Get Groovi with Tina at 5pm.

Get Groovi with Tina at 5pm.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. If it’s as hot where you are as it is here, then I hope you’ve found a shady spot and are enjoying the warm weather. Don’t remember a summer like it here in England, do you?!?

Well Tina has trundled up the motorway in this heat to the TV studios, and is preparing a butterfly fiesta for you at 5pm. I do hope you join her on She’s a pretty formidable parchment artist. Correction. She’s a pretty, formidable artist.

Here are the six Butterfly parchlet Groovi plates she is showcasing, designed by herself of course…

And here is a little art gallery of beautiful samples, created by our ever clever Groovi Design Team. Many thanks ladies!


Whether you’re a Groovi virgin or a seasoned parcher, these lovely little butterfly designs will give you many hours of joy and inspiration.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

Create and Craft – Sky 683, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Freeview 85

8 thoughts on “Get Groovi with Tina at 5pm.

  1. They are fantastic!
    It feels cool here in Stockport and it’s drizzled on and off all day!
    Hope you can keep cool in the shade.
    The latest groovi club plate is lovely! Thankyou to all.

  2. Just getting ready for a family bbq which we are hosting so will have to catch up. I used one of these plates yesterday for my exchange ! Have a good show Tina xx

    Ps thanks for club and sale goodies today ! X

  3. It is scorching here so I am sitting watching Tina and about to place an order. Two fans helping to cool me down.
    Lovely samples.

  4. It’s been cooler here today, sunshine this morning, and a cloudy afternoon, with a breeze. Recorded Tina’s show, and also watched some of it, and looking forward to watching it all later. Lovely artwork. Received my club goodies today, all brilliant, thank you. xx

  5. I love Tina’s parchlets and have these butterflies, which I love. As I FaceTime my Vancouver daughter from 4.30 to about 6pm on Saturdays, i couldn’t watch Tina live and so am just about to watch on rewind.
    I remember the summer of 1976, when the hot weather lasted for weeks and the reservoirs dried up, so we had to collect water from standpipes. We left England for South Africa in autumn, so went straight into another hot summer! For one who doesn’t like the heat, it wasn’t my best year! I love our changeable climate and as one person commented on CW this week, ‘thank goodness it isn’t snowing. Imagine having to shovel it up in this heat’ I do love the British sense of humour too😂 Enjoy the rest of the weekend. XX

  6. It was lovely to watch Tina on C&C earlier. Showing how the small baby plates are so adaptable & interchangeable with each other.
    Lots of hints & tips for everyone whether a beginner or someone who has been on the Groovi bus for a while.
    Weather here couldn’t make its mind up today neither one thing or the other after the sunny hot days earlier in the week.

  7. Finally managed to watch the amazing Tina last night. She explains things so well and has even got me thinking about having another go at groovi. Love her, her designs and the amazing DT samples.

  8. Love all things groovi and all things Tina and designs team produce o keep us happily crafting. Thank you

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