One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. There’s never been a better day for getting a gratitude list going here! That’s a fact! When things are just piling in and nothing seems to be going to plan, then it’s time to stop, put the kettle on, find a piece of paper and a pen – and take the time to say thank you to the universe for everything that is GOOD in life. And boy do I have lots to be grateful for! SO MUCH!!

Trouble is, sometimes the old tin Pitypot calls to me, to sit on it and get miserable. Poor me gets in my head and starts listing all the rough stuff that’s piling up around. And before you know it, I’m getting quite comfy on said tin Pitypot, and it takes a concerted effort to break the sad spell.

So here it is. A long gratitude list is already building. At first those pesky gits Wurka and Hollick try to muscle in; they love to see me miserable, and worrying.

But what’s the point in worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet?! As my Dad always says, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”. So let’s just eject those little gremlins – they are not allowed to live rent-free in this head!

Tea’s drunk, list is written, Wurka and Hollick have been slung out. Already feeling more in control. Forgive me for not blogging so often. A decent blog requires thought and time, and if you read between the lines you will know that I’m spinning lots of plates. No time to make much art.

Looking forward to the Craftalong with Linda on Friday though! I hope you can join us at 7pm on Facebook LIVE. Linda’s the bus driver – I’m just along for the ride with you!

Have a great day,

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Glad you’ve made your list! I agree with your Dad – sometimes a little difficult to put into practice I know! Looking forward to Friday will be back home by then. I know my plates will be waiting for me. Keep calm and carry on 😘

  2. Hello Barbara
    A very dear friend used to say ‘if you can’t change it you just have to go along with it and do the best you can’. Wise words that I try to live by, but don’t always succeed.

    Yes, I can sit on the Pitypot with you, some days very easily. but for me that is silly and indulgent. I can’t change what has happened in the past, just have to make sure I enjoy the future and count my blessings. Of which I have many. I try very hard to avoid the news and only surround myself with happy thoughts and people.

    Take care,

  3. Realised over the years happiness is not achievable, but contentment is. If we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, shoes on our feet and fresh drinking water out of a tap in our home, we are better off than many in the world.
    I have given up stress and do everything at my pace, selfish in some ways but you have to be to cope with what life throws at you and not be dragged under.

  4. Dear Barb, sending you big hugs, and yes we should all take time to sit and consider what we have and what we can be very grateful for. I sometimes let things get me really down, and it takes so much effort to get back up and going.. I really need to work on that. So take care everyone. Bx

  5. It’s easy to start worrying about things that might happen do it all the time though as I get older i am finding it a bit easier to stop saying what if? And if the what if happens I can deal with it at that point. Look after you and yours most important thing xx

  6. Poignant blog for me too. Off to write a gratitude list with my colouring pencils. Number 1 done. Thinking of you – go smell the lavender xx

  7. Reading between the lines I thought all was not as well as it could have been and have been thinking of you. You are so right when you say it is easy to get bogged down by what is not going according to plan or what may/may not happen. Keep focusing on the positive as I’m sure they outweigh the negative. Travel gently xx

  8. It’s hard when there is so much going on not to start getting despondent. Like your dad & his crossing the bridge when you reach it, we have always said live for the day & sort tomorrow out when it comes!!
    Making a list & ticking off each one is a great feeling!! Glad you have managed to send Wurka & Hollick on their way. Enjoy some time with Grace if you can.
    Looking forward to Friday night & the Craftalong with Linda – is Grace going to join in like last year? I can remember a lot of giggles!! we were away & staying in a small airbnb so in same room as OH. I had my headphones on & OH had no idea what was going on but could just hear my laughter!! Nothing like laughter for making you feel better xx

  9. Oh Barbara, I had a giggle when I saw Worka and Hollick 😀 At the start of this blog. Glad you kicked them out for the time being.
    A while ago I came to the conclusion that no matter what I planned something would crop up to scupper the schedule. Now, being grateful just to be alive and relatively healthy, we are both taking each day as it comes and trying not to worry about the things we can’t control.
    Linda’s Christmas set 2 Groovi plates arrived yesterday so I am all set fo Friday. 👍
    Take care and stay safe. 🍒

  10. Hello Barbara and everyone else here. I have 4 words which eat into my brain every day. “If only…” and “What if” They are there all the time and often feast on my Mojo. But on good days, most of the time, I can lock them up, count my blessing and not waste a good day so I can enjoy what I have. Life is too short to dwell on stuff we cannot change. Enjoy the day ahead, stay well and stay safe xx

    1. @Sue York. Oh my, you took the (four) words right our of my mouth!! Those eat at me too. Good for you for being able to dismiss them.

  11. Hi Barbara I am sending you lots of love and a big hug as I know how difficult life can be at times , different situation as a full time carer but listen to you Dad for he is wise. Treat yourself kindly. Lots of love Suexxx

  12. Your Dad is a very wise man Barbara and his words were often said to me by my father. Glad you got rid of worka
    and hollick take some time for yourself. Can’t wait for Friday night I imagine there will be plenty of giggles. See you there.

  13. I know you must be busy. I hope you still manage to take time out. Those pesky plates – I often have too many , but somehow we manage.

    I’m out on a very rare lonesome shopping trip in Kingston upon Thames. Seems like the only place with a shops still open. Rather be home crafting but birthday presents to buy.

    Sending crafty hugs🥰

  14. Can completely empathize with you at the moment, however, we know that “this too shall pass”. It may not turn out as we would like but, as your wise Dad says, “we’ll cross that bridge when (and if) we get to it.
    Take care.

  15. Hi Barbara,
    Yes we can all get to a point when we “can’t see the wood for the trees”. but things do work out. I was told “Why worry, if you can change thing then do it. If not then let worry look after itself. You can’t add another day by worrying, but it can rob you of precious time”.
    Love to you all.

  16. Am so with you, this week we have lost another soul we thought would be around forever, like my father . It does no good dwelling, as my Dad would say, on things you cannot change, so have been thinking of the good things and love. Still makes you cry a bit but it is maybe easier to cope with happy tears. Thinking of you, know you must be worried to death about your Dad and Mum but put Worka and Hollick in a box somewhere for the time being and also try to make time for yourself. . XXX

  17. Hi Barbara,
    Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes and good vibes! Your dad (a very wise man!) is so right about “that bridge” – whether it’s the Pooh Sticks bridge in Ashdown Forest or the QE2 (another lovely lady much in my thoughts) bridge, however big the problem you can’t deal with it until the bridge is crossed. As for Wurka and Hollick, pop them back in the box, lock it and lose the key!
    No need for any apolgies Barbara, we appreciate that sometimes the Blog is not there, the SHAC has to wait while the bus driver deals with a bridge or orders take a little bit longer to come. You and all of Team Clarity do so much for all of us, it is so worth the wait! Clarity are definitely top of my gratitude list!
    Really looking forward to Friday’s Craftalong with Linda, and the chance to be back with the Clarity Community – well worth crossing all the bridges for that!
    Take care.

  18. Sending love and hugs, travel gently a day at a time. Usually check your blog daily, and quite understand your time is precious and at times you just don’t have the time to do it. Family first always, so take it as easy. Looking forward to Friday. Take care all. xx

  19. What’s the use in worrying, it never was worthwhile, so….. worry about things WHEN they happen, not before. Waste of time and energy if everything goes well, and it will. Future blogs are being looked forward also Friday crafting. Take care and chin up

  20. Dear Barb,
    It’s been a tumultuous week, on top of what already may have been an overwhelming few weeks. Sometimes, but not very often, I want to shout, “Stop the world, I want to get off” – then my own gratitude list pops up in my head and grounds me.
    I have done very little ‘arting’ recently – had family visiting this last week (distracting, hard work, but lovely). This week I am alone – time to reflect and absorb – time to wind down a little. Be kind to yourself, Barb, it’s not self- indulgence, it’s self preservation and will help you to be strong when you most need to be!
    BTW, I miss you and the Shack but, on a positive note, I’m getting loads of jobs done! 🤣❤️👍 x


  21. Sending big virtual hugs, you deserve then, and I hope a general global surge of love and affection towards you can be felt in your heart.
    Take care, we love you Barb
    Claire S x

  22. sending virtual hugs. please don’t worry about the blog, am sure I am not the only one who just enjoys them when you have the time/head space. Thank you for being you. x

  23. You know that you really don’t have to apologise to old friends. They understand when life gets busy and will pick up with you again when you come up for air. Take care of you as well as everyone else x

  24. Hey Babs
    Why don’t you take time out, now I hear you say, “it’s easy for you to say that when there’s so much to do”. My man used to say “Learn to share your work” what you can’t do you can’t. Never worry about missing a blog, we love what you do, so missing some and taking time out to refresh will keep you going stronger in the long run.
    Get Dave to start drawing etc🤪😂

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