Long Live The Queen – in our Hearts

Long Live The Queen – in our Hearts

Hello there. Grace and Barb here.

I hope this finds you safe and well.

What a sad time it is. The Royal family has lost a cherished Mum, a Grandma and the Head of their family. We’ve lost our beautiful Queen, the most steadfast, constant leader in the world. We felt it only right to pay tribute to our Queen. It is certainly the end of an era, and whilst we welcome King Charles, we will always have Elizabeth in our hearts, won’t we. And I imagine we will always remember where we were when we heard the news. Well, we certainly will.

Having spent the day with Oma, we then visited Grandad in the nursing home. Mum and I were just about to leave, handbags on shoulders, moving towards the door, when I asked Grandad if he’d like me to switch the telly on before we left for the evening.

“Oh yes, that would be good”, he said.

Almost immediately Mum gasped, because she saw the flag at half mast. Without any more information than that, she knew. “She’s gone,” Mum wept. And as the image and the newsreaders words began to merge into comprehensible information, we just slowly sunk back into our seats and watched the news unfold with Granddad for a while longer. Heartbreaking. Particularly in a home full of her loyal subjects. The nurse in the corridor was in tears too. She’s was just going from room to room, consoling the residents, who were “devastated” was her word.

Elizabeth will be deeply missed by so very many people. She has touched us all, in some way.

The strangest, and perhaps only uplifting thing was… An hour or so before, as we drove into the carpark of the care home, we both saw the most beautiful rainbow we’d ever seen. We commented on the fact that we had never seen such a full rainbow; stretching from one side of the sky to the other, both ends of the rainbow planted and visible, and every colour bright and full. At this point we were entirely oblivious to anything related to the Queen. Mum even later popped back outside and reported back to us that it had turned into a double rainbow too. Even stranger!

Another hour later, as we made our way to leave again, teary eyed and in shock from the news… we heard the newsreader say “And that rainbow! Above Buckingham Palace. What a rainbow that was”. We both stopped and stared at each other! We had seen it too. All the wonderful colours – much like her wardrobe!

On such a sad day… what a cheerful nod to the Queen herself, who was well-known over the course of her 70 year reign for her affection for bright, bold and colourful ensembles. You can’t tell me that wasn’t her.

Long live Queen Elizabeth II in our hearts. May she Rest in Peace.

We will not be posting artwork tomorrow for the Saturday share.

Travel gently.

Lotsa love, Barb, Grace & Clarity xo

16 thoughts on “Long Live The Queen – in our Hearts

  1. Hi Barb and Grace.
    What beautiful words. And yes, we had a rainbow too, here in Hereford, immediately after a terrific thunderstorm. I was thinking about how Barb must be feeling after her own loss too. Hard times, but we will be joined together again in the Shac to keep each other strong.
    Thanks for being there. Bless all at Clarity x x

  2. It just doesn’t seem real and the king’s speech has just finished me off. Such a constant in all our lives. Thank you for your thoughtful blogpost. Xx

  3. A very sad time but as the King said it was a life well lived and may we all be able to say that at our own passing. I have spent the afternoon creating little pieces of art in her memory and that has helped.
    Enjoy being together dear Barb and Grace.
    Zara xx

  4. Lovely words that will resonate with most of us. I didn’t see the rainbow but have seen pictures & also one of a cloud over Worcestershire that looked like the Queens head with one of her brimmed hats. I commented on that post that Nature was paying its respects likewise with the rainbow.
    Glad you have arrived safely in the UK Grace & enjoy spending time with the family. Take care & make sure your mom has some down time to. xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    That is really strange we were watching events unfold when I said to Jackie there must be rainbow soon as the storm was passing we stood on the doorstep and saw the most amazing rainbow complete as you said.
    I agree with you that it was the Queen always believe in this.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  6. Lovley words from you at this sad time. So pleased you saw the rainbow, how lovely for you. A beautiful rainbow, seemingly, a gift from nature, celebrating the life of our wonderful Queen. It gives me comfort knowing that she passed in a place she loved, and hope this gives some comfort to her family. Love and prayers to them. Thank you for being there. Take care and travel gently. xxx

  7. You write so beautifully and say what so many of us are feeling. What an emotional couple of days. I think it hit us so hard because it happened so suddenly and, although we knew it would happen, we were unprepared. It is hard to imagine a world without our beloved Queen in it and my heart goes out to all her family.
    I am so glad that my 3 Canadian grandchildren have just spent a week of their visit here in London, visiting all things Royal and soaking up the history. Memories they will now treasure even more.
    Enjoy making your own special memories as a family together and take care. Xx

  8. Hello Barb and Grace, what a beautiful tribute, and I have to agree the rainbow was Lilibet’s doing. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. What beautiful words. For many of us The Queen will have been the only monarch we had ever known until this week. A truly remarkable woman who I felt was able to find common ground with everyone in some way. I was comforted when hearing the King speak yesterday and this morning that he intends to continue in her manner and footsteps.
    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your family time

  10. I’ve just read your Blog and it is so surreal to know that our beautiful Queen had passed. She touched everyone in her greatest reign and now listening to the proclamation of our new King Charles 111 singing our Anthem will take a lot of concentration to sing the right word after all we’ve known no other. We do do pomp and circumstance so well and makes you feel proud to be British. A very sad episode in our lives and we will all move on but never forget.

  11. This last few days will be remembered for a long time. When I heard the family had been called to Balmoral I guessed the end was near. Then I saw the flags at half mast and knew our dear Queen had passed. The announcement was a bit later. I am old enough to remember the passing of her father, the coronation, and many other landmarks. Our lovely Queen will be sorely missed. My condolences go to the whole family.
    It was heartening to see William taking a role in the ceremonies. He now knows what will be in store for him in the future so he will be prepared when the time comes.
    Charles has started his reign in a positive way and I was impressed with the way he coped with the swift transfer of power at this sad time. He really held it together.
    I am glad you had time with your Dad when the news broke and that you saw that lovely rainbow.
    Enjoy your family time together. Travel gently.

  12. I also remember the Queens father dying and how she coped so well having to take over at such a young age. She was the most wonderful woman, beautiful and caring. Very much a part of all my life. Remember going to a friends house to watch her Coronation on a very tiny TV so exciting.
    Nice to hear you have Grace with you, and hope your Dad is doing well. And Mum also. . Good they have you close by.
    Rest In Peace dear Queen Elizabeth . Xxxxxx

  13. Lovley thoughts and comments and she will be a miss for a very long time. I’m sorry to correct you Barbara but she was Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and not just of England. In a Scotland where the government are hell bent on becoming independent we need to remember we should be a country united and not divided, especially now.

  14. This was one lady that should be an example to us all, she lived and loved, dedicated to her task to the very end. She died with her boots on, which means she did not linger. She was decisive in life and now in death. The day she died she sent a letter of condolences to us here in Canada because of some challenges we were experiencing. She died thinking of others. Dear Queen rest in peace and be reunited with your beloved husband.

  15. Just to add the rainbow in the bible means peace and hope, peace for our wonderful Queen Elizabeth and hope in our new King Charles 111. XX

  16. Hello Grace,
    Barbara and all at Clarity Towers
    You write just as beautifully as you speak Grace 🥰 It was a pleasure to meet you and your Oma at the Open days in Ditton, after having already had the pleasure of meeting Barbara and rhe rest of the Clarity Team at my first Parchment retreat last October. Such sad news about our amazing Queen 🖤👑 Honestly it feels so close to home… like losing a family member 💔😢
    She’s been Queen for the whole time I and most of us have been alive. It’s very sad and very weird to think she’s not going to be Queen anymore 😢 She was such a wonderful and remarkable lady 👑💜💔😢… and like you say the amazing rainbow was such a poignant and appropriate reminder of how beautifully dressed she always was …and such gorgeous outfits one and all 👗🌈😍 She certainly will be a very tough act to follow… I was worried how Charles would be as a King, but having seen and heard him over the last few days in his new role, I feel comforted, and a little less apprehensive as it is apparent he has absorbed the knowledge from the great example set by his dear Mama and he will do his best to follow in her footsteps and keep her legacy ongoing 💖💙 It’s good to hear you were with your Grandad and Mum when you found out this sad news. I’m sure you will make the most of this visit and I hope you all have lots more family time together before you fly back.
    Hope to see and catchup with you all again some day. Take care and stay safe. Much love to everyone Nahid xXx 😽🦋💕
    Ps I’m sorry I don’t get to write on here and Facebook very often…

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