#4 This too shall pass.

#4 This too shall pass.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a serious dentist session today. Was it at 2.30? Don’t even go there. (Toothurty big time). I feel like I’ve done 3 rounds with Henry Cooper. What a Brut! Pardon the pun. I do hope I feel better quickly! I’ve got so many boxes to tick, and there’s no time scheduled for illness or face ache! Detect the sarcasm? I am laughing at myself.

A very appropriate quote springs to mind. Quote #4

This too shall pass

Everything does. If you follow the SHAC, you will have heard me say “this too shall pass” many, many times. It’s up there in my top 10 most poignant quotes. We’ve even got a stamp of it. We call this set our words of wisdom

Whatever is going on, it will pass. Absolutely everything does. Bad times, painful times, good times too. How long This (whatever THIS may be) takes to pass, is another story altogether, and we aren’t the authors I’m afraid. But one thing is irrefutable: it will pass eventually.

I sculpted a SPONG MAN last summer, based on an ancient find from 400 AD in SPONG, Norfolk. It was the despair in his face that got me. The way a little statue could evoke such emotion – everything, in fact, that I was feeling nearly 2,000 years later. Here’s the original:

And here’s my offering…how he came out of a lump of clay and said the self same thing – but without words.

Wouldn’t you like to say to him: Whatever is going on in your life friend, this too shall pass.

Back in our Papercraft world, there are Wee stamps which speak volumes too. Like this one of the man with the umbrella, or the elderly couple on the bench. Some of the simplest yet most evocative images. click here

Here’s a litte stepped up Stamp Board project, using This too shall pass plus the Wee chap hunched up underneath a brolly. The Layout stamp I used is brilliant. You can use parts of it or all of it. YOU decide. TREESCAPE DOODLE LAYOUT MONTAGE A5 STAMP & MASK SET

So there you have it. Whatever is going on in your life, rest assured, this too shall pass. Eventually. All things do. I bet you can think of countless examples…

Love always,

Barb x x x

42 thoughts on “#4 This too shall pass.

  1. Love all your pottery, so clever and inspiring.
    Got all these stamps so may have a go at creating this card . Thanks

  2. Love your Spong man he says so much xx
    Love these wee stamps and all the others they are so versatile and make fabulous additions to all sorts of scenes xxx Love your examples and thank you for the inspiration xx

  3. I say this all the time. I’ve even got my Husband quoting it back to me. I like to think it only applies to bad or trouble times as I don’t want the good times to pass too quickly. I some time even use it when my card making is going a bit pear shaped. It’s usually when I’m trying to hard, thing just don’t fail in to place. Hope the tooth is better soon, but just think how good it will be for the diet. 🤣 xxx

  4. Loving your daily blogs, really miss them.
    Your sponge man is fabulous Barbara you should be so proud, I really don’t know how you find the time to do what you do.
    Hope the toothache is better soon x

  5. Hope your toothache settles quickly now you’ve seen the dentist. There is nothing worse!!!! Well actually there probably is but it’s all relative isn’t it?
    It will pass and you’ll forget it soon as other things creep into your head.
    I’m waiting on a delivery to make my life more comfortable on a daily basis.
    Love the Spong Man. I remember you doing him.
    Lots of love as always. Xxxx

  6. Toothache is dreadful. Had problems with my gums that caused a very loose tooth and had to wait 6 months for an appointment to have it removed!! Such a waiting list. The relief when he finally took it out was tremendous. Apparently despite my best efforts my gums won’t respond to anything so I am likely to lose a few more ! Old age eh and I don’t consider myself old. This too shall pass feels very apt and I hope that you are feeling better soon

  7. Hello Barb, hope the Tooth ache soon goes. Love your Spong man statue ( I read it as sponge man initially :-)). One of my favourite quotes/sayings and stamp sets. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  8. Aww Barb toothache is awful 😞 I hope you’re feeling better soon 😘
    As for your spong man – he is brill!! xxx

  9. I’ll raise your toothache with gallstones! Had an attack last night ending up with 111 sending me an ambulance to rule out a heart attack. It has almost passed, but I need my GP to refer me back for surgery I think. Hope your tooth is sorted now you have seen the dentist x

      1. Thank you Barbara. I’m on a no fat diet which is a bit bland and boring, but pain free just now. The Michelin restaurant tasting menu for my 60th is cancelled but I’ll enjoy it all the more after the surgery!!!

  10. Hello Barbara,
    Thanks for doing your daily blog again, always something worth reading and food for thought.
    First morning back with my over 70’s ladies group
    today, something useful to share,

  11. Love your daily blogs and so pleased you are doing them again. Love your Spong man too. Hope the toothache goes quickly. Had 4 sessions at the dentist just before Xmas so know what you are going through. Each time I went I was saying to myself This Too Shall Pass.

  12. Blue skies, happy days. Been thinking of you as we walked on the beach in Hunstanton. Mini break, problems but the wind made them fly away. Love to you

  13. Hope the toothache soon passes. Love the stamps.
    Got my December groovi club piece today, Thankyou. So glad no one posted pictures this month to spoil the surprise. The wait was worth it. Posted by yourselves on 15/ 12/22! Thought it would arrive soon as we had second class Christmas cards yesterday!

  14. I sympathise, toothache is dreadful but you were lucky to get treatment. I hope you feel better soon.
    I have only seen our NHS dentist once since COVID started. They kept delaying check ups but when I tried to make an appointment for a sore tooth just before the holiday they said they did not have an NHS dentist available and they would be writing to patients. Let’s hope it is not to chuck us off the list. No other help in this area.
    All my Wee stamps are getting an airing, they are so useful. Have just started to use the layout stamps and Groovi plates.
    Bit windy out today but “this too shall pass”
    Stay safe and warm. 🍒

  15. Sorry Barb, but couldn’t read on past the D word. I have a major phobia. Hope you are ok and I will check in tomorrow. XX

    1. That ‘s the problem Annette; me too. Which is why my teeth are so bad! I Never go to the dentist until there’s a big problem, so why am I surprised ?

  16. Hope your tooth settles down soon. Try sitting down with a lap full of warm cat. It always makes me feel better. 😅

  17. Hope the toothache passes soon. Love the Spong man and the card design. Going to plan in time for my own version. Take care xx

  18. I’m with you there Barbara. I still can’t open my mouth properly following the fitting of a crown on 30 November. Eating is so painful and I’ve just been referred to the hospital now. It’s really put me off dentists. Hospital Monday and I’m now scared stiff – I wish it would pass. Hope your mouth gets better soon xx

  19. Thank you for doing the daily blogs again, I always enjoy them. Sorry to hear about your toothache, the pain can be hellish…. I hope you get better soon.
    I have some of the wee stamps which are lovely, it is just finding them. My craft room is bursting at the seams and needs reorganising….just not today.
    Keep warm and well.
    Lorraine x

    1. Mine too. But we love it when it’s all back where it should be, don’t we?! Here it lasts about 2 days and then the mess ensues again !

  20. Hope your pain from the earlier dental visit has started to ease but take the full dose of painkillers for 24 hours at least to take the edge off the pain. Have been through similar ordeals in the past but you do forget just how painful it was——eventually !! Love your Spong man & I spotted your newest piece on Instagram the other day when I was looking at my granddaughters college musical pieces. It looks fantastic & look forward to seeing it finished.
    Anyway on to the art work, another great project. Tomorrow I must pack away Christmas then I can settle down to some crafting sessions & start on this years birthday & anniversary cards. I have a few important milestone ones this year so must get organised.
    Hope your dad & Erik are improving as well xx

  21. oh Barbara – what a start to the New Year! Keep yourself well dosed with painkillers and kitty cuddles and it will soon pass. Love your sculpture – it’s so evocative. You’ve made me think about getting my layout frames out of my stash again – haven’t used them as much as I should so time to start methinks! Take care xx

  22. So sorry you are in pain…which no doubt you have had to pay for! And how! I remember the NHS being introduced in 1947. Has been abused since day one, if only we had been charged even a token fee from that time we would still have an NHS….that’s my theory anyway. I love the wee folk, they are my “go to” stamps. I use a white Posca pen if they are filled in so I can then add colour.
    Enjoying your daily blog, thank you. X

  23. I really like your SPONG man sculpture Barbara, but I do not see despair in his face. Rather a sense of wonderment as he gazes up to the night sky and ponders on the awe inspiring sights of the stars, planets and cosmos. More inspiration can be found in your amazing artwork and the beauty of Clarity products that work so well together. Whether stamps, stencils, Groovi plates or dies, there are always ways of putting together elements from different sources to create the perfect piece for the moment. Crafting magic!
    You have my sympathy for your dental problems as well, in recent months my dental issues resulted in a couple of large extractions – so for me I guess the perfect saying is – This Tooth Shall Pass!

  24. I sympathise with you about the dentist. At the moment I am waiting for crowns to be made for my top jaw so have a set of temporary acrylic teeth stuck on. They don’t actually hurt but constantly feel uncomfortable and eating is not a pleasure at the moment. Only good thing is I am eating less so losing weight !
    Yvonne x

  25. I’m off to the dentist tomorrow for £100’s worth of agony so I sympathise hugely. Love this design. It hadn’t occurred to me to use only a part of the montage stamps. What a clever plan! Hope you’re out of pain by now xxx

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