Pergamano Lesson No. 2 on TV tomorrow!

Pergamano Lesson No. 2 on TV tomorrow!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s that time of the month again, when we get together, to help you build your set of parching skills and very useful equipment. We are very fortunate to have the new Create & Craft TV Channel as a meeting place, and every month we are able to use the Pergamano Shows as a way to teach the basic skills of Parchment Craft. Tomorrow our friend Paul Church will be shining a light on what I did with you last month in the very first intro lesson. This is still available on the Create & Craft Catch Up if you missed it. 2 hours worth!

11am Show

3pm Show

Tomorrow in the 11am show, Paul will be recapping basic embossing and whitework using the lovely Groovi PTC plates (Parchment Trading Card and Coin). He will also be showing you a couple of tricks and tips I didn’t get to, which are well worth knowing!

Then at 3pm, he will be introducing a fabulous floral set of Groovi designs by Tina Cox, which even come with a beautiful little ii-book (Ideas and Inspiration). Paul will be introducing colouring on parchment. This is a vast area, with so many facets, and Paul will be using Perga Colour Pens and the Dorso Crayons.

Then during the 3pm show, Paul will be showcasing the Floral & Rosie Doodle Collection from Tina Cox

That’s the plan going forward, you see. Every month, we will spend the first hour revisiting what we covered the month before, to reenforce what we learned. Then in the second hour, we will move on to something new, with new designs too.

Finally – and this is an additional TV show we were invited to do – Paul will be showcasing some of our best Fresh Cut Dies at 5pm. Two trios of designs: The Art Nouveau Collection and the Woodland scenes.

Check out my blog from the 13th April showing some inspiration using Josie’s PTC Collection HERE

Here is some inspiration using Tina’s Floral & Rosie Doodle Collection, to whet your creative appetite…

I hope you can join Paul. Here’s where to find him!

Sky HD 683 (24/7)Virgin 748 (24/7)Freesat HD 813 (24/7)Freeview 85 (7am – 10pm)

As for me, I shall be doodling that lovely 3-D bird in the SHAC SHAC on Facebook LIVE. So there you go! We’re here to keep you company.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

5 thoughts on “Pergamano Lesson No. 2 on TV tomorrow!

  1. Glorious art work. Been thinking of you as just visited your wedding venue. Had a wonderful day at Port Lympe. Climbed the steps in your photos xx

  2. Looking forward to catching up with Paul’s shows tomorrow, nice to get a fresh look on older plates & dies.
    Will see you in the SHAC tomorrow for another doodling session before going out with friends I worked with for a catch up over lunch.

  3. What a lovely day to look forward to tomorrow – a whole day of Clarity. Thank you Barbara, Paul and the team xx

  4. Will have to record shows, as work day tomorrow, & catch up with the shac over the weekend. Lovely inspirational cards. xx

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