A little bit of arty bijou!

A little bit of arty bijou!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just gave myself a proper scare! Came to blog here in the dining room, and thought I could hear voices in the front garden. Looked outside, but nothing. Started edging towards the living room, because that seemed to be where the intruders were – then recognised Paula’s voice!! Dave had put the TV on for me, ready for Paul’s TV show at 9am!! I haven’t been watching TV at all during the daytime while I’ve been at home. In fact I’m not a Daytime TV person at all (yet!), so the voices gave me a proper start!

Paul will be on Create & Craft this morning at 9am and 1pm, with a cheeky extra hour at 11am on Craft Extra, where apparently he’ll be working with my old mate Dean Wilson. I love Dean. Can’t wait to work with him again.

Paul will be shining a light on our new Bijou 2 Way Block Print Stamps, together with some Bijou Frameless Stencils and 2 brand new Fresh Cut dies. I blimming love these designs, even if I say so myself!

Each of the new Bijou 2 Way Block Print Stamp Sets, come with a corresponding embedder – the square set contains 1 square embedder and the mixed shapes set comes with 1 x heart, 1 x triangle and 1 x round embedder

In addition to the large stancils, we’ve reduced these too. Immaculate.

And we also want to showcase two pretty superb Block Print Dies. Now these really do hit the spot! Fantastic matting options. I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about the designs I am working on here during my ‘down time’, and these popped into my head as the perfect backdrop solution.

Here is some artwork from the design team

Yes. I really want to thank Paul for covering me on this stampy mixed media show. Thing is, he IS a stamper! That’s how we met! But he just usually wears the Groovi Hat at Clarity, whilst I do the stampshows. Thank goodness he’s a multi-tasker! Paul isn’t just a colleague; he is a dear, dear friend. He’s got my back, he helps me wherever and whenever he can. Just as I am there for him, ALWAYS. That’s how it works.

When I got ill, Paul didn’t flinch. Stepped straight up to the Stamp and Mixed media plate, and said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got this”. And believe me, his Clarity plate is pretty full anyway.

Quote for the day?

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

Kahlil Gibran

Love always

Barb x x x

28 thoughts on “A little bit of arty bijou!

  1. Hi Barbara!
    it’s so nice to ‘hear’ the improvement in your health just from your blogging – you really do seem to be on the road to recovery – don’t rush it though!
    I love the bijou stamps and stencils – I think they may very well fall into my basket! 😉
    Much love
    Debbie Lee xxx

  2. With friendship comes real trust, such a valuable part of friendship. I am sitting here, all ready for Paul, with my breakfast coffee. I will do my toast and Vegemite (the Aussie version of Marmite) after Paul’s first show. Xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  3. Your words don’t surprise me. He’s such a nice person. Always so kind and helpful. You know that you can rely on him. Take it slowly, you’ll get there eventually. x

  4. Your quote for the day is beautiful and so is Paul. Your products speak for themselves, can’t wait to see them showcased. Rapidly washing to get to the Tav (it’s on record too)

  5. You are a very lucky lady, Barbara. You have great friends who jump in when needed and a loving husband who looks after you. Beatiful artwork.

  6. I did try to reply earlier but for some reason it said my comment had to be reviewed and was pending approval – not seen that before.
    Anyway, Barbara, just wanted to say, I do hope you are feeling stronger every day, and are well on the road to recovery. I love the bijou stamps and stencils – they may very well fall into my basket!
    just watching Paul demo them now!
    Lots of love,
    Debbie Lee

  7. Morning Barb, just watching Paul, whilst typing, he is so creative. Love the quote and all the artwork shared. Enjoy the day everyone. Bx

  8. A lovely man, clearly a great friend and a fantastic crafter.
    Always fortunate to have someone like a Paul ( or in my case Lyn ) in your life.
    Clarity is built on mutual care and respect.

  9. I missed first show, only just got up, just recovering from my virus but still got sore eyes and will be glad when they go and now coughing. Looks some lovely work so will enjoy catching up. Everyone needs a Paul and a Clarity team xx

  10. Just watched the show. Paul is a real star what a friend to have indeed.
    The Bijou collection look very versatile and the samples here show that perfectly.
    You sound much stronger it’s so good that you are healing .
    I’d better get back to the birthday card making .
    Love n’ hugs XX

  11. Oh Barbara, you took me right back to a day when I had been to hospital all morning & got home to an empty home. Heard voices as soon as I opened the front door. Took a deep breath & went in to find the tv had switched itself on whilst I was out! it does it from time to time for no apparent reason. Gave me quite the shock that first time!
    I’m having a crafty morning. First watching Paul & now I have my new Pergamano storage bag to fill. That should keep me out of mischief!
    Have a good, restful day xx A

  12. Hope you are improving & gaining strength along the way. Friendship is a 2 way street…..I can remember in the early days when Paul would contribute samples for your TV shows. You discovered his artistic ability & propelled him into stardom….lol xxx Two worthy role models…Barb & Paul. xxxx wish you love x

  13. I couldn’t agree more friendships are so important. I couldn’t have gotten through the last few years of my Husbands illness and trials without my very best friend Jill, of over 50 years and my work friends, helps, kindnesses, support and understanding.

  14. I love that quote – it is so true. Friends are so precious, and Paul is a treasure.
    It’s good to see how you are progressing each day – but keep ‘travelling gently’. The new designs looks so good – and will watch the recordings later.
    It is lovely to have seen the older stamp designs on yesterdays blog – I lost the cats – so would love to see them re-introduced with the other ones that you posted! Love, RosemaryT xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Friends are definitely a recipe for a happy life. We moved to Somerset 3 years ago my best friend moved in across the road at the same time and then a good friend moved in next door so alls good. Love Paul always a positive and helpful man glad he’s there for you.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  16. Beautiful samples as usual. I can see a few of these items falling in my basket. Missed the first show this morning because a) the b****y machine didn’t record and b) there were constant knocks on the door. Have ensured the later show will record as I love Paul’s take on things. He truly is a treasure. Most so called friends are usually just acquaintances but a true friend like Paul is priceless. You are so lucky to have him.
    When I updated my diary for March I noticed you were listed on some of the TV shows which you know can be taxing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel up to it at the time, getting stronger is more important for you and for us.
    Take care of yourself.

  17. Great quote Barbara. I was able to hear but not see the first two shows after macular treatment yesterday, but it was interesting to hear how well Paul explained the products. Vision returning by 1pm so was able to see …forever thankful for that. Amazing treatment.
    Take it slowly Barbara, rest a while. I look forward to your daily blog but if it’s too much, just take a break.

  18. There is nothing like a good friend, someone who knows all about you but still likes you! I met up with a dear friend on Wednesday for a long overdue catchup. It was lively to see her. My best friend (or sister by another mother as I call her) moved to Norfolk just before Xmas and I miss her terribly. Hopefully it won’t be long before we see her and her husband again. I’m so glad you have good friends to support you until you are ready and fit enough to get back in the saddle. xx

  19. These are fabulous! Going to catch up on the shows over the weekend. Incidentally, your blog yesterday prompted me to get all my folders out from the retreats I’ve been at over the years – there is so much inspiration in there! Got a plan to start working through them again…

  20. Fab shows – you are so lucky to have such a terrific friend like Paul he is such a lovely man. I can remember when his idea of a summer holiday was to spend a week helping you run the retreat before returning to his normal full time job. I think everyone was thrilled when he finally came to work for you full time but he certainly does go above and beyond.

  21. Hi Barbara
    Glad to here what a good pal you have in Paul he’s a great guy
    Hope you are feeling a little better love take care and God Bless you thinking of you and such a great team you have they are there for you as you are for them .
    Love And Hugs

  22. Loved Paul’s shows today. He’s a star! It’s a great comfort to know he can pick up the reins and give you time to really get better. Healing takes at long as it takes, so continue to take it steady, we’ll all still be here. Paul will deserve a holiday later in the year!
    Love and hugs to you, Dave and Paul. Xx

  23. If friendship is the glue that holds our lives together, I guess in Paul, you have the “Super- glue”! He is a pretty special person and is brilliant at stamping, Grooving and all things Clarity! His shows yesterday were magic, as we’re the new goodies – a little order went straight in! I must admit to having some difficulty with the larger versions, but the Bijou stamps and stencils are so good. I can’t wait to have a play! And the new Dies are awesome! Thank you, Barb, for also posting the amazing gallery of artwork – so much inspiration from such an amazing group of artists.
    Keep taking those little steps, you’ll soon get there, when you’re ready .
    Take care, keep smiling. 😊

  24. I thought I didn’t need the bijou version of the stamps as I have the larger ones which I had a play with in the week before seeing that these new ones were coming but they soon fell in my basket along with the dies. The magic of watching Paul do his stuff & the great samples from the design team !!
    I bet it was strange watching Paul doing something that you had planned to be doing but it’s good to know that he was there to step in for you. I think you, Dave & Paul will need a good holiday this year when things are back on an even keel as it has been a very hectic 3 years that no one saw coming. Meanwhile one day at a time with 3 May as your focus xx

  25. Watched Paul- awesome as always. The stamps, stencils and dies are wonderful. Loving the Bijou stamps. Barbara your creative talents are truly outstanding- I so admire and appreciate you and your team. Your block print designs are so artsy and will be a fresh, new and exciting addition to my crafty supplies. I am usually more clean not artsy style of card making – looking forward to stepping up my carding making with the help of your amazing products. Your design team is the very best- their creative talents, inspiration and projects are beautiful, inspiring, artsy and always have me saying WOW!

    Paul’s demo’s are fabulous-he is excellent at breaking down the steps on how to complete and he makes all designs seem achievable. I continue to read how incredibly busy Paul continues to be – I am hopeful he is taking time to slow down and relax- don’t want to see Paul unwell as a result.
    Wishing you well Barbara as you continue on your recovery.

  26. You reap what you sow Barbara-and having followed you and your Co for a long time I can see you have been a kind and supportive friend to all your staff and I bet they’re very happy to be paying you back now by looking after you. Paul is a great guy and a super friend. Take good care of yourself.💐😊

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