You Light up my Life

You Light up my Life

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Went walking in the woods with Grace this morning. Slid around on the ice and had quite a giggle. Blue skies and crisp underfoot – apart from the muddy slosh underneath the trees! A walk out in the fresh, wintery air is certainly good for the soul. Whatever is going on in life, there’s got to be time for a leisurely walk with your daughter, eh? She lights up my life

Now I’m sitting here in the warm, chatting to you, next to the most fragrant bunch of mini narcissi from the Scilly Isles ever! A lovely, thoughtful gift from Pat Hoskings, to lift my spirits. It worked.

So Life feels kinder today than in the past few days. Sure is good to have Gracie home. We just have to travel gently, don’t we? So many lovely flowers and beautiful cards for the family too.

Today’s Quote: #19

You Light up my Life

I wish you could smell these flowers! Note to self: plant bulbs in the garden in the fall!

There’s a lovely Daffodilly stampset, illustrated by clever Tina Cox, which is delightful. Let me find it for you….Click Here

And here are the lovely mini words of wisdom…

Here’s a little step by step I did a while ago, on Clarity card, the coated stock.

  • In a nutshell, make a colourful background with watered down ink, then let it dry.
  • Stamp your image with Black Archival, allow to dry.
  • Colour in with Perga Colour pens.
  • When completely dry (leave it a day to be sure), lightly buff with a tissue.
  • Result? Fantastic glossy print.

Would it be excessive to go out for another walk before it gets dark?

Nope, said Dad. Do whatever gets you through the day.

Love always,

Barb x x x

22 thoughts on “You Light up my Life

  1. And the wonderful thing is….when you ask your Dad a question, you know exactly what his answer would be. I ask my late Dad questions all the time, and he’s always right!! Enjoy your walk…but wrap up, it’s freeezing! x

  2. So glad you are having a kinder day today with Grace. If you need to go for another walk just go for one but as Liz says wrap up warm. Beautiful card and instructions- thank you and take care xxx

  3. I still ask my dad for advice and he passed over 20 years ago. He always listens as he always did. I see my mum every time I look in the mirror. She passed 5 years ago but still helps me when I’m cooking and baking xx

  4. I can just see you lovely pair walking in the woods. I’m glad today is being kinder to you and Pats flowers have cheered your day.
    Travel gently, enjoy each others company and take care when it’s icy. It’s a day to blow away the cobwebs.
    lots of love. T.xx

  5. Another walk with Grace in the fresh air sounds a great idea, the sun is still shining here so hopefully it is with you to but as others have said its cold !! There again you can wrap up against the cold & a nice hot drink when you return will soon warm you up. I can see a hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows on top – mmmmm!!!
    Meanwhile I love these flower & word stamps in either size but haven’t used them on coated card yet x

  6. Nice easy step by step. Our snowdrops are beginning to put in an appearance but no sign of the daffodils yet.
    Go for it Barb but wrap up warm and enjoy the walk and the time with Grace.
    I finally found the Country scenes plates and have started the watermill. I have a free day tomorrow so this will keep me quiet for hours.
    Travel gently. 🍒

  7. Hi Barbara
    Walking is good for the soul and figure. I speak to my mum everyday wouldn’t seem right not to Im sure it will change with time but still very raw so I do what’s right.
    Thinking of you all
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. Walking through the woods with family – you can’t beat it, fresh air, nature, fun, wonderful memories.
    Beautiful blog, Barb. Beautiful Quote for the day, beautiful stamps, beautiful artwork.
    Take care, travel gently (especially in the muddy areas!)

  9. I always talk to my Dad when I have a problem and always hear his answer. I have had some clarity coated card for ages and not used in off to use it now.

  10. Barbara a lovely to have a walk with Grace sounds just right and love the design. Think I see another purchase coming on.

  11. That stamp looks lovely. So glad that you are feeling a little brighter! Seems like Grace is the icing on the cake! Enjoy her. A walk in the late afternoon/ evening sounds great! You will see lovely colours in the sky, so long as it’s not clouded over! X

  12. How lovely Grace is with you now! Glad you enjoyed your walk in the woods and are feeling a bit better! Well, it was beautiful in the sun today, wasn’t it
    ? Did you go for another walk later? Hope so. would have loved to go for a walk, too as it was so lovely outside but due to the icy pavements and roads sadly it was too dangerous for me. So I did some crafting instead. It’s good you’re talking to your Dad. I still talk to my late Dad. xxx

  13. Just make the most of as many walks as you like. It is good for the soul, especially when you have Grace for company. X

  14. Walking in the chilly frost in the woods is fabulous.
    Yesterday it was bitterly cold, snowy and dark here in Hereford, but an hours drive to Wales, Brecons in sight, to my daughters, the sun was shining and not a snowflake in sight. She treated me to a wonderful birthday lunch, (65th!) so special as she gave up her precious time for me. Nothing like a mother daughter chin wag. She too runs her own business, so time with her certainly lights up my life!
    Having fun in times of sadness is a good thing. Enjoy Grace being home and charge your batteries for the big celebration of your dad’s life. Loads of love x x

  15. Take it easy and enjoy having your lovely Grace with you Barbara. Have had my youngest daughter with me today , Lots of tea and chatter.
    I bought Linda’s printed parchment designs, thought I’d see what I could do with them. A challenge.
    When my family and I have a discussion we always say”what would Dad have thought”. He Was a gem, taken from us very suddenly. Keep safe. X

  16. Hope you managed to get your second walk in Barbara – I love being out on cold, crisp sunny days! Enjoy your time with Grace making more memories and cherish the ones your Dad left you xx

  17. hi Barbara, Do what you like doing. You definitely inspired me today to start crafting again. It always takes me a while to back in the groove after Christmas. We have summer holidays here in Australia. And sometimes too hot to do anything. Go for that walk, look after yourself and take care.🥰

  18. My late Dad I’m sure has given me a light bulb moment to work out how to increase stitches evenly from 90 to 114 in 24 times!!! He was brilliant at maths, so I found myself making a graph and as it’s my first time at circular knitting (another challenge in itself), I hope it works out. I wanted to knit a jumper with wool that creates its own stripes due to multi colours in the yarn. A new wool shop has just opened up in the village and it’s all change even to the wool quantities, on line patterns a minefield.
    So pleased you had a lovely walk in the fresh air with your daughter Grace, just perfect. Take care all of you. Xx

  19. Hello Barb, so glad you had a walk and time out with Grace. If you did get another walk in, hope you stayed wrapped up. Your Dad’s voice will always be in your head to guide you. Love the quote. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  20. I have just returned from a walk with my husband next to a canal, which had frozen over in parts. (He has to walk on the flat so that is ideal). It was wonderfully crisp and cold but sunny. Had plenty of layers on. So invigorating and peaceful and we saw some swans geese and ducks and loads of catkins already on the trees. Just enjoy nature and the peace it brings.

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