Fresh Cut Lace – there’s nothing like it!

Fresh Cut Lace – there’s nothing like it!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

If you are a Groovi Parcher, you may recall these beautiful Nested Lace Borders and Corners Groovi Plates:

Then we went round the bend, from straight to round – really cool:

Well. It gets better. Tonight we’re launching a superb collection of Fresh Cut Lace Nested Dies – and I’m telling you – THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER! Five nested Lace dies. And the scrap is every bit as good as the lace!

Paul will be showcasing them on Create and Craft at 6pm tomorrow evening. He showed me the art samples today, and the demos he has prepared . Oh boy

They are perfect to add finishing touches to all of your crafting projects. Here is some artwork from the ever clever Groovi Design Team; they clearly enjoyed them too!

Whether you’re a stamper, a parcher or a scrapboooker, these lace dies are ideal for just about ANY papercrafter!

And just in case you were wondering what these wonderful lace design looks like in parchment art, how about a little gallery? The plates will be on the TV show too, and at a great price.

May I just say how much we appreciate your custom? Thank you so much for keeping us going! Because that’s what you do, you know. Without you, where would we be? USCWAP !!!! Hahahahaha. Go on, Guess!

Love, hugs and a lot of gratitude.

Barb xxx

Wednesday – 6pm & 9pm
Thursday – 10am & 2pm
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20 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Lace – there’s nothing like it!

  1. Wow! You lot have done it again… they are gorgeous! It’s us lot who would be up a *bleep* creek without you guys never mind a paddle! ❤️

  2. Oh how pretty are they! So perfect to finish a project by framing it perfectly. Or for using as a centre piece. And using the waste too genius. Cant wait to see Paul’s demos.

  3. Will be watching 9pm and Thursday shows. Trust USCWAP will never happen to you as your products are always good quality at reasonable prices. Just wish bank manager would let me purchase more x

  4. How pretty. I’m sure one or more sets will come my way, along with a couple of the mini flower sets. Judging by my huge Clarity stash, s*** creek is not on the list of destinations for the SHAC bus!!

  5. Mmm Up S@@@ Creek without a Paddle as my Dad used to say, although I don’t think he said the S word to us kids ! Beautiful dies. Look forward to the show with Paul. I need a kick up the you know what to get into doing it, I’ve not lost my mojo as am thinking about it all the time ! X

  6. Wow Barb, these dies are amazing – so versatile! Really looking forward to seeing what Paul has up his sleeves to show them off! I might be short of a paddle, but I’m definitely not short of a Clarity goodie or two to keep me afloat in the amazing Stream of Crafty Inspiration you have created!

  7. They are so pretty and ever so useful. I think these will be very popular.
    Can’t wait to see Paul perform his magic with these.
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  8. Oh crickey I will need to live on toast for a while. Thank goodness for credit cards. Love them and won’t be able to resist. Xx

  9. What are you doing to me? So many lovely goodies that I desperately “need”. Sitting on my hands is just not working any more. Oh well, here we go again! xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  10. I will need to find a sugar daddy if you keep bringing out all these wonderful new products. The bank has taken an enormous hit today – had to replace the washing machine and dryer, so expensive – but I may find a few pennies down the back of the sofa so I can buy these dies. Fortunately I have all the Groovi plates so it won’t be too painful.
    Loving all the wonderful samples, really inspirational. Looking forward to seeing what Paul has in store for us tomorrow.
    Stay safe 🍒

  11. Wow, these are going to fly off the shelves tomorrow. Just caught up with Groovi Tuesday with Paul & the DT sneaky peeks on FB.
    For once I understood the acronym !!
    The SHAC Shack has kept many of us occupied during the last 2 years so it is only right that we help you through these difficult times to.

  12. I’ll say it straight. Up shit creek without a paddle.

    These dies are stunning! Cut like butter and every bit, even the waste can be used.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Must be Up S***t creek without a paddle. But in fairness you make the products so well it would be an insult not to buy them 🤣
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  14. Those dies look FABULOUS. have added to my wish list. I have the Groovi plates, the dies will be a great addition, but I must try to resist at the moment. Looking forward to the shows. xx

  15. What another great product selection, they certainly keep coming. You certainly keep us wanting ! Looking forward to the tv shows.

  16. Hi Barb, wow what fabulous dies, the designs are really pretty and can make such lovely frames. Artwork is great as always. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Wow these will sell out in no time you’ve done it again team clarity pulled it out of the bag way to go xxxhugs

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