Claritystamp Sale over on Amazon USA

Claritystamp Sale over on Amazon USA

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. This post is for all our friends across the pond in the States – and we certainly have a growing group of Clarity fans over there – Groovi, stamps, stencils, dies – the works!

At Clarity we know first hand how postage prices are going up, and we are trying different things to ease the pressure both at home and abroad. For example, all our Clarity Craft members in the States now receive their happy post from New York. How’s that? I hear you ask. Well, we drop ship all the monthly envelopes to lovely Grace in Brooklyn, and she then uses a private mailing company which is less expensive than US Mail, to send on to our club members. It’s working. We are still trying to figure out a solution for Canada…

We also opened an Amazon shop over in the USA. That means that a fair selection of our products are available Stateside. So you can shop at Claritystamp Amazon. Here’s the link:

We are gearing up to send another consignment of goodies over to America later in the year, so we’re throwing a Summer Sale in our Amazon USA Store – to clear some space on the shelves!!

Our American friends can grab some great Clarity bargains – and benefit from lower shipping costs (free, if you have prime!) all at the same time!

40% off Stamps & Stencils… and 30% off everything else!! (**Smallprint**Card & Parchment, Groovi Plates, Dies, Paper Flowers, Masks, Foam, Books, Brads & Scissors)

The sale is running from July 22nd – August 1st.

It’s certainly worth a visit, wouldn’t you say?

Time to make something. I’m in a making mood . Maybe I’ll go up on the Ashdown Forest and make a noise about the parking fees they are imposing. So much for the Peoples’ forest. Winnie the Pooh would protest for sure. They’ve already decided HOW MUCH to charge us; they just haven’t figured out HOW to charge us. There’s no electric up there, and there are dozens of little carparks and laybys all over the 6,500 acres. Grrr.

Anyway, Happy shopping to our American friends!

Love and hugs

Barb xox


16 thoughts on “Claritystamp Sale over on Amazon USA

  1. What a great idea for our US pals – lucky them I say!
    I don’t know about a forest, but with my new camera – which has macro – I took a picture of some fallen blooms close up. It is so like your mixed media stamps, I can’t believe I took something so good. Let me know if you want to see it.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

          1. thanks lovely Jackie – I did it! (under my pseudonym Maggie Hagyard) – turns out I’m in the group!

  2. What a lovely thing to do for our American crafter friends Barbara. It saddens me too that we keep being told to get out into nature for our mental health and they then slap a price on it. Young families that are not able to access leisure activities because of cost could often go for a ramble (which can be so educational). However, car parking fees will impact on their enjoyment and with school holidays upon us this leisure activity may not be possible for many 😩😩

  3. That’s good news for our American friends, how difficult it must be to work out best deals for postage etc. What a shame about parking, hopefully it will take them too long to work out – I bet there will be an App !! I was looking at my phone the other day and I have two parking apps – that was just for our stay in Dorset last year!

    Hope everyone in US enjoys the sale ! X

  4. Great that you have been able to help solve shipping costs to the US. Perhaps you need an agent in each of the other main countries to do the same as Grace with the Club envelopes.
    As to Ashdown Forest I have just had a look at the website as all I knew was that was where Pooh Bear lived. A lovely area to explore & it looks as if they have sorted the How & have also got various passes available depending on circumstances of your household. Not sure how they will monitor it but that is for them to sort out I suppose.
    We are lucky that there is still so much lovely countryside available for us to explore – we need to make more use of it although one of our local beauty spots The Lickey Hills was devastated by fire last week – they think caused by a disposable BBQ. I will see how it is when I drive to Bromsgrove this week for our next Bromsgrove Parchers meeting as I have to go over the hills to get there.
    See you in the SHAC tomorrow with our buttons/pebbles/droplets.

  5. Terrific idea for all our Clarity friends in America, I am sure much appreciated. Just shows what a great company Clarity is

    1. Yeah, the 100 acre wood is a tiny little section of the Ashdown Forest. It’s where we mostly walk though xx

  6. Hello Barb, I bet the US Clarity family are very happy about these offers. It is so annoying about the charges to go to Ashdown Forest, and they wonder why people don’t go anymore. Hope you managed to get your walk in Barb. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  7. I have lovely countryside by me and lovely walking with my dog there. Highgate Common and Kinver Edge with the National Trust sandstone caves. Very cherished our green areas. Love Pooh Bear and the film Christopher Robin xx

  8. You are still so lucky to have all that greenery around you. We have had an unbelievable amount of building going on around us, all our lovely green fields have built on and are no more. They have even grubbed and built on ancient apple orchards. It’s horrible. As for having to pay to go to what little greenery we have left – don’t get me started. Gggrrrrr too.

  9. Lucky Americans, hope you can get Canada sorted too.
    We are so lucky here in our small town. Parking is FREE in ALL car parks so the town is always busy. There was some talk about charging but there was a lot of resistance from both residents and shop keepers who said trade would drop significantly. We won. It will remain free.
    Wish I could go for a stroll outside but my legs are still too unsteady for long walks. Hopefully the hospital visit on Friday will improve mobility, meanwhile I will carry on crafting with Clarity.
    Stay cool, stay safe. 🍒

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