Give us this Day our Daily Quote…

Give us this Day our Daily Quote…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy New Year to you! I hope that today marks the start of a happy, healthy and better New year, filled with love, laughter and creativity! Let’s not dwell on 2022! Let’s leave it in last year, and skip into 2023 with a spring in our steps – or at least let’s try to cheer up and look for the positives. That’s my advice to myself, because the incessant negative whining in my head is just getting way too heavy and uncomfortable !! Doom and gloom be gone!!

So I’ve decided to start my days with a daily quote. Something uplifting. Something to redirect my thinking and get me started on a philosophical train of thought. One Day at a Time. For 365 days I shall blog every single day – even if it’s just a Quote and a good thought nudger. That’s my 2023 challenge to myself. That, and to lose some weight, so I can get back into my favourite clothes! Facebook Grayscalers – are you with me?!

It’s the first of the year. January 1st 2023. Dave’s Christmas gifts to myself and the kids were handmade and very special this time. He printed quotes on our old 1903 Reliance Printing Press, using antique wooden type. This is a skill that he has taught himself, and it is indeed a skill!

So beautiful! And expensive! This full Alphabet cost £320!! Complete alphabets are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Not only did he print the posters for us, he then made frames out of old pallets – from scratch! Sanded and fInished with beeswax. I love the quote he gave me:

Quote #1.

Live this Life

Three words which speak volumes. Live this Life. And each word is weighted…

Live THIS Life….Not one you wish you had, not one you used to have, not one you are looking forward to. THIS one, NOW.

LIVE this Life… Don’t waste it; it’s the only one you’ve got. It’s not a dress rehearsal.

Live this LIFE ! It is your pulse – LIFE. Not mere existence. It is your greatest gift. Nothing else matters if you don’t have LIFE.

There you go. 3 little words. They sure do pack a punch! And here‘s a little PS from Dave, just for good measure…Erik agrees.

Good to have a plan. I look forward to looking for quotes which hit the spot, touch my heart, make me think, laugh or cry. Sound like a plan? And maybe I’ll even dress them up and turn them into art.

Happy New Year

Love always

Barb xxx

38 thoughts on “Give us this Day our Daily Quote…

  1. WOW – at last, something to look forward to again!!
    My quote is always “if anyone can do it – I can!”
    Love to you both and cats
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Happy New Year Barbara!
    I am with you all the way both with the daily focus (this year looks like it will be particularly challenging for me in many ways) and the wardrobe issues, definitely back with the Gray Scalers – onwards and downwards, weight wise I mean!

  3. Happy New Year. Beautiful blog and such sincere and uplifting quotes. Looking forward with positivity to crafting with Clarity x

    1. Happy New Year!
      I love this idea – a quote a day to help us all get through another year. You bless us with many an uplifting saying already (one day at a time, this too shall pass, whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right…) and I look forward to a whole almanac by the end of the year. I may try to create a journal with the daily sayings featured together with stamping, stencilling, diecuts, doodling, perhaps even a spot of Groovi. Something just for me, inspired by you.
      And, if you find yourself struggling to come up with 365 inspirational quotes, I’m sure this Clarity community will help you out! I remember my old Uni flatmate’s favourite saying was It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry…

  4. What lovely thoughtful gifts. I love the wooden letters, my Gt Grandfather was a printer compositor between 1871 & 1921 according to census entries so he would have used letters like this in his work.
    The quote for the day idea sounds great as is the loosing weight although perhaps just slowly to begin with until the weather warms up a bit. We need the extra calories to keep us warm or at least that’s what I am telling myself!!
    Live for Today – Sort Tomorrow out when it comes is one of our family sayings !!
    Here’s to a great year of crafting in 2023

  5. Beautiful work. Hey ho hey ho it’s off to greyscalers we go!

    Here’s one – you don’t know if you don’t try !

    Happy New Year ! X

  6. A Happy New Year! to you Barbara and your family. What lovely gifts, made with such thoughtfulness and very precious time you have both done this year. So good for the heart & soul for you and the recipients. I do hope 2023 is a good year for you all. You’ve certainly earned it! – One of my typical quotes that I brought my Children up on is: ‘What you sow, So you reap’ – Very true and I hope you both and Clarity really start to reap from all the amazing work and kindness you give to us all. X

  7. A very talented man your Dave. Such beautiful words and lovely frames. J.F.D.I. Is a favourite of mine I often say this to my husband as he can be a bit of a ditherer. Hope 2023 brings us all a bit of happiness it will be a struggle with the cost of living crisis but together we will come out on the other side. See you all in the Shac on the 9th and let’s see where the bus takes us.❤

  8. Happy new year to you! I am trying to live this life” . Trouble is, things keep getting in the way!! one day at a time, me thinks!!!

  9. My quote is ‘if in doubt don’t’. It usually applies to shopping, if I’m not sure then it’s probably not for me!

  10. Happy New Year to you and all at Clarity. I have missed your daily blogs so will look forward to hearing from you every day even if it is just an inspirational quote !
    Yvonne x

  11. What thoughtful gifts.
    I think your quotes idea sounds like a plan. Looking forward to reading them

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Ps. Loved the workshops at Sedgefield.

  12. There is a reason your rear view mirror is so small and your window screen is large. I always think this quote is a good one for New Year’s Day. xxx

  13. Happy New Year Barbara and Dave xx Love a quote especially yours. Look forward to seeing them each day. The whining in my head is getting louder too – I need something to latch on to. Thanks Barbara xx

  14. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your daily quotes too. My word for this year is Acceptance – lots of things I can’t change so I need to live in peace with them x

  15. Hi Barbara
    Happy New Year to you and Dave. My sister sent me a quote I am who I am your approval is not needed. Which I try to remember when someone tries to tell me what I need to do which they invariably do. My mum’s favourite saying when we asked where something was Up in Aggies room behind the wallpaper. Various others but not repeatable. Look forward to your daily quotes.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  16. Magical gifts by Dave created with amazing printing and carpentry skills. Really looking forward to this year’s blog, Barbara – and to being encouraged and inspired by your words of the day!
    Happy New Year, one and all! Take care, and here’s to a year of finding calmness by crafting Clarity.

  17. Happy New Year, Barbara, Dave and the whole Clarity Family, Dave is very talented person, love the frames.

  18. Hi Barb, Happy New year. What a great idea, to celebrate each day with a quote. Love Dave’s gifts, especially yours and the frames are fab. I hope this year will be full of peace and love and prosperity. Take care, stay safe and warm everyone. Bx

  19. Loved today’s positive blog – thanks. My challenge is also to be in the moment – make time for me. We must remember we can’t be everything to everyone all of the time.

    There’s a quote for you Barbara.

    Lots of love to all!

  20. Happy New Year Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity. Your quote has given me great food for thought for the New Year – thank you. I still have a stinky cold that has outstayed the welcome it never had. “This too will pass” – but I wish it would get a wriggle on. Health and Happiness for the year to all reading this blog.

  21. Took me a minute to decode JFDI but when I twigged it made me chuckle.
    Dave is a clever thoughtful man. Hand crafted gifts are so much better than purchased ones as the love is built in.
    Life is precious and we try to live each day as best we can as no one knows what tomorrow will bring so no point in worrying about it. Just enjoy today.
    Look forward to your 2023 daily blogs, whether long or short, as you are always inspiring.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  22. What a beautiful present and given from the heart very lucky lady and Dave is also a lucky man xx Glad to see Erik appreciated it and is looking relaxed looking forward to a crafty year with Clarity xx

  23. if I may suggest…for a day once a week or a month, it would be great to have photos of Erik and Ragnar, when you are pushed for time,or need a quote..
    that would be lovely too.
    they are always a pleasure to see. thanks.

  24. Love the quote Live This Life. I had a fall just before Christmas and am in a ankle to thigh cast, hoping it will heal and not displace so I can avoid surgery. It has been a struggle but this quote has set me on a new positive mindset. I will get through this and will live this life now and later.
    I love quotes. Thanks for sharing.

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