How to use 3-way overlay stamps…

How to use 3-way overlay stamps…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’ve said this before, and I shall say it again: I consider our 3-way overlay stamps to be the best stamping design idea we’ve had in many years. I really do. And now I’m into Lino-cutting, and thereby have gone further down the road of printing and letterpress printing, I appreciate them even more!

So I was pretty surprised to see we are retiring a few of them, and have included a selection of them in the 60% off WIGIG Wednesday sale today (When it’s Gone it’s gone).

I understand that we have to declutter the shop every so often, of course we do. That we have such a vast selection of stamps that we really do have to thin out the selection from time to time. But this is such a superb range! And what a price!! Let me do a little How-to-use-them-demo with A little Bird Told Me

3-way overlay means that each design iis made up of 3 stamps. All 3 stamps work alone beautifully, but they also work in combination. They fit into one another like a jigsaw. Watch…

Stamp 1 on its own..

Now let’s look at stamp No. 2. Lovely on its own too:

So now let’s add it into Stamp number one…

On to Stamp No. three. This is the background stamp. Superb stand alone negative art:

But how about we add the No. 3 stamp, the background stamp, to Stamp No. 1, the line art ?

Fantastic. It really is. And all – ALL – of our 3-way overlay stamps wotk like this. The artwork here is original by Mel Turner. In fact many of these triple layer are from Mel. We took her beautiful art and deconstructed it.

Now let’s try all three together. They certainly fit! I simply spritzed the blue that was already on the 3rd stamp with a little water, and planted it…

Of course, each layer can become a little paint pallette too! Blend colours on the individual stamps 2 and 3 too. So much playtime. And for this price?? Crazy.

I hope you agree with me about these. They are so arty, so clever and so lovely to use! Click here to see which ones are retiring. If I have my way, they’ll be coming out of retirement one day soon though! Check out the other WIGIG 60% offers this week. That Peace seems to have slipped past me too! And the O words!! What’s going on?!?

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

6 thoughts on “How to use 3-way overlay stamps…

  1. Absolutely love these, thought I had spent enough on Saturday but couldn’t miss this offer. I am looking forward to playing with them. Thanks Barbara

  2. You can’t turn your back for one minute without them reducing all your stock eh Barbara? I have a few of these 3 way overlay stamps and I’m going to have to check out exactly which ones, because at this price they really are a bargain! Thanks for the inspiration x

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Barbara. The overlay stamps are an absolute game changer, definitely one of your best ideas (along with the lino cut sets!) Especially for crafters like myself whose colouring skills aren’t what they could be! Three ways to use one design or any combination between them – so many options. And the “O” stamp sets, amazing bargains! Too good to miss. 😄👍🏻

  4. Hello Barb, I love these stamps, and such a good offer, unfortunately due to circumstances will have to keep my hands away from the add to basket button and keep my purse firmly shut for a while. Love watching you work with these though, and the colours on the step by step are fab. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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