We’re shrinking!!

We’re shrinking!!

Hi there

Happy May Bank Holiday Weekend! I hope you’re enjoying your time, whatever you are doing. I’ve been doing a little pottery and cleaning… more pottery though!!! It was a finishing day. Had to wax my bottoms before I can do any glazing…

TV tomorrow – Create and Craft for 2 hours from 3 to 5pm. We’ve split the show into 2 for starters: first hour STAMPS. Beautiful stamps designed by Tina Cox and myself, which many of you may recognise. But we took the designs and shrank them to pretty much half the size. I was concerned that they might lose the fine lines, the detail. But not at all! I LOVE the large A5 sets for arty art, but I LOVE these half pint size images for quicker cardmaking and cardsets. You’ll see tomorrow, when I compare the two sizes next to each other.

Now please don’t think for a moment that we have dried up, run out of new designs. That couldn’t be further from the truth! But during the past few months we have seen a preference for smaller stamps. So we have addressed this and selected our very best art to shrink. Smaller, less expensive, easier to handle.

New A6 Stamp Sets

We’ve also seen a surge in new Groovi crafters. So with that in mind, we have decided to use the second hour tomorrow to shine a light on the same immaculate design in Groovi. Again, simple demos, allowing the designs to do the work for you.

Here’s a little art gallery to whet your appetite…

Ah yes. Our SHAC floral spral is on telly too! Also in little and large, to suit a quick and easy solution, AND the arty artist. All in all a wonderful selection of floral stamps and Groovi plates.

And remember to check out our Bank Holiday Pergamano Groovi Parchment Sale on Claritystamp.com. It’s the sale that doesn’t sell out. Offer ends midnight Monday xx

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “We’re shrinking!!

  1. Wow, they are all beautiful. I hope you do really well. Does it help that you know lots of your shackers watch you? I really like that you can convert the time you spend with us in the Shac into a product to help keep your wonderful company going…. Looking forward to the show

  2. They look gorgeous, I didn’t have the large ones but might dabble with the smaller stamps. Definitely the groovi though. Look forward to seeing the samples tomorrow. Have a great 2 hours xx

  3. I love the floral stamps & thought I wouldn’t need the smaller ones but I am not so sure now having seen the samples – looking forward to the shows. A good mix – something for everyone !! I am sure some of it will drop into my basket xx

  4. Want them all. They are beautiful will have to see how far the budget will go. The pottery looks good,can’t wait for tomorrow’s shows see you there Barbara.

  5. Looking forward to two hours of tea and tele. Probably some shopping too. I feel a bit better and am doing too much, like we do, but this will slow me down! Thanks Barbara.

  6. Wonderful! Small is beautiful, don’t they say, and I must admit I’m always drawn to the tiny stamps, the mini stencils, the baby (a6) plates… . In fact, it was only the launch of the Groovi Club with its baby plates that got me started on groovi!
    I’ve long admired the floral spray stamp but not bought because it was too big for my usual style of card, so I’m delighted with this new direction!

  7. Looking forward to the shows as I’ve tweaked my knee somehow, so having to rest with my feet up! I find I’m using my smaller stamps more recently so look forward to seeing these products and all the arty goodness from you and the DT x

  8. Hi Barbara
    Stamps look great 👍. We did a pottery stall at local fair today not much footfall but made some good contacts and lovely people so worth the effort. Did come back with sunburn 🥵
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  9. Middle of the night here in Melbourne, but definitely will catch the show later. Good luck Barbara and team. Love the new floral stamp.

  10. Love the idea of the smaller stamps even though I have some of the big ones which are well loved and used. Really looking forward to the shows.

  11. Looks like my basket will be full again this week. The artwork is delightful.
    Safe journey. 🍒

  12. Hello Barb, wow the smaller sets are phenomenal, and the art work is beautiful. Looking forward to the inspiration on the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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