Gotta Pick a Poppet or Two…

Gotta Pick a Poppet or Two…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How was your Jubilee Day off? We went to a brilliant, loud, crazy and fun Jubilation Festival at Brockwell Park near Brixton yesterday – Madness and Squeeze, to name just a couple!

Madness is wearing the red shirt. Squeeze last seen at the Old Grey Whistle test…

But today it was time to knuckle down and finish prepping for Sunday’s TV show 3-5pm, Create & Craft. All done. AND one Stamp project for this month’s Clarity Craft Club too. I must say, this month’s offering is superb. If you’re not in the Stamp Club, you don’t know what you’re missing! two full colour step by step inspiration projects, a brand new, fresh out of the oven stamp (this month there are 5!!), 10% discount on all purchases directly from Clarity, a newsletter from me, keeping you in the loop, and all for just £6 a month? What are you waiting for? In my honest opinion, I think the quality of our Clarity Craft Clubs is getting better and better. Well, that’s what we are striving for!

But let’s look at what’s around the corner: YEP SUNDAY TV ! I thought it was time to showcase those wonderful Poppet Stamps again. It has been a couple of years since they were on telly. I just love them. The images, licensed to us by Marina Fedotova, are gorgeous.

This time I am going to add an extra little something special to their dresses…

Be sure to tune in on Sunday. There are 18 little poppets in total: 3 collections – Christmas, Flower and Whimsy

Available in Mini Stamps – Flower, Whimsy & Christmas A5

and then we have them individually in A6 stamp sets

As for Groovi plates, the designs are so delicate and fineline, we decided to print them onto parchment for you, rather than etch them into acrylic plates. So you can fast track straight to the whitework and gridwork!

We also introduced colouring Postcards. Hey SHACKERS!! You may already have them! Perfect for relaxing and doodling. And joining in in the SHAC.

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team – can you guess if they have used the stamps, printed parchment or the postcards?

Wait till you see the art samples from the Clarity team on Sunday! Unbelievable. You know you’re working with popular designs when the art samples come back this exceptionally good!

So I hope you can join me for a tricks n tips fun filled 2 hours 3pm-5pm

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Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Gotta Pick a Poppet or Two…

  1. Ooh, ooh, Barb – Did I spy some fusible fibres on the Poppets?! That’s something I think I’m gonna have to try. Looking forward to Sunday’s show. xxx

  2. Hello Barbara
    Doh, never thought of using fantasy fibres or film, lol. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows. And the ODS too.

    See you next Friday.

  3. I love the little poppets, so easy to colour or doodle round or turn into beautiful cards as the design team have cleverly done. Hours of fun. Glad you are back ok and ready to rock and roll again. 🤣 x

  4. Never used fusible fibres so really excited to see it demonstrated. Lovely happy photo of you two festival goers! See you on tv x

  5. Love the poppets. I have a selection of them but liking the new look they give when the doodle & Lace frames are added to them.
    I have just completed the parchment work from a Sunday Groovi project that Josie did a few weeks ago using the poppets ready for my granddaughters 4th birthday.
    Just getting ready to go to a Jubilee BBQ – we have already taken my Mom to a Jubilee Coffee morning. Could be a while before we have another one if ever in our life time !!

  6. Beautiful poppets – must get them out next time Emily comes as she’ll appreciate them now. Got so much Groovi to catch up with! Glad you had a good day yesterday, we had a lovely lunch/tea across the road with our neighbour who makes cakes – say no more! X

  7. Looking forward to seeing you using the fibres with them. Like Roz, I had not thought of using those with the poppets. Mind you, my apron still has a load of fibres on it and in the pocket from the last summer retreat. Off now to set the DVD. love from Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter) xxxxx

  8. Unfortunately I am suffering from covid and have felt pretty rubbish all week – some bank holiday…..! Will probably be feeling better in time to return to work next week (which is where I caught it from!!!) Humph!!

    Looking forward to the upcoming shows xx

  9. The Poppet stamps are all delightful and get a lot of use in this house. Looking forward to some new hints and tips.
    Stay safe 🍒

  10. I have the Christmas and Flower mini stamps, and all the postcard sets, such exquisite designs. Lovely samples from the design team. Looking forward to the Sundays shows. xx

  11. Your festival looks like fun! And great weather too. I’ll be setting my recorder for Sunday as I need some inspiration for my poppet stamps!

  12. I don’t think there can be a card made that does not make me smile when there is a poppet involved. I just love them.
    The samples are stunning.
    Looking forward to the Sunday show. Have biscuits ready for a relaxing watch. Will record it as well.
    I have always wondered what you do with those fusible threads as well so that will be very very interesting. See you Sunday. X

  13. Hello Barb, glad you enjoyed the festival. Love the poppets, they are just so sweet and the samples from the DT are fabulous as always. Will have to record the shows, as we have a street party tomorrow. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. I lo e the little poppets they are so cute , Just asking if there are any boy ones as the majority of my Grankids are boys, just two girls .

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