Get Groovi with Tina today!

Get Groovi with Tina today!

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Tina will be back on Create & Craft at 1pm & 5pm today with some fabulous designs from Linda Williams. Tina asked for these to be put on her show as she said that these designs were some of her all time favourites. I totally agree with her! The Flowers and Lace Collection is my favourite too. Click HERE to investigate the entire collection

On a personal note, I cannot thank Tina enough for carrying on undeterred. She has got such a lot going on in her life with her Mum, but she still reaches out to me and asks “What can I do to help?”

Similarly, Paul has been unwell all week, but he just keeps going. Does TV – and blows the doors off I might add. And despite the fact that I said to cancel tomorrow’s Sunday TV shows, he insisted ‘He’ll be fine’. They have got my back while I deal with what’s going on in our family life, and I am so thankful. The business has to keep going, and they understand that.

This collection also comes with an ii Book containing 23 stunning projects from Linda and the Design Team

Also on the show is Linda’s Nested Doily Frame and our Special Day Sentiments. Take a look at the nested Doily lace. Each layer is different.

together with the Nested Arch Groovi Plate and Fresh Cut Tag Die

Here is some inspiration from the design team

I am looking forward to seeing Tina’s spin on Linda’s designs. She has a unique style which is always beautifully fresh and refreshing. Tina has an ability to make exquisite parchment artwork using all the traditional techniques of parchment craft. Yet her work always looks really trendy and modern. Super cool.

In other news, Jane Telford made the Saturday Share selection, and picked her favourite artwork for the week. aka Took the pressure off Grace. So head on over to the

Today’s quote? #21

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Thank God for good friends.

Love always

Barb x x x

15 thoughts on “Get Groovi with Tina today!

  1. Barbara, you have an amazing Team around you and they are showing such friendship at your time of need. Dave, Paul, Tina, and all at Clarity Towers are so inspirational. So glad you have Grace with you for a few days, she is another inspiration, you must be so proud of her. I really enjoyed Paul’s shows and am looking forward to being amazed by the lovely Tina.
    Take care and travel gently together.

  2. You certainly know who your friends are when you hit a crisis, they also know you are for them too! Looking forward to the tv shows. At least the sun is shining so a few more walks will do you good. Love to you all x

  3. They always say you know who your true friends are when you’re in trouble and you certainly have some amazing friends. I love Tina’s work and am glad that she too is managing to find a path through
    her own chaos. As for dearest Paul I hope he feels better soon. I must admit I am looking forward to the shows though. The Clarity ship is still ploughing choppy waters in the capable hands of Dave, Paul and all the crew. I’m sure they appreciate if you fall down then so do they and you need them now more than ever. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other xxxx

  4. Well done Tina and Paul – in fact all of you/them for keeping you going. Have these plates already and it’s great to see the designs as I’ve hardly used them and gives me the inspiration to get going ! Got sons and daughter in laws coming today so no time for craft but can’t wait. Hugs to all of you . X

  5. Team work is certainly dream work! so lovely that people are helping you through this tough time! Take care all of you. I’m sure the launches will be in safe hands! x

  6. Looking forward to the shows today & tomorrow from Tina & Paul. The design team have been busy again & have made some fabulous samples. I have just checked out the claritymattersblog & again there is so much inspiration on there. It amazes me how many different designs everyone comes up with.
    Teamwork definitely makes the Dream work – thank you to everyone at Clarity for all that they continue to do even when things don’t quite go to plan. There are only 24 hours in the day so travel gently, one day at a time & it will all work out in the end xx

  7. It’s certainly true that you have some amazing friends, team as well as a devoted husband. It’s sad though that we have to hit a bad patch to find out who these are. I think if the ‘clarity family’ lived nearer you’d have an army of helpers. I’d certainly put myself forward.

  8. Hello Barbara, love and sympathy to you and all the family, sad times but wonderful memories.
    Dave, Paul and the wonderful Team at Clarity are doing a grand job. I have today 21st received Club items 85 and 195 (both great) AND I placed an order Thursday 19th which came too! Super service in trying circumstances! Clarity are the best, thanks to you all. Enjoy Groovi Tuesdays and look forward to seeing you in the Shac later – haven’t missed either since they started.
    Take it steady, thanks for all you do, Jean

  9. Your amazing team are doing a wonderful job, an order placed this week arrived within 48 hours.
    Chores done now, Tina’s show just finished recording so it’s cuppa time, feet up and enjoy the show.
    The cards Jane selected are stunning and a big thanks to her for helping Grace.
    Teamwork makes the dream work every time.
    Sending hugs 🍒

  10. Dear Barb and all the Clarity family, I am honoured to be a member of this huge creative family. And yes Teamwork makes the dream work. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  11. it’s good to know you have such good friends but not surprising. They are doing exactly what you would do for them if the situation was reversed. That’s what good friends do. xx

  12. You have built such a great team around you Barbara – the impact of leadership always shows through when times get difficult. There’s a wonderful African proverb which says ‘if you want to go fast, travel alone; if you want to go far, travel together’. Together is the best place to be xx

  13. What a brilliant combination – The wonderfully talented Tina Cox and my most favourite plates from Linda Williams. Definitely shows worth watching for everybody.
    Love to you all. X

  14. Awww thank you so much Barbara. We are always here to help when you need a helping hand. Thank you so much everyone for your kind encouraging words. I’m feeling very honoured and touched with a heart full of gratitude. Lots of love, hugs and laughter. 💕 x

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