Saturday – and Flowers from Tina

Saturday – and Flowers from Tina

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Been hanging out with Ragnar and Dave by the Aga. This Empyema certainly is a thing! You feel fine, you can breathe fine, you can drink tea fine. No pain. But wait until you move around! A leisurely stroll to the fridge and you feel like you’ve run down to Sainsbury’s and back! Ah well. I guess I shall just have to stop running down to Sainsbury’s! It’ll be ok. There is so much you can do when you’re a crafter – and you don’t even have to move away from the AGA! No need to climb the mountain today. It’ll still be there when I can.

Saturday already, where has the week gone? Handing over to Paul now for a turn…

Tina will be back on Create & Craft later today at 1pm & 5pm shining a light on some our favourite designs from Linda Williams – Flowers & Lace.

Last month Tina created 2 beautiful pieces using Set 1 – Roses, Gladiolus, Cosmos & Aquilegia

Today, Tina will be look at Set 2 – Jasmine, Pansy, Sweet Pea & Violet

The lace corners can be used to create complete frames

Available HERE

Here is some flowery love from the Design Team

Back to Barb…I must say. Of all the Groovi plates in our vast library, I think this Flowers and lace by Linda are still my all time favourites. I just LOVE the lace!! I also love watching Tina put her spin on Linda’s designs. She tells me she adores these designs too. Tina sees things differently to most of us! She certainly thinks outside the box…

I have been doing a lot of thinking too, of course I have. Got a lot to think about. But there’s thinking, and then there’s thinking. It’s when you stare at a point beyond that which you are looking at. A bit like Dot meditation I suppose. That’s when I find I really reach a place of peace. I get some kind of relaxed clarity in my head, and the thoughts begin to link up, to weave together, almost into a blanket of nothing. It’s a real calm place.

Quote for today:

We are shaped by our thoughts


Thanks for having my back. I can feel that you do.

Love always

Barb x x x

62 thoughts on “Saturday – and Flowers from Tina

  1. You have to remember you have been through the wringer and apart from the heap of ABs you have to take time will be the best healer, along with stroking a cat, or Dave to sooth your frustration at a body that won’t let you run to Sainsbury’s!
    Just take it easy.

  2. Leave the trips to Sainsbury’s for a while Barbara. Take each day as it comes. I used to be able to clean my home from top to bottom in one day! Takes me one day to clean one room now due to not being able to breathe. It’s not just the walking that does it but anything that means I have to stretch my arms or move them about like hoovering and dusting so I do everything in stages. That’s why I craft I can sit quietly all day either kniting,crocheting,or playing with all my Clarity goodies and can breathe easily. Take care, take time to heal and enjoy doing nothing for a while. Off to make a cuppa and to arrange my day so I can watch Tina later on.❤

  3. Hello Barbara
    Baby steps, baby steps. It has taken me almost two months from my initial emergency op (December 20th) but last night I only needed two pillows! Initially I needed four!
    I still have to sleep on my back, but it is progress.
    Don’t try to rush things. It will take as long as it takes.
    Sending love and hugs,

  4. Sainsbury’s will still be there when you are ready for them. Right now your body is telling you not to run before you can walk, little bit at a time is the way to go and always remember to do your breathing exercises like the physios taught you in hospital! It’s good to see you back home and thats a huge milestone in itself! Take care of you for a while xxxxx

  5. Morning Barbara, it’s going to take time and patience to build up your strength. As you say crafting is the ideal hobby to take you into a different space. After a serious illness I can honestly say it was my life saver ( and a very caring husband … as have you ) !!!
    one day at a time.
    sending healing hugs your way.

  6. Hi Barb, please take it easy, and look after yourself. Love the quote today. Take it slow and stay warm by the Aga, love the look of the new plates, and I am sure they will fly out the door. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  7. Barbara you will soon be feeling better with your strength and outlook on life and Clarity friends and family to uplift you.
    I have the plates Tina will be demonstrating today and have set the sky box to tape, infact there is not much room left – full of Clarity demos. I make cards for friends in the village and they love them.
    Love and Hugs to you Barbara. Janet xx

  8. Hi there, lovely to see you with the cats (or one of them), they are there for a reason, to help you relax and get through the hardest times. I meant to say the other day you are so like your Dad, people say same about me but I can’t see it, look at my nephew though and he’s the spit of Dad in his younger days.

    Love these plates and haven’t used them enough so I’m going to now. Looking forward to the shows too. Have a peaceful day by the Aga xx

  9. Take it easy Barbara. I’ll be watching Tina, she does such a great job on TV. , as I’ve told her. Not easy.
    I had great plans for today, but will not be possible. Shall enjoy watching Tina, might just tick off a few boxes ..the rest must wait. ..tomorrow might be a better day. Keep safe. Xx

    1. Like parchment, it takes as long as it takes. It’s the quiet time you need to be gentle with yourself. It is so lovely to see you there relaxing and recuperating. xxxx

  10. Cats are so therapeutic with their soothing purrs. Ragnar will help your recovery better than any pills. I will be watching Tina today. I love the flower plates by Linda, they are so versatile. Is there any chance of the Wraps and Envelopes coming back on TV? They complement these designs perfectly. Sending hugs for a speedy recovery, Lynda <3

  11. One day at a time, Barbara. You tell us all this often so it’s our turn to tell you. We do listen you know. So it’s your turn to listen to us and there are more of us !!!! Take care and love to you all.

  12. Just for now, follow my example and let Sainsburys come to you. I have not been to a supermarket since 2019, and really got to know the lovely drivers. I once worked out just how many times you have to handle every item when you actually go to the shops. It came to 7 times before you use it.
    By the way, the purring of a cat is, apparently, very good for your blood pressure and relaxation. So enjoy your time by the Aga.
    lots of love and hugs from Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

    1. Same here Margaret, the Sainsbury’s drivers are all lovely, I have no intention of giving up on home deliveries!

    2. Same here, although I have been in a supermarket but not to have to do the big shop is still a positive to come out of Covid for me. X

    3. Deliveries for me too Maggie. We mix between Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Ocado didn’t turn their back on us initially when lockdown hit us all – Sainsbury’s did so are in second place. I wouldn’t know how to drive a shopping trolley now if I tried! Lovely to see you here for our Barb – she looks tired and also in need of a good filling suet pudding. Joking apart. it’s not good what she’s been through and I wish her well in her recovery. Hope you’re fine my lovely!

  13. Take it easy as everyone says. Years ago when I was about ten I had to have my tonsils out and was placed on an adult ward. Lady next to me had the same op. I couldn’t talk properly but mumbled and she shouted to me the o talk properly because I was better after the op. Well guess what I went home and recovered well. She went home but was back in hospital after a few days because the stitches had worked themselves out too early, can’t prove it was the shouting but I think it probably was . So slowly slowly wins the day for me

  14. Morning Barbara. I think you are now at the point where you’re listening to your body. You have been so used to running around constantly on the go that when you hit that ‘brick wall’ you need to adjust to taking life a lot slower and that takes time.
    Now you can take time to look and see things you may not have noticed in your busy days. You can watch Tina on TV and really enjoy what she does.
    As for running!!! nah you don’t need to be doing that.
    You take care….travel very gently …..keep taking those ABs and eat healthily. You’ll get there you know!
    I saw this quote and thought it suited a lot of us.
    “Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can.” — John Wooden
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  15. Easy does it Barbara, it will take time to build up your strength, in many ways you are already doing so well.
    Enjoy being at home with Dave and the kitties.
    One day at a time…..
    Gentle hugs.
    Much love
    PS Many thanks to all the Clarity team, I received my KISS stamps very promptly yesterday.

  16. ‘Everyday in every way I am better and better’
    These few words carried me through a difficult time for me. This was before you started the shac shac family, and now, thanks to you, I have a little note book full of positive vibes.
    ‘Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic’ are from Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy, I found extremely helpful. May you find all our love and blessings magnetically coming your way Barbara. xxx

  17. Piano, piano as they say in Italy. Take each day as it comes and let your team drive the Clarity Bus a bit longer. Enjoy your days by the Aga and make sure you are fully recovered before you take on too much. Best wishes for a lovely, relaxing weekend. xxx

  18. Simply wishing you a day of continued warmth, love, smiles and peace Barb – may you feel enfolded in it.
    Love Rosemary T xx

  19. Ragnar is the best tonic for you, he brings you comfort and makes you sit down so he can have your lap, how is Eric doing? X

  20. The power of the mind – glad you are relaxing mind and body, both equally important.

    I can see your cats are helping you , I do believe cats know when you need them. When I was poorly Bella didn’t leave my side.

    Im sure your creative mind will enjoy the peace you are finding , there will be all sorts of ideas rattling around in there ready to present themselves. No rush though!

    Take care Barbara.

    I love those floral plates too – I have the sweet pea and the violet. I’ll be watching Tina today – her art is so beautiful, different and her use of colour is amazing! She’s also such a lovely person.

  21. Baby steps Barbara. We know what a trooper you are, but please continue to listen to your body, and take as long as you need to fully recover.

    I had viral hepatitis many years ago, and I understand exactly your description of moving about. I too, could hardly manage to walk across a room, but things will improve if you give yourself time.

    You have had such a ‘bashing’ lately, and my thoughts are with you and your family. You look so like your Dad in this photo. Hope you continue to improve little by little, and look forward to seeing you again in the fullness of time.

  22. I’m pleased you have found a way to calm both body and spirit.
    Just reading your eloquent blog calms my thoughts too so thank you.
    I love these beautiful plates too and have them all so eagerly await Tina’s TV shows this afternoon.
    As you and Grace tell us – “travel gently” dear lady. xx

  23. Barbara. Sainsbury’s can wait, we want you fighting fit. One day at a time and baby steps please. We are just glad you are on the mend and at home, we are patient. We can all wait for the bus to start again xx

  24. Oh the joys of crafting. Once you’ve got all your bits you can just sit and play by the aga in the warm. My lovely Hubby lit the fire in the study today so that’s exactly what I plan to do. Gently does it xxxx

  25. Have a lovely lazy weekend Barb, by the Aga and cuddling your cats and getting back to some sort of normality!! Take care. Julie ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Time and rest are what you need now. along with your medication. Let Dave and the cats look after you for a change. Maybe you could use this time to do a little gentle crafting by the aga just for you. Enjoy the process and if you like the end result even better! Travel slowly and gently. Sending love and healing thoughts.

  27. Hi Barbara, just one day at a time and snails pace for now. My friend who has had Cystitis followed by Covid, followed by Pneumonia and another does of Cystitis is finding that recovery is taking a long time and she gets breathless very easily. You can’t rush this one! Hoping that the signs of spring are being a delight to you. xx

  28. Hello again. you are doing so well.
    Beginning to accept what rest means is very hard. as I sit or sleep for hours at a time my thoughts go places I don’t want them to, and I get angry and upset. so, you are doing really well. I am so pleased that meditation is helping. I agree with others above…no running to Sainsbury’s, and only a gentle stroll to the fridge. sending love xxx

  29. Thank goodness Spring and Summer are around the corner and heaps of vitamin D for you. You will get stronger, healing your body is tiring! Looking forward to watching Tina and you continue doing what you are doing. Lots of healing hugs x

  30. Take it easy Barbara, if your body doesn’t want to move then take heed!
    You will get there, remember, slow and steady wins the race.
    Make the most of sitting by the aga and cuddling Ragnar!
    We all miss you but want you to rest and recover.
    Take care lovely lady x
    I need to tend to my poor greyhound- he had twenty eight teeth out on Thursday and he needs some more medication x

  31. hi…lovely photo…but…excuse me for asking, hope Erik and Ragnar….are both O K.
    only one cat on photos for the last few…so hoping with all my heart that both are still together, such a loving pair. cat lovers think like that…sorry to be a pain. you look nice and cosy by the Aga…Best place to be.

  32. Barbara you don’t know me but I occasionly watch you but know how hard you work carfting every day and all that you have been through lately, now you need to take time out to heal your body because you are an amazing person.
    Sending you healing hugs. Get well soon. Xx

  33. Wishing you better soon Barbara. It will take time and lots of rest. yes, you’ve certainly been through it lately. Sending lots of hugs to you. I’ve just watched the lovely Tina on C&C with those beautiful plates. She did you all proud. Take care and looking forward to seeing you up and about when you’re better. Love & hugs Kristina

  34. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts. As everyone has said it will take time and you will need have patience. Dave, cats and love sounds like a good recipe for you at this moment in time. Tina will, as always, give us some beautiful inspiration. I also see that Grace has succumb to ‘covid’; you all seem to be going through the wringer despite all the positive energy and wishes the ‘Clarity family’ are channelling. It’s a shame we cannot turn these into results, just imagine what we would achieve.

  35. Pleased you’re taking it easy by the Aga. It will take a lot of time to recover completely but remember the tortoise beat the hare. You will get better if you listen to your body.
    I have Linda’s plates and have recorded Tina on tv and will watch both shows together later. I like her spin on Linda’s plates.
    Sending healing thoughts 🍒🍒🍒

  36. Hi Barbara
    Nothing like having your love by your side and stroking a cat to put the world to rights. Look after yourself as you say the mountain will be there tomorrow. Talking of cats I’m trying to write this and Solo (cat) keeps pulling my arm away , no use he obviously want food so will love you and leave you.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  37. Take this time to rest your body and mind Barb, both have taken a battering these past few years, let the healing process do whatever it needs to. You were our navigator, friend and tutor during the scary time of lockdowns and continue to be that person always helping others. I’ll be forever grateful to you for the decision you made to provide a bit of normality amongst the chaos. You’ve continued to think of others even at your lowest ebb these past few months and have provided a lovely and safe place online for us, reading your newsy blogs and the lovely back catalogue of shac shac gatherings. Book a supermarket delivery, let somebody else take the pressure off you and don’t forget some chocolate treats for you and Dave to enjoy 😊. xxx

  38. Dear Barbara. So pleased you are still resting, enjoy your lovely cat. I love them and always had them when I was young. At twenty one I found out that all the asthma I had suffered was an allergy to cats and dogs. So I can’t be near them any more, so sorry though. Just missed Tina but will catch her later, have a few of those plates and love them. Will use one this week for a birthday.

  39. Barbara I wish you better health, love of a family, to be blessed with memories of a loved one who’s sorely missed, & the strength to overcome whatever comes your way. But most of all I wish you
    For ever grateful to you for introducing me to
    Maya Angelou…I cherish your stamp.

  40. Sainsbury’s delivers.
    Do only that which makes you happy and brings you joy while recovering.
    Cuddles love and laughter are a good prescription.
    You are in so many peoples thoughts.

  41. Hi Barbara, I am so pleased you are listening to your body and taking things easy. It’s early days yet for you to be running around as usual. You will get there. I found this:-
    If the mountain seems too big today
    then climb a hill instead. If the morning brings
    you sadness it’s okay to stay in bed. If the day
    ahead weighs heavy and your plans feel like a
    curse, there’s no shame in rearranging; don’t make
    yourself feel worse. If a shower stings like needles
    and a bath feels like you’ll drown, if you haven’t
    washed your hair for days don’t throw away your
    crown. A day is not a lifetime, a rest is not defeat.
    Don’t think of it as failure, just a quiet, kind retreat.
    It’s okay to take a moment from an anxious,
    fractured mind. The world will not stop turning
    while you get realigned. The mountain will still be
    there when you want to try again. You can climb it
    in your own time. Just love yourself til then.
    Laura Ding-Edwards
    I am pretty sure you will have already read it before but for now I think it’s so true for you – and many others I would think
    Take care, love and hugs xxx

  42. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself some love generated by all of us. Then wrap your arms around Dave and your beautiful cats and take the love they generate. You mean so much to so many people but you need to take care of yourself so travel gently beautiful lady xx

  43. Oh sweet Barb – you look so tired – and no wonder. Take it slowly and recover in your own good time. Enjoy the good things in life, and each gentle new day will bring an improvement – albeit slowly.

    With love and wishing you well.

    Di xxx

  44. Hi Barbara
    Love the photo with Rather and you must stop these trips to sansbury😘
    Just rest as much as you can knowing Barbara you are working in your head
    God Bless Love And Hugs
    Love Kath xxx❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Wonderful verse that Kathy found and it says it all. Everything, and I do mean everything, will wait whilst you get better Barb, as long as that takes.

    So many of us are thinking of you and sending so much love to you.
    Thank you so much for managing to blog. It’s so lovely to hear from you day by day but if it gets too much, just stop for a bit.
    Take care.
    Love, Linda x

  46. Hi Babs,just take it easy and sit with Ragnar and the aga……time is a healer you will get there…no rush……thinking about you xxx

  47. Beautiful cards! I don’t do Groovi (too impatient!) and am always in awe of the fabulous creations everyone makes.
    Keep using the cats as your role models for recovery – they are expert at curling up in warm places and taking it easy!

  48. Hugs and love to you Barbara. Please be gentle with yourself. You have given so much over the years to the crafty/artisan community. I know how much you have helped me get through life’s challenges over the years. I have learned so much, have tried new techniques, have laughed with your humour, have cried and so much more. I have been rewatching your YouTube videos- loving this.
    Three videos popped up on my YouTube main page today- Bloopers 1 and then two with Dean Wilson and you doing shrink plastic projects. One video I noticed was 11 years ago- I remember it well when I watched it live. Had a good long laugh and many happy tears today watching these videos. Dean and you are hilarious and work very well together. I send you love as you work on your recovery. I look forward to the day (hopefully very soon) that you feel much better and have your energy and laughter back. You truly are amazing and I am so grateful to you. Hugs.

  49. Just popping in to say hi and that it’s lovely to see your photo and to read your wisdom. Take care lovely lady and keep travelling gently. We’re all rooting for you. You know that xxx

  50. Enjoyed Tina’s shows, have all of these lovely plates. Take life gently, rest and relax, sending gentle hugs and love. xx

  51. Hi Barbara you are an inspiration. Take it easy go gently and as you say one day at a time and this day will pass. Sainsburys will still be there when you feel up to it.
    I remember when we weren’t supposed to go shopping and Dave was going. I still laugh to myself about the yogurt and the cream eggs.
    You brought joy into my life when I had very little. I thank you from the depth of my heart ,bless you. Go gently .

  52. Beautiful sunny morning here. If it’s the same where you are hope the sun will shine through your window and warm you. Even if I’m not able to go out when it’s nice outside just sitting by the window, soaking up the sun shining through is like a Tonic. Does the world of good. Lovely you have your furry boys with you and with Dave by your side too I’m sure you feel better every day. Just keep resting and taking it easy. Sending hugs and lots of love. Alles Liebe ❤

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