Bijou Landscapes..

Bijou Landscapes..

Hi there.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I’m revving up for our big Birthday bash on Create & Craft next weekend here. One Day at a time and Fake it to Make it all the way!! When you’ve got so much on your plate you lose your appetite, that’s the only path to tread. And when you settle in to the FACT that you can’t change much except your approach, it’s quite ok. There are so many super new designs and ideas to showcase next weekend, let’s just pause a moment, and take a look back at last week….

If you missed the TV shows on Friday, you missed a brilliant little collection of Bijou A6 Landscape stamps. We put them through their paces at the Clarity Retreat last week, so there are plenty of you who have already played with them and can concur: they are superb, aren’t they.

The more I play with them, the more I see, the more I connect, the more they show me their magic. Superb designs by our clever Clarity designer Jazz. And the fine detail! Hats off to Laurent, our young stampmaker too. These are not easy stamps to make. Check out the immaculate image when you get in really tight:

I do like building landscapes, making scenes, so these little sets are ideal. I also love that they work together to make other flowers and images:

Pound for pound, hour for hour, these 4 sets are right up there on the value for money scale. You will find them HERE. Buy all 4 and only pay for 3.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “Bijou Landscapes..

  1. Barbara, with everything going on for you and Clarity, do try and step back, find time to chill and have some “You Time”.
    I’m really looking forward to the Clarity Birthday weekend and celebrating with you by watching and being inspired by the shows on Create & Craft (and “maybe” filling a shopping bag or two! Ha, ha!)
    The Bijou landscape stamps are amazing, they definitely “fell in” my shopping bag at the wonderful Retreat ! Big thank you and congratulations to Jazz and Laurent for producing some of the best, incredibly versatile and my new favourites stamps!
    Take care Barb, remember to travel gently!

  2. After re-watching your demo with the bijou stamps they did fall into my basket after all.
    The Club package arrived on Saturday so it was “playtime weekend” and I was so pleased with the results. I cut lots of little boxes to use up some non-Clarity papers, (makes more room for new stuff) added some ribbon (used some of those annoying skinny ribbons you cut out of clothes) and I now have lots of little Christmas tree decorations.
    The mini cracker die will get the same treatment when it arrives.
    I am sure there will be lots of tempting items to buy over the Birthday bonanza weekend so I really do need to clear out some of my ancient gear. Now it is cooler it will be easier to work on this must do job.
    Do try to take some time for yourself, relax and breeeaath, to charge your batteries for the weekend marathon.

  3. Love these bijou stamps, but for the moment they have gone onto my wish list, granted, they may not stop there very long, as I may add them into a order at the weekend. It depends what you are going to tempt me with. Looking forward to the Birthday shows, but PLEASE remember to take time out for yourself, and have some chill out time with Dave, and your two feline friends. xx

  4. Big birthday for me too this year – 70 (although on my new photo card licence application, I look 90!). I loved these stamps – HAD to get the trees, got a few other bits and pieces too – my birthday present(s) to me.
    Hope you, and cats, (and Dave) are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. I do love the bijou stamps & have added the dotty flowers & trees to my wish list as I have the other 2 sets from the retreat.
    Hopefully you will have had some downtime at some point today otherwise by Friday you will be worn out & it’s going to be a busy weekend.

  6. Hoping you get some time to “just be” soon. No-one is immune from burn out and we all need time to recharge our batteries once in a while. Be kind to yourself too xxx

  7. Loved playing with these stamps at the retreat and watching your demos. As you rightly say they will provide hours of playtime. When I look and see how fine the stamped lines are now compared to my older stamps I feel a clear out looming to enable room for replacements. I know you have an extremely busy time coming up but do please try to pace yourself and take a break whenever you can xx

  8. Hi Barb, these stamps are superb, just brilliant for hours of creativity. They are on my wish list at the moment. Looking forward to next weekend. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Really looking forward to the birthday weekend! I love these little stamps – they’re all sitting on my craft desk at the moment waiting to be played with! I hope you’ve got a holiday booked in the near future after your busy summer – you’ve definitely earned it!

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