Escape with a Treescape…

Escape with a Treescape…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you’re enjoying your Bank Holiday Weekend? Early bird catches the worm here at Clarity! Paul is filling TV orders, Dave is making Embedders, and I am already looking ahead to next week -THE CLARITY TV WEEKEND OF THE YEAR – our 29th Clarity Birthday.

I like Sundays. Early. Fresh. Not many cars. Just the twitter of the birds. The trees in the garden are standing stock still; not even a leaf is moving. Gives the head space to move quietly, don’t you find?

Whilst clearing the demos away from last week’s TV shows, I came across the Treescape “Trap the Scrap” trick which we just managed to squeeze in at 1pm on Friday. Checked my photos – and YESSSSS! I had actually taken step photos as I was prepping. So here’s an easy step by step for you on this I love this die. The original artwork is by our dear friend Mel Turner. Mel, if you’re reading this, a cuppa and a walk soon maybe?

Here goes…

  1. Spritz the die with a little water, then place wet side down on a piece of Petite Designer Card. I picked a lovely Amazonia flavour. CLICK HERE TO FIND. Notice there is a poly bag underneath the card. This will help when flipping the die in a minute.

2. Die cut the Treescape. Of course, this trick works with any of our Aperture papercut Dies. Flip the plates, and use the polybag to slide the whole piece onto your table top.

3. Carefully peel of the top piece, trapping the waste in the die.

4. Place a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet cut to size onto the die with the scrap.

5. Press the adhesive sheet onto the scrap and die, then peel away the die. Bingo. You have trapped the scrap!

6. Use a ruler and craft knife to trim the edges, so they are tight against the scrap.

7. Peel the wax paper off the back and mount the scrap onto a card or mountboard. Here I am still deciding where to stick it, so to speak! I shall add glitter or talc to the sticky area, depending on whether I fancy a little bling or a silky smooth effect.

If you were watching TV on Friday, you will have seen the new Companion Papers we launched, to marry up with their corresponding Designer Papers. This does work magnificently, but of course the plain paper pads work beautifully independently too. Let’s layer up and pick a colour out of the matching Amazonia Companion pad. So many perfect matches! Choices choices choices….

Finally, some classy plain coloured paper to layer up on, stamp onto, die cut into.

Back the trap the scrap project! Of course, the actual die cut is still sitting on the side too…

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW PAPERS. The NEW Papers, not the NEWSPAPERS! Heaven forbid!! How to wreck a perfectly lovely Sunday!

And the Treescape Die? CLICK HERE for all things Treescape. Stencils, Stamps, Groovi, bundles, and of course the Die.

Right. That’s it. Back to work. I enjoyed that little escape into the treescape, and all the colours…

Have a good Sunday!
Love always

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Escape with a Treescape…

  1. Hi Barbara, thanks for blogging that – it’s beautiful ! Got granddaughter’s 18th card to do for this week and at least three more others! So had better get on myself. Look forward to next weekend. Can’t wait for the 2nd set of tiles – not that I’ve used the 1st set yet ! Another lovely day here too. X

  2. Thank you Barb for this step by step, I have the birds in the trees set of dies and you’ve reminded me so need to get them out again and have a play. Lovely and Sunny here too and peaceful enjoy the rest of your weekend too. Enjoyed all the shows and looking forward to next weekend too. How you keep all these new ideas and designs coming it’s amazing.

  3. Hi Barb, such a lovely step by step, the papers are beautiful, both the companion and designer papers, the colour match is incredible. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Bx

  4. It’s been 2 or 3 years since I’ve done any proper crafting but I’ve watched you last few shows on C & C which has given me the motivation to get going again. So, some Christmas cards made using a mini Gelli Plate and I think I’ll need to get my aperture dies out and give this a go. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Lovely to see the trap the scrap, and I am loving the companion papers. Genius idea from Paul. Love to be able to pull a pad and mix and match so many plain block colours to the designer papers…. one word ‘Classy’ .
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday preping for the Clarity big birthday weekend, I’m sure you will have some amazing product and demo’s to share. Can’t wait.xx

  6. Perfect Sunday morning reading Barb’s Blog whilst enjoying a fresh mug of coffee! A trap the scrap project with one of Mel’s beautiful designs, definitely one of my favourites, so versatile! Looking forward to using the new Companion papers, brilliant shows on C&C with Barbara and Paul.
    And a Clarity Birthday Weekend to look forward to – can’t wait ( but my bank balance may have to! 🤣🤣

  7. Great demo, thank you, I got in a right old mess when I last tried to “trap the scrap”, when I saw you doing it on your show, I don’t even know where I went wrong, but now I’ve made a note in my blog diary, so I can look back if I get in trouble again. I know I can always search on Youtube, but it’s so lovely to look back at your blogs. The treescape die is on my wish list with a lot of other things too. I did order the whole set of papers, used flexi buy for Linda’s lovely 2nd set of plates, and although I ordered when they were on extended delivery, I received a email on Friday to say they had been dispatched. Wow! Lovely club goodies arrived yesterday, so one happy lass here. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx

  8. Very still here too – bit grey but a comfortable temperature, Ideal crafting day – even outside.

    Got to try out my new die cutting machine so I’ll have to get my clarity dies out and have a go at this great technique, Demos on Friday were fab and the papers – what a great idea!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  9. Great idea to make a card in a different way with a die– love this!!
    Will have a go because there are a lot of birthdays in september.
    Thank you Barbara for showing how to do in pictures– didn’t have the time to watch the show.

  10. Love ‘trap the scrap’ as you end up with 2 cards although some dies are easier than others.
    Looks like a very busy weekend ahead – wonder what goodies you have lined up for us? 29 years is certainly something to celebrate x

  11. I have this die, very versatile. Just reading blogs and watching you tubes at the moment while I recover from cataract op. Club post arrived yesterday, will enjoy using those items in a couple of weeks. xx

  12. Love this die and it makes a great Christmas card too! I cannot buy more paper or card until I’ve used up some more of my stash. Honestly I’ve no idea how I have so much – maybe I should use some for gel press prints as I can’t throw it away x

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