The Little Thumper…

The Little Thumper…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We have added a wonderful table top printing press to our ever-growing collection of printing presses… and what a joy!!! This one is called A Little Thumper – and blimey!! Is he heavy! I’m talking about the printing press, not Dave, cheeky!! Proper imperial mission getting this one in the log cabin! (The Press girls, the press!!). But you can always trust a farmer to work it out! Give that man a wheelbarrow – and he’s off!

Seriously folks, it weighed a bloody ton! But Dave whistled down the garden – in fact, I think he was picking up speed by the time he got to the little Clarity print room!

Little bit of heaving and helping – and it was in! Nothing like taking it easy on May Bank Holiday Monday… YOU try telling him!!

We spent the rest of the day playing. Lino cuts and prints. I did a run of Prints for the Woman of Mariupol.

I don’t know her personally, but I think about her all the time. And her children, And her grandchildren. She’s an elderly woman. I saw her in a photograph online, being carried out of Mariupol on a young man’s back. She had a head scarf on, with dots. I shall remember that image until the day I die. See her home in the background? No. It’s gone. I know it’s pretty dark. But then it is, isn’t it. Beyond words.

You have sent so much art and money in to us too, you know. So I KNOW you feel her pain too. Look…

I also know that there are many many more cards and envelopes with cash in at the office. The last count was over £600. So tomorrow we will make a plan, do our sums, and send a transfer to the RED CROSS. Then we must get those cards boxed up and sent to the Charity in Lewes to sell.

Maybe I will sell the best of the Woman of Mariupol prints too. £5 each. They’re not big, but they pack a punch. let me know if you would like one. I can make more! I’ll sell them at the Open Days. 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross. I wonder where the old woman is now.

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday Monday.

Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.

Love always,

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “The Little Thumper…

  1. One of my daughters students in her school in Crawley has grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in Mariupol. I breaks her heart and that of his classmates that they can do nothing for him, except be there when it all gets to much for him, not knowing if they are alive or not.

  2. Wow. I’m glad you are doing something for yourselves even if there is an overlap with work. That’s quite the creative hub you have got in your garden now! Pottery, printing etc. Excellent! Just enjoy it. I’ve been drawing with charcoal and loving it! That’s my new favourite thing. I’ll be happy to buy one of your ‘women of Mariupol. I didn’t see her on TV but I can only imagine. Enjoy your evening. Hx

  3. Hi Barb
    Can we purchase through ur web the woman of mariupol
    prints and proceeds go to red Cross as I won’t be able to make open days and would like one if that’s possible.

    1. If you can send a stamped addressed envelope to me with a fiver in it, I‘ll get the print sent you xx

  4. I saw that image of the woman too and you have captured her well. She looked so haunted. So many of their faces look the same too but they have every reason to be and we all feel so helpless but we do what we can and your efforts are amazing Barb and Dave.

    On a lighter note – your Thumper looks like how I remember my Mum’s mangle 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Hi Barbara
    We did a craft fair on Saturday and the cost of the pitch went to the Ukrainian people. So 4 hours sitting in a field was worth it.
    Love the lino prints 🥰
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  6. What a productive day you both have had – nice to able to do some more printing together at home. I didn’t see the old lady on the news but the print certainly shows the look of anguish on her face.
    A great selection of cards from everyone, I am sure the people in Lewes will be overjoyed to receive them so they can raise more much needed funds.

  7. My heart goes out to the Ukranian people. Even if the war stopped tomorrow they would have nothing to go back to. We must all do whatever we are able to give our support. So my donation will be coming to you shortly to add to the fund going to the Red Cross.
    Dave looks delighted with the new gadget. Hope the sale of the prints goes well.

  8. Hello Barb, it is good to have a handy Dave around. Your printed image is fantastic, I hope the sale really take off. And the cards made for sale are just amazing, apologies for not having done any myself, just have some family issues to sort out and keep the house and garden under control. I will try get some done this week to send with a donation. I do pray that this war in Ukraine ends, that somehow Putin realises what he has done in trying to destroy an independent country. I feel he is a monster, and will not apologise for saying that. Anyway, take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Hi Barbara
    That’s beautiful, if rather poignant.
    I’ve been making postcards using your wonderful peace stamp, to raise money for the Red Cross. Only £30 so far, but hopefully more to come.
    I’ll send you a photograph via email.
    It really helps reading people’s comments & knowing that others are also thinking of the people of Ukraine.
    Sending love & peace to you all.
    Sue x

  10. What a wonderful little thumper you have got …..and best results out of this machine to make more money that you can give to the Red Cross in your country for these poor people who have lost everything……maybe one day we can see the thumper in its working progress …. successful working… 🙋‍♀️

  11. Doesn’t Dave look well – so pleased. Little Thumper looks like he/she will be very busy.

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