Word of the day: KINDNESS.

Word of the day: KINDNESS.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. First day back in the office. It was good to see the team, catch up with them, have a few meetings, share some ideas, make a few new plans. They’re a kind bunch at Clarity. Just straight forward good people. Each and every one of them has their own personal struggles, family issues, ups and downs, illness – just like everybody else. So we travel gently and we support each other. We’re all in the same boat after all. As I scan through the departments in my head, I have to say they are all kind hearted, good folks. That makes work so much more pleasant! When I hear about bullying in the workplace it makes my skin crawl. Who ever thought that being a bully at work would help or improve ANY situation? Crazy really. Or school. Or at home. Or ANYWHERE! Says a lot more about the bully than the victim.

I have a sweatshirt which says Being Kind is Cool. It’s my favourite thing to wear, and not just because it’s baggy!

3rd Quote of the year coming up…

There are so many KINDNESS Quotes. I think Aesop nailed it, when he wrote:

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


It’s those random, unexpected little acts of kindness which make life so sweet, don’t you find? I make it my business to do at least 2 kind things every single day. But I musn’t tell anybody what I’ve done, or they don’t count. Like Princess Diana said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward”. Don’t do it for a pat on the back. Do it because you can. Like my sweatshirt says, “Being Kind is cool” and that’s good enough for me.

I have had another idea regarding Clarity Art. We have been going for 30 years this year, and I feel that’s got to be worth celebrating ALL YEAR!! We have a vast range of beautiful designs and products, many of which often slip under the radar because of the sheer volume. Thing is, I know what we’ve got, and I also know what I love best! So I thought each week, for the whole year, I would shine a light on a particular favourite design, be it stencil, stamp, Fresh Cut Die or Groovi plate, from our art library, and offer that design range to you at a 30% discount + your Clarity Craft Club discount. 30 years, 30% discount.. get it?! Just for that week, until the new design is highlighted on the following Tuesday.

Starting with this Range today: The Floral Forest and the Floral Flourish (say that when you’ve had a sherry!)

You may well be familiar with these two designs. They are available as stencils, 3-way overlay stamps, dies and Groovi plates. Even designer Tissue Paper! To my mind, they are so excellent. Lookie Lookie!

All available HERE

For a quick and easy, but very classy card, I covered the stencil with Distress Oxide inks using our Spot-On sponges, and ran it through an embossing machine with some of our Square Stamp board. Brilliant! It embeds so beautifully! Like a really classy embossed print. Add a sticker from our FEEL GOOD Range – and bingo. Mounted it on a black cardblank, done.

Just look how many more little accompanying cards I can make though…

The Stampboard is well worth investing in. Whether you stamp on it or emboss it as I have here, it feels velvet smooth. But it’s not expensive. Comes in a handy storage box now too. CLICK HERE

That’ll do for today. If you have these designs, then please post your work on our Facebook Pages, and add the links. Spread the love!

And once again. I would love to hear from you! Leave a message below, so I know I’m not alone here. It sure feels like it at times. But I guess that’s the way of the world nowadays .

Love always,

Barb x x x

PS Remember: no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted x x x

34 thoughts on “Word of the day: KINDNESS.

  1. Whew! I finally caught up with your posts, as I decided today was the day to sit back and ‘smell the roses’. What a great idea to post a positive quote each day, as it will get us all thinking more positive thoughts, which isn’t always easy in these times. I love today’s, as it is one I try to live by.
    My daughter was saying what hard work her three kids could be and i told her to try to enjoy every moment with them, as they grow so quickly. As the quote says ‘the days are long, but the years are short’. So true. XX

  2. Love the idea of revisiting favourite designs and using them in a different way or with different media. I will definitely get the stamp boards out again.

  3. Sorry Barb. I am not following my own advice or your kindness quote either. I should have said thank you for taking the time to promise a post every day. That is a big undertaking in your busy life and one which is appreciated. A very big thank you. XX

  4. Hi Barbara. I love the idea of going back to use old favourite stamps/stencils etc etc. I’m sure lots of us relegate older items to the back of the cupboard so to speak in favour of newly acquired items when in fact we should try to use everything we have in some way. Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge or reminder of what we can do with old favourites. Your daily blog will surely help with this. Thank you for taking the time and effort because it is so appreciated xx

  5. You certainly live by your quotes Barbara, you are always kind. Your actions rub off on other people that’s why you have such a wonderful band of people working for you. The one quote I keep coming across is ‘when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace’ (Jimi Hendrix) – I wish certain people would take this to heart 🙏🙏

  6. Dear Barb, I spent a few hours today, collating some positive sayings, words, things that made me feel good, composed in a little document, using a couple of fonts I thought looked good together. I then had a little face to face with Sonia on the old dog and bone, catching up for the first time in 2023.
    New ideas sounds interesting!😘.
    We popped out to the shops and my little act of kindness was to step in front of the auto doors to let a couple of youngsters exit the shop, I wouldn’t normally mention my little acts, but my other half said: your little act of kindness today was to let the shoplifters out of the shop, knowing me it’s probably true, but I like to think that all the younger generation can’t be reprobates, but I thought you might find it amusing, so I had to share.
    Beautiful little cards, I absolutely love the stamp boards, I have a little case jammed full with all the shapes, but I’ve never tried to emboss it, I will have to try that out. Thank you for sharing.xx

  7. Always read your blog Barbara, you have and always will be an inspiration to me.
    I am loving the step by steps and the Shac Shac Thank you for all your hard work xxx

  8. What a lovely idea which I agree with. Thank you for taking time to blog more regularly; appreciate you have a lot on your plate not just professionally.

  9. Hi Barbara
    Happy New Year to you and everyone at Clarity. Wow 30 years, where had that time gone! Many congratulations. What a lovely offer, thank you, it’s great seeing favourites demonstrated. Your positive comments are wonderful, they really hit the spot! I try and do random acts of kindness, sometimes it’s just a smile but it makes someone’s day and it costs nothing!
    Love Diane xx

  10. Love these and so simple to follow will be getting mine out to make up some cards .Love so many of the older designs as well as the new to be honest love it all lol .
    Thank you for reminding us about kindness and words of the day love reading your blog xx

  11. They are so beautiful, Barb! I’ve had one of the groovi versions for a while, but as yet haven’t used it. So, it’s time to put that right!
    Hugs xoxo

  12. Thank you Barbara, I truly love your quotes and inspiration you share with us. I work in a prison everyday; bar on my window, my office is an old cell, yep bolts on the door! (they are painted so I don’t get locked in haha). each time I order from Clarity I look forward to receiving the wonderful postcards with positive quotes on. I take them into work and add them to my board and share any duplicates. my board is growing 🥰 .
    what a great idea to highlight old favourites and your inspiration often gives me an idea 💡
    Thank you again. I enjoy reading your blog at the end of each day, it always gives me a lift.
    Don’t forget to look after YOU.
    Heather xoxo

  13. Beautiful artwork – would it work with ordinary distress inks, rather than distress oxides, do you think? I have the petite stencils and some stampboard (which I haven’t dared use yet!!) but I don’t have the oxides.

    Beautiful words, too – I am enjoying collecting your quotes (and you’ve actually given us three today!!) and it’s also interesting to see what others add in their comments.

  14. Wondering what “sandwich” you used in the embossing of the stamp board. I have an old Gemini and would like to try that technique with some of the other wonderful clarity stamps. ink on the stencil, then lay inked side in the stampboard I am assuming, then through the machine?
    Never fear you are never alone with us shackers about, more like being stalked I suspect! Keep well.x

  15. I am liking these blog’s Barbara! And todays is perfect. Being kind to others is so important. But we also must be kind to ourselves too.
    Here’s a quote I like by Morgan Freeman. He said “ How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time”
    Fits perfectly with your blog today.
    Looking forward to all the celebrations of artworks this year. Wow! 30 years of creativity. Makes me want to have a dive into my stamps stencils dies and Groovi plates and have a play.
    Love and hugs as always. Xxx

  16. I have just rejoined groovi club Although I have so many plates and getting old, I couldn’t do without your letter, and your blog. It’s like having a friend dropping in, which is especial when you live alone. Also need the help with ideas. So a big Thank You xxxxx. Hope your Dad is feeling better. X

  17. Love that you’re highlighting favourite products through the years – a great way to remind us of all the goodies sitting in our stash! I’ve got the overlay stamps in this design, but think I’ll have to invest in at least one stencil now and get the stampboard out from the back of the cupboard! A 30% discount is an extremely generous expression of kindness!

  18. I love the shaped stamp boards.
    Just a comment, people are joining in all the time so what might seem old to you good folks at Clarity , who know your stock so well, we probably have never seen. And if we have, well, a new take on an existing product extends its interest, life and use for us, so everybody wins. That’s kindness!!. Thanks Barbara.x

  19. Aesop nailed it. So did Morgan Freeman. Kindness costs nothing but it does much good.
    Your idea to showcase older products is fab as there are many people (like me) who need the occasional reminder and new crafters who have not seen these before. The discount is very generous and much appreciated. I think I have most of these delicate designs, if not the missing ones will be added to my next order.
    I have used stamp board quite a bit but never tried to emboss on it. Must try it as yours looks so good.
    Loving that the daily blog is back but be kind to yourself and don’t overdo it. We love you.💕

  20. Late today & also have to finish watching Groovi Tuesday. I did pop on to Facebook to say hello but we have been over at our daughters all day helping to insulate her house to stop the condensation/cold before our next cold spell of weather. Also taught my eldest granddaughter to crochet – she had seen it on TikTok & asked if I could crochet, when I said yes she got quite excited!! nice to be able to pass a skill on to the younger generation.
    30 years of running a business is certainly something to be proud of & look forward to a year of celebrations with you xx

  21. No one who joins in with Clarity, via your wonderful blog, crafting together, watching your videos, TV programmes or being part of the Clarity clubs is ever alone. We are all always there, whether leading and teaching us as you do Barbara, Paul, Linda and others or supporting and encouraging each other in comments and “likes”. We all feel a part of the Clarity family and care about others.

  22. You’re never alone Barb! We are all there right behind you in the bus, on the blog, in front of the TV or simply in our prayers and thoughts. Loving the quotes and bargains too – thank you xxx

  23. Really enjoying the quotes! What a great idea to revisit
    old favourites many thanks for all the inspiration.

  24. Hello Barb, love this quote, and thank you for all incredible deals we will have celebrating 30 years of Clarity. Looking forward to purchases to be made. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  25. Thank you for taking the time to blog this. I think I may well have to get some stamp board to give this a go. As everyone has been saying it’s good to get some of our older stuff out from the back of the cupboard and give it a new lease of life especially as things are getting financially tighter for some of us. Keep safe xxx

  26. What a great quote. And a lovely idea to go back and use older designs. There are so many I have bought and are still
    In their wrapping. Lovely to get some ideas in using them

  27. I am still relatively new to Clarity , having only started using the Groovi system last August after being introduced by a friend.
    The kindness and friendship shared by all and captained by Barbara is a delight in the present times. You all definitely show kindness.
    A big Thank you xx

  28. Loving your quotes for the day.
    Nursing flu and a hacking cough at the moment and your blog brings so much positivity and Joy
    Janet x

  29. Hello Barbara
    Thank you so much for all that you do for us. I and many others really appreciate the time and energy you put into everything that you do. You are never alone, you and your family have become a constant in my daily prayers as well 🤲🏼🙏🏼To try and Blog every day is a big commitment so I will try my best to read your lovely and inspiring Blog and make a comment every day too. There is still so much in my house to sort out and get done… it gets so overwhelming, I have to keep reminding myself not to panic, get anxious … and just take life “one day at a time”… Take care and stay safe, warm and well. Much love Nahid xXx 🐈🦋💕

  30. It’s always nice to revisit things in your crafty stash. I am about to start a major sort out & tidy up in my craftroom. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of “Oh I forgot I had that” moments!! It’s almost like getting it new all over again. 😂
    I love your quote of the day. It is so true. It seems to me that a lot of people are so wrapped up in their own world ( & phone!) that they forget about everyone else. I’m sure if we took the time to look around & maybe smile at a stranger the world would be a better place. x

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