Education, Education, Education.

Education, Education, Education.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Beautiful sunny days here in the South east of England. I’m still basking in the afterglow of the Clarity Open Days; it was such a tonic to be back in the same room with like-minded friends, fellow Clarity Designers and just a bunch of good people. Absoutely brilliant actually. But it takes me a little longer to recover than it used to, so please forgive the bloggy delay!

And this evening is the last evening before Grace returns to New York, so I shall keep it short and sweet. And anyway. As we arty crafters know – a picture speaks a thousands words!! Here’s a little gallery of the 2 days at Ditton…

There you have it: two days of education, sharing knowledge, idea-swopping and creativity. Several guests who were at the Clarity Open Days for the first time were bowled over by the event. It was so different to anything they had ever been to before, and they were quite overwhelmed by the lovely, gentle vibe. Me too. Never fails to make my heart sing.

Thank you so much if you joined in. More than 400 people came. That’s amazing.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Education, Education, Education.

  1. It was really great. A lovely couple of days with lovely people. Enjoy the time you have with Grace before she heads off home. Have a really lovely evening. Was so nice to see you again. Xxxx

  2. Enjoy your last evening with Grace. Open days look amazing and so grateful to Jane and Christine for sharing their photos felt as if I was there. One day hopefully I will.💕

  3. Lovely event, my first time, but I knew you all from our virtual interaction, Grace recognised me from her Saturday blogs straight away, spent hours watching demos, love Leonie being messy, such a relaxed family atmosphere thank you all

  4. Wish I could have been there with you all , but unfortunately had to be at home for my grandson’s first birthday, and I couldn’t miss that. Looking at these photos makes me so excited about the retreat. Can’t wait to come and meet up with all my Clarity friends. I’ve missed you all over the last few years. xxx

  5. Wow! Looked fabulous. Wish I could have been there. Enjoy your time with Grace. I’m sure everyone understands and the photos certainly speak volumes of a great two days! Xx

  6. Ahhh. I have more than enough health issues but told my son I wanted to go to the #Clarity open days and he made it possible. What a joy, so good for the soul! Many thanks Barbara and all who made the #clarity event so very special! You can be very proud of that huge effort, lovely to meet Grace too. Enjoy your time together.xx

  7. It was a great day! So pleased my wonderful husband offered to drive me over when I said I’d like to go. Just wanted to support Claritystamp after all the support you’d given us over the last couple of years. So lovely to meet all the amazing demonstrators. Looking forward to the retreat in August now. Xx

  8. A truly brilliant event – so lovely to see Sam (after all she’s been through) Dee, Jane, Leonie, Linda, Tina and to see your Mum again (looking so well) and of course Dave and Paul. They were all so enthusiastic and helpful. It was also lovely to finally meet face to face people who I’ve only responded to via messages. So glad it went well. Enjoy your last evening with Grace. Xxx

  9. Lovely photos, I have spotted myself on a couple, from a fabulous 2 days. Well worth travelling down to spend the week in Kent. Looking forward to crafting with my goodies in the weeks to come & trying out some of the hints & tips I picked up from watching all the demos.
    It was good to be back in the SHAC this morning doodling ammonites, need to sort out my parchment before Thursday.

  10. Oh Barb
    you have just brought tears to my eyes – I miss the open days so much and everyone looks so happy (is that Grace hiding in the kitchen?) Have a nice rest – you deserve it!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  11. I had a lovely day on the Friday everyone is so lovely and friendly. Was specially looking out for your blog so I could thank you and your team for all the work you do and putting these events together. Off to work now flat out week getting ice cream delivered around the south east, hot hot hot! Your daughter Grace so lovely, great on on the tills 👌

  12. I can feel the vibes just looking at everybodys faces, maybe next year will get there. A busy busy weekend for you all. Glad you are recovering after it. Enjoyable exhaustion, if there is such a thing. xx

  13. I’m still sulking a little bit ‘cos I wasn’t there, but I’m so glad everyone had an amazing time – so well deserved, especially you, Barb – (though you might need a rest to recover from it!) Wishing Grace a safe journey back to NY – peace, out! x ❤️

  14. Morning Barbara
    It was a fabulous two days, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    We learnt lots, talked lots, laughed lots and ate lots over the four days we were in the area, lol.
    Now looking forward to the August Retreat so we can do it all again.
    Love and thanks to you and all the team,

  15. What a wonderful collection of photographs. I can see the joy in the faces of those attending. Beautiful pic of Grace and your Mum. I am so pleased that it brought you joy as you have helped others much more than you will ever know in the last couple of years. Enjoy every last second with your beautiful Daughter and family.

  16. Wow, how wonderful it looks! What a pity I could not come!
    But I can tell from the photo’s it was a lovely Clarity event!

  17. Hi Barb, such great photos, really glad it went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Love the picture of Grace peeking out behind the basket of crisps, and with her Oma. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara
    The photos look wonderful, I’m so glad the event went well for you. Unfortunately we couldn’t come, tickets were given to me as a birthday treat but we’ve both got COVID! Really disappointed but hopefully we will try again later in the year. Safe journey home to Grace and make sure you rest!
    Love Diane x

  19. Oh….and, whoever wrote up the food board, in particular the word enjoy, please can we have a new stamp written exactly like it saying enjoy – I definitely need that one!
    Love again
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  20. It was a brilliant day on Saturday – just fabulous to catch up with crafty people again after so long, reconnecting with friends and meeting some virtual buddies for the first time! Huge thanks to you and all the Clarity team for making it so amazing – really looking forward to the retreat in August xx

  21. Thankyou Barbara for getting us crafty people together . It was my first time at a Charity Open Day. My highlights – meeting you and the team to be able to say Thankyou face to face. Meeting my virtual friends who I now know are real 🤣🤣🤣. Taking part in make and takes , watching the talented team. Learning and spending money. And just feeling HAPPY. My jaw hurt from smiling. ( and I’m even in one of the photos sitting next to Fran with a Plan. ).

    Thankyou again 🥰

    Oh and of course getting speak to your lovely mum for ages in German. ♥️

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