If it be so be it

If it be so be it

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Second day of the year, the sun is shining, and all is calm. Dave‘s gone to work to warm up the polymer, ready for stamp production tomorrow, and I have been making a bloggy plan for the year – and a project with a quote for today! I did start spinning earlier. Started running from one thing to another, panicking about all the things that need doing at work, and then caught myself getting anxious. I had gone from full of beans and happy to overwhelmed and unhappy within half an hour. So I got my toolbox out, my “How to handle LIFE” toolbox, rummaged a little, and came up with a good solution. No. I didn’t go back to bed! Decided to block the rush of anxiety with some gratitude and acceptance. It works every time. I just wrote down 5 things to be grateful for. Then I wrote down 5 things that I am going to do today. Instant calm again. The mind is a minefield, innit!

Acceptance is a big one for me at the moment. If I can’t change it, there’s no point in fretting about it, or wishing it were different. For example, Dad is ill, the kids live thousands of miles away, and so on…Can’t make Dad better, but I can ensure he is in a lovely, safe environment, and I can spend time with him every day, to make sure he is ok. The kids live in the States. I miss them. Wish they lived closer. But they don’t. Thing is, I speak to Grace on Facetime most days as we work together, and Mark texts and calls often. And what’s more, they are so happy, healthy and successful in their careers, I have nothing to worry about with either of them. I just have to accept it is what it is. And on that note…

Quote #2 is very appropriate, and succinct.

If it be so be it

Six words, all just 2 letters. Simple way to say Acceptance is the key. I say this to myself often, just like

It is what it is

The last couple of years have certainly been challenging for all of us. You, you and you. So much has happened, over which we have had absolutely no control – and still is. If we don’t learn to practice Acceptance, we will go mad. Or at least get very frustrated, angry and/or frightened!

I found an old canvas which I made a long time ago using my favourite geese stamps, illustrated by Mel and combined with Transfer Gel. Thought I’d use it as a vehicle for today’s quote. Good News! Just checked, and we’ve got 15 of the Geese stampsets in stock!

Anyway, let’s look at the canvas and add today’s quote…

My cherished Letterbox stampset is an essential piece of kit for me. Here I have simply mounted the letters I need, and stamped along a piece of copy paper using that more subtle than black Shadow Grey Archival ink pad (18 left). Trimmed it down to a little slip of paper.

  • Next job is to integrate it on the canvas, so it looks like it grew there…Sam! If you’re looking for your Fossilized Amber ink pad, I’ve got it!
  • Use a Clarity Stencil brush to sweep some colour around the edges
  • Drag the paper across the surface of the grey ink pad.

How to attach. Decoupage Kleber und Lack is the gear! It’s a fab glue/varnish sealant, which dries quickly. CLICK HERE.

  • Use a brush to apply to the back of the paper
  • Place it where you want to set it
  • Gently press into place with a finger
  • apply a thin layer of the varnish over the top to seal it.

All done. Dries in minutes. Looks like it grew there.

I hope you enjoyed this. Leave a comment below, talk to me. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Love always

Barb x x x

66 thoughts on “If it be so be it

  1. That piece is so lovely. You are so clever with how you use inky backgrounds. I can see a whole new range of sentiments coming!
    I am glad you have re-started the blog, it is nice to be in touch more often with such interesting inspiration.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. You are certainly not alone. Always best to make a plan in troubled times and of course take time for yourself as well. We are strong enough to deal with what life throws at us. I last my best friend between Christmas and new year, a sudden death and a real tragedy. She was only just 60. Thanks for being there for us all. xxx

    1. Dear Alison,
      So sorry for your loss, keeping you and your friends family in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

    2. Oh Alison. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. So young too! Really sends home the message that LIFE is precious x

  3. Morning Barb…love the quote and can surely relate…
    Our minds can certainly make us spin in circles…as the old saying goes “you are what you think” firm believer in that …have a awesome day ..your not alone with all of us shackers out here.

  4. I love the idea of a daily positive quote so thank you for sharing with us. I lay awake at night sometimes with a ‘washing machine ‘ head. Will try to think of positive things in future. Also when I have a lot to do I write lists and love to cross jobs off.

    1. Hi Karen
      I love a list to cross off, I sometimes write things on there that I’ve already done just so that I can cross it off! 😂

  5. We’re all here Barb. I remember doing the canvas with these geese on the first retreat Ros and I attended. It’s been on my window sill ever since. I think accepting how things are, goes a long way to preventing worry. It’s not worth expending energy on things you can’t change. Looking forward to more, interesting quotes over the coming days. Makes you think. Xx

  6. you are definitely not alone. We don’t know how long Pete is going to take to get better, but we are getting used to a new normal here. I have been doing a stock take of things to be grateful for too, the sun is shining and I have found strengths I had forgotten were there!

    One step, one day at a time is the way xxx

  7. You are very much not alone – I am going through a storm at the moment and I think it will be around for quite a long time unfortunately so I understand and appreciate where you are coming from completely – thank goodness for crafting…….!
    Take care Barbara – you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers xxxxx

  8. Beautiful! you’re so right about stopping the spinning in our heads and taking a moment to draw breath. Love your idea of writing down the things we are grateful for – there’s a Christian prayer practice called Examen where you give thanks at the end of the day for all things that have been good. Great way to refocus your mind and a habit I need to get better at xx

  9. You are definitely not alone. It is so easy to get lost in a spin of negative thoughts. It is amazing how a bit of gratitude can make all the difference. x

  10. You will never be alone Barbara. You have so many friends in Clarity and Groovi Worldwide. Some you have known for a lifetime and many you may never meet. We are always here for each other especially through the learning days-they are always followed by the good days. X

  11. A very apt quote I think as we can’t do anything about it except adapt to it or work around it (same thing?). A lovely project except it reminds me of the poor geese on the meadow near us, they have been affected by the Avian flu and quite a few have been found dead but there are some that have had it and survived provided they’ve been left to gain their strength, so there have been warnings about not letting dogs of leads to chase them etc as it takes too much of their strength to get off the ground. I digress. Look forward to your quotes this year. X

  12. Hello lovely lady and a happy new year to you and yours. I was drawn to your blog today so felt it only right to respond.
    Your approach to how you felt was quite right, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it doesn’t have to; you did was was right for you in that moment in time.
    I’m sorry to hear your dad is unwell. I wish him well for the future.
    Treasure those texts, calls and facetimes with Grace and Mark. They both appear to be doing so well x
    Take care of you, lots of love xx

  13. Hi Barb, the artwork is beautiful. I can relate to days when I never know if I am coming or going…. I take a step back count my blessings and start again more positively. I love the idea of a daily quote it is so uplifting and heart warming.

    The lyrics to this song keeps us going…

    When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of a storm
    There’s a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark

    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    For your dreams be tossed and blown

    Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone

    Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone

    Sending love and hugs.

    Lorraine xx

  14. Hi Barbara, I know what you mean only too well, when my head starts thinking about what I’m going to do it floods in like a torrent! I end up feeling weak, confused, nothing gets done. I walk into my crafting area and it happens again, so many ideas techniques, colours, which pens or brushes, gelpress or die cutting. So I grab my plastic box with my go to projects which you advised us to do and it then starts to calm down, looking at something familiar, partly created. I can finish something and then calm enough to move onto something new. I think Covid has a lot more to answer for as anxiety is way up there. Going to the coast at Rustington West Sussex for a walk and a cappuccino looking out to sea so that should help. I keep saying “it to will pass” xxx

  15. Love this and agree can’t change the past but can make the future comfortable xx I always turn to craft when I get my silly thoughts and get so immersed I forget what I was thinking and enjoy the process xx

  16. It is what it is, that is a good quote. One that I need to live by these days as life has changed quite a bit. Anyway onwards and upwards,there are people with bigger issues than mine.
    It is hard when a parent is not well but I am sure your dad loves to see you and it brightens his day. X

  17. Thank you for this daily quote – and beautiful artwork too.
    Found a Page a Day diary when I was doing the weekly shop this morning so I’m going to start my own art journal, creating something on each page that incorporates your daily quote – I’m so looking forward to it!

  18. Of course you’re not alone Barb, lots of us are out here in the magic Clarity community you have created. This blog has brought back some lovely memories for me and put a real smile on my face. Like Gill I remember doing the geese canvas at one of the first Clarity Retreats I attended and it has pride of place in my dining room! The fun part of that little project was stamping the geese onto tissue paper (to allow subtle colouring!) and then cutting them out before sticking them onto the finished canvas! I think I remember some fellow crafters having their geese sitting on their canvasses after accidently snipping the legs off! I was also very lucky to have the amazing Mel as my Craft Buddy at the Retreats, and she would encourage me by saying it is what it is Ken, just get on and do it! (possibly in slightly more colourful language if I remember correctly!)
    Loving these blogs for the New Year, Barb, Thank you so much for the inspiration and wise words.

  19. Happy New Year to you and all at Clarity! I don’t pop by very often but your quote ‘If it be so be it’ really caught my eye! I love that you can say it in two different ways with two meanings! Your ideas for calming your mind are fab and ones which will help a lot of like folk out there! (Myself included)
    Thankyou for all the wonderful work you do and remember to take time for yourself without feeling guilty! Love the canvas by the way! Xx

  20. Dear Barbara,
    You really have a knack for putting into words what a lot of us are feeling.
    I need to make a canvas with todays quote too.
    Live in the moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow but now.
    Praying your Dad is comfortable and content.
    Linda. Xx

  21. Thank you for aiding us to still our mind and thoughts. A day at a time is my mantra at the moment. Some days are better than others. Some days my mind prevents me from crafting but as soon as I get into my ‘go to box’ I’m on a new level. This too will pass! ‘If it be so be it’. You help so many of us with your blogs. Keep them coming if you can. Thank you for being you and being with us. Your artwork is stunning. xxx

  22. Lovin’ the new system – I hope our politicians read your blog – they might learn something!
    Only recently got these geese – off I go to play (in between filing my clarity craft club stamps – they are looking much neater being stored in 2’s, only 100 left to go!!)
    It is what it is, we are what we are.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  23. You startled me! I read you had started spinning and thought you had taken up a new craft!
    Lovely canvas and quote.

  24. Dear Barbara you will never be alone. I’m loving having the daily blog back I really missed it. Saw a brilliant Tom Hanks film Bridge of Spies where his character asks the person he is helping why he doesn’t appear at all worried about the situation he is in. The response “would it help”. As Tom said in a TV interview afterwards those three words stole the show. Let’s all hope this year is better.

  25. How to stop the mind disappearing into a black pit of anxiety and doom. I’ve never really experienced it until a few years ago, parents getting older and frailer.
    Redundancy couple of years before retirement. Covid
    Strange how everything came at once. Barbara you may be the bus driver, but your also the therapist.
    Your mantras are often repeated.
    I’m heading into 2023 trying my best to be positive, after all the nights are getting shorter now and it will soon be spring.

  26. Happy New Year ❤ love the artwork. must say my go to phrase has been ‘ What will be, Will be’. can’t change it so run with it. It kept me going over last 5 yrs. now I take each day as it comes. Here’s to 2023 being a great Year for everyone. 🥰

  27. No Barbara, going by all the comments so far today you are not on your own. Love your canvas & I have just been to check & yes I have that set in my stash !! As OH would say ” No surprise there then”
    So a new year & yet again I plan to use more of my crafty stash – canvas’s would make nice gifts. Adding suitable quotes would make them even more special.
    Thinking about the positives rather than the negatives is the best way forward I think so looking forward to catching up with you each day again xx

  28. Belle année 2023 Barbara and Dave !
    I send you the sun and blue sky from Brittany near the sea at Benodet. 👋
    I remember these geese stamps as you came to guergaro with them and a bundle of goodies that encouraged me on the crafting road and since then, I never stopped crafting and creating ! So much fun and joy. So, once again MERCI !!!! I am so grateful 🙏
    Best wishes to you and Dave and all your staff 💝
    And you are more than welcome in Brittany whenever you want !!

  29. I love your idea of a quote per day and know I will be inspired by your words as always. My head’s getting the better of me today so,I need to go do something crafty to block it all out! I know how hard it is having a poorly parent and all the worry that goes with it. But I am sure your visits brighten your dad’s day like your blog does to us all!

  30. Your blog always creates a good read! And thanks be for that Barbara. I think of you every day when I see your handwriting in stamp form! I love them. I was telling Linda how folk say “I knew who made that” re my work, and before I could finish my sentence she said “no no,” it’s your style, don’t change it. Well, so be it, you can’t teach an old dog too many new tricks I guess. I’m a finisher, whatever the task.
    Be forever thankful that your children, however far away, keep in touch and you know where they are. We are SO lucky! Thinking of you.xx

  31. So helpful for me in my current situation!! My aged dad very ill with this horrendous cold that is going round, and not coping well with his weaknesses!!! Very concerning!!!

  32. Happy New Year Barbara and all at Clarity. You have created such a wonderful sanctuary for like-minded people to escape to for a little respite from this topsy-turvy world. Be it on your website, You Tube, Facebook, Television, Blog, Retreats etc. The list is ever -growing. Thank you for for enthusiasm, commitment, inspiration, wisdom, spiritual guidance , your friendship and so much more. You will never be alone. You are an example to us all and you have a huge and loyal following of friends , some of whom (like me ) have never yet met you.
    You have the ability to relate to each and every one of us. Very many thanks for all you do. Love your blogs and now looking forward to 363 more quotes!! love to all Pam xx

  33. If it be so be it! I think that is such an great saying for me too. Can’t do anything about certain things in my life either but acceptance is key!

    Im going to write lists and tackle one thing at a time so I don’t run around in circles achieving very little and finishing nothing.

    Thankyou Barbara for reminding me I am not alone with my struggles. Take care of yourself!

    My craft room is my happy place!

  34. I have been checking your blog several times a day for weeks to see if there is any new content and am so glad to see that you may return, when you can, to more frequent blogging. You never fail to make me and many others I am sure, feel better about their circumstances and less alone and to try to learn not to be frustrated about the things they cannot change. We miss your wisdom. Take care of yourself and hope Erik and your Dad improve. xx

  35. I haven’t posted anything for ages .So much going on crafty time doesnt always happen .I am so sorry to hear how fragile your Dad is .I recall when my Mum needed 24 hour care in a nursing home and I needed to remind myself that she felt safe and well cared for .Me feeling guilty that I wasn’t there all the time was energy wasted .
    Being good enough and being present in the moment is my mantra when I find stress a bit too much for whatever reason .You are not alone Barbara and your thoughts and reflections resonate across the miles .You are and have been a wonderful influence in how I embrace the creative side of me and your generosity in sharing that with so many is precious .love when you return to previous creations with a fresh eye .Keep well and Thank you xxx Carmel

  36. you are not alone lovely lady, it’s just that some days are too hard for some of us. love your art here, must try to create something si ilar with these lovely geese xx

  37. Rest assured you are not alone . We all read your blog and appreciate you posting as often as you do. We’re all with you in spirit and try to take on board to just slow down and be. We all have our problems and if given the chance to swap them with others we would certainly take our back!

  38. Oh Barb……if only you knew just how much you mean to us. I have missed your blogging so much and check it every day, in case, although I could never understand how you could possibly fit it in. Life, running a business, family problems and worries, tv to prep for and attend, the SHAC SHAC, pottery etc. and yet you manage to have time for friends, family and all your customers AND keep your creativity going…amazing. Life keeps throwing curve balls your way and yet you manage to pull yourself up by your boot laces and smile, sometimes through tears (which sets me off! You are a true inspiration and put me to shame!
    I post so seldom but really do enjoy your blog and SHAC SHAC – like being in the room with you.
    Thank you. You are so appreciated.
    Love, Linda

  39. Looking forward to your daily quotes Barbara x
    You manage to put thoughts into words so magnificently, I look forward to the day you manage to write your book.
    You have just inspired me to go and play with my geese stamps, they are one of my favourite stamps and I love to hear the gaggle of geese that fly across the fields where I live at this time of year.
    The icing on the cake for me today was the ‘Sky Blue Pink’ in our journey home from our lovely walk this afternoon.
    My Nan used to refer sky blue pink skies when I was too young to see the beauty.

  40. We’re one big clarity fam aren’t we! And I’m feeling the love. 🌈🫶🏼🥰💕
    On Life Spring Church, Wolverhampton YouTube NY service I heard another useful mantra….


    Love & hugs, Sue. xx

  41. We’re one big clarity fam aren’t we! And I’m feeling the love. 🌈🫶🏼🥰💕
    On Life Spring Church, Wolverhampton YouTube NY service I heard another useful mantra….


    Love & hugs, Sue. xx

  42. Oh Barb you certainly are not alone. I had the same rush of feelings today. Mums in Kent, started her new meds (maintenance they call it) I’m guessing they can not provide any more chemo, so it’s tablets now. she slept most of yesterday, everyday is a blessing to have her here. I panicked, new job (won’t provide sick pay) if the time comes. With the other half out of work, how will I be able to go and care for Mum whilst being the only one earning an income to pay the bills. My head went into full panic mode, what will I do. Will we lose the house, have nowhere to live…. and so on. I took myself off to the bedroom and threw myself into the only thing that stops my head rushing to all the worst case scenarios possible, craft. So I’m right there with you Barb.xx

  43. I’m trying to learn some hand lettering this year so looking forward to the inspirational quotes to practice.

    My dad is getting frailer and at 92 is stubborn about giving up any independence. So hard to see but all we can do is walk alongside with love x

  44. I don’t often post a comment but always read your blog.
    I always enjoy the SHAC SHACK, although I can never get it live so have to watch it later. Thank you so much for your time, when you have so much e!se going on in your life. You are definitely not alone – as you can see from all the comments above.
    L x

  45. You’re not alone, felt today was the right day to join back in and let you know that. Have been reading and lurking here in the back of the room. Lovely art work. xx

  46. You are definitely not alone as you can see! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog since you started and like the idea of the inspirational quotes. I have always thought how hard it must be for you to have your kids live so far away, I used to dread my daughter moving to Australia where we have close relatives and she spent some time during her gap year. Then 7 yrs ago she died suddenly and now of course I would give anything for her to be the other side of this world so I could at least still speak to her. Life can be so hard but crafting does certainly provide some peace and comfort from it all. Please keep up your blog for us all to enjoy Barbara, it really does help xx

  47. Great artwork, made me go and look for and find these stamps in my stash.
    Soothing music, some deep breaths and some crafting or a good book seem to settle my whirligig thoughts. It helps that I have started to make a list of what needs to be done. Sometimes I clear the list sometimes I don’t, but who cares except me. I am happy to still be alive and have a great hubby.
    We are never alone in the Clarity community, always someone to talk to, a blog to read etc.
    Stay well stay safe.

  48. I love reading your quotes Barbara. Some I’m really familiar with, some I’ve forgotten about and some I haven’t come across before. Keep it going it’s great.

  49. Hi Barbara
    Just had to leave a message.
    How can you ever be alone with the amount of people that follow you and join you in the shack.
    You have inspired all of us in the shack, I for one in the first few months joined in and created my artwork alongside everyone but this year has seen my hubbies health suffer nothing life threatening but seems to be one thing after another and it is taking its toll.
    Anyway enough about me you just forget about being alone you definitely are not. Big hugs 🤗

  50. Hi Barbara
    I am fully with you on your quote today. When I feel life is too much I walk so went down to the river Parrett and soon realised it was very flooded so didn’t get too far, went with a friend and stopped in a coffee house although there was no room a couple asked if we wanted to join them we spent a lovely half an hour talking to complete strangers but very informative. Then I put shelves up for the same friend so felt much better after. Keeping busy always helps. Treasure the time with your dad I learnt more about my mum in the 6 months before she passed and they keep me warm in these difficult months.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  51. Great to read another blog from you, so sorry to hear your Dad isn’t well, so awful when you can’t do much to help. So many if my friends in the same position. I know what it’s like to miss the children, mine are all over the world. But just having a few weeks with my son daughter in law and two grandchildren in San Francisco. Not looking forward to leaving. So love being able to read all about you. Thank you for all you do. Love xxxxxx

  52. Hello Barb, love this blog post , the arty geese and the quote. In fact I may just do a similar one for my work space (the small corner in my craft room come study, come messy place which needs tidying). Must remember to renew my subscriptions later. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  53. Morning Barbara
    I know how hard it is when you have your Dad poorly.
    I have just lost my elderly Mother-in-law after spending many many hours in hospital with her.
    I always look for your blog every evening before I go to bed.
    Today I have looked after Paul said your going to blog Daily if you can and I decided to add to yesterday’s messages.
    I have read them all and thinking of all our crafty friends some struggling in many ways.
    I think I will do like one of our crafty friends said write your daily quote in a journal and do a piece of art, great way to use some of my art goodies that I haven’t used.
    Happy New Year to you, Dave and all at Clarity Towers, and all that read this lovely blog.
    Regards Christine xxx

  54. Hi
    Thank you for giving me motivation to write things down and stop beating myself up.
    Going through a really rough time at the moment and feeling so alone some tough decisions to be made and complete life
    changing things are going on.
    Keep inspiring us Barbara I really need all the positive stuff coming my way x

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