Time for something new

Time for something new

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Good day, good day. Went for breakfast to Mum’s, which was lovely. She is doing well. Then came home to watch Rugby. This pottering and spring cleaning is bringing loads of stuff to the surface! I found a neat piece of artwork sandwiched between 2 paintings, which I haven’t thought about for years. Remember making it in our second home in New Mexico though, when we had been over to Anaheim LA to launch Create & Craft back in the day, and went there on the way home to Blighty.

The idea was to make fabric fields by masking off areas, and then infilling them with stamps, doodles and shade.

When I did it, I used strips of paper, but i rmember it being a faff keeping everything in place. So when I got home, I designed a pair Fabric Field Masks, which would stay put while you were creating the fabric rolls.

Again, this is a labour of love, but I love the result. CLICK HERE to find

And the quote today?

Time for Something New

So let me see. If you’re a club member, then those Fabric Field masks are probably only £1.50 each. And the back issue stamp is half price too. CLICK HERE to find.

Sale ends at the end of this month.

Have a good Saturday! And Rugby? May the best team win! But I do LOVE Maro Itoje and Owen Farrell !!!!!

Love always

Barb x x x

26 thoughts on “Time for something new

  1. Hi Barbara
    Glad your Mum is doing ok must have been tough for her. Love the art work. Just listened to Arsenal winning and can hear the rugby on downstairs but get very nervous watching them.
    Enjoy the game
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  2. Glad to read your mum is doing well. And you sound more chirpy too. Think this down time is helping clear your mind!!!
    I remember you doing that card. I’m sure you did it on tv when you used the masks. I might be wrong! I have those masks somewhere….. might need to dig them out.
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs. Xxxxx

  3. So glad you got out to share food with your mum. It’s lovely to hear that she is doing well. Must have been really Hardin her, first losing her husband, then her daughter taken to hospital, very poorly! Sounds like you are both coping!
    Love the fields of fabric. Don’t think I’ve ever seen them on the website
    But then there’s lots to browse through!
    Enjoy all the rugby!x

  4. Would love Owen a bit more if he’d hit those kicks first half. Blooming post! Will
    Have to dig out My masks and that stamp is lurking in one of my folders. Somewhere!!!

  5. So pleased that your Mum is doing all right and that you were able to have breakfast with her. She is often in my thoughts.
    Not a Rugby or Football fan but instead spent a lovely day doing a workshop with Jenny Mayes.

  6. Do you know I’ve often looked those masks and couldn’t picture the result. Now I know! It must be lovely keep finding things you’ve forgotten. Glad your mum is ok and you’re sounding stronger. Xx

  7. I have those masks and I have to admit never used them. Oh I had great plans as we usually do. So maybe have to find them soon.
    Never been a great Rugby fan, that was my brother’s game. Too many injuries forced him to not play any more. Hope you enjoyed the game though. For us it was a Birthday celebration at our daughter’s. x

    1. Hello Lynne
      Same here! Loved the idea of the fabric fields, bought the masks and never got round to playing!

  8. I can imagine that it was so good for both you and your mum to spend time together. I remember these fabric fields masks (although I don’t have them!) but the sentiment is one I use a lot – it’s great for retirement cards!
    Onwards & upwards!

  9. Just finished watching England Wales rugby match yesssssss ! Lovely to read you were well enough to visit your dear Mum bet she is so pleased to see you looking much better. Love the artwork so colourful enjoy your weekend x

  10. Good result for rugby – even though hubby is Welsh !
    Glad you got to see your Mum and that she’s doing ok. I’ve given hubby the cold now ! I got back to Groovi today but made myself do the ironing first but that’s the most I’ve managed all week so tired now. Thanks for the reminder of the design, will have a look back for these. X

  11. Hi Barbara. So glad that you and your Mum are near enough to each other to be able to give support at a very difficult time in both your lives, and that you’re physically recovering too!

    I don’t know those masks at all, so I will investigate…

    I forgot about the rugby! As a proud Welsh Lady, please don’t rush to give me the result, sometimes I prefer not to know. xx

  12. Lovely to read you were able to go and spend time with your Mum, Barb. And that she is doing well! Giving yourself time to have a sort out is certainly unearthing some crafty gems – and hopefully bringing back some happy memories. Time for something new is a great quote of the day, always good to keep our crafting fresh, or as Paul said to Dean on one of yesterday’s TV shows – “it’s the same but different!” 😄
    Take care, step by step, or as the legendary Buddy Holly put it – “Everyday, it’s a gettin’ closer”!

  13. How wonderful to have breakfast with your lovely Mum and know that she’s coping well. Love the artwork above and what a great result from what just looks like lines. I confess I thought it had something to do with farming (lol)

  14. No doubt your Mum was pleased to share breakfast with you. I like the “time for something new” art work, very fresh.
    Hope you are continuing to regain your strength…little by little. Xx

  15. So pleased you were able to get together with your mum.
    Not into rugby, don’t understand the rules.
    I have often wondered what the fabric mask was for. Never seen it used. Is there a “how to” somewhere or on a past blog for me to look at and learn? Love the effect achieved.
    You are sounding better every day. This clearing and tidying is good but please do not overdo things.
    Slowly does it.

  16. Miteinander Frühstücken- herrlich 🥰.

    I love Clarity florals but using them as fabric patterns is fantastic! I don’t know if you saw it but I made a sample with a quilt pattern on some time ago with faux stitching. My patterns were a bit messier of course 🤣🤣.
    Might just have to have a go at some fabric type patterns with a bit more control. Thankyou for the inspiration- I’ll be ordering the mask- oh dear order no 3- loving the sale!

    Busy day tomorrow teaching my son and partner to make Kärntner Nudel- Family favourite. Back to crafting Monday for sure! My happy place.

    Love hearing you are feeling better each day. Lots of love to you and the family!

  17. Glad you had a good day today! I came across a great quote today-

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
    Winston Churchill

  18. I bet your mom was so pleased to see you this morning for breakfast & there were lots of hugs. Glad she is doing ok after a very difficult few months.
    Love the art work you have found & now the masks make sense, have popped them in my basket along with a few other things but need to double check my stash before pressing the button !!
    Its good to try something new !!

  19. Glad you got to spend some time with your mum. It’s good to hear that she is doing OK. She must be so relieved that you are on the road to recovery. I hope you enjoyed the rugby. I agree with you about Owen Farrell & Maro Etoje but would like to add Henry Slade to the list!! xx

  20. I have a Clarity postcard of this design on display in the kitchen, love it, not got the mask though.
    Pleased you were able to spend time with your mum and she is okay. Take care. xx

  21. Nice to hear you sounding so much happier lovely lady 💕
    I just checked the website and made sure I signed in too because there are several back issues I want and they are not half price, if they were they would be bought by me lol!

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  22. It is lovely to feel, through your writing, that you are making daily progress and getting better. Also good to hear that your mum is doing well. I have thought of her often. Grace and Mark will be so relieved to hear positive news about you both. How is Steve doing? He must have been suffering too, worrying about you and your mum.
    Other half watched the rugby yesterday, but I am more into my cricket. I have been following the test in New Zealand on the radio when I have woken up at 3 or 4 am! At least the Ashes are being played here this year. Have a good Sunday. XX

  23. Hi Barb, so glad to hear your Mum is doing well, and you spent some quality time with her. I remember this project so well, loved all the patterns you included. Was that the time you came face to face with the snake? Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  24. I remember doing this it was good fun. This one you did in Mexico is gorgeous – looks like layers of fabric. Xx.

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