Is it too soon for Christmas?

Is it too soon for Christmas?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Is it too soon to make a start on our Christmas cards? I always seem to run out of time, mostly because I always leave it too late. But that‘s because I always refuse to start Christmas in June!! Now somewhere in there, there IS a solution! Either I get cracking now, and build up a tidy stash for December, or I do what I always do. Well, you know what they say..

if you always does what you always did,

you will always get what you always got.

Anyway, here’s a little demo I found from the last time the little Poppet stamps graced our screens, which was actually about a year ago! So pretty! And the way I’m reading this one, there are 4 little cards here!

An A6 white card blank does all…

Actually, I reckon that’s achievable, don’t you? But not today. I shall add it to the list!

Have a great day. See you tomorrow!

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

19 thoughts on “Is it too soon for Christmas?

  1. I always start my Christmas cards in June. I must be the only person cutting out Santa hats in the glorious sunshine. (Obviously not today, as over cast in Nottinghamshire). But it’s worth it come December. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. xx

  2. I cannot bring myself to start Christmas this early. Actually, because, for various reasons, I did not send any cards last year, I still have enough to do this year without panic. I just have to remember to write and post them, although, with the rocketing price of postage, I will cut down the number I send. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  3. I was sitting on a cruise ship in July happily watercolouring poppets for Christmas cards. Felt a bit mad but posted second class early December feeling quite pleased with myself. It took away a lot of the pressure and started quite a conversation with people walking back to their sun beds as I sat in partial shade happily colouring in as I am not good in the sun.

  4. Hello Barbara
    I am the saddo who starts in January, lol. Got fed up rushing at the end of the year so now I make a few whenever I haven’t got anything else to do.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows.
    (And next Friday/Saturday).

  5. I’ve got one one but not put together …. I always say I’m going to start in Jan but never do – always a rush in November and then am wracked with various thoughts about why do it anyway …. Never mind I’m sure it will work out. Love the little poppets and must use them more. Have a good show tomorrow. X

  6. Haven’t started Christmas cards yet, although I always think I should carry on in January after seeing all the inspiration onthe FB pages & TV demos. Will do my next batch of birthday cards & then perhaps I will make a start.
    My new doodle dies have arrived this morning – now I need to watch rewind to see what I have to do with them. I have been playing with the original ones & the A6 floral sprays instead this morning.
    Will be watching tomorrow to get some more hints & tips on using the Poppets.

  7. Hi Barbara,it’s never too early to start making Christmas cards. I make mine all through the year!
    I’m in a FB group which encourages me, however I’ve not done as many as usual.
    I always look forward to your shows and looking forward to meeting you again next Saturday.
    Take care.

  8. I will start my Christmas cards when school finishes in July as im retiring then so will have no school calendar to count down to Christmas and i will run out of time. I have my bookmark sleeves ready to do some nice groovi for presents so am getting into the zone. Im sure it will be here before we know it. I look forward to your show on Sunday.x

  9. I have been colouring poppets to fill in gaps in projects, so just have to make them into cards. They are so lovely to work on and seem to suit any age. Looking forward to the shows. X

  10. Yes! It’s too soon! I was very impressed with myself last year when I had made all my Christmas cards by the end of October but I really can’t think about them until the Autumn.
    Looking forward to the Open Day next week. Xx

  11. It’s never too early !!!
    I started mine earlier this year, have completed my own list, and am now working on some for our local Charity shop who like to have them in store for the beginning of October.
    We have some lovely Christmas themed stamps and Groovi plates and together with the Poppets and new Border and frame dies the possibilities are endless.
    Enjoy your time with Grace this coming week.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  12. Last year, the plan was to start on my Christmas cards in October, which then got delayed till November, then suddenly I had extra Birthday cards to make, so, a last minute lass was I, as usual. All of my Christmas stamps are safely tucked away upstairs, apart from the Gud Gnomes, as the plan was / is, to start my Christmas cards early this year. How many have I done so far – none! Looking forward to the shows, safe journey. xx

  13. Its never too early to start on Christmas card. One year my class started enthusiastically in January to make one crhistmas card a month.
    It went on till about August. Then last term we did it the other way around. Covid has thrown that idea around a bit. So next year we might do this again. Never too early, never too late.
    Looking forward to your ideas on tv.

    1. It’s never too soon to start on Christnas cards. I start mine in January, it gives me something bright to do on those dull, miserable days.

  14. Hello Barb, I always start late on my Christmas cards, and I blame it on the day job and housework over weekends. Love the idea of these little poppet cards. Take care everyone. Bx

  15. Not started yet and I think my list will be much reduced this year as the postage is so expensive. I might do charity e cards instead for some folk. Love my little poppet stamps though so maybe I’ll make some box sets for my charity just so I can use them!!!

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