You are stronger than you think.

You are stronger than you think.

Thanks for popping in. Strength is the word of the day. It really is surprising how strong we are, you know. How resilient we are. How much we can handle. Just got to keep a calm head on and keep ticking boxes. They say God only gives you as much as you can handle. Well, he evidently has a lot of confidence in Dave!

So much piling up at work, but Dave just keeps his eye on the road ahead. I can’t even begin to list the number of things Dave has got on his plate right now. As if firing up new injection moulding machines and imminent Pergamano production weren’t enough, the new filter extraction unit for all our laser machines is being fitted next week, which mean several rooms have to be customised, the power supply has to be sorted, and then 10 laser machines have to be moved from one factory location to the new one. Then of course there’s the warehouse transfer. And just to crown it all, the bloody washout unit for stamp manufacture finally gave up the ghost on Tuesday. No washout unit, no stamp production. It’s that simple. Priority rearrange – so he’s been up to his armpits in machinery, trying to repair it for the last couple of days. Failing a repair, it’s many thousands of pounds for a replacement and even worse, many weeks on order. Lost production, lost business. The perfect storm. Oh, hang on. Let’s orbit that little lot around darling Dad’s funeral, just for good measure.

What can I say, except that This too shall Pass. . But we’ve already used up that daily quote, so how about this one? Just for Dave.

Today’s quote #20?

You are stronger than you think

I made a piece of artwork a while ago, just using a piece of scrap and stamping onto it. I used a selection of hats from those wonderful hats, bags and shoes stamps of ours, designed by Mel. I love these. Doesn’t matter how you use them – they just look so classy and arty. Dear Sam Crowe also loves these. She has done some fabulous artwork using them too!

Here’s the collection of 4 stampsets plus masks. Never fear! We actually have these already made, so I can shine a light on them! In fact, I just has a word with Tom, and we’ve got a very special bloggy offer for you:

They’re all available individually at half price (plus your club discount), but if you get the set, then you save even more.

I love these stamps. If you haven’t got them, may I encourage you gently to take advantage? You’ll be amazed at what lovely artwork you can create. And if you’ve already got them, may I encourage you gently to either post your art on Facebook, or make something with them ?!


Love always

Barb x x x

20 thoughts on “You are stronger than you think.

  1. Oh Barbara it never rains but it pours. We lost 2 good friends before Christmas who were both in their 80s. This was then put into perspective when a 54 year old friend collapsed and died on the way to work on Thursday. It’s a pity we can replace or mend our loved ones with newer models and parts.
    Thinking of you all and sending love xx

  2. I must admit that I have found strength I didn’t know I had. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I found the adversity makes us grow.

    Pete and I have been keeping you in our thoughts xxx

  3. Sometimes it feels as if we’re wading through tar and everything goes against us but holdfast Barb, these times build even more inner strength and growth.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad, sending love and big hugs

  4. There does seem an awful lot going on at Clarity Towers. Dave is a diamond. I am sure that things will come right eventually. None of us are aware how strong we are until faced with adversity but we always seem to get the strength to cope.
    Thinking good thoughts for you. 🍒

  5. As if you haven’t got enough to deal with. Thank goodness you have a good one in Dave, I hope you get things sorted quickly so production can continue.

    Thinking of you all. ♥️

    Thankyou for sharing the hat artwork – beautiful!

  6. Oh Barbara, your blog today reminds me of the poem “Stop all the clocks”. When we have had such a loss, we just want everything to stop, but sadly it doesn’t. Work still needs to be done, things still go wrong, bills still need to be paid…..just when you want it all to GO AWAY! Thank goodness for Dave. Thinking of you x

  7. Everyone needs a Dave! I read somewhere years ago that when you are struggling and wondering how to cope, just look in the mirror and think of all your friends, family and ancestors standing behind you, supporting you and willing you on. I think we are probably all stronger than we think although we doubt it sometimes. Sending love and hugs xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    As the saying goes “what a difference a Dave makes” very apt for you. You always see how strong your relationship is in a time of crisis, Dave has proved he’s a keeper 🤣.
    You remain in our thoughts
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  9. High Five to Dave! You can only do what you can do (or Dave can do). The stampers will have to become groovers for a while until Dave works his miracle. In the meantime make sure he has ‘Dave time’ and doesn’t over do it – bet that’s a task in itself. Love to all xx

    It never rains but it pours and then you’re stronger than you think. X

  10. they say that ‘a woman is like a teabag – you don’t know how strong she is until she’s in hot water’ and that clearly applies to Dave as well!
    I love these hat stamps – need to dust my set off again. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Oh Barbara what else can be sent to test you ? Its good that Dave can turn his hand to most things but you both need to take some time to relax. The saying it never rains but it pours doesn’t really seem bad enough to go with this situation but I am sure the Clarity Team will pull out all the stops to make sure everything is ready for next week.
    Meanwhile put a note on the website to say that there may be a slight delay in processing orders whilst the move is completed. True Clarity followers will fully understand & will be quite happy to wait.
    So ”One day at a time” ” This too shall pass” come into their own again xx

  12. OMG it keeps piling on! Hope Dave is successful in the major repair job, he can do it, we’re all sending positive thoughts to make it happen. You are a very strong team, you will get through it and look back on this chapter and marvel how you coped. Sending love and hugs to you all.

  13. Can’t remember how long it is since you and Dave had a proper holiday. I hope you’ll soon be planning one. xx

  14. Dave is Great .. Dave is the Best… Dave is better than the rest!! (thanks Ceebeebies christmas Panto).
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  15. My heart goes out to you. That sounds like a logistical nightmare when what you really want to do is weep and grieve. “Do the next right thing” is what comes to mind, and whatever you choose will be right for you. x

  16. My dear Barbara. I’ve always said God only gives you as much as you can handle.
    You and Dave are pillars of strength, if you had the time to take a step back and see how strong you are as individuals, you’d also see how strong you are as a couple.
    Clarity’s success has been brought together by the pillars we gather round, (Barb and Dave),as a group of individuals who look for inspiration, a sense of accomplishment and as part of a community of like minded people.
    You both are strong and we all admire and support you, as your clarity family let us help plaster the cracks for a bit whilst you take time to recover.
    Sending our positive thoughts and prayers. All will be well again, it may take time and determination, many more trials will come before you. We will all be here supporting you through.
    lots of love T.xx

  17. Dear Barb, It certainly sounds like there is a lot going on in your life, not the least of which being your Dad’s send off. Dave is an amazing partner and husband. Crossing my fingers that all gets resolved, and sending big hugs to you all. Bx

  18. Sending thoughts and prayers to you all, take care of yourselves. Especially Dave. He sounds to have a lot on his shoulders at the moment. Hope it all goes well. Xxxxx

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