitched squealing on one side and low rumbling on the other. It is just white noise really, but it has to be fairly soothing, so I listen to classical music. I used to do this at work as well. With the music and the aromatherapy people used to come into my office and say it was a haven of “tranquility” amongst all the bustle of a busy office.
    You are obviously feeling a bit better if you want to draw and doodle. Thank goodness for creativity.

  25. Good to hear that you are drawing again. Gentle focussing of the mind puts all our thoughts into the positive and aids recovery. Look forward to seeing your new creations. Order went in first thing yesterday. Take care xxx

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