A craving for some Gelli…

A craving for some Gelli…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a craving for some Gelli this evening. There was nothing for it but to give in and get painty. Thing is once I start on the Gelli, I just can’t stop!

Hours of play, with just one stencil, the Ocean Swirl 6×6 inch and a 6×6 inch Gel Press Plate. Oh. And plenty of Clarity 7×7 inch stencil card. Made to measure.


You’ll notice the stencils which are frameless. These are GREAT for pottery!! But that’s for another day.

And here’s the link for all the Gel Press plates we carry…Top Tip: If you’re buying one, get one with its Megamount. Transformational.

I decided to finish up what I considered to be the best Ocean Swirl print in this batch, and turn it into a finished piece for Dave.

But how did you pull the print?! I hear you ask.. Well, I’ve done quite a few Youtubes on how to pull these prints, so let me dig one out for you. I think it‘s easier to watch a LIVE demo, don’t you? And you’ll soon see how to get the different layers .

128,000 views! Blimey! Who knew that so many people would watch it! I know there are youtube videos with millions of views, but hey. 128,000 is a lot in my little world. If you want to watch more, go to the How To Gel Press playlist, and you’ll find lots more. I can only wonder how I found the time to film so many hundreds of Youtubes. Years worth ! Maybe one day I will get back in the Youtube Tuesday saddle…

But now it’s time for bed. It has cooled down today, but the heat is still in the house bricks. WHat we need is some good rain. A proper downpour! But, you know what? It’s all Vine now.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “A craving for some Gelli…

  1. I’ve got all the gel plate stuff and only used it once or twice, reckon I’ll need new paint by now LOL !! It does make a fab print though ! Actually feels cooler here now, upstairs not quite so but definitely better. Will miss Shac in morning but look forward to catching up as I’ve filled in a couple more circles ! Sleep well xx

  2. Now you’ve set me off, Barb! Gonna have to get the gel press out tomorrow and get down and dirty! It’s a messy business (well it is when I do it!) but I love it! Cooler here tonight, thankfully, so might actually get some sleep. Take care and see you tomorrow! x ❤️

  3. Have had gelli plates for ages and been to a local class too, but my mojo is melted just now and I have no inclination to play just yet -but when it cools down, maybe I’ll get my gellis out again. They are so versatile. We got a new rescue dog (whippet/greyhound cross) on Saturday and, poor love, probably thought he’d come to hell it’s been so hot! He is blind and nearly 10 so it has been a learning curve (and still is) for us all.

  4. Haven’t had my gel press out in ages but have something in my head I’d like to try. And now that my member’s sale journalling stash has arrived I have no excuse. We had a thundery downpour here last evening but haven’t had the extreme temperatures you’ve all been dealing with. X

  5. I too have a Gelli but hardly use it – note to self, have another go. We’ve had a little rain tonight which has made the air cooler and the garden happier. See you in the Shac tomorrow. Night night xx

  6. Had a play with the circular petite Gelli plate on some of my circle stamp boards, a few months back, really enjoyed myself, then a couple of weeks ago, wanted to use one on a card, and of course I have put them away somewhere safe, not to be found anywhere! One of these days, I will have another play. xx

  7. Have all the stash, just need to get it all out & play.
    Will watch the youTube video again tomorrow to remind me of the sequence to follow. See you in the SHAC first though to do more to our droplets.

  8. Thank you Barb for giving us the nudge to get out the Gel stuff, I love this technique and it has triggered using the prints for tags another one of your demos! Thank you

  9. Love a Gel plate. Must try the more controlled Barbara way! I’d have to have 2 on the go at once as the drying time drives me mad. Remember Sonia ‘less CAN be more’.

    I love Barbara’s piece of art!!

    Yesterday was still very humid but a welcome but if rain last night has done the trick. Well that heat was something else 🤪

  10. Hi Barb, a good step back in time. I love my gel plates, but find I have so little time lately for crafty play. I really must make time because it is a break in the monotony of the day job. Love the piece you made for Dave, which has prompted me to remember to make Hubz an anniversary card for next month, and I know I have some really great Clarity Heart stencils. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. I’m frightened of my Gelli plate. Not sure what it is but I’m waiting for Sonia Goodliff to invite me over for a mixed Media day! Yikes!!

  12. I love my geli plate but don’t use it nearly as much as I should. Silly as it sounds I never know what to do with the backgrounds once I’ve done them but I do enjoy the process of seeing what I get. Cooler here today but still no rain to speak of. I love the heat but 40 degrees was too much even for me.

  13. Dave’s card looks great. Don’t know what I would do without all the reference material on YouTube and the blogs. I rarely use the larger gel plates but get on quite well now with the 6 small shaped ones and the stamp boards.
    Cooler outside today but our house holds the heat so it’s still 85f upstairs. Despite the heat I have been sleeping reasonably well. Looking forward to some rain and cooler days.
    Stay safe, keep hydrated, and don’t forget the sun cream and shady hats!!!

  14. I keep saying to myself that I should buy myself a Gelli plate as I love the effects, but like some of you I find it a little scary, so silly, new things and that. Must watch the videos again.
    Yup, Janine, I have one of those ‘safe places’, it is also the place that appears just after you have bought the replacement for the thing put into the disappearing safe place.

  15. Hi Barbara.
    Like all the others who have commented, my Gelli plates are gathering dust in a safe place! They intimidate me for some reason that I can’t pin down. I shall watch the videos again, and kick my mojo into gear, I hope.
    Please start the Tuesday sessions again, I always enjoyed them so much, and still go through them for ideas, or just to cheer me up on a day when it’s all too much.
    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who buys a replacement for the item lurking in a safe place, only for it to then turn up. It doesn’t always work, of course. I bought a dual heat gun to replace my original one that had gone missing in my house move, then that disappeared too, so I used some birthday money for another one. Then my original heat tool turned up, but so far, the dual heat one is still hiding. I hadn’t even taken it off the card it was attached to…! Hey ho!
    Stay cool, everyone!

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