Bye Bye Brooklyn…

Bye Bye Brooklyn…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Bye Bye Brooklyn, hello Crowborough! Back in Blighty and back to work! Getting set for the Clarity Sunday TV show today. Really enjoyed getting with my hands today, and making a plan for the 3-5pm show on Create & Craft.

The week away, visiting Grace in New York, was brilliant. Busy, action packed and very interesting at so many levels! They say a change is as good as a rest, and I certainly feel refreshed. From a musical on Broadway to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I’ve got so many new experiences, new memories and new things to think about. Which is a good thing, because I really was feeling starved of stimulus after over 2 years of hanging out in the loft above the garage !! You understand, I’m sure.

How’s this for a view from your bedroom window?

Took a few pictures, although I have to say I was enjoying properly being in the moments as they came along, so I rather neglected taking snapshots. Never mind. Dave will share his pics with me. And since we were pretty much joined at the hip the whole time, that’ll do donkey! He‘s takes super shots too; he has the eye. Got several interesting blogs to share with you over the coming week or so.

The place is oozing with art. Everywhere you look. Street art. Magnificent murals! We walked about 20,000 steps a day, and I would have kept going but for the plates of meat !! (feet!)

Brooklyn is brilliant. I could live in Cobble Hill for sure! Grace lives 10 minutes away from there, right by the Brooklyn Bridge, on the edge of the DUMBO area. Now what do you think when I say DUMBO? I know. An Elephant with huge ears, right? Nope. Get ready to learn something new!

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

See the Empire State Building through the arches? Underneath the Overpass, in fact…

Anyway. I shall blog-save my memories for the coming days and weeks. I have got so much cool stuff to share with you!

I wish you a wonderful Jubilee Double-Bank-Holiday! Clarity Towers is closed Thursday and Friday this week. Are you celebrating with the Queen?

The weather is supposed to be good too, which is great, because we’re off to Brixton tomorrow, to a Music Festival !! Great birthday gift from the kids – they know me well. I LOVE MADNESS!!! AND Supergrass! AND Squeeze !! Comfy dancing shoes and pink lipstick – what more does a girl need? Gottadoitwhileyoustillcan…

Whatever you are up to, enjoy this long weekend. We sure will.

Bye bye Brooklyn – ‘allo Brixton!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Bye Bye Brooklyn…

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip and see the pics. I love NY and would love to revisit one day. Have a fabulous day tomorrow and happy Jubilee weekend to everyone. X

  2. Enjoy your music festival!
    Looking forward to watching your show on Sunday and the ODS on Monday and Tuesday.
    Love and hugs xx

  3. How lovely for you to spend time with Grace again. There’s nothing like time with family. Look forward to seeing your photos. I’ve only been to Florida so I’m told I’ve not seen the real America. Too old now Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. So pleased to hear you’ve had a good time and you are home safe and sound. I have lovely memories of New York. I belonged to a community choir and we had a 5 day trip singing on the Red Steps in Times Square, Central Park (very emotional as John Lennon was my fave), round the Statue of Liberty and many other places. The people of New York were so welcoming and interested and it’s true NY never sleeps. I’d love to go back. Looking forward to Sunday’s show. Enjoy your weekend

  5. Welcome home Barbara and Dave. Enjoy Madness, my brother played with them on TV in the mid 80’s on The Tube. They’re fabulously daft.

  6. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a fab time.
    Enjoy the long weekend, so much to see and do.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  7. Glad you had a good time, Paul did say that you were back in the UK yesterday on Groovi Tuesday – somewhere on the M25 were his words !!
    Have a great time at the concert tomorrow.
    Although its a Bank Holiday the Bromsgrove Parchers are meeting tomorrow so we will have a pleasant couple of hours nattering & crafting.
    Friday we are off to a Jubilee BBQ with my mom.
    Looking forward to seeing what you & Paul have lined up for us on Sunday & Monday. From a few sneaky peeks yesterday I know my shopping list for the Open Days is growing !!

  8. Welcome back home Barbara, looking forward to hearing about your trip to Brooklyn and the TV shows. Enjoy your concert, wow, what an amazing line-up, love those bands! I’m having a birthday weekend with the family, and raising a jubilee glass or two to the Queen! Being born 2 days after the Coronation, I feel like a true child of the second Elizabethan Age! 😄

  9. Welcome back.Barbara. A short trip does wonders to the mind and soul. You feel refreshed and ready to tackle all sorts of things. Enjoy the extra two days off and the music festival. Glad your back safe. Looking forward to the Shac Shac.

  10. Pleased to hear that you and Dave had a great time. Lovely photos. Enjoy the Bank Holiday and the music.

  11. Welcome home Barbara, glad you had such a fab time! Have a lovely Jubilee Bank Holiday and enjoy the festival! Love Madness and Squeeze, too. Xxx

  12. So pleased you had a wonderful time, I have been thinking of you. Can’t wait to see what you come with over the coming weeks and months xx

  13. Hi Barb, hope you had a really good holiday with Grace and Mark and Dave, can’t wait for all the things you have to share with us. Enjoy the festival. Take care everyone and have a lovely long weekend. Enjoy all the pomp and ceremony. Bx

  14. So happy that you both had a wonderful time in NYC. Love the place; like many would love to go back. Walked from the ferry terminal right up through the various districts to Central Park and loved every minute. If I ever got chance to go back I might be cheeky and ask Grace for a few pointers 😏. Have a great time at the festival but save some voice for your TV slot (lol).

  15. Welcome back Barbara, glad you feel refreshed after your lovely time with Grace. Look forward to hearing about your adventures. Have a good bank holiday.

  16. Glad you had a great time. As you say ,“gottadoitwhileyoucan”, how very true. Hope to see you on Fri.10 th. at Ditton. X.

  17. So glad you had a lovely holiday and look forward to you sharing your experiences as you do so well.

    Brixton – had my very first job there in a furniture shop by the railway bridge🤣🤣🤣. Im South London born and bread. Hope you had a lovely time!

    Back to reality now dear Barbara. 🥰

  18. Hi Barbara
    Glad you had a great holiday, we love NYC been a couple of times but swore after the last flight we did to Paris we wouldn’t fly again. So have to be content with the memories.
    Look forward to more pics and stories.
    Lots of love
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  19. So great to hear you had a great time with Grace, look forward to seeing the photos. Hope the music festival went well, certainly a lovely day/evening to be outdoors celebrating. Makes you proud to be British seeing Trooping of the Colour on tv, and the Queen on the balcony, just marvellous. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday.

  20. So happy you enjoyed your trip and could chill out for a while. There’s nothing like being taken out in NYC by a resident! X

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