Easy as 1 2 3……..

Easy as 1 2 3……..

Hi everyone, Paul here.

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations.

I’m currently up at the Create and Craft studios getting ready to launch a brand new One Day Special at 6pm this evening.

Are you ready to continue your journey on the Groovi bus and enter to the world of lace/grid work? Then I hope you can join me this evening on the new Create and Craft at 6pm & 9pm where I will be launching a brand new Groovi Grid Starter Kit!

Like our other Groovi Starter Kit, it has everything included to allow you to create beautiful lace/grid work with ease. When you get this new Starter Kit home, you are good to go!

Designed by the queen of Grids – Josie Davidson, it includes 4 brand new easy to use Duet Grid Plates together with 2 step-by-step projects created by Josie herself and so much more!

Here are the new Lace Duet plates in more detail

It really is as easy as 1 2 3 especially when you have all the right equipment and the instructions from Josie, you can create beautiful lace/gridwork frames, panels and borders with ease.

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Josie has created all of the projects which I will be presenting to you over the 4 hours

So I hope you can join me this evening and tomorrow

Monday – 6pm & 9pm
Tuesday – 10am & 2pm

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Happy crafting

Paul xxx

8 thoughts on “Easy as 1 2 3……..

  1. Oh blimey, didn’t realise there was a new launch today. I still haven’t used all the grid plates I’ve got ! Will that stop me – probably not. I do have the other bits of the starter kit by the looks of it – this looks great for those who haven’t dabbled in lace yet ! Have a great show.

  2. Like Jackie, I have not yet used all my lace plates due to eye trouble. However I am sure that will not stop these new ones falling into my basket. I have all 4 shows on record and look forward to seeing your demonstrations.
    Happy crafting.

  3. The 4 new plates are on order together with the embedders from the weekend…. Thanks to Grace for the extra 10% too. I expect she might have landed by now ! X

  4. Luckily I’m not at work tomorrow, so can watch your other two shows, recorded todays shows, but did manage to see the first half of the first show, before having to go out. Off to order the 4 new plates. Lovely art from the design team. x

  5. Best of luck with the shows Paul! Never got on the groovi bus myself as I’m too impatient but I love to see everyone’s work. It’s just so beautiful.

  6. These grid look wonderful and will hopefully be easy to use. Have recorded last nights shows so I can catch up later.xx

  7. Hi Paul, Hope the shows were a success, but there is no doubt, because I think there are a lot of happy people out there right now. Love the artwork shared, so pretty. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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