Oodles of ideas and inspiration….

Oodles of ideas and inspiration….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We’re making a start on a little factory outlet/shop and workshop space here at Clarity Towers. It will be brilliant to finally do what we set out to do when we took on this huge building prior to the COVID lockdown. Over 2 years later, and we’re only now getting to grips with a key reason we relocated in the first place!!

Once again, we are turning our attention to education, education, education. If I have learnt anything in the SHAC SHAC, it’s that folks want to be creative and learn new skills. So that is precisely where we are headed. So watch this space for the GRAND OPENING!!

This week’s highlight also shines a light on another side of our business: The Gray Printworks. We have printed a little library of ii-books – Ideas and Inspiration Books. These are like little arty recipe books of projects using a specific range of stamps or dies or Groovi plates etc. Packed with ideas and inspiration created by our ever clever Design Team and Sample Makers extraordinaires, these are a must have – whether you have the products or not! Just the card layouts , compositions and techniques are invaluable! And also included in this Educational highlight are Linda William’s two wonderful Multi-needle handbooks. Amazing.

Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS!! This week they’re all half price!! Plus your Clarity Club Discount of course.

Let me show you an example:

Fabulous quality, beautiful photos, simple step by step instructions and ingredient lists – all ready for you to either emulate or put your own arty twist on it. You”ll notice also that the books are wiro-bound. This is perfect for when you are actually following the recipe! You know what I mean. You’re up to your elbows in flour and butter crumble – and the recipe book keeps closing!

Here’s the link to our little library. We’ve already sold out of one, so don’t leave it too long. A reprint takes months!

Hope you’s enjoying our summer. Drink lots of water and find a shady spot.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “Oodles of ideas and inspiration….

  1. Barbara, So lovely to hear that the start plans were that close. When I queried on Saturday about maybe visiting Clarity Towers sometime and you said it was in the pipeline I hadn’t realised how close. My added thanks for the Open Day and all your time and effort during lockdown.

  2. Ooh, exciting news about the Grand Opening of Clarity Towers Outlet and Workshop areas! Can’t wait for the opportunity to come over for a workshop or chance to buy the latest goodies!
    The ii-Books are a must have, so many amazing inspirational designs and at half price, a definite bargain! Needless to say I already have all of them! But some Designer Parchment is also half price ….

  3. I agree that the books are fantastic, I have nearly all of them. I am good at making things but find designing difficult so these are a tremendous help and inspiration and give me lots of ideas !
    Love and hugs

  4. Wow!was only thinking about this idea of yours this week! How exciting though no doubt, logistics is a headache!

  5. Very exciting and look forward to the Grand Opening, great idea and I bet we will all be queuing up for a workshop place.

  6. How exciting. Just wish your new shop was around the corner, not hundreds of miles away. But I’m sure those of who shop from afar will not be forgotten . Good luck with the new venture. X

  7. Need to double check my ii books as I am sure I am a couple missing from the whole collection . They are so helpful in giving ideas when you just can’t think where to start.
    I am sure the shop & workshops will be a huge hit with those local to Edenbridge but also a place for a stop over for those passing by from further a field x

  8. Hi Barb, what a super offer for the ii Books, they really do inspire. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Have all the “ii” books, they are invaluable.
    Glad to see that the opening of the shop is imminent, just wish I lived closer so I could visit. Safe journey home to Grace.

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