A walk in the country –

A walk in the country –

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There’s nothing quite like a walk in the countryside for clearing the head, and when the sun is shining, I declare it is better than anything else. Linda has created these beautiful designs, which are perfect – and not weather dependent either!

Paul launched these as a One Day Special on Create & Craft tonight at 6pm. Oh boy! They flew out the door! Which only serves to underscore that our groovi parchment friends also enjoy the countryside!

As we walk along the canal we come across the friendship narrowboat

we walk a little further and take in the water flowing through the old water mill

and then as we venture into the fields; heading home we come across the romany caravan, and stop for a cup of tea

Available in Groovi as shown above, but also delicately printed onto parchment

We launched these designs at our Parchment Retreat back in October at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells and they were very well received back then too, together with a pair of Embossed Pattern A4sq Groovi Plates – Set 3 designed by Josie Davidson

Here is some inspiration from Linda and the Design Team

I must admit, my personal favourite on the counter is the pack with the light print of the scenes on parchment. When you colour them in and add a whisper of whitework, it’s magical.

So I hope you can join Paul on Create & Craft at 9pm tonight and 10am and 2pm tomorrow. If you missed the 6pm show on Create & Craft with Kathryn, it was lovely.

Today’s quote #18

There is pleasure in the pathless woods.

Lord Byron

Want to read the whole verse? Hang on…

There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is rapture in the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
by the deep sea,
and music in its roar;
I love not man the less,
but Nature more.

Lord Byron.

I love not man the less, but Nature more. And on that wonderful, true note, I shall go find Grace and Dave, who are waiting for me to light a candle and hang out.

Love always

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “A walk in the country –

  1. A wonderful set of Groovi plates and an excellent example of travelling gently Barbara, which I hope you and the family are doing. Enjoy your evening with Dave and Grace.

  2. I don’t do parchment…but love it. The work done is wonderful….expecially to me at the moment the Romany Caravan…I am all into that at the mo…so pretty…would love a die like that. Great.

  3. A beautiful set, I only have the fisherman which I thought I’d do for hubby’s birthday (March) don’t always do him a card but this one caught my eye and as he’ll be 75 thought I’d better! Have a peaceful evening with Grace and Dave xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Glad Grace arrived safely. I went out this morning for a walk up the hill in Somerset. It started pleasant then the snow came down the dog enjoyed it I was soaked took ages to thaw out 🤣.
    But always good to clear the head.
    Always in our thoughts
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  5. So glad Grace arrived safely and is with you now.
    The images on Linda’s new plates hold happy memories for me of times gone by. Memories of country walks, family holidays, fishing with my Dad. I look forward to creating artwork with them to put a smile on my face and a happy glow in my heart.
    Take care Barb and find strength with your family.

  6. Good to hear that Grace has arrived safely.
    We woke to a smattering of snow this morning which thankfully had gone by lunchtime but I am sure it won’t be the last that we get. Finished off a few more UFO’s today but whilst scrolling through the huge photo album on Clarity Worldwide to find how to complete came across lots of great ideas for future projects. Certainly a great way to get back any lost crafting mojo.
    Caught up with Paul on both shows this evening, the printed parchment looks interesting with the addition of pencil & white work. We have just booked a narrow boat for a few days after Easter with our daughter & granddaughters – should be fun & a nice way to travel through the countryside.

  7. What a beautiful poem – I shall enjoy writing that one out in full, I think.
    Big hugs to all – and special thoughts for your mum. I know something of your grief, but I see my own mum’s pain still after almost 3 years and I know your parents had been together for over 60 years too, so I imagine the feelings will be very similar. I hope the funeral service will help, an opportunity to say goodbye… It’s something we weren’t able to have, as Dad died at the height of Lockdown.

  8. Welcome back to blighty Grace, so glad you arrived home safely and are now with Mum and Dave.
    Beautiful set again from Linda, well received as usual, great shows Paul.
    Wonderful to walk and see and hear the nature.
    We have a headge surrounding the field at the bottom of the garden, when walking back from lunch there was a plethora of bird song coming from the hedge. They were all camouflaged and I only saw a few but the sound was amazing, so loud. enjoying the warm sunshine on a snowy day.
    Take care Barb. Huge hugs. T.xx

  9. Glad Grace is with you now.
    Watched Paul’s first 2 shows, picked up some ideas as usual. Ordered the printed sheets and now have to find out where I put the plates. To quote my OH “there is just too much crafting gear in this house” to which I replied NO there is not!!!!!
    Look after each other.

  10. Glad Grace has arrived safely. These really are gorgeous plates and the design team look like they have had a lovely time working with them. Will they be appearing as stamps at any time? Thinking of you all xxx

  11. Hello Barb, such lovely samples from the design team. The plates designed by Linda are fabulous. Glad Grace has arrived safely. Hugs to all of you. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Beautiful art work as always. I did trad. parching years ago – but didn’t have the patience with the lacework, though love to see the beautiful results of others. So stamping and colouring is my favourite occupation.
    So pleased that you have lovely Grace with you now, you will all be such a blessing and comfort to one another and to your lovely Mum.
    Love Rosemary T xxx

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